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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 11:31 PM [General]

    Have you noticed that God is absent from secular morning television?

    I once ran Good Morning America. People who worked for me, now work at The Today Show, CBS Morning, and The View.

    Yet, since I started writing the When GOD Winks books 8 years ago, I’ve never been an invited guest. One producer was candid: “Tell SQuire we love him…we hate the title of his books.”

    That’s right. The G-O-D word has been unwelcome on network morning TV.


    On April 16th God gets a shot. Good Morning America has an Executive Producer who dares to be different;
    who comprehends that the territory of faith-based audiences⎯all that land between New York and LA⎯is gigantic!

    On April 16th I’ll be appearing on GMA to share a compelling Godwink Story promoting the start of Godwink Stories on

    Here’s the thing: If we all STAND UP and SPEAK OUT we’ll convince ABC to schedule GMA Godwinks as a regular feature on Good Morning America!

    Will you join the FIGHT to INVITE G-O-D to BREAKFAST TV?

    • Put a note on the refrigerator door: Watch GMA April 16th.

    • Tell everyone you know⎯in your congregation, on your email list, anyone standing still⎯to watch on April 16th.

    • RESPOND⎯by letting GMA know you want MORE GODWINK STORIES.

                        Phone: 212 456 7777 ask for Audience Response line.

                        Email: <

    • Watch what happens! Your actions may change the face of television.

    If GMA is #1 because of G-O-D
    others may follow!

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    SQuire Rushnell - The Godwink Guy!

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 11:23 PM [General]

    SQuire Rushnell --yes, that’s a capital Q -- presents his popular GODWINK STORIES™ on Beliefnet in twice-weekly video vignettes that will lift your heart and make you smile. Visit him here on Monday and Wednesdays for his latest video!
    SQuire defines a "Godwink" as what  some people would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, "Wow, what  are the odds of that!"

    A riveting and charming story-teller, he encourages us to pay attention to the many ways in which God winks at us every day – leading us to where we need to be in life, connecting us with the right people and opportunities, at the right time. 

    The word-of-mouth phenomena known as GODWINKS ™ has become a part of our cultural  vernacular. SQuire has  authored three best-selling books in the series:  When GOD Winks: How The Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life (Simon & Schuster 2002), When GOD Winks On Love (Simon & Schuster 2004), and When GOD Winks At You, (Thomas Nelson 2006).His fourth book, just out, is When GOD Winks on New Beginnings (Thomas Nelson 2009).

    SQuire and his wife, comedic-impressionist and TV host Louise DuArt, also co-authored Couples Who Pray:The Most Intimate Act Between a Man and a Woman (Thomas Nelson 2008). Their love story is one of his favorite GODWINK ™  stories!  They travel the nation and meld their talents into "An Evening of Inspiration & Comedy."

    Through his four-decade career in television and radio SQuire has set himself apart as a performer and producer with great heart and soul.  A veteran ABC Network Television executive, he led Good Morning America to number one. While ABC Vice President Family Programs he was a father of the acclaimed Schoolhouse Rock series and ABC After School Specials capturing 75 Emmy Awards. After the tragic events of nine-eleven he left his six-year position as a cable network TV President/CEO to follow a life-long dream to be an author/inspirational speaker.

    He and Louise reside on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts and New York City. For more information, please consult: <> , <>&nbs... and <>&... .

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