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    Was Jesus an "awakened" individual? One of the great mysteries of the New Testament is what was Jesus doing during the majority of his life that we know nothing about. Leaving aside the story of his birth, the only information we have about the younger years of Jesus comes from the Gospel of Luke who describes an occasion when a precocious twelve-year-old Jesus speaks in the temple, impressing his elders. The Bible is then silent about the following twenty year period of Jesus’ life until he reappears on the scene around the age of thirty when he is baptized by John and begins his ministry. 

 What happened during these missing years of Jesus’ life? What experiences might have shaped Jesus into the man he became? Why do we find so many parallels between the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus, who was considered a subversive in his Roman and Jewish community? Why do the contemplative practices of Jesus, which seem to confuse his disciples, seem so similar to Eastern meditative techniques? Could a clue to these missing years come from a controversial discovery over a century ago by a Russian journalist? In my new novel, THE BREATH OF GOD, I example the implications of this journalist’s historical discovery through a fictional story of suspense, mystery, and mysticism. 

If you are interested in learning more about the book Library Journal has called "Visionary Fiction" and RT Reviews has called "A thought provoking masterpiece," please visit my site:

    March 16, 2011
    11:53 AM
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    HI My name is annie I am a Rekik healer, and also have Aspergers, if you have any interest in these 2 topics you can write me and we will talk. It has been a long haul for me. I have learned how to use coping skills and i am making most every day a journey filled with light and love, where there is drama in my life , i bring in peace, or try to any way,,,,one day at a time. The first step to any healing is to admit there is somthing wrong, then the healing and light can start to fill up your soul....

    April 26, 2010
    10:00 AM
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    everyday is worth living but when you live in a world and all you can think about is when is the wold going to end there will be no happiness.....Most people don't realize that God has giving us these days enjoy and cherish not waste by worrying and fear of time to come to an end......Being said, that a person never know when their day will come for them to leave the earth they should make all the days count that they know are laying ahead for them......

    March 11, 2010
    5:25 PM
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    I humbly offer this video as a song prayer for our planet. Please forward it to anyone.

    December 22, 2009
    12:07 PM
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    Today every one is so worried about the last days on this planet.There is so much "Hype" about predictions of the Mayan calendar or the belief of the coming of Christ will take those who have not sinned and leave those who have sinned behind in hell. Others may believe that those who have lived a life according to Christs laws will be able to live forever. These are all different beliefs from different religions. I believe there are different organized religions that teach people on different levels so that each person can identify with THEIR organization. I would compare it to school. There are those who take calculios(SP) and those who take algebra. It is not a a comparison of who is more intelligent, it is the level of understanding with whom can undestand. I believe that God purposely put hundreds or millions of different religions here so that everyone can join a group that they can associate to. Every organized religion has the same belief in a God, or Jesus Christ, but each have different point of views around them. That is a sense of belonging to the most important thing in our life, and that is faith. No matter what we belive around God that is different, we really believe in the same thing in theend. This has been since the beggining of humanity. However, the disappointment and negative aspect to this falls on us..Humans. God gave us a gift and when it came to us we destroyed it. Instead of appreciating other's point of views we destroyed each other with violence, death, and isolation. We took faith to a level of impowerment. Like today, we strive to be the man with the most money and prestige not caring who we step on to get there. Maybe a poor example, it does not compare to all the bloodshed and and all those who were crucified. I am off track to what my original point was here today, and that is the fear of death. I am going to enlighten you on how important "SPIRITUALITY" is so important today. How I refer to it is the freedom of belief. It is the knowlede of God and how each of us percieves our higher power. It is the truth we know inside ourselves to abondon fear and keep what we have through whatever others may try to get us to join them. Thought is the most powerful tool we have. Our thoughts give hope to others that believe and stand strong as well. We do not run from the thoughts that threaten us or put fear in our lives. Mayan calender specifically says we will die in the year 2012.How will it end and how will we die? In approximatley 2800 BC an Assyrian tablet was etched with the words "Our earth is degenerate in these latter days. There are signs that the world is specically coming to an end." The bible quotes Jesus as saying to his apostles, in Mathew 16:28, There be some understanding here which shall not taste of death till they see the Son of man coming to his kingdom." And in mathew 24:34, "This generation shall not pass till all these things be fullfilled." Both staements were taken by some to mean that Jesus will return before the Apostles died. In around AD 90 the fourth pope, St. Clement I, predicted that the end of the world was imminent. In Ad 365 a bishop named Hillary of Poitiers made the public declartion that the world would be ending. In 1300, a Franciscan alchemist named Jean de Roquettailled published such predictions as the arrival of the Antichrist in 1366, to be followed no later than 1370 by a millennial Sabbath, and Jerulsalem becomming the center of the world. In 1814 a 64 year old prophet named Joanna Southcott claimed to be pregnant with the baby Jesus and he would be born on Dec. 25, 1814. It just so happened that instead of giving birth that day she died and she wasnt even pregnat. Joseph Smith founder of the church Latter Day Saints aka as the Mormon church, is quoted saying "I prophesy in the name of the Lord God, and let it be written-the son of Man will not come in the clouds of heaven till I am 85 years old in 1890. as it would really be, he would of been dead for almost 50 years by then. The year 1999 was the definite end of the world according to the following believers of The Seventh-Day adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, linguist Charles Berlitz, formor NASA consultant Richard C. Hoagland, and former businessman, pollitician,and cult leader joseph Kibweteere, amongst more. I hope i have made a point. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOUR GOD, AND BE CERTAIN THAT WE WILL GO HOME WHEN GOD WELCOMES US THERE. BLESS YOU ALL!

    December 18, 2009
    3:15 PM
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    Survival of the Kindest More evidence that humanity as a whole is turning a corner and becoming more compassionate. From the article: "Sympathy is indeed wired into our brains and bodies; and it spreads from one person to another through touch," Keltner said.

    December 14, 2009
    5:13 PM
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    All spiritual energy manifesting on the planet keeps becoming stronger and the cycles of energy keep speeding up as well. People's sp0iritual powers and understandings are becoming stronger as well. This is not limited to one path, belief, path or religion, but to all. Now, this energy is impacting everyone, If one is not compassionate and of good disposition to others, the energy can manifest as fear and anxiety, We see this in the world, as well as feeling it ourselves. We do a better job of putting it in perspective and controlling its effects, but it still has a draining effect. It can be blocked somewhat, but is still there. The proof of the fear and anxiety can be seen in the papers and on the news every day. The positive is happening and expanding, but does not get the ratings, so is not usually in the headlines. Praying and sending positive energy to those lost in fear and anxiety is as important as sending it to the world and those who have similar beliefs to us. It is similar to comforting children when they are starting school, or a new school. It can only help. Of course my beliefs are my own and accept what is right for you from them. Namaste (The Divine in me Recognizes the Divine in You)

    December 10, 2009
    8:19 AM
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    Today I believe that the world has finally opened thier eyes and has become more aware of what spirituality really is. Organized religions are becomming few, still overcoming freedom, but we are showing the real truth! Actually we are reliving history. Jesus Christ was a Gnostic. Gnostic (Gnosis)=Knowledge. He was the one who spoke the truth that we are trying so hard to spread his message today. It is not about a angry and judgemental God. It is about a loving God, who accepts us and wants us to live with our inner spirits. Jesus didnt follow the religion of hate and rules, and violence. That is why he was an outcast, a threat.Organized relgions are repeating the same philosospy. I am so happy that we are finally "AWAKE". Love each other, know that thier is no judgement or laws that we must follow. Believe in your god, live your life with love and giving to others, and then have the blessing of going HOME.

    December 9, 2009
    12:06 PM
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    My Angel by Lisa Kay Garcia Today I seen an angel in the sky I know it was you by the look in your eye You were smiling at me from up above A message you sent, a message of love I miss you so much, it hurts to cry Every day I wonder "why did you die' You left me here, so hurt inside When all I needed was to be by your side You had to leave, it was your time to go Now when I look in the sky, I see it glow I know you are waiting for me up there But as I sit waiting, it's just not fair I know some day we'll be together But until that day, I'll love you forever Copyright © 2009

    December 8, 2009
    10:20 AM
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    From Daily Good: A Sharing Box - Leaving items that others can use and taking what you can use.

    December 7, 2009
    11:11 AM
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