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    The veil Between chaos and Peace

    Monday, January 19, 2009, 8:58 AM [General]

    The veil betwen peace and chaos.

    Every day many ask, (we ask): "How is it possible we act this way..when we are confroned with our demons..the apparent maddness in the world?" I have come to see it really is simple, so simple it alludes the mind held bound by the ego's attempts to upsurp the peace of God. Not always of course, but what I see now is because by nature man is a spiritual being, but in our indentiy and attachment with the body we can become beastly in a sense, and we were not meant to act this way...because we do have free will. Animals are what they are and respond accordingly within the ecosystems they belongs too... but man (humanity) has the the ability to choose, but when we forget what this power holds, and we get stuck in the beastly mentality like any cornered animal we react on survival instincts... we strive to defend and keep the body alive at all cost... even seeing our emotions, and beliefs as we do the body and thus we strive to protect them too when we feel threaten in this state of consciousness.

    To change we must change or move higher in a sense, in how we perceive ourselves beyond merely a mortal body.. to get out of the survival mode and into a more enlightened way of seeing. In survival we believe death is possible.. the first illusion to fall away when we begin our journey to enlightenment is that death is an illusion thus we will no longer fear it. It is anti-life..anti-truth. We on the other hand belong to Life and to Truth and to the Light that is Eternal. (Jesus inner-self, the same that is in all of us, shared in proclaiming: "I am the way, the Light and the Truth and who ever would have everlasting life, come follow me.."

    We know it, many feel it but are not sure what this means. This doubting mind, is still attached to the ego perceptions of daulity, like a bad habit it is hard to break, to see and understand we no longer need it, it is the cause of our suffering. It is darkness that would hide the Light within.

    Light is knowledge, knowledge is born of Truth, and it is the Truth that sets us free.  In our human-animal expression-consciouness (which really is the subconsciousness) we are powerless, we can do nothing, but surrender to this inner-self that Jesus referred to as the Father within. (the Super-Conscious). In the Lords Prayer we can see the path:  "Our Father who are within, let it be here on Earth with us, as it is in Heaven.."

    The Buddha taught: ".. it is the perfect path. Truly like this path there is no other in purity of insight. If you follow this path, you will put an end to suffering. We cannot give what we refuse to accept for ourselves. But each one has to struggle for himself, the Perfect Ones have only pointed out the way ..."

    So really it does not matter what I pretend to do in the world to change it for the better... but rather it is really the world I choose to see. If I believe I am separate from God, no amount of helping the world will do any real good..because I will be reinforcing the illusion. If I surrender, then all things are possible..because I not longer see the illusion of suffering...but rather in a way, Life Unfolding before my eyes..and I can share in this infoldment with all humanity...because it is happening to all of us...but not all at once. It is liken watching the Lotus flower, or the Lilly of the field blooming in the morning light..each on its own accord in its own time.  Who would say...if condition were right the Lotus or the Lily wouldnot bloom it is with you and your soul's journey.

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    A Little Faith goes along ways!

    Thursday, November 20, 2008, 1:03 PM [General]

    I was moved to write the following this morning after reading in one of the forums about faith and suffering. Feel free to comment. 


    Good question about keeping the faith in the face of difficulties... what comes to mind, and while I understand the human delima behind casting faith aside for pity or pride... can we remember as children all the things we overcame through our faith, even if it was in our parents who assured us...if we have a little courage and make an effort we can overcome: Taking those first steps, riding our bicycles for the first time alone, going to our first day of school, going to our first interview, etc.... the list goes on... but do we remember that part of the overcoming or meeting the challenge in front us, required overcoming or just letting go of our fears how things could go wrong.


    The thing about growth, about change, about evolution is that one thing is constant in the process... we have to let go of the past to move on to new and brighter opportunities. 

    Opportunities is such a key word that sometimes gets over shawdowed by doubt or fear of failure or a loss of some kind. Change to me, never represents the past.  It is symbolic perhpas more appropreiately as a doorway or the coming to a branch in the road.   It really is our choice whether we take a new road or just pretend we did...and take the branch that end up leading us back to where we began. 

    Perhpas the latter is a sign  we fear change...though obviously the 'desire'  to change is always there when we admit what we really seek is imporved conditions in our lives and those we love.  There is a result to every decision.  Just remember 'consequence' is not always a negative fact in every decision consequence has the potential to be positive and contribute to a long list of future opportunities that before the decision to change, remind domant...liken to a bag of seed setting on a shelf in the barn.

    The results in our decision making in life has little to do so much with what we have materially or what we think we would like to possess, but what we hold true in our hearts.  Anyone that has traveled the world knows that many people we meet have so little compared to many of us...yet they have this amazing attitude about life.... they are happy and their happiness is based on the things that they Love around them...not the desire for things they do not have.

    In light of the is my esperience that any suffering I have experienced was a time I was symbolically at a branch in the road in my personal life. I found by takiing the safe route...that which seemed most familar, eventually would lead me back to where I  had been and obviously felt  the most comfortable since there I was. ...When truth be told, I find my decisions at these time contributed to reoccuring suffering or circumstances. For that was the road for a time I had accepted as just a part of life and there was little I could do about it!

    I was wrong!  So wrong. 

    The moment in our perceived suffering that we deicide to take the other branch in the road, the one that would lead to a real the moment we can leave the past behind and the conditions thereof.  I guess in a way I eventually saw what conditions no longer served eyes were openned sort of speak that with faith, barriers though seemingly big as a  mountain, can be moved.

    To me, the real crux of the matter is whether we will let the body/ego or the spiritual mind rule over us, our decision making. We simply cannot honor both ways.  While is it apparent the body is a temporary vehicle....can we also accept that the mind, our spiritual mind is the ultimate choice just may be which ruler do we truly want to follow andassociate with? Can we love a painting more than the artist? 


    Jesus, said a little about standing at a branch in the road, "No one can serve two masters...for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. "

    Which for me, has sort of become the ultimate life decision I will make...which shall I believe in 'Love' or 'Fear',  Life or Death,  my Spirit or my mortal body?

    By making the right choices (and ultimately I believe all choices eventually lead to Love) and this one choice must be delivered alone. (personal decernment) for the deicison must ever be one of free will.  If  I make a decision based on 'fear' rather than Love...what could I possibly expect  to come about from my decision, but that which come out of my own hearts (or spiritual mind).

    Spirit sang to me once upon a time a lilte about faith, in one line spirit says to me,  "Behold Faith, is the net that biddeth the Soul to Spirit, it is the Silver Cord of Everlasting is the sustenance to your remembrance."


    Summary: Everything that occures to us...has two fold purpose, 1, to mirror or reflect  our current  thinking or focus.  2. To provide an opportunity to change the way we see and therefore learn the true nature of cause and effect...results are tied to cause, but be aware that cause is also associated with meaning we give to effects.  Like two peas in a pod they stand together one never apart from the other.

     with peace,  j


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    Overcoming Cultural Bias

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 12:15 PM [General]

    Part 1:

     After watching both the U.S. Democratic and Republican conventions, I saw a
    great example for this discussion and was reminded even as a boy over 50 years
    ago how  my mother who was politically active was so convinced how the other
    party, the Republicans were so arrogant as well as ignorant.  In contrast many of
    my  friends’ parents were Republicans.  I spent time in their homes, ate dinner
    with them and for the most part saw them as ordinary people.  I remembered how
    much we would laugh  over their worries we thought were just stupid adult stuff.

    Perhaps now I realize a bit more to the ‘why’s’ my mother had from the
    perspective of her cultural beliefs, but I should say too, that over all she
    emphasized that these differences were to be expected on the path to really living
    in freedom .  Obviously we still have a lot to learn about this idea of ‘freedom’.
    And this is the centered of my post today. 

    I ask you, if someone has never been exposed or experienced certain things or
    ideas that we have embraced and may take for granted,  can we honestly say we
    can expect others who are not exposed these ideas to automatically accept them

    We western as a whole tend to think that all people want stability in their lives,
    and part of this stability is based on a ‘Values’ system.  Though I suspect maybe
    we do not consider the diverse  possibilities this may or may not actually entail.
    Views from total anarchy to totalitarian societies and everything in between. 

    We may think we know what it means to feel safe for example.  But this is not a
    given if one has struggled their entire life to merely survive.  And I doubt no one
    has to come from a 'third world' county to experience living in this 'survival' mode.

    One cultural beliefs for example concerning abusive relationships means generally
    females and children are the victims while the facts are really contrary to this
    belief, both domestically and in the work place.  I don’t want to minimize the
    effects on womenand children by this negative paradigm but it is one that really sticks out.
    One recent abuse shelter I did some volunteer work for enlightened me by
    reporting that 1 in 4 of their clinics were men and that it was probably higher
    because men are too embarrassed to report abuse...physical or emotional. 

    Another is this idea of  'thinking for ourselves’ has always been a rather tough one
    to get a handle on.  What does it mean to 'think for ourselves?'  Does it mean I
    have a real personal choice?  Or that my choice is merely the freedom to align my
    thinking with what others think is 'right'?   Or perhaps it is my choice to follow
    some old and practiced tradition handed down from generation to
    generation...because of this highly followed cultural practice, we may hold the
    belief that if its old and traditional it must be right and god forbid we change
    anything...never linking that these beliefs are in themselves contributing to our
    modern day problems.


    Part 2:

     When I was a young boy I had dreams.  I wanted to be well educated person,
    though what I was being taught back then seemed pretty boring..never-the-less  I
    have an innate need to learn, but my motivation seemed come from this idea I had
    about being different from the norm..  I did not want to be 'normal' and made a
    conscious effort not to fall into that trap...but of course I did.   I wanted some
    stature, respect, enough wealth to support a preconceived notion of what
    happiness meant as a citizen and a happy, responsible  family man, and to know
    that I would always have some free time to travel...but along with those dreams I
    also had a certain awareness that no matter how good a life I may have, it was only
    going to temporary at best...good or bad, this awareness while certainly not new,
    has been the most important aspect of my life. To quote from a song written long
    ago... ‘Is this all there is?...”  So I live, I work, I die!...Then what?”

    I know not everyone thinks of these things, especially younger folks.  We are so
    caught up in the world of  distractions and in many cases ‘survival’ that we have
    little time or focus to think about the future or questions of "who we are", "why we
    are here"  etc.  

    Certainly I thought even as a boy,  there was more to 'me' than this shell and
    because of this I felt surprisingly, empathy toward others even those I will admit I
    intellectually I had a certain animosity toward.   For example I one hand I could
    judge a murderer and think no punishment was too bad for them, and than another
    part of me, was so to wonder what conditions in this person’s life
    contributed to a state of mind where life had became so irrelevant or was it all just
    a mistake?...or perhaps something more...something so shocking that one may
    have the opportunity to question if I am not just a body...than what is death or
    maybe even more profound why do I fear it? 

    My first insights into an ‘afterlife were based on  the teachings under the RC
    church.  and though they certainly pounded into my head certain beliefs...even as a
    boy I question their validity. Where did this ability come from to question
    'authority'.  Not every one has it, or surely does not share it openly...especially
    young minds.  Ever hear the idea, ‘we lose what we fail to use!"  Did we forget

    For me  I could not deny it. I was a free thinker...and this was very confusing for
    me as boy and well into my later years.  Because the truth is I often compromised
    my inner beliefs or knowing, to align myself with the outside fit in if
    you well.  Science thinks these contrasting beliefs stem from the dominant side
    of the brain we use...left and right brain.  Left being the logical-linear filters, and
    right being more intuitive and lateral (open minded)

    I guess I could say I wore 'masks'  I acted in certain ways in certain settings... and
    though now that I am older...much older... I see how wearing these different mask
    may have been what is now described as self-sabotaging behavior.  Negative
    self-talk as they say in the Recovery Process.

    One of the most profound ideas that is attributed to the teaching of  Jesus is when
    he  said, “Those who try to save their lives well lose them and those that give them
    up willingly well have life everlasting.”  What a paradox unless we considered that
    perhaps the personality, this body, living in any particular culture we have become
    so attached too may not be as real as we think. 

    Do we through our cultural filters convince ourselves...some things, even good
    things are just not possible?   This certainly is a contrasting belief often held in
    many  societies that teach their young that indeed every thing is possible for those
    who persevere!   Fables and poems have been loved and shared down through the
    centuries to teach and reinforce this idea “keeping trying until you succeed!”
    Religions teach these things as well..with God all things are possible to hin who
    has faith... and  yet, we as societies and cultures continue to sabotage these ideas
    all the time.  We really fail in retrospect to walk the talk about another

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    Response to Itty

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 8:38 AM [General]


    Itty: Thank you for taking the time to engage my post about Language/Experience.

    Response: I can’t assume I know what causes others to ‘think’ the way they do...but I will
    surmise that it is not a single cause, but a collection of mental, emotional, spiritual and even
    physical responses to what I call a single Moment (As Einstein surmised ‘ time is relative’)
    where we the individual processes millions of bits of ‘stimuli’ during an experiences, to make
    sense of this experiences or perhaps because there is some ‘innate’ need to share them,  we
    categorize them with what has been called our intellect or ‘modus operandi’.

    The way a Scientist, Poet/Preacher, Farmer, Athlete....responds to experience will be diverse
    because of the lens or perception they use to filter the experience and react accordingly. If their
    pull towards this ‘identity’ is so strong...they might not see how related they are, and yet if they
    realize this is just their innate way of finding or remembering the real self..they could easily join
    together in conversation/experience in peace.... they realize words are only symbols of the things
    we ‘think’ about but not the things in themselves... to know God for example we must Feel
    him/her with every fiber of our being.  

    Quote: Okay. Our beliefs are born of what? Are you talking about what we learn from our
    parents? How does personal gnosis, a concept central to my personal practice, figure into shaping
    our current beliefs.

    Response: Yes, our environmental influences are a starting point, but I would also say that how
    we are processing experience will fall into what psychologist have coined as our Locus of
    Control, which basically states some will respond to experience...either externally or internally,
    the latter being far less unique to human ‘psyche’. When we think of Beliefs then... one will at
    least for a time during their life or even life times...think they cause what they experience, or
    something outside of them causes it.  While I am still figuring it out, I believe we are ultimately
    responsible for our choices and therefore our experiences. If not, I  might as well throw  all
    spirituality out the window...because the suffering because of violence or otherwise that goes in
    this world no one who is sane can say I like this! there must be a higher reason why it
    occurs.. Were not puppets. And I believe we can end it. (Or maybe its but a dream..hee, hee.)

    Quote: So then are you saying the gods are a concept? If so then what do you think underlies that
    concept? My relationship with my gods was born of my own UPG. It didn't make Them 'real' but
    was an introduction to Them. I have an abiding, deep connection to the land. That connection is
    how I look more deeply and understand, as best I can, the symbology  I see around me, i.e., the
    cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

    Response: Wonderful, and since you believe in cycles, than Truth too, is like the seasons, it
    comes and goes depending on the conditions (location) of the planet, so too with our minds and
    concepts...(conditions) When the conditions are you know when conditions are right in
    nature the Rain falls and nourishes the land. , so will Truth fall upon us...because it really has
    gone now where, but rather our beliefs which stimulate the conditions have,  but no doubt it will
    return...the instant we remember it is within.

    Quote: (regarding visions) Oftentimes that new invention/equation is built on the work that has
    gone before another form of UPG. This set of examples can be structured for use by other people.
    Do you think we do the same with the gods?

    Response: If we study history seriously, we can certainly say all religions have parallel
    relationship and share ‘beliefs’ back and forth...but yet problems arise when one claims they are
    the original source.  Since I was born into a Catholic family,   For whatever reason  I  use their
    symbols as a starting point to make sense of my spiritual journey... who is God.,(Everything) Who
    is Jesus, (my elder brother/older soul than me)  Who is Christ,( My HigherSelf-eternal self-soul),
    Who is my brother, (all humanity).. Etc.  but I think I could understand someone if they use
    different symbols to say the say thing.  But this requires open mindedness to sort the ‘perceived’
    difference out...most are not willing to give up the ‘ego’ self to do this.

    (Responses to Paul) I love most of the writings that have been attributed to him, but I think if I
    were to meet him in person, I might think him to have a pretty big ego.
    Like many gifted artist of our day.  I have a son who is very gifted musician, he has always had
    this gift, playing classical piano at age 4 and composing by 5. He did not learn this gift, he was
    born with it.  Now at 24 people think of him as a singer song-writer and through this talent he is 
    inspiring to others because of the way he shares himself.  What I hear people say about him..and I
    am talking about people who are around the music business is he has no ego...he does not need
    attention, or pampering, or to be seen as the best on stage. And because of this people seem him as
    real.  Paul I think was a inspired seeker, but this turned into a personal agenda to control the
    ‘political world’.  . Funny how the man historians says built Christianity, never met Jesus.  I am
    not saying he did not have a spiritual experience on the road to Damacus, but so have many of us
    throughout history.  But hopefully we are not out there trying to change the world to fit our
    experience our image sort of speak.

    And because of Paul’s agenda...he promoted or instigated many future deaths...he wanted to get
    rid of the competition sort of speak...when before his time..religiously, people were mostly free to
    practice what ever they wish, and it was easy for them to move to another location and assimilate
    other cultural beliefs into their ‘spiritually’  It was the politics you had to be careful.

    But today the major conflicts in the world start with ‘ideologies’ Religion mixed with political
    ideals, throw in ethnic prejudices and we have a very unstable world... like a bad storm,. But again
    a cycle that will hopefully end soon.

    I think Love, friendship, compassion, faith, courage, are universal traits,  where humanity seems
    to differ, is who we chose to share these with. A spiritual person would not distinguish from one
    to another, but an intellectual-fanatic does..because he or she is lead by his beliefs and not his

    Quote: So, if we can't jump ship just whose ship are we on? I think a better analogy when
    speaking in a polytheistic way would be visualizing many ships crossing more than one sea. The
    people on each individual ship would be, I hope, paddling together.

    Response: Yes, your is a better analogy.

    Quote: You speak of the design. What design? Who created it? It is born of a god or gods? Is it a
    manifestation pulled out of chaos? I also find trying to pull myself back from this design to be
    impossible. I think each of us and the natural world contains a spark of Divinity. How can I then
    separate myself from myself? That would push me over the brink into psychosis.

    With respect to the UPG you seem to be referencing here I think we have that UPG then try to
    utilize our facilities of reason and logic, as far as we can, to make sense enough of it to perhaps
    share our UPG with others. It isn't going to come completely through but we can, I think, tell other
    people about the experience and maybe a little bit of why it is so profound for us.

    Response: Well said.

    Thanks for the dialogue.
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    By Design We will Prosper

    Thursday, July 24, 2008, 2:32 PM [General]

    The past few weeks, I have returned to some considerable study of the history behind the spread of the Gospels and Christianity... and all it did (again), was reinforce the idea that much of what we believe is what reinforces our current beliefs.

    I know there are some who don't considered Paul that important, but there are others, such as historians who say he in fact may be the one most responsible for 'inventing' or promoting the new Religion we call Christianity...

    I am not discounting that his efforts..and monumental they were, did not have to do with his experience on the road to Damascus. I am saying, that as any of us, the way we relate to these (experiences if we have had them, and still maintain some sense of things) like Paul is to explain them in the terms thru our current beliefs. I have had some incredible experiences...and the way that makes sense to me is to explain them in what I already believe. God, Christ, Souls, the quest for world Peace, etc.

    But can we see a parallel for example when an inventor/researcher/mathematician comes up with a unique invention or equation, that had not be conceived of before? They will he will use the language they are comfortable with to explain the new concept to the rest of the world, so others can make use of it. Enstein said as much... (paraphrased) "I had my visions/dreams that lasted only moments..but I spent a life time trying to write them down to share the principles behind them with others!"

    So in Paul's case, as he preached and spread the word about Jesus Christ, he was not offering anything new..but reinforcing many of the beliefs of his jewish tradition...but making it as it were more up-to -date. To fulfill its prophesies. The suffering always want to believe there will be some end to the suffering...

    Many problems arose out of this personal revelation, as we well know.

    And we have seen this same reoccurring theme with many new ideas though out the known history. People tend to fear what they do not understand, and attack what they fear is a threat to them. And as we see in the middle east now, our fears only come back to bit us in the toosh.  When the reality is, ten-of-thousands have died in our very own streets since 9/11. (The average homicides is around 30,000 per year.)

    Emotions left onto there own without Reason/intelligence is not a good thing, nor is to be to logical/Reason without the balance of Emotion (empathy for others).

    The bottom line to me anyway, is we are in this together...we cannot jump off the ship and think this well change the direction of the boat, nor think by paddling in every direction the boat will move in the right direction. I think the design is already in place...we just try to hard to figure out what it if we are separate from the design itself. And if we are in fact a part of this design so is everyone else.



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    Many Paths to Worship God

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 11:14 AM [General]

    This morning I had a powerful emotional reminder about how important it is to remember there are many Paths to celebrate our Love for God.  The reminder came from a recent book I found in the library by writer Gary Thomas ‘Sacred Pathways’, Thomas writes that there is not one perfect fit that can demonstrate our Love for God but rather diverse ways while still maintaining a healthy relationship with loved ones and the world in general.

    Though I often promote the same idea, through my writing and discussions with others...I realized that I had lost a heartfelt connection with this perspective and the powerful truth in this idea.

    As Thomas points out that there are many ways or even combination of ways we (our soul) naturally seeks to know, praise and work for God. He points to Nine specific ways, all from a Christian view point but no doubt is generic across all religions and other spiritual paths.  As I was reading, and this has not happened to me in some time his words and examples so effected me that cried many tears...both over whelmed by the reminder, and also by a certain I recognized how hard I had been trying to reconcile my own path in with that of others, at the expense of the heart God has given me to interact in the world.  Sometimes I try so hard that I become as it were a prisoner to the idea I must please others to please God..and this
    really is not the case I am thinking.

    When we think of some of men and women throughout history that we admire, or characters in the bible that we seemed to be more drawn towards may be a good indicator Thomas our path or paths.

    While some he says, may be comfortable with more than one path, we all have a certain gravitation to at least one...and we know this because it is this path that inspires to be more, to grow, to enlarge our capacity to Love others. The sad thing to me, is sometimes we may do this at the expense of Loving intent on pleasing God by thinking we are pleasing others. While I certainly understand what he is saying here...I feel that perhaps his words have given me even now, renewed energy and courage to express my own Love for God, and to all of you, even those of you who on a certain level, I  may have some intellectual conflicts with. It all makes so much more sense today.

    Why is today different from any other day?

    Because today through someone's else words I was so moved that I cried...a joyful cry. I was reminded how important we are to each other, that we understand the power of Christ Love through our sense of 'community' not through isolation!

    I not saying that we all have to agree or inspire each other every moment in and in every situation but to remember the potential is always there. That one or more of us can do this for each other, and if we can here, I am talking about this forum...we can in other places in our daily lives.

    Some may say... well "duh" you just getting that?

    Well I knew..have always know it or felt it from a young age...but it is human nature (maybe waekness) to get distracted, to get side tracked as it were,  to fall off our Path. To get distracted by the glitter and glamor of this world so much we lose sight of the lessons our Souls are seeking that we may ‘Awaken’ that part of us that God designed for us to express and to share. To remember that 'Diversity' is what makes the universe so beautiful, so awesome, so inspiring....and we are a part of it! We are part of this wonderful-beautiful expression.

    What humanity has done, as Thomas points out, and it makes complete sense to instead of understanding and practicing this wonderful Idea...that we can Love or should I say demonstrate we love God in many ways. We choose to ‘isolate’ our ideas. In the past when someone was so moved to love God in another way... apart from the traditions of his/her upbringing...the urge was so powerful that new Philosophies and Religions were started or branches of the same
    we see in Christianity and other Religions. One idea cannot serve the diverse ways to God. We form little groups or ‘religions’ that practice a particular path and many times separating or cutting ourselves off from others..who Jesus taught were truly our Brother and Sisters in God’s eyes.

    Can you imagine Biblical characters such as King David... who was not only a King-political and religious leader, military General, composer, musician, poet, a mystic, and on the side a lover, fought with his heart to make sense of all these feelings and ways to worship God?

    Because the bottom with him, as many of us do, he both loved and feared God...yet he had a personal relationship so powerful (as I hope we all do) that he was able to express all these human traits or qualities though he struggled with the efforts of his own mind to subvert these feelings. ( His ego tried to convince him he was a sinner, to feel guilty for doing all these things...for being who he was.)

    This morning I was reminded a few these lines from a talk I gave a few years a back. My topic drew upon the parallels I saw between my struggles with PTSD as a combat vet, and the work of St Johns of the Cross in his theses “Dark Night of the Soul” St John quoted from Kind David: 'In the desert land, water less and pathless, I appeared before Thee, that I might see Thy virtue and Thy glory.’

    I interpreted these lines as follows: “In the desert land (alone in silence), water less (empty of ideas), dry (the desire to be nourished) and pathless (no set-doctrine to guide but free of all worldly attempts to understand God-Self,) I appeared before Thee, that I might see Thy virtue and Thy glory.’

    To me, these words represent KD’s attempt to understand not only God, the God within him!

    If you are interested in reviewing Thomas's nine paths... follow this link:

    Good Day Blessing to All...

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    I am Soul for Starters

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 8:38 AM [General]

    Good Morning Blessings... One of the most difficult prospects as Human Beings, face each what now. The morning welcomes us in the fact we are alive and breathing in this world. Some of us have many challenges, some of us may not know it but have many opportunities. And from these two relative perspectives we begin our day. (Following in a sense one of two masters)

    There was a time when the former seemed like a never ending course, and yet for the most part I was excited about these 'challenges', shoot I have survived physically and emotionally just about everything that could be endured.  And what I have come up with in my personal psychology is while I may have lose a sense of my own responsibility in the heat of the moment (during the experience)...that somehow through the grace of spirit I was taught or reminded to reclaimed my responsibility for whatever I thought was occurring...because this is where my power truly lies...not in blame, not in feeling self-pity, or that I just some lucky or unlucky guy, or why is God angry or happy with me, or 'satan' is after me again, but rather remember 'like attracks like' so to look with 'introspective' eyes at my own self.

    And just who is this who is looking..who is it that stops, to become introspective to really thinks I make a difference, that my life counts in the greater scheme of things?

    To me it is my Soul. That part of me, that is learning or maybe it is best to say 'Remembering' because learning when it comes to God or Creator means nothing...God is the All in where do I fit in. My soul that is?

    Sometimes these things are hard to put into words...for they either sound repetative (something someone else already said) or irrational.

    To say, since God is the all in it to say we are God? surly most would think this pure ego. Unless....we realize that we are not really God but one with God and there is a difference.

    Like a family memeber is not the parent perse, but a member of the parent's family... well God is the Great-pa all of all Families, and we, Humanity and all Creation are a direct result of His Love for us.

    Any rational person looking out in the world today may rightfully say " Its a mess" and their would be 6 billion variations of what the word mess may imply. To some its about finding a enough food to eat, to others daily survival from fanatical dictators, for others just the complexity of sorting through their enourmous wealth, and too, especially children...the mess means nothing...because they still dream of what could be! They have not tried to lock in a certain way, yet. they are still free as it were from the prison of 'perception'.

    To the latter, we are drawn towards the 'enlightenment' of the Soul. We know there is no death...only Life and Life goes on, because we believe Life is the very Breath of God.

    We willing admit for now, we cannot reach out and wave a hand and miraclously the world is at peace....but yet we hold a great flame of Hope that started as a tiny flicker but is growing and burning brightly in our hearts...that beyond 'appearances', this is exactly what it is... Eternal peace. I admit, Consciously the earth (humanity) has not yet made its acsention into Heaven, and yet in God's reality...the earth and all other creation has never left.... They remain One.

    So the question I ask myself to today is: "What makes the Vail between earth and heaven seem so far apart?"

    There is only one conclusion, we choose to believe it merely believing it...we abandoned the truth for falsehood, Reality for illusion, the Etenral for the temporary. Forgetting that as Children of God we have this power to restore order...this is our Free Will if I may.

    So again the question arises...why? And the simple answer that may very well summerize almost 50 years of seeking the truth...of listening to the spirit, to Jesus, to Buddha, to my Heart.... is my unwillingness to take my brother where I would go. I have judged him unworthy...and thus is the law fulfilled, 'that what I do onto others, I do onto myself' what I 'think' becomes my reality, my truth.

    Let's think about this for a while...maybe it will make sense!

    May your day be peacefilled through the Light of God within.

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    Duality Consciousness

    Monday, July 21, 2008, 1:12 PM [General]

    We all have a our 'personal' relations with the Divine both outer and inner...and these two views
    cannot be separated, like Cause and Effect,  like a question and its answer. Pairs...a perfect
    union or match. Like God for instance.. I once thought God is certainly a Masculine being...but
    how absurd this perceptive...for he would be incomplete in this guise... for it is in Union we are
    made whole. What is force without action? What is power without creativity? What is Love with
    out a recipient?

    When we perceive that these two, more specifically Cause and Effect...are separate and stand alone...we enter into what we term  'Duality Consciousness’. In this state there is little stability....change is in constant motion, not a bad thing in itself...because I believe it is what we make it.  But sometimes we want stability...we want to know we can count on something being there today and a wise man once said, True is the only  ‘Real social Security!’

    When I first begin to open my eyes in the battle fields of Vietnam back in the 60's, I was
    perplexed that these thoughts would fid there way into my mind in such a crazy, unstable place, and...I found it.  or at least I fond the seed that would over the course of me life reveal the fruit of this way of 'Seeing'  I found God in a bunker, as they say.


    Before that time though I had already inderstood on a certain level that was God was Love, and not to be feard.   I sure I did not understand or grasp entirely what this meant... for love to me at the time was but an emotion, and way we felt about some or something.

    I now see Love  as a Motion...or maybe Force (God) in motion. and way we as soul move through the Infinite Mind of God who is the All in All. Love.  In my path, we call it  looking at all there is through the eyes of Christ. 

    Like the life of a Rose, the birth and death and recycling of each precious seed, are not so different
    than the cycle that our Soul’s go through.

    Birth and rebirth is a continuous on going cycle. We have named it life but this term does not
    adequately describe how each of us effects this process by our own actions, and our actions start
    first with out thoughts, and our thoughts follow our beliefs....and often our beliefs are feed by our emotions.

    Because every cycle goes through a growth stage...obviously there are periods that each 'creation'
    sort of speak is almost impossible to discern in its enfant stades.  For example if one had never seen a Rose, or the seed that begins to birth and growth cycle of the every stage until it actually blooms it would  be very ifficult if impossible to name it adequately.  And thus to  identify it whereever we see it, and make  use or interact with its properties as it is in its inherent nature.

    It is more than a flower and can used in a variety ways in the natural world and so it is for us as human beings.  We are only scatching the surface of our potential.

     Now the question may arise for the seeker of truth...where did the original seed, or idea of a rose come from?

    Thus we have labeled an seemingle impossible question, 'The Great Mystery'.  Curiosity is an inherent quality of east at a ceratin stage in our growth... We just want to Know.  And as we all do in most cases...we look out side ourselfes, or to others for the they know something we don't.

    The process of learning 'Knowing' has taken on many variations... Religion and Science being
    two ways we can 'study' this knowing. And from these two avenues are numerous diverse ways
    of the actual study.  I would include meditation as a form of science...but inner inquiry rather than outer.

    What we are no learning as a 'collective' mind in the study of Quantum Physics, is that the
    observer, the one who studies has an influence on the thing that is being studied.   Our minds, filled with outer knowledge influence what we will see. 


    While the idea is not really is now becoming to a certain extent proved... a few statements taught by the Master teachers go along these lines: "You are what you think," "You reap as you sow," "there is no new thing under the sun," "He who has faith let him say to a mountain move and it will move." etc, etc.

    As we begin to see we have this power to in effect change things...we need retrace our journey
    and ask why do we have this gift where does it come from. And of course this than becomes
    another observation... to some we call it God or Creator, to some evolution, to some happen-chance, etc... whatever course we choose to follow we recognize even if we have knowledge of this power, if we are honest we know the I' as I know as myself did not create or gift it to me. But yet there it is. Especially importanmt if we see we have been using it.

    And when we are not using it consciously... this power seems to pop in our lives from time to time
    unexpectedly... we may call these times 'Miracles' because we cannot explain them...and of
    course most will leave it to good fortune, luck,  or praise God for this blessing.

    What Humanity has not understood (not all of course but in general) is that we can call both good
    fortune or misfortune into ourselves according to our 'observations' when we decide not to
    merely observe but to control what we are observing.

    I leave my thought here for now...let it set...let it simmer until it is ready to be stirred a little bit
    more.... feel free to stir if you life....

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    I walk this Way.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008, 9:28 AM [General]

    Since a very early age (9) has my inner spirit nudged me towards what most spiritual types discribe as the Light of Truth. My very first lesson was God as I knew him then through the teaching of the Catholic church was not the God of wrath or one that desired worship...but like any good parent was Love, but more, Love beyond human measure. I was told of world changes I would see during my life's journey. About teachers and friends I would meet...and the 'Awakening' of humanity and peace on earth.

    While it has taken a life time to realize this info was available to all, not all took the time or had the current ability to hear it, to see it...but it is not mine alone, nor anyone's for that matter...not one group or race has anything speical over another, except perhaps thier williness to listen to the Holy Spirit or the Higher Self.

    Along my journey, 50 years now since that day spirit told me how to 'think' of God... have I experienced many things...some unexplainable to the rational mind, things that could only be called 'miracles'....and of course the many, many amazing people I have met.

    While I use the title of a member of the brotherhood of Christ or Christ Group... I in no way discridit any path that seeks truth through love, forgiveness and free will. I know the difference between dogma and revelation, between the real and the illusionary....between judgment and vision. I honor all life.

    I charish those moments, those times when I meet up with other travelers who are committed to sharing their Light the best they can under the circumstances they travel. In this we learn from one another...we literally extend the Kingdom of God. We all are a part of the Spirit that moves in all things... in this we can truly celebrate our Oneness and the Sacredness of the human family.

    I know when I get lost, when limitation seems my lot, when moments of anger or frustration or meaningless desires seem to dramatize my life...that I need but step back...let go that I (being in the ego) can do nothing, am nothing and all that i do in this state is meaningless... We cannot improve ourselves if we know who we are...but if we are still lost, than self-improvement is neccessary through many disciplines..and these can be a varied as the billions of people who walk this world. The first discipline I learned, and perhaps the most powerful for me at least was to Be Still and know. Sounds easy but it take work, it takes discipline to quiet the ego's rantings of doubt, fear and illusion.... but if we hold centered on the idea God is Love and we are a part of God...than we too are Love in Motion. Love unites, it comforts, it supplies, it creates, it forgives...this is how we know we are being Love in Motion.


    with peace j

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