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    The Darkness before...

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 12:53 AM [General]

       Good Evening everyone!

           I finally figured out how to navigate these things...I bring to you my total heart & love from my Soul. It is with the GREATEST excitment that I share a story with you all, it starts out sort of dark but stay with me it gets MUCH lighter!! See I was 28 there seemed to be nothing for me but frustration & sickness all around. I was a social alcoholic working in bars & fine dinning, resenting my station in life, looking after a parent & sensing my light was flickering out! I had night sweats for months, I saw no hope, no out of the tortuous torment. In that moment, much like Ekart Tolle in the Power of Now I through my hands up & said "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO???" I knew & or had a sense of a decision making time in my honest to God crossroads where it was, get busy living or get busy dying! & at that point honestly I had only a hope that it was going to go well as I totally removed myself from the decision or so it seemed...either way it was going to play out, I was pretty petrified.   Continued...


      Hello for part 2, if all goes well wich I know it will...

       I had broken my leg, lost my job serving (obviously), therfore my appartment after having dealt with a phsycotic roomate etc... ect... & blahh. So as they say in so many beautiful teachings...disaster & opertunity happen at the same time (although your the last to know that's actually going on, until much later on, eh?) That's when the first of many saints in human form or human beings influenced by them really started to lay it on. After talking with this bloke for about 19months & having nothing else to loose I decided to go on this retreat he spoke so highly of (& offered to pay for if I did'nt feel I got my money's worth!) Well I DID! I learned how to meditate, identify the who's who in my head, journal & some other useful tricks & tips to set me up for a REAL Journey!! Scared again (my emotion of prevelance) I went back to school to become of all things a Natural Health Counsellor. What a ride that was & still is! Learning the finer points on all levels of self...having first to go through them yourself! It was at this fine Academy where I met & connected with Dr. Magda. Having been in a Metaphysical group for the past four years, I recognized in her, something more & something that I wished to attain or connect with something on a higher level/plain than what I knew at the time. So I hired her. Three hours later & three hundred bucks later...she finally prompted me. "What do you want?"  It took all I had in me to muster up the courage to sheepishly say...uh enlightenment?!

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