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    What continent or ocean is nearest to you?

    January 24, 2008
    12:30 AM
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    We are all one being at our core. Science has essentially proven this with the super string theory, and numerous individuals, who have expanded their conciseness/mind in one way or another, have said the same thing. We are all one. Your pain is my pain and my pain is your pain. When you go into a room and you feel anxiety, suffering, or depression, exc. You are actually only feeling somebody else feelings. You were designed in this fashion in order to stay the social, loving, compassionate beings that you are. This is your true nature, and you can only experience happiness and joy when you are acting according to your original great nature. Great people have tried for millenniums to gain happiness in other ways but have failed over and over again. They have looked outside themselves with no return for their search. You are love no matter what illusion you believe to be your true identity at this very moment. Any other illusionary identity than your true one will miss lead your soul into confusion and pain. You are connected to the god of love and so you can only be what you love, but you can be deceived. We need to quit accepting a belief system that says we are not mature enough to run our own world. We need to understand that what we created/creating in society can never be greater than the creators themselves. If God wants us all to have free will then a “god” that delegates to our world would take this away from us. The whole idea is a contradiction. We are accepting a predestinated fate of control and suppression based on an interpretation of writings of a possible future. The more you read the Bible you will see that Prophets had predicted many times to destruction Israel, and yet it still exists. This prophetic message of Revelation like all prophetic messages was a warning for us to change!! This was not there for us to fall into the trap of control and loss of freedom by our Co-creations of this possible future reality!! This is very deceptive, as Satan will deceive the whole world. This deception takes the good-natured beings of Christianity that love mankind and God, and conditions them into a belief system that creates apathy for our world and the direction that it is headed, and is currently. “The problem with not getting involved with politics is we end up being ruled by our inferiors.” Plato. We need a new based on the truth of oneness. Satan’s plan is one of separation of the souls who understand their true nature as a server of God and fellow Man. The more we argue over doctrine, and religion, the more they win, and the more we, as oneness, loose!!! This is a calling to all church’s, faiths, and great souls, young and old, to take the great responsibility within our role in our civilization as a whole. Again the time is short and there is sorrow for those who rejected the words of the prophets in the past. Never forget that God is the God of love and forgiveness and that you have been forgiven for every sin, turn away from deception that causes sin and leads you into death. Remember also that what lies for you in heaven, and the kingdom within, is much greater than any pleasure here on Earth. You are either accepting or rejecting that which you are, LOVE. “Even if you fail in changing the world the intention and will to do so will shine like a jewel inside your soul that will last for eternity.” But don’t be miss lead thinking your salvation is based on works, because it is faith. So with that faith that you possess you can use to create greatness for the earth and all living beings that inhabit it. “You do not need more faith you just got to make sure the small seed of faith that you have is being nurtured and growing.” The God of the living is with you providing life; you just need to perceive it. I love you because you are me. PASS ON IF YOU LIKED

    one conciessness 111
    January 19, 2008
    5:25 AM
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