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    That's kindda funny cause after I posted I said to my self man, it's not like we are on myspace! No kidding! So I know what you are saying. As to Bnet! I was scanning web sites during studies! I came across tha net! I have been studing for some time now ever since I was blessed to be drawn by the spirit of truth and comfort! From there it just became another place to reach the masses. I feel like I reach many yet few are seeking what I bring with me. Yet the few make up for the many who seem to be here with confussion and bad virtues! I come not to condemn but I do embrace 3 major virtues when sharing anywhere. Humbleness, Spiritual discernment, and rebuke. I practice each with and out of concern for others as the word teaches. I study both orthodox Judaism and non denominational Christianity and in all the nessasary languages. So I can see where many are coming from. plus this site enables me to reach many I other wise wouldn't be able to! I see where those two faith are combined in to one which is my belief system and I can see no contridictions. I like questions but I dont like to be the focuss of them! I much rather focuss on what the Word has to say about mans questions and all things. I dont know all things and one of the main reasons I stay here at bnet is cause the questions others ask often get me into studies where I learn so much when seeking to answer or coment on others comments. I dont really come to debate but I dont resist to disagree where I do! I wont write you a book so I will see you around! Later. Over all I hope all grow closer to God and we all have some rom to do so! Peace to you and yours! Urk ^1

    September 25, 2008
    3:05 AM
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    REASON 1) we are both in tha same group and it is nice to be humble! 2) Christian 3) Cause there isn't an acquantance opption:) It really makes no difference to me. I mean we wont ever meet other than in groups or over computer use so it's not like I'm dangerous! Just thought it would be a good gesture but if you aare not interested that is fine too.

    September 24, 2008
    3:32 PM
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