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    New addition to the family

    Friday, August 8, 2008, 5:59 PM [General]

    All these birds have had an effect on me! Tongue out I'd like to introduce a new addition to my family, Dulce, a green cheek conure. Actually, I have wanted a bird for about a year now, especially a conure. Every week I go to Petsmart and talk to the birds, doting a little longer on their sun conures but not able to pay the $600. So, two weeks ago I impulsively (mistake!) get a cockatiel. This poor bird had not been handled in months (not tame) and I decided to return him a few days later. This was after I visited a bird store to get him a play stand and saw much more tame birds. There I met up with a green cheek conure I considered until I saw on Craigslist one that needed to be rehomed and found my baby.

    Dulce is a Spanish word that means sweet and she is true to her name. She loves latin music, especially if there is a fast beat. I tried a menagerie of tunes for my girl and she wasn't crazy about gospel or country. She went nuts over a rap song entitled "In the Ayer" by Flo Rida. She has been in my abode for a week and has been the most gentle bird, eating treats off my fingers and nuzzling against my neck. At night in her happy hut she snores and purrs like a cat. The only downside is I might be allergic to her. Cry

    I will end with a funny story that could have been tragic. I have two australian shepherds, Ty and Tyler. Last night I was removing my jewelry in my bedroom. I turn and see Tyler sitting, looking at me. Ty is behind her jumping up and down, as if Tyler is sitting on her toys, which he never does so I know something is up. Well, the bird which was supposed to be on top of her cage had jumped on Tyler's back and was now seated on his lower back. Fortunately the dog's didn't eat her and she didn't bite them. I suspect a long lasting family! Below is what Dulce looks like...

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    Vist from an angel

    Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 8:26 AM [General]

    During the past month I have taken a break from my daily meditation with the exception of a beautiful archangel invocation I do once a week. Last night I decided to do my regular meditation which begins with a mind-body scan to "check in" and see how I am feeling. Then I do a visual balancing of my chakras with a grounding exercise. After I open my third eye and balance my crown chakra I normally get a visit from a spirit guide or other spirit.

    One of my guides did visit but I am still having trouble communicating due to consistent throat chakra problems. I continue to ask my guides for other methods of communication but for now it is tapping of fingers and nodding/shaking of my head.

    So, getting to my topic. After my guide left I asked Archangel Michael to visit and help me with my self-worth and self-love, areas of difficulty for me. Next my head was gently pulled to the left, my left arm lifted and held in the air, my left leg pulled (my dog at the end of the bed wasn't too thrilled Tongue out) and I could feel "something" holding my head. It was such a beautiful experience that it brought tears to my eyes. Today I used my pendulum and asked if Michael came to see me. It wasn't Michael but it was an angel. I am always in awe and feel so blessed to have these experiences.

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    Thursday, April 24, 2008, 5:58 PM [General]

    As I was approaching a school zone today I saw what looked like a blackbird or crow flying up and down, trying to get at something in the street. When driving closer, I saw one of its own, dead in the street. Could it have been its mate? It seemed to want to get close to the bird but was prevented with each passing car.

    After driving past I decided to return and retrieve the bird from the street. Even though its soul had passed I couldn't imagine car after car, driving over its corpse. A bit self-conscious with the line of cars filled with a parents to get their children, I used a booklet to get the adult bird. Gently I placed it own the grass, near the lake. Here its fellow bird could visit.

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    More birds

    Thursday, April 3, 2008, 8:02 PM [General]

    As I was leaving my house today there was a ringnecked dove in the middle of the street. I expected it to fly away as I approached. It wouldn't move. I stopped the car. No fluttering of wings. I backed the car up and the dove was still in the same spot. Then it slowly walked to the side of the road.

    Tonight I sat out front with my dog and watched as two more doves were crossing the street near my house. I wondered again if the birds have any meaning to me. 

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    Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 10:27 PM [General]

    Living in the house for five years I never noticed the birds before.  Or, maybe there is a message I need to see in their presence here this Spring.

    They are everyway...on the roofs of the homes in my neighborhood, perched in the palm trees, gathered on my mailbox as I leave for work, sitting in my backyard hedges when I let the dogs out, etc. Then there is the singing. I hear them first thing in the morning, as I drive around while I work, when I am at the computer in the early evening and sometimes at night. Some birds are ringed doves, others are small black birds, some I don't recognize and last week I spotted a beautiful cardinal.

    I am in my fourth year of a personal struggle. I thought of the meaning of these birds. Could it be that they represent a symbol of simplicity? That all is well. Their lives are filled with finding the food (security) they need. Could my life be this simple if I could see it from a bird's eye?

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