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    miracles...boy do I need one

    Sunday, December 28, 2008, 8:41 PM [General]

    I am a “true believer.” I have always believed in God. Iconceive of God not as a sentient-light filled being sitting on a throne, butas a vast omnipotent sea of a consciousness. It is my belief that God is aliving being possessing creative intelligence beyond our ability to comprehendwith our limited way of thinking.  Ibelieve that God created everything out of the fabric of God. This means thatultimately everything is made up of the same basic substance and this meansthat this substance can be molded into anything.

    Because of my belief, I have always “talked” to thatconscious being whom I believed to be listening. I also believe that God caresfor his (1) creations, equally, which means that I am no dearer to God than a mouse, an antor a rock. I am not disappointed with this belief because I also believe thatGod is omnipotent and exists everywhere. Now of course I say that I have been abeliever but as I wait for my fifth miracle I wonder if I was made a believer. I wonder if God gave me proof andevidence to believe in that I simply didn’t notice before I became a believer.

    I have prayed, visualized, chanted and asked for what Iconsider the “biggest thing ever” to come into my life.  I also acknowledge that in the grandscheme of the many miracles around us, my request is very small.  As I wait for my miracle, I am tryingto comprehend and explain to you (the reader) the processes that are occurringwhich is what I meant earlier when I wrote, before the event “completes.” 

    In my experience of miracles, I have observed that there is a process to everything.  If you pray for healing, and you receive it, a process is implemented.  If you pray for food, it doesn't just drop from the sky, a process of someone preparing it and giving it to you occurs.  If you pray for clothing, "raiment, doth not appear upon your body."  A practical by the laws of physics process occurs.  

    My experience of miracles or answered prayer has proven this method.  Now, I am not saying that "magical" processes don't happen, but I am saying that in my experience miracles have had a very practical by the principles of nature and society way of "manifesting." 


    [1] God is beyond gender I use the masculine reference“his” as a matter of traditional practice.

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