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    The second day already...

    Friday, January 2, 2009, 11:11 AM [General]

    Good morning! Welcome again! I can't believe the second day of the year is here and its already Friday! If this is any indication of the speed of the year then I better hold on to my pony tails, because it could be very busy!

     It should be very busy too as we make adjustments and try to get a handle on our collective economy.  One lesson that must be apparent by now is how easily our economic stability is affected by what we all do together in the market place.  For example the high price of gas certainly cost the merchants in the last few months.  The affect: Merchants cut back on their supply purchases which decreased overtime in stores and in some factories, and the lack of overtime opportunity decreased personal income for many individuals and families.  

    The decrease in spending put building/remodeling/construction projects on hold and that has created a hiring freeze for many. Of course this affects the ability of people to pay their bills... The individuals who may have given to people who are begging on the streets have no more to give...they may be forced to seek the resources that the homeless depend on because they have now joined their ranks...

    Although I referenced the high cost of gas, on the west coast, everything was high cost...the high cost of homes, the high cost of living was out of control.  There is a balance and we must have exceeded it...just like the bank balance we may have...if we exceed it, we will pay...penalties if we are fortunate...loss of the whole account if we are not...  

    When I was a child we used to joke about people selling resources, we used to say, if people could find a way to bottle the air, they would and they would sell it to others!  We do this with water under the threat of exposure to pollutants.  

     Well who is polluting and why do we tolerate it?  Well we are. We have authorized our government to regulate pollution?  Yes we have.  If you research it, you will find that we through our government allow companies to pollute...before you become alarmed, think about why we allow it...because those companies that do so much of the pollution provide...many of the much needed jobs.  So again...we are all connected and one way or another we directly or indirectly create these problems that ultimately cost us....why do we do it? Because of our value system.   

    If there is any good that comes out of it, it might be that we can more clearly see how we are all connected.   My post today may seem less than spiritual, but its not.  My post is about a practical matter. What we do as individuals affects all of us. The ripple effect is real.  "In as much as ye have done unto the least of these... "

    It is the practical matter of the financing of our collective ability to survive in the world or society that we have collectively created.  If we have no home to house our bodies, where will we pray or meditate or read? Will be able to focus while shivering in the cold? Will we be able to make it to the public library to log onto computers and communicate with each other on beliefnet?  Today many of us may do this from our homes, but tomorrow...

    Speaking of homes.... a bit about the mortgage mess...individual people, met with other individual people and sold them loans they could not afford.  The individuals did not care about the long term effect on the buyer and the buyer was more concerned with acquiring a home than the long term ability to while it is easy to blame the "banks" because they make a nice scapegoat....on a one to one, face to face level, people led other people and other people followed them (collectively) and now we all have to deal with this.... our economy is affected and we are all affected. I am not trying to point fingers but I observed a lot of action some that occurred with members of my immediate family.  My family members wanted the "American dream" of owning their own home...almost at any we are all suffering....

    So what do we do now? It will have to be a busy year, with prayer and contemplation scheduled in to avoid future collective mistakes. Don't give in to fear...just do your part, first be kind and compassionate in spirit, and then do your job everyday fulfill your responsibilities as best you can.  If we all do this moment by moment, day by day, our collective experience will be alright in fact in might even be good!  

     warm waves of universal love and grace to you, Thank you for visiting.

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    What I bring

    Thursday, January 1, 2009, 2:06 PM [General]

    Welcome and Happy New Year! I greet you with respect and with universal love, I can do no less because you and I are ultimately the same being. As I move into this cycle that is 2009 I will be mindful of my attitude and my impact as I move among people (society) and the earth. I will try to bring only peace and stillness. When I feel disharmony I will address the source of it immediately and resume my inner stillness. 

     In my experience, I 've observed that some people have the ability to make you feel happy when you are around them.  There are others that take you 'down' almost immediately.  I've tried to figure out what that effect is and have determined that it must be the emotional highs like "helium balloons" or the emotional lows like "lead weights" they bring with them that I can feel (or sense) when they are near me. 

    I have come to the conclusion that if I can feel someone's lightness while being in their presence or their "heaviness" while being in their presence, then I too might be able to impact people by what I bring to them in my encounter.

     This year I don't plan to bring anything but my presence so that when I meet myself in another form, I can allow a positive exchange or expression to happen between us.   There is always the potential for negative, however I will not engage in it.  I have limited capacity for it.  Balance is critical to my experience of peace. 

    I plan to transform. I want my uninterrupted connection to the universal being so that I don't continue to be caught up in the illusion that is the temporary world we live in.  

    I like consistency and this "world" doesn't offer that. It is a world of changes. 

    warm waves of universal love and light to you. Thanks for reading! 

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    Last Day of cycle #2008

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 2:35 PM [General]

    It is the last day of 2008.  I am happy this cycle has ended.  It began with excitement and joy and ended with fear and worry.  The central factor? Money. As we all know money does not come detached from people.  In fact it is we (the people) who give value to money. The only thing good about the money factor or experience is that it is limited to our social world. Money has become a factor because of our collective greed and our collective values. 

    Before I go rambling on about money, I do want to pause and say that God has been with me through it all.  The patient, quiet watchful caretaker, parent and creator of the character that is sentient8 has been fully present.  The reason I have to pause and acknowledge God is because it is really an acknowlegement of the one truth that is the permanent reality through all worlds. While I may hem and haw and whine...deep in my awareness I know all of this is an illusion and that it exists as a sort of amusement park that God through each of us and his creations in each world is actually...enjoying. ...and God saw that is was good.

     But back to the illusion...2008 brought new people into my life and therefore new experiences.  What i am learning about this world we exist in is that people are a lot like solar systems, they come with orbiting "objects" and their own forces.  When we get near each other sometimes we can experience each other's surrounding effects.  2008 was full of new people and the search for money is what brought us into contact.  The good part about this is that everyone was either a really great person, or at the very least, an "okay" person. But the fact that we were all searching for money did not escape my attention!  

    In 2008, during times where people had enough money, I have observed sharing. In times where people have been struggling with money (and they argued because they were tense) relationships suffered (temporarily). I have learned that during those times where it seems that there may not be enough money, if people will treat each other nicely (not blaming each other) and simply adjust together, the impact (the awful stress) of the financial worrying are lessened. 

     As we all end the year...we have expressed both worry and optimism and we all seem to be moving toward the greater collective experience of a change in our values.  I think perhaps that may be the money lesson this year... our society must change its value system or our civilization will continue to lose balance and then self destruct.  So 2008 can go away now ushering in 2009 another cycle where I hope we will determine to be friendly and supportive to each other. 

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    Just what is faith?

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 5:06 PM [General]

    Faith...when I was a child, I "chose" faith as my gift.  I thought I had it.  However in recent years as my feelings of desperation have increased and when I have run out of ideas to solve my financial problems, I've found myself a little faithless.  I think I really got turned around in the last decade.  

    I have observed a wonderful pattern in my life. It is, that whenever I have needed money, money has arrived. Lately, my attention to this detail has caused me some doubt, it is hard to explain, but the doubt is associated with fear.  I am trying to unravel the confusion around that matter because it would seem in my case I should become more confident based on my actual experience.  As I return to the joy of my past experience of living in the pathway of spirit I am trying to assess the effects and impact of my pathway of flesh and the material world environment.  It seems that as long as I didn't pay attention to it the process worked, but the moment I began to focus on it and try to make it happen, it doesn't seem to work. I seem to be living and cultivating a habit of living in fear when it comes to my financial security and I think this is evidence of an oversight.

    Faith is a principle and like every principle in the universe it has a process.

    For example, When someone you know and trust, leaves you and promises to return, you have faith that they will. However when someone you hardly know says they will call you, you may or may not have faith that they will.  The basis for your faith or lack of faith in either of these scenarios are the factors underlying the promises made. In the case of someone you know and trust, the "factor" that is part of the process is... they know you will be expecting them to return and may feel obligated. The may return because they want you to have faith in their promise.  In the case of someone you really don't know, one factor that may occur to them (and they may opt to use) is that you don't expect or rather rely on them to call.  That factor alone may free or excuse them from calling you. 

    Faith in God or the universe may work the same way.  Faith may be based on the relationship that you have or don' t have with God. My question of faith has more to do with how and when do you use that principle?  Another example:  A mother is expecting a baby and she has faith that God and or nature will complete the process.  She eats healthy in good faith, she checks in with a health care provider in good faith, and in the end she expects or hopes for a whole and healthy baby.  Her faith in the wholeness or the health has been supported by some knowledge of the principles of the creation of the human form. To be continued..


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    Defining miracles

    Monday, December 29, 2008, 6:32 PM [General]


    So how do I define a miracle?   A miracle is the resulting outcome of processes I do not yet comprehend.  An example of a miracle is that the wind blows. I know the wind blows but I do not know the actual causes of the winds blowing. (I know there are scientific explanations that talk about temperatures creating the environment for winds or tornados or hurricanes) but I am talking about the cause of the rising of those hot and cold temperatures that createthe “conflicts” that create what we term…wind  Why does the air begin to move in the first place?

    I have prayed for and received extraordinary miracles.  However when the process of manifesting them became evident, I was not prepared for it.  I am currently "going through" a miracle now and if I survive it, I may not pray for another one!  To be honest, I am praying for a miracle now to get me out of this one! I am like one who was given three wishes and each time wished unwisely. The words "Be careful of what you wish for" have great meaning.  I expect this miracle tobe the last one because now I understand that there is no "magic" asin “painless process” to it.  I have learned that everything costs. Nothing is free.  “Give” and“Receive” is always in balance. 

    In the bible there were a number of miracles that withoutexplanation make them seem effortless or without price.  However I am learning that is not theway miracles work. This world is not from chaos as it sometimes might appear,but from absolute order.  Nothing,no man, no woman, no magician, no sorcerer and no prayer will ever remove theorder from the world or the universe. It has been perfectly created and ordered. It is so orderly that it isdifficult to perceive it.

    A very famous health and wellness teacher explained theseeming appearance of chaos:  Hesaid, consider a train station full of travelers all waiting uniformly in linefor their trains to arrive so that they can board.  I would add, imagine that you are unable to hear audiblesounds. With this visual scenario in mind and with the fact that you cannothear also in mind, imagine observing all those people in orderly fashionsuddenly breaking formation. Suddenly you visually see them criss-crossing, some almost bumping intoothers and all of the travelers causing the uniform patterns they once formedto degenerate into a chaos of movement. 

    With this same vision, imagine that suddenly you can hearsound and you hear an announcement over the speaker system telling thetravelers that there trains are arriving at different gates than theyexpected.  Train A will not arriveat Gate A and Train B will not arrive at Gate B and Train and so on.  Train A will arrive at Gate Z and TrainB will arrive at Gate Y…I am sure you get the picture!  The travelers, knowing exactly wherethey want to go.....immediately, (within their minds  an internal process) make the decision to move to the location or gate where the train that willtake them where they want to go will arrive.  Suddenly in what seems to be chaos, hundreds of travelersare shifting because they have received information that has changed a dynamicin their plans.  Eventually thechaos settles and everyone who still wants to, gets to their destination.  Within this process there are newopportunities for the travelers to change their mind about where they actuallywant to go!

    Herein is a little insight in to the nature of the way thingswork and the process involved in getting or rather as we generally understand it, receiving a miracle. There is a divine order and there are many and various sentient beings with free will.  In the example given the chaos observed was their reaction to new information and the settlingis in their finding their new temporary destination to get to their “permanent”destination.  Of course permanentis not really soon as one arrives it will be time to leave sooner or later..


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