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    You are so beautiful

    Sunday, February 22, 2009, 1:05 AM [General]

    Good Evening and welcome!

    I've been busy meeting life's I haven't blogged for a while.  I have to say...I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.  I have experienced what I can only call "human beauty" here.  There are so many well intentioned honest expressions that it is heartwarming in the midst of my personal challenges. 

     To learn about the challenges others face and the honesty and humility with which they share them.  God has blessed us with each person.  This for me is an experience of beauty.  I miss you all and I expect that in March I will be able to resume my daily blog to you as myself.  

    warm waves of universal love, light and grace,

    with gratitude...

    thank you for reading,


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    I miss my new community!

    Friday, February 13, 2009, 6:28 AM [General]

    Good morning and welcome!


    I've been out for a week and will be "out" again for a few more days.  I am purging my past by tossing out the things that keep my mind cluttered with memories.  I am preparing for the new life that I am praying for.

    Prayer...what is prayer?  Is it asking? Begging? making a statement of a new reality?  Well I've reduced myself to begging!  The decorum of creating my "new reality" is lost due to my lack of discipline and my giving my personal will to another....I have allowed my time, my energy to be expended in the service of family and my personal needs go unmet.  This has caused me to become angry....I now have to ask God to get me out of it.... 

    I once heard a phrase that made me cringe...."Tender mercies please...."  This phrase was heard in the context of a movie in which torture was involved.  I am not suffering such physical torture, but I am suffering from the lack of freedom.   I have to get out of it, but its such a cycle...that I am afraid if I get off too suddenly, I might break something (figuratively speaking of course)......back to my purging...see you all Monday!  I plan to create a plan to meditate......


    warm waves of universal love, light, freedom and bliss to you all...

    thanks for reading! 

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    Life, cycles and other ingredients

    Friday, February 6, 2009, 9:28 AM [General]

    Good morning and Welcome!


    Yes...I heard a message in the wee hours but instead of getting I'm late, but, I know what to do! I must prepare the product sample, stay focused on the job at hand and keep going.

     Cycles are constantly going on with us, we are a part many, many cycles.  Day into night into day, week after week, month after month, year after year....but during that cycle (like making a cake) ingredients are added and those added ingredients change our experience of the cycle...

    For example, a person can be sitting for months with nothing productive to do, when someone else gets an idea to engage that person...the one with the idea approaches the other and when the other agrees, their experience changes...this seems so small but the long term effects are really huge.... 

    Each message I receive during the night is an ingredient that I can add to change my experience during the cycles.


    warm waves of universal love and light

    thanks for reading!


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    strange...dreams...and a message

    Thursday, February 5, 2009, 11:55 AM [General]

    Good morning and welcome!

     I woke up and started with work instead of blogging and now I am unable to share the strange mixed up dreams that I had last night...but a great message came through....the message was.."Why do you seek help outside of yourself when you know that everything is within?"  

    To clarify:  God made the universe and all of us from himself (sorry about the masculine assignment), and since that is the truth then why do I look outside toward his creation when I pray, why do I look (mentally) toward the sky, towards the visible creation when I should close my eyes?....As in sleep, as in death we exit within, that is where the great reality and power is.  This is an aspect to consider as I try to solve my problems. MEDITATE, MEDITATE, MEDITATE....and maybe the answers will come.

    Thanks to all in the beliefnet community who offer such encouraging words to me and to others.  It has been encouraging to see so many people sharing life's challenges so openly and honestly.  The internet has been very useful in bridging our life experiences. God the universal one being who is each of of us, his work is amazing! There is only one being in the universe but he is living as each of us!

    warm waves of universal  love and light to each of you!

    thanks for reading!


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    dreams and other memories...

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 10:32 AM [General]

    Good morning and welcome!

     Last night I experienced that great location within myself.  In between sleep and in between mental activity.  I could feel that space in my head where everything is just perfect.  I recognize it and enjoy it.  Thats the space where I feel like I am floating. Another term for it that I have is..."high."

     It is such a happy space within my head...I am sure that if I meditated, I would experience more of that state! Later I had two dreams...they were led to the other,  in a sense they were two but became one because of the way in which the scenarios intersected. -Matix like -

    The first: I got on a bus to travel somewhere.  Before I got on,  the driver - who was standing outside - collecting tickets (a strange element, my ticket was a only a note paper!) asked me if I preferred to take an alternate route?   I declined and when I got on the bus I saw that I was the only woman and the bus was full. I told him, that I would sit right behind him...may reasoning was that they might think I was his woman and somehow I would be safer! I am not saying this was rational thinking!)

     This is interesting because my safety felt "potentially threatened" (I was wondering if the men on the bus would resolve to remain civil in a time of emergency? We live in a society that poses honor, decorum and social graces,  but during emergencies our social values can change or even decline.) I began to pray....The one thing about experiences in dreams is how rapidly the environment changes!  I was praying and worrying and like a movie another scene occurred...There were at least two women on the bus...and I wondered where the first thought (in the dream) came that I was the only one?  The feeling of pleasant travel was restored.  Travelers were talking and moving around.  I did too.  I then decided to move to the back of the bus.  I took a seat and began talking to my sister, pleasantly surprised to find her there! (As I reflect on the changes in the dream, I am reminded that the manner in which the dream transformed into scenarios is the same manner that I wish my current waking life would transform.)

    We traveled and when we got to our destination it was to a house I had dreamed of before!   I recognized having dreamed of it before and that my mother owned this house and we her children had been welcomed to be in it. (That was an element of the previous dream)  

    In this dream it was large, but built narrowly, and very was worn before, but had grown worse.  My other sister was also there.  I noticed the holes in the rooms, big gaping holes in the walls near the floor...I thought about the fact that at night animals could get in and then I saw a raccoon that was not afraid of people.  I was eventually successful in getting it to leave... it took me quite a while to "scare" him away.  I say that because I think the raccoon left because I "annoyed" him more than scared him.

    In the house there were many very interesting things....there were even old clothes...people were walking through parts of the house like it was a vintage store....the house had elements of my currently desired dream house....something I am waiting for now...

    The most interesting thing about the dream is the level of comfort I experienced while dreaming it, the level of interest piqued in me and the fact that the dream had a lot of elements taken from my waking life and reformatted into elements of the dream...I recognized that a lot of elements from the dream could be traced to thoughts from the waking world.  Including the hopeful thoughts I experienced after reading a comment on my journal yesterday!  It is all so very subtle.....but I do recognize the elements.....well that's how the lucid dream world works for me,  its a very fluid reality.  But I like it because it is very creative and teaches me about manifesting in my current waking lesson this morning?  Recognize and learn from the process of the change in the elements of the dream from discomfort to comfort.  When there was fear, I prayed and there was change but I didn't notice the process of the change, I noticed the change....

     I have to get back to my-work life....sorry if I left typographical errors today!

    warm waves of universal love and light...

    thanks for reading and for those who comment....with deep appreciation, i thank you!


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