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How Are You Today? Hello to everyone ... I am just joining this group, & not quite sure if I'm posting to the right area or not. Will give this a try & see what response I get. Please advise if... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? Hi, my mother-in-law passed on the 21st and since that time I have been sick with GI issues. So I guess I'm not doing really that well, I miss her, she was like the mother I... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? Thanks for asking this question :)I am new to this group, so I'll start by saying I live at a community called L'Arche. We are people with and without developmental disabilities... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? dahling,iam doing well today!ive had a couple of nights off from working at rehab,i work nights !i work mostly on this hall.some nights are very busy an with this hall some die... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? I dear one, When our senors get older and start to decline they sometimes regress. They start acting like small children. Also they are lonely and looking for attention so they... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? Hi fellow Caregivers,Today I'm feeling a bit down. My 85-year-old mom does nothing but complain, and now she's going to stay with me during the long Memorial Day weekend. She... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? You may be right John. It's much less user-friendly for me, and at some point, I just don't have the time for how long it takes me to log in, post etc. Seem like more steps than... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? Doing okay... still missing my mum! She died a month ago, which officially marks my end of my caregiving phase of life. It's been an adjustment... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? I know some who are leaving Beliefnet and they are asking me to join them . I just might . I've been telling myself all will be well again but it certainly doesn't look like it... 12 Replies
How Are You Today? I'm sure that the B'Net folks made these changes with the best of intentions, but it kinda feels like they ruined a good thing, and the site has become too confusing for people... 12 Replies
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