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    The key ingredients for attaining vitality and success

    Monday, January 25, 2010, 8:14 PM [General]


    In tough times like these, persistence couldn’t be even more desirable as a survival quality. The dictionary defines it as; “the quality of continuing steadily despite of problems or difficulty;” the key words here are, “continuing” and “steadily.” Persistence is also the ability to continue in existence. Even though we know that nothing lasts forever – persistence is the ability to make something last for the longest time possible and doing so steadily. When you translate that ability to continue in existence in terms of an individual’s dreams, the life of a relationship or the survival of business, persistence takes on a completely new meaning; and its nothing like your famous annoying car sales man. The ability of something to persist - when placed under a microscope, can be discovered to consist of very precise key structural elements of development and operation.  Any practical dream that was not realized; any relationship that fell apart, or business that folded up sooner than its actual potential, can be found to have been lacking or deficient in one or more of these key elements. Never before, have these elements been presented as a natural formula that can; a) allow an individual to pursue his or her dreams with greater success; b) afford businesses a dynamic basic structure with revolving developmental and expansion opportunities; or c) - give two people the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship. Allow me to present my Second book: Secrets of the Art of Persistence - A basic guide to achieving your goals & the keys to lasting happiness. Even though I wrote this book as a guide for personal growth, its key elements apply to the growth of a business or an organization. The reason why these elements apply to businesses or organizations is that, those too, are run by individuals. Empower an individual, then - you have also empowered a business, an organization, or even a nation. That ultimately is the mission of this book, take advantage of it!

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    Tapiwa Chitembure

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