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    Welcome to Beliefnet ScientologyKnowledge!

    August 22, 2011
    3:31 PM
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    Thank you for your testimony. I am myself interested in Scientology.I started courses, stopped later and I am now willing to progress. Being in contact with the International Celebrity Center I feel like I am in front of a dilemna : either I go for the full courses in a package or I stop. In the contrary I am favoring a progressive approach: committing myself one course after another one. May I actually go my own pace ? That is what I am willing to do. Regards

    January 12, 2009
    9:11 PM
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    These are just SOME of the things I’ve read in the last 30 days about Scientology. Week after week, I told myself… I’d stop. I’d stop obsessing about this cult. I’d stop wasting MY time on it… It was so bad, I couldn’t do anything but read and read, ignoring both work and family. I stayed up all hours and woke up early, and the one time I passed out while reading… I had dreams of Scientology. Dangerously and irresponsibly I was reading stories between traffic lights, any moment spent waiting, while eating, to the distraction of work and REAL life. I felt a terrible sadness after watching Voiceless8C’s videos on YouTube and began to just be very depressed. Later that depression turned to anger, then to outreach, and action. Let me say that Voiceless 8C and are the most heartfelt, gentle information for any current members of Scientology out there… they deserve awards, sincerely. As well extra thumbs up for those super passionate protesters around the world. I watched dozens and dozens and let’s just say hundreds of videos on YouTube and other video channels for Scientology, against it, for Anonymous, against them, former members, current members, from all over the world. One that struck me was of Mary DeMoss telling Mark Bunker that he was obsessed with Scientology, that he ate, lived and breathed it… and he should focus on HIS own life. For some of us, this IS our own life, for others… it is de-facto. Maybe we know / knew someone in ‘the cult’, maybe we ran across some information on it accidentally, for or against, it could be any reason, but we’re here now and that’s what matters. Each of us has our own voices to use to prevent future pain and suffering of those not already involved and to help assist those who are and who want out, as well as those who are slowly waking up from their trances by our chants outside their doors… This has been a strange time for me, as when I began studying Scientology, I thought it was just a strange religion, knowing NOTHING about it whatsoever. As I began to study, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what Anon meant… What are all these strange terms? Who are ALL these people speaking out in defiance against this religion, which I would later discover after much research is actually a cult? Early on, I studied Anon forums, but they weren’t very informative as to the meat of the cult. They were just anti. I went to the official Scientology website, and was astounded at the amount of information there… Did Hubbard ever quit writing in circles? People were supposed to believe every word? Even I have questions about my own religion which will never make sense or get answers, and no religion is perfect, anyone with any sense will tell you. Be wary of straight lines drawn in the sand, the way is not always so narrow… life is not like that, and neither should religion be. There are no all encompassing answers, which would be fail, like sweeping generalized statements… Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from you all, is a beautiful site, and everyone has been so helpful. Thanks go out to first and foremost, Chuck Beatty, Jeff Hawkins, Tory Magoo, Marjory Wakefield, A. Lerma, Michael Tilse, Robert Vaughn and Stacy Young, Monica Pignotti, Jenna Miscavige, and the other girls from Ex Scn Kids, all the people who make the videos, Anon and Ex Parishioners, all the people brave enough to speak out, for telling your stories, for taking up a good cause and winning, real wins!!! Thanks for your art and creativity on YouTube, the time to protest, to tell a story to go through the pain of remembering it, exposing it and having the courage to find ways to move forward in your lives… And we are winning this battle, as more Scientologists are out or on their way out than are currently in or going in. We will win by word of mouth, by one protest at a time, and take on the world of Scientology as they took on the free society, and we won’t stop until it is nothing more than the biggest cult in world history…. Lerma… If you are reading, why hasn’t a mass worldwide class action lawsuit been filed combining everyone’s cases inter-continentally? Is this possible? I will ask my lawyer… But I’m sure this has been addressed, but if anyone has references for it, please provide. Some of the things that stand out, not already mentioned, were photographs by Lerma and Hawkins, as those are rare. Also standing out was the article by Robert Vaughn Young, Why People Stay where he wrote, “My situation had deteriorated to the point that I was afraid I was either going to go crazy on the RPF or die, so I escaped one night.” Also on Ex-Scientologist’s Message Board, by BEA or MIGHTYBEA? Actual name is Maureen. She wrote in segments. One can not put down ANY of these personal stories, really. In hers, there were several things that grabbed me. One was that she was so self sufficient at a young age, with paper routes, saving money, caring for herself and being ‘gifted’. It is also hard to believe in these personal stories of Scientology that humor could be found, but this proved it. The parts about her trying to impress a guy and then her motorcycle falls on her and hurts her foot. (Sorry about your foot, but that is a great scene for a movie). Then the funniest part was when she fought with her auditor over Effort vs. Doing, and was sent to Ethics after being told there was no problem. Then in Ethics when she walks in the lady says seriously “What did you DO?”… and she was like, “I, uh... “. Then she is told that the lady was talking to her ‘baby’. The baby looked like little Miss. WIthholdy. The lady proceeded to call in someone from another office, and a big conversation ensues about how the baby is withholding something because she’d had made a stinky. Well let’s just say she needed her diaper changed. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. And here are a few things from Paulette Cooper’s book Scandal of Scientology that I found particularly interesting. There is a story about private investigators being interviewed and audited during which they were repeatededly asked, “Who sent you here to spy on us?” Then Paulette questions whether or not LRH tried to be deliberately confusing having written (according to her), 7 pre-logics, and twenty-four logics, plus fifty-eight axioms. Of which she quoted one, “Affinity is a scale of attitudes which falls away from the coexistence of static, through the interpositions of distance and energy to create identity down to close proximity but mystery…” Does that make sense to anyone? Her point was that, ironically, LRH said Scientologists should never go past any word they did not understand. So is it good enough to understand the individual word, or do you have to understand it in the given context (who for some would be ‘nonsense’). And further, lastly, quoting LRH “I think… if what we really observed was what we were observing that we always observed to observe. And not necessarily maintainging a skeptical attiude, a crtical attitude, or an open mind. But certainly mainatinging sufficient Personal Integrity and sufficient personal belief and confidence in self and courage that we observe what we boserve and weigh what we have observed… “ Yeah THAT makes sense… to space aliens. Just kidding. I understand each parishioner and ex-member has their reasons for believing. And I am not here to sit in judgement, and you are all in my prayers. Voiceless8C From Doubt is not a Crime Your Eight Dynamics Thinking of Leaving the Sea Org? Why People Stay: Towards a New Model of ‘Cult Control’, By Robert Vaughn Young “My situation had deteriorated to the point that I was afraid I was either going crazy on the RPF or die… so I escaped” ~ From Afraid to Say Scientology I Was Born Into Scientology Have You Ever Helped Anyone Get Out of Scientology & How to Leave Scientology I Am Not a Scientologist The Cult of Celebritities How to Talk To a Scientologist From A Mother’s Betrayal Chris Cloutier’s Situation 8 Steps Out of Scientology The Scientology Tone Scale Help For Scientology Ex Members New Hampshire picket and forced abortions Michael Pattinson’s Experiences in Scientology Tips For Breaking the Trance of a Scientologist How an Ex Scientologist Can Exit a Current Scientologist After 27 Years in Scientology and the Sea Org Chuck Beatty Tells His Story Another Childcare Horror Story What Exactly Do Scientologists Believe? Here’s the Answer New At Truth About Scientology: Essay by a Lifetime Member Scientology: What Got Me In, What Got Me Out; What I Think Now Copenhagen Expansion Project Experiences Dianetics Church of Scientology What Is A Cult? Afraid To Say Scientology I Was Born Into Scientology Do Scientologists Actually Talk Like This? Have You Ever Helped Anyone Get Out of Scientology (And Countless Other Threads and Life Stories) Effective Wake Up Phrases for Scientologists Leaving and Leaves Bill Wants To Talk To You Holidays and Scientology: What Gives? If Scientology Really Worked If You Knew This Group Did All This, Would You? Can You Just Walk Out of Scientology Scientology Teaches People Rude Behavior, Bad Manners Have You Met A Clear Clears Feeling Blue Proposal – Let’s Get Real Here Honey… Should We Join Wise? Scientology Testing Still CLOSED Thinking of Doing Solo Nots? Addendum: Layers of an Onion (Excerpt from Madman or Messiah?) My Story (various personal stories from inside the cult) What Is Expected From You As A Lifelong Scientologist Voiceless8C YouTube Videos The Profit (Movie Not Released Due to Injunction) The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power by Richard Behar Pushing Beyond The U.S.: Scientology Makes Its Presence Felt in Europe and Canada by Richard Behar A Piece of Blue Sky by J Atak Email from an Almost-Scientologist (source unknown) Why I Left Scientology Articles by Ruth Lorenzen The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper The Road To Xenu By Marjory Wakefield Social Control In Scientology by Bob Penny Madman or Messiah by Corydon Tom Cruise Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton Releasing the Bonds by Steve Hasaan Ethics by Ron Hubbard Church of Scientology Official Website My Nine Lives In Scientology by Monica Pignotti Suicide psychosis Monica Pignotti Scientology and Suicide Formerly Fooled and Finally Free From the Deceptive Cult Called Scientology Scientology and the Internet Panorama Exposed Another Scientology Documentary to Make You Angry Church of Scientology Operating Thetan Documents Leaked Online Scientology Doubt Formula Tom Cruise Video Un-censored Which Co$ Tried to Suppress Ruinous Thoughts to Help Un-brainwash a Scientologist (Brought up from History Cache of How Brainwashing Works Speaking Out About Organized Scientology Quentin Hubbard’s Scientology Page Cult Awareness Network CAN Sold Also Related Who We Are (Now) Site Down? (Site Down), now using NEW SITE TEMPORARY Wrote Song Scientology Pawned from video (This cartoon character explaining Xenu Theory with DZK song narration is the most believable Xenu has EVER been to me…. ah, now it all makes sense, NOT) Scientology Exposed Personal Stories Personal Story Suppressive Person Defense League: Dedicated to the Defense of Scientology’s Victims Is Scientology a Christian or a Cult? ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT Stop Scientology Abuses Karin Spaink - The Fishman Affidavit, OT V (I don’t’ know what to make of this site, it is highly criticized by some Anon, and other sites it’s advertised, if anyone has a full story on it let, please share) Paul Fetch (not sure about this one either, it was hard to find any original videos by Paul Fetch) The True Believer by Eric Hoffer Anonymous Protest from Cincinnati Ohio Related Ex Browns Player Stalks Protesters Life Repair Assist Processing OT VIII On Introspection Rundown / Lisa McPherson Religious Freedom Watch Scientology Claims Copyright Infringement Scientology Myths: Fact and Fiction Sumner Redstone Declared an SP Scientology Flowchart Photo Anon Truth Is Here Blogspot The Fram Problem The Butterfly Effect Photo’s Explaining Scientology A Message to Sceintologists

    October 24, 2008
    11:34 PM
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