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    You can't go anywhere in the media without hearing about the latest twists and turns in the life of pop star Britney Spears. But one thing that's missing is compassion. While everyone's spending a lot of time making fun of Britney the pop idol who has spent the past year going through turmoil, few people are stopping to consider the person beneath the celebrity. This is clearly a young woman out of control and in need of help. This group is a place for those who care to sympathize and empathize with Britney. Here you can post comments, suggestions, photos and personal stories of triumph over life’s struggles. Also find resources and important information on mental health.
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    check this link out: Britney has gone No 1 with her debut album. I think she has things to clean up, so to speak, but I think she is truly aware that she doesn't want to be "that girl" that the other "manager" was creating her to be. She's working it out, as each one of us, as human beings and children of God must do. With the grace of God, she will blossom into better than before. Praise God on High that the dark didn't win or take her life. She is going to be ok.

    October 16, 2009
    8:49 PM
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