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    HI, Satari: GOD BLESS YOU!! My name is David; my screen name is: Preach The Word!!The Truth is: GOD sent his Servant to save us from the enemy that is in the world(satan and his angels)!Jehova Witnesses say that that Servant which is JESUS CHRIST, which came out of GOD, which is also his SON! But what makes him more than a son and a prophet is that JESUS came out of GOD!! GOD is a Spirit!!!! I came out of my (earthly) father, he is a human. GODS creation....Really thou GOD sent JESUS for us! I'm livin proof; straight out of Cleveland,Oh. But I no more do what the rest of these fools do!!! JESUS brought me out of that, because I asked him, and I cried out to him!! JESUS answered my prayers!, after I let all the negative stuff go first! I had to; we have to; because GOD is HOLY, GOD is PURE, GOD is so GOOD that can't no type of sin enter into his presence!! Thats why the devil and trillions and billions of his angels got thrown out of heaven, because GOD is too CLEAN!!! Example: you can take all the bleach in the world and mix it together, and GOD is CLEANER. My point is: if you want to get saved from everything go to JESUS!!! Because the devil and his angels were kicked out of GODS presence to the earth(GOD created good & bad), but satan and his angels totured GODS creation so much, GOD sent his SERVANT/SON JESUS for us to follow, and the devils tricks and schemes would be known to all humans!! The devil said:I will exalt(lift up) my throne above the star's of GOD, I will be like the most High GOD (Isaiah 13:13-15) But JESUS came to show us the devils schemes, that whoever followed JESUS would know, but if not pray for them

    June 2, 2010
    2:47 PM
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    We hope you have a fun and peace filled day. Have a blast tomorrow! Cheers, Mike & Kathy

    January 1, 2009
    6:10 PM
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    November 4, 2008
    4:30 PM
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