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    Spiritual Mood: Desperate
    Status: hare today, goon tomorrow
    Faith: Pagan

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  • My year and two month purgatory in Europe is over.  I'm home again.  And not just in the vicinity of the town I come from, but ... more
  • I had a crazy dream the other night after all this other stuff blew over, when I realized what silliness I've been putting my brain ... more
  • There's a song I like by Rachael Yamagata that describes my recent syndrome perfectly.  It goes,   I used to think that ... more

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    I want to walk down the path in the picture it looks so peaceful. It is as if there is something bright and calm at the end of it. Plus the name's cool too.

    March 27, 2011
    5:41 PM
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    Moved to FL when I was 14 with my parents and brother. Lived there 32 years. HATED it! Killer hot and humid--the real tropics! My dad passed in 2002 and then my brother moved with his family to Maryland for a job. He took the only grandchild, so since it was just my mom and I (she's 86 now), and we both were sick of sweating year round, we decided to follow them up. I LOVE it up here! I love seasons, and mountains, and you can go from towns to farms in seconds. It's really beautiful. Big trees. FL was flat with stumpy trees. And I can be in DC in an hour and a half. Never would have thought of Maryland on my own, but it's great.

    September 29, 2009
    11:24 PM
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    hey new friend... i am going to be all over this site on sunday checking you and all my other new friends out... can't wait to read your journal and find out what you are all about! talk to ya soon! I LOVE this site. I get to really know peoples hearts and spirits. it's so cool! peace out... oh dear Lord... i was typing this and I looked up the page and it said 'you are posting a comment on your own blog'!!! i love cut and paste! long day time to go to bed keep up the good work. YOU R AWESOME! suzan

    September 13, 2009
    2:59 AM
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