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    There is much negative activity in the world that needs our loving attention and dialog. I would suggest we not allow the Group Finding Common Ground Between Muslims & Jews to die. Please join me in exploring avenues of commonality that furthers a peaceful co-existence. Thank you. Ev

    November 29, 2008
    4:15 PM
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    Dear sister, I'm so happy for you that you have found your way to the right path, I wish you all happiness in life and in the hereafter

    April 26, 2008
    5:53 AM
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    Dear sister, You are most welcome to Islam. But first let me declare that you will be needing a lot of clarifications from my side: 1- I was born and raised in a pious and practicing muslim family (in Pakistan). 2- However, my faith is NOT the same as my family practices and the rest of the 99.9% muslims believe. 3- I now side VERY STRONGLY and ALL OUT for "God Alone". Which translates down to "Quran Alone". With regards to Islam. Allow me to first explain: 1- Islam and Muslim are NOT Nouns. 2- Islam means "Submission to God Alone". And anyone who submits to God Alone is a muslim. ------------- So you may ALREADY be a submitter. It does NOT need a religious decree or license or certification from a religious authority. The certification comes straight from God Alone and right to the submitting servant to him alone. There are NO magical words that will entitle you make a muslim. Those who believe in Allah and believe that THERE is NO POWER in the universe that can stand between him and them, and submit to his command, ARE the muslims. The foremost example is of Ibrahim (Abraham in English). Should you require any further help in the matter, you may contact me through my email; Peace and God Bless -------

    April 25, 2008
    6:13 PM
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