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    salaselsie...May the Lord bless you. May the Lord keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you. May the Lord be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you

    January 31, 2009
    12:46 PM
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    Hi, I am very interested in finding out more about you, I can see by the other comments made that you believe in interfaith mixing. I am a catholic girl who for 3 years went out with a muslim guy, we broke up because of various differences but I dont want to give up on it yet.. I am very interested if you were born muslim or you converted? I am interested in learning about Islam too.. This could really help me out to se your points of view as I am in a bit of confused state and crisis... God Bless

    October 7, 2008
    5:18 AM
    Delete Comment >Hello Dear I have the feeling that this piece of mail will reach you in a perfect state of mind and in a better healthy condition. While searching through the, I came accross your contact address and decided to contact you. I believe and also have the feeling that in todays world, neither race, nationality nor religion will any longer posse a barrier to male/female relationship Although, we do not know each other well but I will really like to have you as a friend or any thing you would want . I am a single lady of 23years old, . I hope to hear from you soon, then I will send you my photo also tell you more about me, i look forward to receiving some information concerning you, your family, country and even your personal life experiences. This will give us the opportunity of knowing each other better and be able to understand ourselves more. May God bless you as I wait to hear from you soon through this email;( >Thanks.Yours Love. Tessy

    August 30, 2008
    8:13 AM
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