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    Monday, July 27, 2009, 11:20 PM [General]

    I am a returning member and very happy to be back. Belief net helped me spiritually when I was deployed to Iraq in 2006. The daily prayers/inspirations were very uplifting and truly what I needed everyday when I checked my email. My faith is still as strong and I'm grateful to finally be at this place in my life where my faith guides me. Allah has been good to me and I'm grateful forHis presence in my life. I would like to meet many Muslim women online to share stories and gain knowledge. I have been a Muslim my entire life but was not practicing for a few yrs. One day I woke up and all I could think of was my relationship with Allah, and my faith/knowledge werenot where it should've been for someone who grew up as a Muslim. I started slowly by praying again, attending Ju'muah and  then attempted Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, my life changed in its entirety and I have been a better woman since 2006. I was tested numerous of times but as the Quran says "Allah is with those who patiently persevere." (Al Baqarah 153,155). My husband and I recently moved to Georgiaand haven't really made Muslim friends. I've attended the masjid but due to me being new I think we just haven't warmed up to yet or opened up enough to make friends. The masjid I left in North Carloina was fabulous for that and we were all one big family. I really miss those friendships. Well,  thanks for reading a small portion of my life! Inshallah I will meet Muslim women that will eventually be very good friends of mine.


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