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    May The Light Source Be With You

    Saturday, March 3, 2012, 8:48 AM [General]

    What if you were to uncover a magical power that could allow you to create the life you dream of? This was a force so powerful and expansive that its full potential was beyond the scope of human comprehension. Then you discovered that it constantly surrounded you, even though it could not be seen and you could harness it, tap into it and use it to create your own destiny?

    The self-help genre is booming. This tells me one important fact: many people are discontented with their lives and are searching for the secrets of having the perfect relationship, health, or even financial status. I have tried them all—affirmations, visualization, you name it. Via my journey through self-help, I came up with one conclusion: guidebooks for happiness are merely implementations of a dominant universal power, only ways to execute a supreme force.

    The transformational dynamism I am speaking of is Source Energy. It is from where we all came, where we are now, and where we will someday return. It is all encompassing and knows no boundaries of time and space. Once I discovered this, I finally understood; Source Energy is my Source; therefore, as an extension of it, I also should have no fears or limitations. I realized that the only fears or limitations in my life were those that I had placed myself. Then came the ultimate question, since Source Energy is all there is, in what form it did I want to incorporate Source Energy into my life?


    The most magnificent aspect of Source Energy is that you have the power to harness it and use it at will. However, since Source Energy is all encompassing, it can be a double-edged sword which contains all the beauty and unconditional love of the universe (Light energy), all the sadness and despair (Dark energy), and, of course, every expression of existence in between the two extremes. This energy creates the human experience and our inherent free will gives us the ability to choose the shade with which we color our life!


    So how do we invoke this magical light force into our lives? We can start by understanding that our world is more energetic than most of us realize and just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it is not so. (Case in point) You can’t see gravity either; you can only see its effect.) You can boil it all down into the wise old adage: we reap what we sow. In this manner we are constantly directing Source Energy (be it Light or Dark) into tangible form through our thoughts, emotions, and, most of all, intentions. We can manifest the life we desire consciously or unconsciously, because our thoughts always transform our energy whether we realize it or not. If we are aware of how this works, then we can begin to purposely change our thought and emotional patterns. Just as positive thoughts (drawing in Light energy) create positive outcomes, negative thoughts and emotions (drawing in Dark energy) manifest negative outcomes— all occurring within the natural course of the energetic current.


    Your emotional and intentional state of being aligns with certain types of source energies. For example, Light emotions include love, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, generosity, tolerance, and understanding. The converse emotions include hatred, fear, intolerance, greed, apathy, lust, and envy. Free will allows us the choice of where to align ourselves. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. However, before we can benefit from the law of attraction, we must first work with its core, which is the energy from which we construct the foundation of our existence upon. Harnessing this power is not about semantics, our wording, or affirmations; it is about making continuous conscious choices to align with the lightest polarity of Source Energy possible, a practice which will surely demonstrate that nothing short of miracles will occur!

    Sahvanna Arienta is a psychic medium and author or the book Lightworker, Understand Your Sacred Role As Healer, Guide and Being of Light. In addition to her private consultations, she is also creator and CEO of Soul's Journey Media, a new thought company that brings messages of spiritual enlightenment to an audience in over eighty countries worldwide.

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    Feeling the effects of the Universal Energy Part 2 Shielding

    Sunday, July 31, 2011, 7:04 PM [General]

    Learning how to shield yourself

    Shielding is a vital technique you should practice daily—not only when you sense you need it. (Think of it as an important prevention tool, like taking vitamins or brushing your teeth.) Shielding not only keeps you grounded but also prevents your energy field from absorbing the negative energies around you.

    You can use a variety of techniques to shield yourself, but start with this relatively simple exercise. Later, you can change or adapt it, if you’d like.


    • Picture yourself inside a bubble with a white light from your Higher Power above your head.
    • Envision this white light encircling your entire body, including the bottom of your feet.
    • Tell yourself that this bubble of light shields you from all of life’s anxieties, as well as troubles and dangers.
    • Allow yourself to feel the strength of this protective white light, which is so strong that nothing can penetrate it—so nothing negative can touch you.


    When you then encounter troubles as you go about your day, simply remember your protective bubble and the light-inducing emotions it engenders. This works well when you’re in a crowd of people and feel surrounded by negative energy, as well as if you’re in a conflict at home or work. Anytime you go to a party or other large gathering with lots of people and lots of stimulation, remember to shield yourself first. Shielding yourself before you get into a car (whether you’re driving or just a passenger) is also a good practice.


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    Our Divine Mission

    Sunday, July 31, 2011, 6:57 PM [General]

    Conscious thought of the day:  I am free to complete my divine mission.

    We all have one. Many people have a fire in their soul that tells them they must accomplish something and that they are here for a reason. The most difficult thing to understand it that our divine mission was planned before we were even born and there is no need for discovery.  We do have a soul’s plan, one that interacts and intertwines with the plans of others. There is no need to search for our mission; we must simply be to complete it. As we travel along our path, we shift our destiny and ever so slightly (or not so slightly) shift the destiny of those we encounter along the way. There is no need to search for our purpose, we live it each day and we are always free to complete our divine mission.

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    Feeling Lost

    Thursday, July 28, 2011, 8:19 AM [General]

    Many of us feel empty, misplaced or adrift when we live day to day wondering why things happen as they do what the meaning of it all is. We search for our life purpose and constantly ask the universe, why am I here, what am I supposed to be doing. Is the purpose predestined or already planned out by God? Do we pick our own purpose? Are the events of your life all random and by chance? My answer is a little of all these. Life is a combination of plan, chance and destiny all rolled into one. One of my favorite sayings is “God creates the map and I choose the road.” In other words our Source creator sets us on a certain course with many situations that we can choose from.  Different paths on the map will take us to different destinations and interactions with many diverse people. As we move along our course, we alter our own lives and the lives of those we intermingle with, always shifting our journey as we go along and the journey of others at the same time. It’s kind of mind boggling to think of the trillions of scenarios plotted out within the landscape of your life. But this is the adventure that is free will, never really knowing the destination or the outcome at the end of each road we take. It's  all part of the fluidity of life and the sooner we learn to flow with it the better off we are. Searching for your life purpose can feel like setting out on a road trip with no destination. Aimlessly driving and coming to dead ends, detours and pot holes. Life is never one smooth course and the irony is that these dead ends, detours and pot holes enrich our lives and accelerate our spiritual growth. If we learn our lessons well, they will give us a sturdier constitution and impart us many valuable lessons that will allow us (when divine timing intervenes) to finally understand that we truly do live a meaningful existence, by just being our authentic selves. Living your life purpose is living your life with high intentions and from a place of gratitude for all the bumps in the road.  Being ever mindful that all is exactly as it should be and trusting that we all have a divine internal compass to help us on the roads we choose, so we can never truly be lost.

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    Energetic Harvesting

    Friday, July 8, 2011, 9:46 AM [General]

    Right now there is a certain situation all over the news that is sparking outrage within many people. This anger is a natural reaction and to be expected, but let's look at what has happened from an energetic standpoint, something other than the human perspective. Within God's unconditional love, there is no injustice. There is no right or wrong. Above all things the energy that fuels the universe is in perfect balance at all times. Understanding what that means helps us look at a bigger picture. When we see a wrong we feel responsible to make it right, or take action, when the real truth is, action has already been taken and it is not our responsiblity. Our Source creator does not seek out retribution or punishment, we have free will to do as we wish, but we will reap the energetic consequences through cause and effect.  Since what we put out into the universe through our thoughts, actions and most of all intentions will eventually find it's way back to us all within the natural flow of universal energy, justice will always be done. The old adage we reap what we sow in a universal truth and when it comes time to harvest, we experience the affects.  By yelling and ranting that an outcome is not the one we desire, we only put out more negativity and in turn drawing this type of energy into our own lives. We need to look at the bigger picture and see that balance is always present within the energetic flow of the universe. And although an outcome is not what we desire, and on the surface it appears justice has not been served, be certain the scales of the universe will always be in balance and the law of attraction will prevail. So instead of being angry or outraged, send thoughts of love and forgiveness to someone you feel has erred and know that you too will reap as you sow and in some way that love and forgiveness will come back to you.

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