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    Spiritual Mood: loved
    Status: Heterosexual, in a committed relation for 17 years with TODD
    Faith: Catholic

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  • OLA MI AMIGO'S Y AMIGA'S = Hello, my friends, o=males, a= females???? A little Spanish in the night, tee hee. This is Sat. 4/25/09. ... more
  • WOW, I know spring comes early in my part of the planet, at least in North America, having been coming on since Feb.,09, but in the last ... more
  •   Here's my first published poem, hope you like it!                                        DANCING EYES Dancing eyes,moving ... more

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    Hello Rubypoet. I thank you for the warm welcome to the gardening group. I think I live in zone 6. I am in New Jersey. You are very fortunate being in a warm climate where you can grow just about anything you want to. Wish it were me. Thank you again for the welcome. I don't get online as much as I like but I'll definitely keep my eye out for your posts. I love what you have to say. Blessings. A

    March 28, 2009
    1:49 PM
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    I just wanted to check in and say Hello to you. I will never forget you. Wendy

    December 9, 2008
    2:18 PM
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    His music takes me back to the Southwest :) I am in the Northwest now....

    November 23, 2008
    7:45 PM
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