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    Sunday, March 15, 2009, 6:52 PM [General]

    When I joined Beliefnet I had trouble meditating, after several months working with it I finally was able to do it with no problems. I tried very hard to connect with my Angels (maybe to hard). Then finally it started to happen. I had asked for signs from my guardian angels and I received them. I was awaken with whisperings in my ear that there would be peace on this earth. I pray all the time for this. And was also awaken by someone who said are you alright, when I opened my eyes I saw a manifestation of someone or something with a veil around their head which reminded me of Mary. I have the end stages of COPD and I thought maybe this was a sign that maybe I was having trouble breathing and was awaken. The manifestation disappeared moments after I opened my eyes, but returned again moments later. I feel Blessed that I was able hear and see this.

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