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    Hi, I too live for my other children his 3 younger brothers. They are the reason im here. I love them more than myself. I wrote that right after he died. its been almost 3 years now. I know he is with God, and I live everyday to see him again. I wish I would at least dream of him though. I only had 2 right after, and i woke up sad, but somehow I also felt better that day. I wish I could go to a real median, I went to one before and she took 300 of my money and didn't say anything except, I had a bad ora around me and he got stuck in the middle of it, and if I didn't want one of my other children to die also, I have to give her 3 thousand to build a little box and destroy my bad ora.. And i'm not made of money, so I couldn't. I was pregnant when my son died, and when I walked in to her house she told me I was having a boy, which I already knew I was, so I had some belief in her. If there was a real one that could make me feel better I would love that more than anything.

    March 9, 2009
    1:52 AM
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