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  • And Joe said to Buddy.....what happened then? Well Joe, they just stopped. All of them, all your thoughts stopped? Right ... more
  • as it is. Each word is was...compassion. Each feeling it was...compassion. Each pleasure it was...compassion. Each pain it ... more
  • their thoughts did betray them What could be found above, below, aside, astride, before and beyond, was not to be found. What could be ... more

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    I lived in New Mexico for 19 years. 4 in Santa Fe and 15 in Albuquerque. In Albuquerque in studied with the New Kadampa temple and learned everything I could about Buddhism. I enjoyed the Sangha for 5 years.

    March 25, 2008
    3:42 PM
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    I wish I could subvert this person to believe in what I believe in! Has he taken the new train line from Shanghai to Lhasa???

    December 25, 2007
    7:19 PM
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