You Were Warned_About Obama

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 3:50 AM [General]

    Updated Oct.16th 2013

    I asked you people months ago this question.Is Obama A Liar?

    You didn't respond.Most of you thouht Obam Is the Best,thing ,that ever happened to America.


    He  put many working people out of work.Put more families out of thier homes.Caused more people to ,go on to foodstamps and welfare.Raised taxes,through the roof .Gave himself and congress ,more tax breaks.

    Altered the law to cover his on butt.Trying ,to force everone ,on to his health care plan.Took away the American peoples "Freedom Of Choice"Spent ,wasted tax dollars,policeing ,the world.

    Telling goverment offical in other countries,how thy had to manage thier own country.Traveling every weres on ,tax dollars.Money ,that the American people paid ,in taxes.All the while telling a tall tale ,lieing about how ,he was going to better this country.. The trueth will set you free.But,first you and others ,has to take off the blinders,get your ear plugs out of your ears.History,shows,he is no good,and has done more harm than ,good for this country.That is a fact.Like it or not.You can not change yesterday.

    Now after 2 weeks of overment Shut Down..."Now what do you people think?"I am I the fool or YOu All?I warned you...

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    Privacy Issues

    Monday, August 19, 2013, 12:57 AM [General]

    Updated_Oct.16th 2013

    Hello Everyone,

    If anyone wants privacy,than stay off the internet and a way from computers.

    There are quite a few people,who have posted photos & pictures on this website.

    Some people have,thanked me,for all of my postings

    .Not like some,whom ,go around claiming..xxxxxxx

    Some people think,that because,they got a photo ,from online,that they now own it.Therefor giving,them the right of ownership .

    When in fact ,is was not thiers to begin ,with.

    For all the folks,who like my photos and postings

    Thank You.I do hope you enjoy them.

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    Ownership & Stealing

    Monday, August 19, 2013, 12:42 AM [General]

    Hello Everyone

    Has anyone noticed;

    That there are people ,here on this site,that  repost others photo's & picture.

    Than claim ,that someone elde "Stole" thier photo's & pictures.

    When in fact ,the one ,saying/claiming thier photo's & pictures were stolen,

    ,"Did In Fact Get Them From Someone ELse"

    Rules apply to some people,but not everyone.

    Surely,others here on this site,have  the same views,as I .

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    The Golden Rule

    Friday, August 9, 2013, 7:01 PM [General]

    Hello Everyone

    Someone on this site(menber) had sent me a message.It reads as follows:

    " that nonsense ____ about the Oklahoma bombing."

    This person,(and others) do not believe,it happen.

    Nor doesthis  person,believe,that the Twin Towers,blew up.

    No wonder ,the chilern's thinking is screwwed up.Teaching,'"Starts

    In The Home"If this person,& others ,are not teaching the childern right from wrong.

    This is a problem.

    If this person,is hiding,keeping ,the trueth ,from the childern,that is a problem.

    This person,bicthes,complains about,how the goverment does things.

    All the while is no better than themself.

    I was at,the Federal Murry Building,when it was bombed,& blew up.

    Many people died ,and many were childern.

    The Twin Towers ,blew up.

    I wonder ,what the people ,in Oklahoma & New York ,would say,:  to what this person said about it?

    How about,"what does the people ,around ,this world say & think,about this ,person?

    Members & users ,"Beware of those  ,whom use this site, use other sites,and do online posting.

    What happen, to :What God taught?

    "The trueth will set me free."?
    Be respectfull of others & to ALL People?


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    Fact Or Fiction

    Friday, August 9, 2013, 2:49 AM [General]

    Oct.17th 2013

    Hello Everyone

    Fact Or Fiction?

    Is Seince Wrong?

    Is Math Wrong?

    Is the  24 hours in a day?

    Is there a Sun,that  gives us light ,for the day?

    Is there a Moon?

    These are simple questions.

    Than if there is no God,No Creator,than please do exsplain:__

    How did something come  ,(out of) from nothing???

    Man ,can "NOT" make anything,out of nothing.

    And that is a "FACT"Like it or not.

    This is the ,"Simple Trueth".

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    Enemy Of The State_Obama

    Monday, August 5, 2013, 1:11 AM [General]

    Updated Oct 16th 2013

    I warned you ,people ,

    "What would happen,"If Obama ,got in office.

    Many of you laughed .]

    Hello Everyone

    Does anyone feel,like they are a prisnor in this country?Privacy,is a thing ,of the past.Evrywere,you go,every corner ,you turn is a camra.Big bother is watching you.People are concerned,about losing,thier privacy.Losing thier freedom.

    God watches,everything.God hears everything.God knows everything.Maybe,if people would STOP,complain,about this country,and ask  Gods help,things will change.But noooo.People, use computer,and post photos,and information,on this webste.Knowing ,other people ,can see it.Hmm.Than the person,whom did ,the posting(the firstime) bitches,and complains,when others see it.Isn't time,to stop,your complaining.What happen,to getting down on your knees.SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD....."Gov,took prey out of schools.People reg,to vote,than don't vote.Emey of State?Maybe,if ,people spent more time,with GOd,their lifes ,would be better.This country would be better....

    Hey God,

    Even Jesus Prayed.Why ,haven't you?????

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    Online Issues _And Obama

    Saturday, July 27, 2013, 11:53 PM [General]

    ( Reposted _Oct.16th 2013)

    After "overment Shut Down."

    If anyone one ,of you want 100 percent privacy:Don't do any of the follow_1 Don't post photots,on this stie,or to any website. 2_Don't use the internet,Ever.

    3_Don't use the phone,landline,or cellphones.4_Don't do any banking.Do  not have any bank accounts.No savings accounts,no checking account5.Do not go to any stores.Not even to buy food,or gas.6_Do not use any electric,from a comapny, no water,no gas,no phones.7_ do not rent a plae.8 _ Do not own a home.Tax records ,are Public Record.8_ Do not drive,do not have any ID's.9_ Do not have any credit cards.10_ Do not have any childern( Gov Can  Track Your Childern)11_The List Goes On.

    Fact_ If you people ,do not want ,your photos shared,than "DO NOT POST THEM ONLINE!!!!!"DO NOT POST THEM,on this site or any other website.Stop your complaining, and bitching.Grow Up.Open Your Eyes.Or Stop,Posting __On websites and Online.   Cool

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    Online-Copy Rights

    Sunday, March 17, 2013, 3:29 PM [General]

    Hello Everyone

    Has anyone noticed:that  there are many photos posted online-on the internet?

    That are available,for everyone.If you do NOT want,your photos ,shared by anyone,_Than Stop Putting Them Out On The Internet.It IS Your Own Fault,If Someone gets a hold of your photos.

    STop Putting Your Photos on The Internt!!!.Your Photos Are Free To Everyone ,Once You Post them .put the on the internet.Stop Using_Google,Yahoo,Orkut,,Picasa,Flikr.To name a free places_websites.

    STOP Blaming,The people who share your photos.

    It is the fault ,of the one person ,who posted their photos ,on the internet,to begin with.Not the fault ,of the others ,who shared (Your Photos).

    Life is far too short,for the rest of us,to  deal with your childeish behavior,and bull shit.

    Save your photos,in your head,your memory,wheres no one ,others can not get to them.You don't want others ,to see your photos,share them ,than STOP Putting them out on the internet!!!!!

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    How Old Are You?

    Thursday, December 6, 2012, 11:20 PM [General]

    Does anyone ,feel old this time of year?Stress is the number one killer.

    When ,you get stresses out,worn down,and just feel old,& tired,;Just rember one simple fact.The Creator Is far older,than you are.How many childern does he have?How much stress,did he indure ,when he was upon this earth?

    Smile.Fore no one will be older than ,the creator.That is a fact.


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    History In the Making

    Saturday, November 24, 2012, 12:48 AM [General]

    Yesterday,Today,And Tomorrow.

    What do these 3 days have in comman?

    They each, are  tomorow,witch becomes today,

    Than becomes yesterday witch is HISTORY.

    History simply means ,what has /is past.

    Time keeps  On Slipping In To The Futhure.

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