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    Spirits among us?

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 2:54 PM [General]

    In light (no pun intended) Of the new pics I captured (and posted on my home page) I am now focusing intently inward.....

    Oddly enough, my oldest son, Jake (16) asked me a question yesterday. "how do you know God really exists if you cant see him?" To that, I gave him my stock answer. "Well Jake, you cant see ultrviolet light either but that doesnt mean it isnt there, right?" I went on to explain that spirituallity is something that dwells within us and more important than any car, jewlery,house that money can buy. I reminded him that none of that stuff can be taken with us when we die. 


    It was a good talk.


    I love having these talks with my kids! It is so humbling to know that God saw fit for me.....little 'ol be their first and primary teacher! Wow! What an honor this is!!

    My daughter name is sara. She is 14. When she was about 3 yrs old I intended on discussing with her the different colors of people and how God loves us all and as an opener, I asked her in terms that her 3 yr old mind would understand..."Sara, How are people and flowers alike?" She thought hard for a second. I expected her to say the obvious....that we are all different colors but instead she both surprised and delighted me with her unequivical child-like brilliance that only they can posess and said, "We all grow, Mommy!"

    Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes!!

    Memeories like these make me love being a mom all over again! 

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    Just thinking....

    Friday, February 15, 2008, 2:47 PM [General]

    Today I start my journal and wonder where should I begin? What new and exciting "thing" do I have to give the universe today? hmmm.... so very much abounds my heart with joy, love and compassion. The news is full of "who-done-it's" and not exactly painted in the most flattering of lights. But mostly it is page after page of stuff that makes no real DIFFERENCE in the world. Sad. The "cash register talk" of the world disheartens me. (I call it that because this is the conversing between individuals that really says nothing at all) It saddens me that so much can be said with so little true meaning meant behind the words. Why do people ask, "How are you today?" Most dont really care, anyway. Once I remember being asked that during a particularly bad time in my life and I thought the woman asking was going to spotaneously combust. (at least I thought I could see smoke coming out of her ears, anyway) I love going against the grain...the response are much more interesting!

              I have come to an age where I can see the beautys of the world more clearly. Is it because I now have the wisdom that only time can give? Or is it because I am just paying attention when I didnt use too? What ever it is, Age will never harden my heart (no offense Pat know I will always love you!) I Have seen that all around me in my life. The generation before me was taught that feelings were a bad thing and the one who shows them is a fool. And with that, comes the hardened heart.  My generation rebelled that notion much to there chagrin and I think we are in a time where that is for the best. How better can the soul grow?........ 

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