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    Zen for Today

    Friday, August 21, 2009, 8:42 AM [General]

    Blessings, Friends.  I have some Zen for today. 

    "Mind and Matter"

    Resistance does not mean walls and fences, nonresistance does not mean open space.  If you can understand in this way, mind and matter are fundamentally the same."        Tsu-hsin

    Much food for thought, a paradox to ponder.  Many blessings and peace to all, Rickie Lee

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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 8:21 PM [General]

    Blessings Friends.  Today was like most days, a good day.  Since my son is where the Universe has wanted him to be, things are falling together for me as well.  We had to suffer through a journey through a blue hell, and I was uncertain as to where and even if we would emerge.  When I thought the going was tough, things deteriorated even worse.  I felt like I was doing everything I was supposed to do, and things just went south faster and faster....then, suddenly, I received a phone call from a very happy man, with a meeting date to keep.  I got to meet my advocate, a very nice young man, and some intuitive and creative thinking took place, and we ended up with an ideal placement, a multitude of blessings and an umbrella of grace and tons of good will.....and it still continues.   I have some new ideas about how to advocate, but I plan to take it the slow and easy way....ruffle no feathers for now, let's pay attention to the approach.  All this is to say, when you are at what you consider your wit's end, the end of your rope, all hope is gone, no more faith, God has deserted you, just hold on one more day.  Just one more hour....just one moment at a time.  That prayer about that hardship is the pathway to Peace really is answered, if you say it over and over, in desperation over your crying son...who cannot tell you what is wrong...then, the Sun rises on a new Day, and that downward spiral moves up...up...up...and just keeps going.  Just hold on, Pray, have faith, and chose Love.  It never fails.  Blessings and Peace, Rickie Lee

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    Zen for Today

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 8:24 AM [General]

    Blessings, Friends.  Today I have some Zen quotes from the old masters.  Zen is amazingly simple yet suprisingly difficult.

    "Studying Zen"

    Do you want to study Zen?  You must let go.  Let go of what?  Let go of the four elements and five clusters.  Let go of consciousness conditioned over incalculable time.

    Focus on right where you stand and try to figure out what the reason is.

    Keep on pondering, and suddenly the flower of the mind will bloom with enlightenment, illuminating the whole universe.

    This can be called getting it in the mind, responding to it in action.  Thereupon you can turn the earth into gold and churn the rivers into cream.  Wouldn't that make life exhilerating?

    Do not just memorize sayings, recite words, and discuss Zen and the Way, based on books.  The Zen way is not in books.

    Even if you can recite the teachings of the whole canon and all the masters and philosophers, they are just useless words of no avail when you are facing death.

    The ancients sought illumined guides only after they themselves had awakened and understood, in order to pick out the rubble and completely purify their realization of truth. 

    When they could measure pounds and ounces accurately, they were like people opening variety stores carrying all sorts of goods.        Chien-ju

    (From Shambhala Pocket Classics, The Pocket Zen Reader, edited by Thomas Cleary,  Shambhala, Boston and London, 2008)

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    Star in my head shines with a blue silver sparkle

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 8:44 PM [General]

    Blessings, friends, I find after reading a insightful and meaningful forum on a site, this post told us we had a star in our head.  As soon as I read the words, I could sense this star.  I went to tell my sister, and said, I have a star in my head, what about you?  She stood silent for a moment, then said yes.  Her star is White Light.  I tried to reach it, but she said a protective halo popped up.  No problem.  We wondered why, and we decided perhaps it is not for her to reach out or be reached at this time.  From now on, I look for stars, not in your eyes, but the one in your head.  Blessings and peace to you, Rickie Lee

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    A new beginning

    Monday, August 10, 2009, 7:18 AM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  Today I register my son for this school year.  He will be attending a special school for those with developmental needs.  I have toured the building, and I will meet the staff today.  With his previous placement, I had accepted it and had peace.  I have seen this location, but I have a nag of doubt that won't go.  Using all the positive means I have to focus on positive expectations, I cannot get rid of the prick of doubt....a message to me, no doubt.  I do ask for all who will to pray for me and my son.  Rickie

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    Cross roads seem to come and go...

    Friday, August 7, 2009, 8:53 AM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  The old myths tell us that the Titan Goddess Hecate is the guardian of crossroads.  She is the Goddess of Magick, and bestows these powers to whom she choses.

    I cannot say a decision at a crossroad would require a magickal act to determine the correct path. At a juncture, faced with a decision, usually there is a stop sign there.  That is for more than road safety.  This pause is necessary, for much thought is required to determine which road to take.  At my crossroad, there is no forward direction.....either take a right or a left.  Going straight would be an easy decision.  However, this requires much consideration. 

    In the trilogy Lord of the Rings, while in the mines of Moria, Gandalf found himself at a point where he had to decide between three roads.  After pondering for a day and a night, he finally received his inspiration.  One road, he said, leaded down, and the air was foul.  The middle way was straight, but too narrow.  The other road led upward.  that was the road he chose to take.

    So, it would seem the correct decision to always take the road that leads upward.  In our particular landscape this might present an issue, but if you pause long enough to consider, and wave the traffic behind you on,  eventually you will receive the inspiration and know which is the proper path for you.  Take the way going up. 

    Blessings and peace to all, Rickie

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    Saturday, August 1, 2009, 8:24 AM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  I think about how the Universe and the Divine communicates with us.  sometimes a sign is literally a "sign."  There were times in my life I felt isolated from the Divine source, but I know now it was my unwillingness to put my priorities in order and make good choices.  The Divine was there.  My head was in the sand.  I know now, having made positive changes, that no matter what your circumstances may be, life is always an adventure.  I have found by harnessing the Law of Attraction, and being mindful and positive, and also turning to the Masters and my Higher Power, I can begin to comprehend that statement, be content in whatever state you find yourself in.  There is a way to have joy, despite crushing pain and adversity.  I remember the Serenity Prayer tells us that we must accept hardship as the pathway to peace.  Once I recite those words, I can regain my peace.  Sometimes to achieve victory, you just have to show up and stand.  I have had this experience become more and more common.  The statement is true, miracles are an expected event. 

    I have not always been a positive thinker.  I was once more of a pessimist, and a scoffer.  Never happy with anything.  Now, I have learned a little about accepting life on life's terms.  I would say now I am more of a realist.  I can accept life's circumstances, but I know some golden keys, the Keys of the Kingdom, given to us that we can change things for the better....i have found that in a constant struggle, something is not right.  There are always solutions, although those solutions may not be what we or the other parties involved would like to hear or carry out.  So I received the message to visualize my desires, to request them, then get out of the way of the Divine, so that power can work and change circumstances, and even the hearts and minds of others.  Amazing.  I have learned the secret behind the statement, go with the flow.  Imagine the flow as the great river of life.  You may not like your circumstances as they are, but if you can visualize that great flow of power, and rather than fearing it, learn it, feel it, begin to move with it and navigate your "craft" let that great power take you to the place where you desire to be.  I believe the Divine wants the best conditions and happiness for us that perhaps I am becoming an optimist.  Those who struggle against that flow might be found washed up on the shore, or those who try to hold on to you tightly might be suprised when the river takes you down a different branch of the stream, out of their grasp.  Just remember the words, with God, nothing is impossible.  That is a simple statement, but it has taken me years of struggle and change to come to finally understand just a hint of that concept. 

    In closing, always have faith, no matter what.  Don't give up hope.  Believe that love conquers all, and that love never fails.  Chose love, be kind, and put yourself in the shoes of others.  Have compassion.  Chose your words carefully.  Do not be wise in your own opinion.  Associate with the humble.  You are just one of many points of light placed here on Gaia.  and in all things give thanks.  Blessings and peace to all, Rickie Lee

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    someone reaching back to me

    Monday, July 27, 2009, 9:28 PM [General]

    Blessings, Friends.  I have a strange feeling, a presence reaching out to me and communicating with me....not so much a spirit guide, but my actual twin flame.  I did not realize how cold I had become, that this part of myself has to convince me to let him into my life...this is a new lesson for me to learn.  Rickie

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    Some men, you just can't reach

    Monday, July 27, 2009, 9:30 AM [General]

    blessings,friends.  I recently found closure from a blow that had troubled me for years.  I thought that all was well, and things had changed, not only for me, but for the doc as well.  things have changed...he has locked himself inside his sacred walls....everybody loves him now, except me, that is...and probably, I am the one responsible for his retreat into the mountains, and the protection and the deification that has occurred in his life....i received a special dispensation by receiving a call from him...the staff could not figure out why I was satisfied and sufficiently blessed and awed by that one encounter....why did i want MORE?  why did my son look and smell like a beggar when brought to us for discharge?  even on medications affecting his b/p, none was taken and the doctor did not offer us the dispensation of prescriptions, even though it was time to take the meds.  I didnt have them.had to scramble to get them....upon reflection, i believe I created this....this comes around full circle...a cycle completed, closure received, and obvious news that he is worse than ever, I wash my hands like Pilate.  citizens, he is yours to do with as you will....

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    Update on my son

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 10:50 PM [General]

    We went to visit my son tonight, and I will say that the doc so far has turned him into a lover rather than a fighter.  I got lots of love from my little Pride and Joy.  There are still milestones that need to be met, but in a very short time he has come a long way.  This I first and foremost give praise to God and the Angels.  I send out to this community my many thanks for all of the wonderful prayers.  I don't think I have ever had so many wonderful individuals that care so much and are praying for us.  Just a short while ago we were both so alone in this world.  When I made my decision to get my priorities in order, and to pursue a life of recovery, at first, I had some really hard times.  However, all the good intentions, positive thoughts, affirmations and prayers have begun to manifest so many blessings in our lives.  This wonderful community has given me so much support.  There are people here whom I love more than my own family.  I give all of you my thanks and send blessings to you.  There is a song that says, Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on....for, it might not be long, till I'm gonna need somebody to lean true, friends.  We should always choose love, be mindful, kind, and above all pray and never give up.  I send the Peace of the Lord to you all, Rickie Lee

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