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    I just have to tell my friend Starry....

    Monday, August 31, 2009, 3:30 PM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  I just have to tell my friend Starry, who loves snakes, that I met a real rattler today.  Since I also have snake medicine, it really was fun, all of us shaking our rattles together at one time.  What is really funny is, since I am basically snake myself, it doesn't matter if you bite me, cause I am full of venom myself.  Generally, though, like a good snake, I just keep to myself and eat small vermin at night, and dont bother anyone else.  However, once in a while, you do run into some Copperhead who thinks they can just bite everyone, and we all run off to save ourselves, dont mess with that copperhead.  Since I am full of venom myself, as I said, your poison really doesn't do anything to me....except make me curious as to what caliber of snake you really for Starry, she is all into the Cobra thing, and I simply stay away from that, she can carry that basket.

    I remember those words spoken by the Wizard Gandalf the White...."See, Theoden, here is a cannot leave it behind, and you cannot take it with you.....once it served you well, in its own way.."  Theoden decided to send the snake away,  which had in the long run consequences as do all decision. 

    Later on snakes and their medicine.   Rickie Lee

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    Positive thoughts for today

    Monday, August 31, 2009, 11:04 AM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  Here are some positive thoughts for today....

    Notice your attachment to food, clothes, and shelter.  Can you be satisfied with less?

    Practice virtue through mindful attention and nonattachment.

    The art of mindful living requires keen interest and a lifetime of gentle and determinded effort, remembering to wake up over and over again.

    Think generous thoughts.

    Offer help.

    Is the situation dark or are you obscuring the light with your own ego?  If you cease to worry about your own self interest in a situation, you can simply let life unfold as it will.

    Love the people in your life.  Act with integrity, bringing harmony to all.

    When you are in the middle of chaos, be aware that it will pass--so relax, breathe, and just accept it.

    Look.  Stand still and really see.

    do one thing at a time.

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    Happy Birthday, MJ

    Monday, August 31, 2009, 8:41 AM [General]

    Blessings friends.  Our departed friend Michael Jackson would have been 51.  He has died young, our friend Neil Young said it best, he saw the needle take another man.  This is truly the Needle and the Damage Done.  It was in Michael's best interest to get help really fast, and to begin the long process of detox, but in the world of entertainment, the selling of the bodies and souls of women and men and children, it was in that Machine's interest to do what they had to do to keep him going...due to the contract, pending concert dates, it was in the Machine's best interest to keep Michael out of rehab.  If you believe what you hear, it would have taken a long time to detox him.  Maybe that's why he could not sleep or rest....maybe he had regrets about what he had committed to.  I don't know for a fact.  I am not privy to that information.  I only surmise, given the fact that even loaded up with benzodiapines, he still could not sleep or rest.  That is the sign of a worried, dissatisfied mind.

    Once again, I defer to Neil Young.  Every Junkie's like a setting sun.  They sing don't let the sun go down on me, but that's just what we did.  We collectively let the sun go down on you Michael.  We just wanted to take a little piece of you for ourselves.  I think its a shame someone could not have said "NO" to him, to that last needle stick.  he was close to crisis, perhaps close to his crash.  What they say in NA is true, you can land in one of three places---institutions, jail, or death.  We never thought we would lose Michael to the needle.  That is the damage that has been done.  Can't undo it, this sun has set.

    If we could do it all over again, what could we do?  Let this death have meaning to us, and fight to save our loved ones and family who are in danger of having their sun set.  Dont' let the needle take another one without putting up a fight.  Life is worth it.  Don't let the sun go down on another one.  That is losing everything.

    Blessings and peace, Rickie Lee

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    It always leaves a mark.....

    Sunday, August 30, 2009, 1:52 PM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  Having decided to back off of the Shamanic path, I am now receiving many messages from the Universe that relate to that path, my time I spent there, my vision quests and the images and beings that I met on  my path.  So I will say that even though I might have made a conscious decision to "back off," I am not finished with that realm, or rather, it is not finished with me.  Such are the ripples of karma, like the stone thrown in still water.  Even the Hebrew scriptures say, you cast your bread upon the water, in six, seven days it will return to you.  I am standing by my statement, life is an adventure.  Might as well enjoy it.  Rickie Lee



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    Considering the Shaman path

    Friday, August 28, 2009, 6:13 AM [General]

    Blessings friends.  I am considering the Shaman path, and it seems to be a noble and powerful path.  I found I could enter those realms, but I am not sure if this is my path.  I have things to do here and in the upper realms.  What it did to me, and this is truly my own personal experience, no one else....I found it shut me off from the communication I had with the Masters and instead I was dealing with the Celtic Deities. I am familiar with them, but they do not send to me the same call.  I found myself to be somewhat selfish and pulled within myself.  I do believe the Shaman has to go within to find him/herself to understand their abilities and power.  Perhaps after that is done, then you can reach out to others.  I just found that I was focusing more on those realms and my own journey, and not thinking about my son as much.  I think that would contradict my message from the Masters about priorities.  So, I have still yet much to consider.  It is good to know about this path, and to know more about my own heritage.  Blessings to all, Rickie

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    First steps on the new path of shamanism

    Monday, August 24, 2009, 9:27 PM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  I have had some amazing meditations and visualizations in the last few days, but I found myself very tired and drained.  I am discovering that this path is a demanding one, and not to be taken lightly at all.  I have not found anyone to mentor me at this time, and I am not familiar with any groups on this site composed of shamanistic individuals.  I know when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  blessings and peace to all, Rickie Lee

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    At the Crossroads, a new path into Shamanism

    Sunday, August 23, 2009, 11:31 PM [General]

    Blessings, Friends.  I just found a book by D.J. Conway called By Oak, Ash, and Thorn, a Modern Celtic Shamanic Journey.  I have been reading it, and it is fascinating.  I did the very first meditation, and it was a life changing experience.  After that, I began reading more about the World Tree, the Upper world, The Middle world, and the Underworld, and the Celtic deities, animal allies, the Fay, and other information.  I have had spontaneous remarkable visions.  I have a Celtic heritage, and I believe this path has always been there for me, I have just reached the crossroads where it has begun.  I find this very affirming, and I look forward to discussions with fellow shamans, and to learn all that I can about this spiritual practice.  Rickie Lee

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    More Zen for your contemplation

    Friday, August 21, 2009, 1:55 PM [General]


    "Complete Potential"

    Complete potential responds universally;  perception is before activation of potential.  Leaving aside perception for the moment, what about the aftermath of response?

    If you do not make your steps broad and pay close attention, you will fall into stagnant water, with no hope of getting out.

    If you can turn around and look at your shadow, this is already being slow about it.

    When I talk like this, does it seem like my tongue is dragging on the ground?  This is why in the Lankavatara-sutra Buddha says that mind is the source and emptiness is the door to the truth.

    All the different speech of the world, mundane and transmundane, is an immense state of liberation.

    Is this not what Buddha said, that only mind is the source?  Where do you still worry you will not penetrate?  What place is not your self?

    If, however, you get the gist immediately in this way, I already know you will have understood it dogmatically.  Let those with the adamantine eye discern!


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    Positive thoughts for today

    Friday, August 21, 2009, 1:43 PM [General]

    Blessings and peace friends.  Here are some positive thoughts for today:

    "Listen to your heart, maintain a sense of humor, and follow the Middle Way."

    "Improve your karma by reframing your response to difficult situations.  See if you had instigated your problems in any way;  bad karma is often the universe's attempt to balance your actions.  Resolve not to make the same mistakes in future, and just allow the situation to pass.  If you fight your karma, you will only create more bad karma.  Patience is meditation."

    "Attachments are inexhaustible;  vow to put an end to them."

    "When the bell rings, listen to the bell."

    KOAN:  What is the first word?

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    A response to my friend about the -O-

    Friday, August 21, 2009, 12:02 PM [General]

    Blessings, friends.  This blog is an attempt for me to understand this very deep and intriguing concept.  These are my thoughts.

    within the -O-, there are limitations, and the Source of Universal energy is infinite, so this would be a confining boundary.

    however, with our sometimes limited understanding, without an attempt to define the Divine, the Source of Universal Power, the Creator,  without a definition of some kind, we cannot express our understanding of what this power means to us, thus making -O- necessary.

    For me, I would place myself in the very center of -O-, being included in that positive affirming definition of Universal Power and Infinite Love, but at the same time know that the boundaries of -O- is a product of our minds to define for ourself and others to be able to describe our own personal understanding of this concept. 

    So, in conclusion, the boundaries of the circle are both necessary, yet not necessary at all, for the Source of All is infinite.  I would think perhaps the lemniscate would be another good symbol to define this Universal Energy.

    Blessings to all, Peace, Rickie Lee

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