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    Hello Group Member, I wanted to send a little letter thanking you for taking the time to join and participate in the Bible Study Online Group. Great News..I found the parallel versions of the bible I promised. We now have a new format to read the bible and compare the translations of the Holy Text. Stop by and see the new format to read the bible. We are using three Versions on one page- God's Word Testament, King James Version, American Standard Version and we will vote on the 4th version to be used. Please share with everyone on the internet the following link to our bible study. We can have visitation online just as well as in person..invite your online friends/family to come and join in at.. Link ... (copy and paste into your emails) Our Group is starting to read the book of Deuteronomy. It is a great book of Moses conclusion of his 40 year journey and the ending of his leadership of the Isrealites. It is the beginning of the Isrealites life in the Promised Land. We have many great subjects coming from the old testaments. We are learning how to apply the lessons learned of people who lived 2000 years ago to our lives today. The Relevance of the Bible in our lives today. Stop by and make a posting in the discussions boards, post a pic of you or your church members in our group photo gallery, invite your friends to the bible study, add a quote or two to our group journal, but the main thing to do this week is come by and lets share prayer request with one another. Love In Christ, karlaj67

    May 25, 2008
    2:27 AM
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    Check the web site for a prescreening in your city.

    Grassroots Films
    March 14, 2008
    7:30 PM
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    Thanks for adding me as your friend :-) Sorry for not replying sooner, I just don't always know what to say. Hope to talk to ya!

    February 11, 2008
    5:51 AM
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