Sunday December 14, 2014

    Saturday, December 13, 2014, 1:58 AM [General]

    All Souls Miami will have a Christmas Service Dec 14.

    If you are in the area you are invited to attend.

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    Not an Ideal World

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 2:12 PM [General]

    Not an Ideal World

    In an ideal world all of our rulers, leaders, and ministers would have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. There would be no need for war. The people would benefit by being able to lead quiet and peaceful lives. They could be honest and caring. They would have the freedom to worship or not in away of their own choosing. They should have the freedom to pursue their dreams.

    Unfortunately ours is not an ideal world. The people have been deceived. The rulers, leaders, and ministers are not motivated by truth and justice. They have no mercy or kindness. They give lip service to the laws of man and God. Love and service are just words without meaning. Men and women are used as pawns in the quest for power.

    The founders of all the world religions are rolling over in their graves. It is time for the people to stand up to the tyrants and those who are destroying humanity and this world. Each man and woman has the right to live a peaceful life. But, Who will stand up and be counted and say enough of this foolishness? We are all members of the same family. Let us live together in peace.

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    Thursday, November 27, 2014, 2:03 AM [General]

     Thanksgiving Prayer:

    Father accept our thanks for all you have done for us.  

    We thank you for all of creation,

     for the beauty of this world, 

    for the wonders of life, 

    and for our Ministry of love.  

    We thank you for the blessings of family and friends, 

    for the loving care which surrounds us on every side.  

    We thank you for setting us tasks that demand our best efforts 

    and for leading us to accomplish many wonderful things.  

    We thank you for those disappointments and failures 

    that lead us to acknowledge our shortcomings.  

    We thank you for each opportunity to learn and grow.

    We ask that you continue to grant us the gift of your Spirit 

    so that through the Spirit,  we may at all times,  

    do what is proper and good.

    Thank you for the mystery of life.

    May we continue to be worthy of being

    Your children.


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    A Sea of Sand

    Thursday, August 28, 2014, 2:08 AM [General]

    A Sea of Sand is about to wash over many areas of this world carried by a great wind. Some cities will sink to the bottom of this sea never to rise again. Not global warming but man's inhumanity to man is the cause.

    The past is repeating for we have not learned. Great deserts will be formed in places where man is acting like a beast. It has happened before and will happen again. Some rivers will run dry and others will change course.

    These events can be stopped for mankind may choose a different path but this is not likely to happen. It is not the end of the world but the end of parts of our civilization. The earth is weeping for her children.

    Just a dream or the ramblings of an old mind. We must unite as a family to survive. The message is clear and has been freely shared. Will humanity heed this warning?

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    Monday, August 25, 2014, 3:43 PM [General]

    Before Judaism, Christianity, and Islam there was a religion in the world that did not accept or recognize that there was One all powerful God. They saw the world as a battle ground between two equally powerful deities. One represented the light and the other darkness. Above these two, there was a Supreme God that took no interest and would not intervene in this world for it was not his creation but was created by lessor beings. This world was a prison for souls and there was no value in human life. The only way to escape this world was to destroy it.

    As long as fear, hatred, and ignorance was maintained, this world would remain in chaos and darkness. There is no place for truth, love, or compassion for they are considered as weaknesses by those who serve the dark side. Those who serve the dark side will use the religious teaching and beliefs of others to foster their own agenda. These religious designations are meaningless for they are all created by man. Their value to those who serve the dark side is that they can be used to divide mankind into warring camps.

    All the religions of the world maintained a hint of this religion and viewed it a phase of human development that was to be left behind. The followers of those religions forgot and thought it meaningless to remember this dark force and how to fight or overcome it for it was a relic of the ancient past. As the world religions have lost sight of the true light, the darkness has reemerged and is gaining strength.

    It can be stopped but humanity must again unite in serving the light of truth, love, and compassion.

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    The Wisdom of Confucius

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 2:35 AM [General]

    Confucius said: I was thinking of the Golden Age and regretting that I was not able to have been born in it and able to be associated with the wise rulers and ministers of the three dynasties. How I would love to have lived in such an age.

    When the great Tao prevailed, the world was a common state, not belonging to any particular family. Rulers were elected according to their wisdom and ability. Mutual confidence and peace prevailed. But now the great Tao no longer prevails, the world is divided.

    Now the Sages must show the people the principles of a rationalized social order, and through it everything becomes right in the family, the state, and the world.

    (Paraphrased from The Third Discourse, The Two Orders of Human Society, The Wisdom of Confucius, Edited and translated with notes by Lin Yutang, 1938, The Modern Library, New York.)

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    Something to Contemplate

    Thursday, July 31, 2014, 1:53 AM [General]

    Just a thought. The first temple in Jerusalem was not Jewish or Muslim. When the city was called Salem there was another High Priest who worshiped the One God. Everyone recognized this, including Abraham, and they knew this One, called by many names, was the same in each of their religions.

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    War is Hell

    Monday, July 28, 2014, 5:35 PM [General]

    In a war zone there are no civilians. War is a nasty business. Any place used to store munitions or launch missiles into Israel is a legitimate target. If Hamas quits targeting Israel -- the cease fire will hold. When Hamas recognizes Israel's right to exist and stops its efforts to exterminate Israel and wishes to live in peace with all who live in the region -- the fighting will end. When all religions and sects in the middle east recognize there is more than one way to worship and serve God (Allah), then peace and harmony can return to the whole region. Until then, brothers will fight brothers, hate and anger will grow, and the destruction of war will continue to fill the land.

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    Ministers Get Frustrated Too

    Monday, July 21, 2014, 8:48 PM [General]

    This is the message that I saw when I read the article, reading between the lines and modifying the words:

    (Modified from Article – Frustrating Things that Pastors Do)


    I’m pro-pastor, but I’m not blind.

    These men (and women) are called of God and assigned some of the most difficult work in the universe, and for the most part they labor well and long and you never hear a complaint out of them. They are special.

    Most of them.


    The typical pastor (Minister) serves a church running 100 or fewer in attendance, which tells you the offerings are insufficient to provide much of a living for him or her. In some cases they hold down a second job or their spouse works. Or both. Or, most amazing of all, he or she manages to live on what the church can pay.  I believe in these individuals. They are my brothers and sisters. My admiration of them knows no bounds.

    Most of them.


    Here is a list of the 5 most frustrating things pastors do.


    FIRST: It’s frustrating to see preachers cut corners on sermon preparation.


    In the world I live in, the only time 90 percent of the congregation sees the pastor is on Sunday morning.

    And yet.                                                                                                                                                            

    From the scant attention given the Sunday sermon by many ministers, from the small study time allotted to its preparation, and from the haphazard delivery of the message during the morning worship service, one would think neither the members nor the minister put a value on the sermon.

    (But,) It is the single most important thing the pastor does.


    SECOND: It’s frustrating when preachers miss the entire point of what a sermon should be.


    The wise minister will tell himself, “The Lord (Our God) has a message for our people next Sunday. He alone knows who is going to be present, and what each person is struggling with. (The wise minister will ask:  What message will be most beneficial and help our members as they go out into their world until we meet again?)  Therefore, I will go to Him, asking what He would have me preach.”

    It’s a great feeling (to know that our words have helped to guide someone in their journey).


    THIRD: It’s frustrating to see ministers issue instant assessments on how well the sermon worked today.


    When a minister feels like a failure, nothing good results. Often he will adopt one of two extreme measures: he will either throw in the towel, give up and quit, or he will adopt manipulative tactics to get people (to change what they do).


    Neither is wise. Both are self-defeating and unworthy.


    One could wish every minister knew several critical things about the practice of preaching:

    –often, it’s more planting and cultivating than harvesting.

    Be wise.

    –just because people do not (make) a commitment to the church or to serve (at) the end of your sermon does not mean the message did not do its powerful work or that you did poorly.

    Be patient.

    –people are complex beings, and build mighty defenses against the work of the Holy Spirit. Destroying those barriers–which the Spirit of God alone can accomplish–takes time.

    Be faithful.

    –you are not the judge of your own effectiveness, not now and not ever.

    Be trusting.

    –and finally, even the Holy Spirit does not manipulate people into decision-making but allows each one to “choose this day whom you will serve,” so neither should you.


    FOURTH: It’s frustrating to see ministers ignore the great sermon-building resources the Lord (Our God) has put all around them.


    Often we keep our message a secret and do not discuss it with those who are around us.  We do not ask for input or suggestions about our subject for the week.


    What I’m doing is what I wish someone had done for me as a young pastor: prod my thinking, stir my juices, tell me something on a text I hadn’t thought of, pass along a great story on that subject I might be able to use.


    All around the minister are other individuals and pastors. Each one is a mother lode of information and insights, experiences and concerns. Tapping into that resource is as simple as making a phone call: “Bob, do you have a few minutes to meet me for coffee?” And then, in your office or the coffee shop or the fast food restaurant or down at the service station, after you’ve exchanged pleasantries, you say, “Can I pick your brain? I’m preaching Sunday on ____________, ‘Talk to me about that. Anything at all that comes to mind.’”


    Have something to write with. Jot down what is said. Take the conversation wherever it goes. Then, at the end, whether that’s 2 minutes or 20, thank him or her and end that portion of the discussion. If you or they need to leave, do so.


    Repeat as often as needed. There are (many people willing to talk and listen) in your community.


    Oh, and one more thing that is so obvious it should not have to be said, but it does: do not limit yourself to ministers of your denomination. Some of the best insights you’ll ever get will come from men or women of God who did not attend your seminary or any seminary for that matter, but who have devoted themselves to (serving God and Humanity).


    Ministers tend to be loners. How self-defeating this is. We do see many who tried it, but rarely with positive results.


    FIFTH: It’s frustrating to see ministers constantly frustrated.


    A preacher (minister) will see and learn and know what he needs to do to be more effective, but because of a heavy load of administration or pastoral work, he does not have the energy or will or time to change. To make radical changes means adjusting his or her schedule and that frequently requires the support of the ministerial and office team as well as the congregation. That takes time and energy and patience.


    Free yourself of the frustrations that hound you. Concentrate your efforts in the areas where you are strongest. There are others who know more than you and are willing to do what you are doing in the other areas of the ministry.  This will keep you from spinning your wheels as a result of busy work someone else could be doing and free you up for more profitable ministry.

    I have a strong feeling that when we are frustrated by our ineffectiveness, God may be the One who sent us the frustration in the hope that we would take drastic action to rearrange matters in our lives.


    No one lacking courage need apply for this work.

    You can do this. Stand strong. Trust God. Do right.


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    A Simple Creed

    Sunday, July 13, 2014, 1:54 AM [General]

    Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
    its temple, all space;
    its shrine, the good heart;
    its creed, all truth;
    its ritual, works of love;
    its profession of faith, divine living.

    ~ Theodore Parker, from the Welcome: Unitarian Universalist Primer, bySkinner House

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