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    Gun Ownership and Stand Your Ground

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 1:53 PM [General]

    Just read a couple of articles that basically stated that white gun owners are racist and that the 'stand your ground laws' are only for white people to use as a defense. In one article, whites were trained with firearms to catch runaway slaves. In another, a black lady was convicted of a gun crime for firing a warning shot at her husband. Because of this I wrote the following in reply:

    It was also the white people with guns that helped to get runaway slaves from the south to the north. It was white people with guns that gave their lives in a war that ended slavery. 

    Black on Black killings account for the majority of gun violence in the cities,and believe it or not, the criminal element does not care about the laws restricting gun ownership or use. 

    The majority of the violence occurs where guns are restricted and the laws say the good people are forbidden to carry their guns. If you want even more violence create even stricter laws that take the guns out of the hands of those who are good and follow the laws. 

    To fire a warning shot is reckless use of a firearm. A bullet fired may carry and be deadly for a mile or more and each bullet fired into the air will come down somewhere. Many people are injured or killed each year by those who recklessly fire their weapons into the air. 

    A properly trained person will only pull or use their weapon to protect their life or to keep others from harm. They will shoot for the center of mass on their target in an attempt to keep innocent individuals from being injured or harmed. 

    This is not about being black or white. It is about safety and security and the proper use of a firearm.

    PS: The 'Stand Your Ground Defense' is used more often by black defendants that it is by whites.

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    An Unhealthy Church

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 12:08 PM [General]

    An unhealthy church has a "we verse them" mentality. It is exclusionary and has an attitude of condemnation for everyone who does not share their views. An unhealthy church will be focused on controlling its members instead of providing love and service within the community.

    An unhealthy church has lost its focus of being centered on God and replaced that focus with a man made doctrine or creed that takes away an individual's free will, their ability to interpret scripture or sacred writings for themselves, and their right and obligation to choose the path they will walk.

    Unhealthy churches are everywhere but their members do not seem to want to take the responsibility to think for themselves but want to be told what to think, believe, and do.

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    Organized Religion

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 11:18 AM [General]

    The is nothing wrong with organized religion -- just with the way that people practice that religion.  Organized religion allows worshipers to join together with others of like views in honoring the god of their faith.  When some take it to the point of trying to force others to practice the same beliefs or faith, then it has left the path of love and service and becomes a path based on control, anger, and hate.

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    Simply LIve what you believe

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013, 2:10 AM [General]

    The teachings of Tao are simple.  Many will think there is much more.  They will not be satisfied with the words of even the greatest Sage...... Properly used the Tao is inexhaustible.  Words fall short in the attempt to explain its fullness or affect.  But live in accord with it as you understand it.  Then, you will find harmony, tranquility, and peace. (From:  Chapter 35, The Great Tao -- A Commentary)

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    The Way of Humility and Love

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 12:16 PM [General]

    The way of humility and love requires a genuine extension of oneself. It is a constructive path that will be successful. Mutual love is a significant part of all successful and meaningful human relationships. Without it our relationships are a shadow and usually fail.

    We tend to waste our time when we comfort other individuals. If they are not ready to listen or to attempt to understand, we will be communicating on different levels. Until an individual is ready their capacity to learn and grow is limited at best.

    Love requires us to assume responsibility for each action. We cannot be careless with our actions or words. We must ask ourselves if our behavior is contributing to our spiritual growth or the growth of another. Following your heart, you will feel the importance of each word and action. You will develop the discipline to be compassionate with each person.

    Individuals will listen when they perceive you are acting and speaking from a position of love. They will more readily accept guidance and instruction. Doubt as to your intentions will depart and a relationship of mutual love will blossom. There will be no confusion and each person will strive for what is best.

    Genuine love is precious. It is productive and takes self-discipline. There will be no wasted efforts in trying to convert someone to your view. Each individual must freely choose the path that is before us. Spiritual love must be free. It is an ideal path which will draw all together as a family. Each individual will extend themselves in helping and giving aid to their brothers and sisters.

    Upon this path you are constantly renewed. Your desire will be the spiritual growth of those you serve. Your joy will be boundless as each action and word comes from a position of love. You will recognize that each individual is unique and has special gifts to share. You will know you too are special as a child of God.

    With true humility, you will have empathy for others. You will feel their deepest desires, their suffering and their pain. You will instinctively know what to do in every situation.

    The survival of our society depends upon the health and welfare of the individuals. To grow, the spiritual needs of each man and woman must be addressed. When this is done we will attain a state of harmony and peace. We grow to recognize the interdependence of all things. Knowledge and wisdom is gained. Genuine love and true humility grow through a respect for each individual. Society becomes a means of happiness and spiritual advancement for all. Love becomes the source of our power. This power cannot be used in an inappropriate way.

    We will be presented with the opportunity to practice what we teach. Genuine love cannot be faked for it is a path each individual must freely choose to walk. If we freely remain on the journey of spiritual growth, each man and woman will increase their capacity to love. Their abilities will grow and grow.

    One of the most difficult things to understand is why people on the spiritual journey become afraid. They will make great progress, then stop when they are ready to accomplish many good things. They may even declare the spiritual way is not for them. They are content to be ordinary men and women. Maybe it is because great power and responsibility comes with a price. To be a child of God in this manner takes great discipline and a willingness to serve others. The way of humility and love is not for the faint of heart. It must be freely chosen. There must be a genuine desire to serve God and all of humanity.

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    Angels and Daemons

    Thursday, October 17, 2013, 3:20 AM [General]

    Plato thought the stars had souls. Plotinus calls them gods. Iamblichus speaks of the universe and the heavens filled with a great multitude of gods. Many of the early church fathers held similar views adding only that these gods were subordinate to the Most High God, the One. 

    The angels and daemons of the eastern religions became the angels and demons in the west; each having a realm, heaven, or planet that was designated as their home. These angels and daemons could walk amongst us so they had or used a human form. They had very specific roles to play in guiding and working with humanity. 

    I think it was The Rig Veda that speaks of traveling beyond the realm of the moon and beyond. A Tibetan Buddhist text, Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, gives a good account of the role and place of angels and daemons. The level of a Buddha or Christ is only about the fourth level of fourteen or more, that can be achieved by humanity in its development and growth. 

    Astrology and Astronomy played an important part in the medieval beliefs. The Egyptians and the Arabs gave us extensive knowledge in this area too.

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    Inhabited Worlds

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 2:02 AM [General]

    The ancients thought that all the planets, even the sun and the moon where inhabited. Many thought they were the dwelling places of angels or daemons. Others said some were similar or like the human race. Still there were some who said each planet had a controlling spirit that helped to guide our growth and development.

    Wherever there are hearts -- there is a potential heaven. With our thoughts we can create our own heaven or hell.

    It was said that to go beyond the realm of the moon, we had to change our form, but once this was done, we could freely travel to the far reaches of the universe and beyond.

    The truth is within and without for us to discover again as we grow and learn.

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    Two Voices

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 11:08 AM [General]

    It has been said or written that within each of us there are two voices that give us guidance, aid, and instruction if we but listen. One voice is male and the other female in tone. They push us forward or hold us back at the appropriate time and in an appropriate way. 

    Once they have our attention, a new portion of our journey can begin. The cycle or wheel of life is always in motion as it follows a spiralling path. We will experience the many different moments or stations that teach us the value and meaning of this journey called life.

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    Monday, October 14, 2013, 6:02 PM [General]

    Heaven is a state of mind -- not a place out in the vastness of the universe. It is the heart and mind united to see and feel the wonders that already exist in this world. 

    We are connected by the Spirit to all existing and non-existing things and our Soul retains what we have learned throughout all eternity. 

    We come and go upon this earth and in other places too, to learn, to teach, and to remember as we participate in this journey called life. 

    As it has been said, your home is where your heart is, and where your heart is, you will find your heaven too.

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    Asking Questions

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 11:23 AM [General]

    Asking questions is at the heart of every great man and woman.  Without questions there is no learning or growth nor the attainment of greater knowledge and wisdom.  No one person, book, or organization has all the answers, so we should keep asking our questions.  In our spiritual journeys we will go down many pathways but each of these pathways is contained within the greater Way. 

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