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    I never dreamed of doing something like this before because of the hurt, loss and depression I have gone through in my past years. Though I must admit I am still perplexed in the ways of the world I forgive it for the pain it has caused me. I do not believe that the worlds' will die away before it sees the second coming of Jesus and the Lamb of God,Truely some believe that Christ has already manifested Himself here among us in a spritual sense. Honestly, I too have experienced such a visitation by someone coming unto me and thus making a deal I believed I deserved. Writing a check, persay, that I could not cover. Soon there after I found myself falling into a downward spirl. When things of this world started coming unto me way to easily, even though I was living a life of sin. Which led me to become doubtful because I so wanted to believe,so badly,that it was God whom was doing this that I, even for a time, gave-up believing the ressurection of Jesus The Christ. I had surived a near miss (no injuries), being clincly dead (on the operating table), and serious injuries due to a wreck (awakening). Still I would not believe that the world was wrong and that the only way me was Gods' promise. I even had begun to twist Gods'word to mean whatever I wanted or thought I needed at that time. Man, was I ever wrong and for that I have payed dearly. I to this day am shamed for what I did, but believe I am forgiven, through Jesus. Knowing now fully the promise of Gods' will, will be done. I surely cannot hide myself from God and His judgements passed down on me by way of His will. In disciple, correction, or reproach like a father unto a son, He shows me my wrongs even if I didn't believe it. We can be warned as I am even now warned to turn around because I come unto not as a clean vessel from earthly things. Still having uncleanliness dwelling within me, in as much I am anything but flawless. Through Faith I may yet find mercy from God by way of Jesus Christ. Surely this is the only way because I am weak within my own existence. We will be saved by either of the disciplines He gives unto us through correction or righteousness. Truely God does not come to us by way of Himself but through His Spirit which dwells in us all. With the advocation of the Jesus Christ risen from the dead I too may be forgiven for not knowing righteousness, but by becoming dead to sin. Although I know that part of me may feel dead there is yet another part of me that will never die. God willing, that my soul may be saved by Faith in the Grace of Jesus Christ, that is all I have, I know, because I am not righteous. Truely the soul is a gift from God for us all, and that which He has given none other can take, unless it is our will to let it go and to make a deal. If we choose to follow after that which is obtained by our own works and doings, is Gods' promise of salvation through Christ made void? Surely not, so long as when we come to our day of judgement we choose uprightly. Even if its not until that day, our souls will be saved, and our souls will not be blotted out of the "Book of Life", God willing. After all evil is cut out by the Lamb of God from among us. We will all dwell with God and His Lamb forever and all eternity. Evil will be abolished from the earth and a new truely good Heaven will be left in existience for us all to enjoy. Lastly I must praise God always for His infinite goodness and mercy which without I would not still be here. May your way be made clear unto us all so you find us not sleeping and pass us by. which is why I fear God because He alone is all I've ever truely desired no matter the chioces I've made. I may be a light to those whom here my words and understand and unto those who do not I pray that you stand righteously in the face of our Heavenly Father,God above,whom created all in and of this world that we inhabit. So none of us fall unto the serpent, which is satan, or be influenced by his demons to our own destructions. May God truely have mercy onto us all with a great mircle with the coming of Christ.

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    Other than receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior, the best thing I have ever dolne for myself is to seek wisdom, to wear the world as a loose garment, forgive, turn the pages of life, and move on. More blessings, and much love, Dunamis3

    October 31, 2010
    4:19 PM
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    in forgiving, we are forgiven...and as St. Francis is better to understand than be understood.... and in dying we are born to Eternal Life.. Amen...

    February 25, 2010
    11:20 AM
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