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    Reflecting on the Resurrection

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    There is a song we sing quite often in church entitled "Here I Am to Worship." The song is heart-wrenching from the beginning but there is one part that never ceases to bring the congregation to tears. It's a moment when the spirit of worship is at its highest. These are the words that bring us to our knees:
    "I'll never know,
    How much it cost.
    To see my sin
    Upon that cross."
    We repeat this over and over until we can no longer take it and it is only in the moment when we can really meditate on the wonderful gift of God we have received.
    This is what this group is about. It is about remembering the precious gift that was given to us and remembering that the resurrection of Christ is to be remembered all year around, not just on Easter Sunday. So come and share what the resurrection means to you.

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    The Resurrection. Proceeded by a time of suffering and forgiveness. When Christ died we must picture ourselves hanging there and feeling this, looking down at his mother. Looking down on the people that killed him. Forgiving those people that killed him. Suffering and death come before the final reward. Even life on this present earth reflects the same....trials, tribulations, suffering before happiness finally presents itself. Depression can be prolonged suffering for many at this time but the rewar although distant can be found in little things we take so much for granted. We must Thank The Lord for these precious gifts of abundance in food, clothing and Shelter. The helpfulness and caring of those that give themselves to needy causes. We must Thank God for Living in this Country the USA. Still a Great country. We have more than any in this world. God Bless us all here and in the World. We shall resurrect as a One People one day where greed and materialism has vanished.

    March 28, 2010
    6:11 PM
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    Easter Is A time of reflection of Our Father's love the pure compassion for all humankind the burdens of our sins He did carry upon the cross the sky grew ever so dim as He said "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" as they cast lots below Him and He wept for all mankind as He cried "Father, unto Thy hands, I commend my spirit" His last breath He did take. On the cross He shed His blood to wash away our very sins as He wrested 'neath the ground with Satan low to show that even death held no bounds As on the third day He rose again! The sins that once tied us down had now been set free on Calvary! From the bondage of sin here on earth to life anew through Him in heaven. A miracle of miracles Forgiveness through the ages; Through God's Undying love! "Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring!"

    April 11, 2009
    12:47 PM
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