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    Recovering Addicts, Alcoholics, and other Addictions

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    How we came to be recovering alcoholics & addicts, by sharing our stories, and try to help those that are still struggling with these things

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    Hello my name is Kathy and I am the mother of a former addict. Please note the FORMER! I am here to only share my story of the other side of the family and what it is like. If you read my journals you will find I have been honest about it all. I have shared the good the bad and the ugly truth. I did not post here out of anger only to share my hurt of addiction. My baby boy WAS 21 years old..... MOM

    January 24, 2012
    9:50 AM
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    Hi, I am an alcoholic. My name is Christine. I am new to this site. Recovery has been part of my life since "88". My husband pushed me into getting help for my drinking. He couldn't stand watching me drink myself to death. Recovery for me has been through the 12 Steps and the AA program. God and the AA program saved my life both physically and spiritually. While I was drinking I cared nothing about God or anyone else. All I cared about was the next drink. Today, God and AA are still the strongholds of my life. I need support and I need to give what I have away. That after all is what it is all about.

    January 20, 2011
    9:07 PM
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    I just joined and am grateful this group exists - thanks to all. Am on my 4th sober day and need support of others to make this work because I can' do it on my own.

    June 6, 2010
    10:36 AM
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    hello everybody. my name is donna and i am a greatful recovering addict. before my recovery, i was always a believer is Jesus Christ. but through working the 12 steps of recovery, i was brought to believe i CAN be forgiven. God can and has helped me. he has forgiven me. Because of his forgiveness and love i have been saved, joined my church, my christian family has allowed me and another recovering addict of the home church to have an N.A. meeting once a week. they support us,love us and help us in any way possible. not a day goes by that i don't thank God for blessing me with my christian family of my home church. they are awesome.some even sit in on the meetings and support us. everyday they call to tell me "im not just saying i love you, I mean it with all my heart, I LOVE YOU and GOD LOVES YOU, TOO :) now how much better than that could it be? the steps gave me courage to go back to church and through the steps i began praying at home for all i needed to get my relationship renewed with God.every morning i wake up, i smile now. and i thank God for another sober day. without him, it would not be possible. and i know now that i am NOT judged for my past. everyday i get stronger and happier. i now have 9 months sober. clean and sober and happy and SAVED!!!! God bless you all don't give up!!! God love you and i love you, too. donna

    April 27, 2010
    10:08 AM
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