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    How Has Your Mom Inspired You?

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 2:28 PM [General]

    As Mother’s Day approaches (mark your calendars – it’s May 9), pay tribute to your mom with a video on Beliefnet. Tell us how YOUR mother inspires YOU, and your story could be featured on Beliefnet for the holiday.

    Here’s how:
    1.    Not yet a member of Beliefnet Community? Click here to create your account.    

    2.    Get in front of a video camera or webcam and record your thoughts on your mother’s impact on your life. What life lessons did she teach you? In what ways are you most like her? Did she encourage you to reach for a specific goal? Tell us why you’re celebrating mom on Mother’s Day.

    3.    Once you’ve created your video, post it to your Beliefnet profile. On your profile page, click “Video” in the left-hand navigation, then choose “Upload Video.” Once you’ve uploaded your file, please title it “Mother’s Day Tribute.”

    4.    Need inspiration? Check out all the videos our members have uploaded here:

    If you’re camera shy, there are plenty of other ways to show your love for mom on Beliefnet. Try writing a journal post about what she means to you, or post photos of the two of you together. Check out these great photos of members and their moms.

    We welcome Mother’s Day celebrations of many different types of relationships—if you have a grandmother, child, or special teacher or friend who inspired you, please share!

    We look forward to watching your videos. Be sure to check back closer to Mother’s Day to see if your video is featured on Beliefnet.

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    Prepping for Passover

    Thursday, March 25, 2010, 11:56 AM [General]

    Even though Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year on Rosh Hashanah, Passover (which starts next week!) is still a time of renewal. As a child, I was always taught that Jews place an egg on the seder plate as a symbol of renewal and rebirth, but a little research reveals the more traditional reason is because the egg is a sign of mourning over the destruction of the Temple. Does anyone know more about the reasons for the egg, or the connection between Passover and renewal?

    Either way, I'll be thinking about renewal during my seders next week. It is especially a season of renewal and change for my family, since we are likely moving to a new apartment in the next few weeks.

    If you want to share your own personal story of renewal and transformation, be sure to enter our spring writing contest. You can find out more details here. And check out the entries wherever you see this banner throughout the site:

    Happy Passover!

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    Spring Is in the Air: Check Out Spring Photos

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 9:48 AM [General]

    We'll be naming a winner in our 'Winter Wonderland" contest later this week, but there's no question that spring is already in the air.

    Check out the beautiful spring photos that members have posted recently. The crocuses from hyperiongal, the spring bloom from Zaira111, and the budding branches posted by seebluesky all indicate that spring is on the way.

    Please share your best spring photos with Beliefnet. We'll be featuring them all season long.

    And we encourage you to update your profile design to the "Cherry Blossom" look--it's perfect for spring!

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    Photo Contest: Share Your Winter Wonderland

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 4:36 PM [General]

    For many neighborhoods across the country, this winter has been snowier than usual. When it's snowing or too icy to go to school or to work, what do you do? Make snow angels? Sled or snow ball fight in your neighborhood? What are your snow day must-haves?

    We invite you to share the ways winter inspires you by posting photos of YOUR favorite winter activities and places, from scenes of snowman-building children to snow-dappled backyards and forests.

    Enter our "Winter Wonderland" photo contest for your chance to have your photos featured on Beliefnet!

    Here's how to participate:

    1. Not yet a member of Beliefnet Community? Click here to create your account.

    2. Officially enter the contest by posting a comment below these instructions (click on "Leave a Comment") or send a message to me, Rebecca, by visiting my profile.

    3. Create a new photo gallery just for this contest. Click here for instructions on creating separate photo galleries within your own photo section.

    4. Tell your "Winter Wonderland" story. Make sure each photo has a caption describing the winter scene displayed.

    5. Share multiple photos throughout the month. We'll be accepting photos through February 20, so continue adding to your gallery as often as you want.

    Need inspiration? Check out some wintry photos from Beliefnet members:

    -Snow depth by Heartbreath
    -Over 2 feet! by Crislsoul
    -Deer in winter front yard by Muddiggermom
    -Icy beauty in the grove by Retsinab

    Questions? Feel free to post comments and questions below. Thank you for your entries! We're looking forward to seeing your photos--and to crowning a winner later this winter!

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    Meet the Member of the Year 2009: RevDorris

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 3:40 PM [General]

    Thank you to everyone who voted in our Member of the Year for 2009 poll. You selected RevDorris as the winner--he received a whopping 43% of the vote.

    RevDorris, based in Homestead, Florida, has been a Beliefnet member since about 2004. "I joined because it was one of the few sites that welcomed people from every religion," he told us. "It gave a way for everybody to share their views."


    A Unitarian who affiliates with the American Unitarian Conference, ReVDorris has had a varied and interesting religious journey. He was raised Baptist in a family of many Baptist ministers. He is an ordained metaphysical minister. RevDorris met his wife in Southeast Asia, where he was introduced to Buddhism. He finally found his spiritual home in Unitarianism in 1991.

    RevDorris frequents many areas of Beliefnet Community. He is an active journaler, posting inspirational and poetic entries several times a week. He also hosts the Unitarian Community group, which boasts more than 300 members and serves as a meeting place for Unitarians and a resource where people not familiar with Unitarianism can ask questions about the faith. RevDorris notes that he frequently gets questions from people who are introduced to Unitarianism through Beliefnet's Belief-o-Matic quiz. He also posts frequently in the forums, mostly in the Unitarian boards.

    RevDorris attributes the popularity of his journals and his group to his message. "The message I try to get out is positive," he says. "I try to let people know there's more to life than suffering and pain. I think it gives people a way of having hope in the future vs. people arguing back and forth that 'my God is better than your God.'"

    For more of RevDorris's message and to get to know him better, visit his profile.

    You can find out more about the contest and meet the other finalists here.

    Want a chance to win in 2010? Make sure you're a Beliefnet member! Sign up here.

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