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    Peace starts with a smile.
    Spiritual Mood: grateful
    Status: married to husband for 36 yrs., one child

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    Leslie ~ I'm just coming back from The Library, and I was so impressed by what you shared in there in our Journal -- The information you have added about regenerating communities in your town, and the many programs set up to support local organizations is very inspiring. The knitting group that you belong to really caught my interest! I really enjoyed hearing that the knitted items are sold at your annual sale, and that the profits go to the library in town. It was also encouraging to hear that last year the knitting group made a couple of thousand dollars! Know that the knitting group meets every week and catches up on what's happening locally while you knit also brings a picture to mind that other communities can model. I was also interested in the program that you participate in that supports the local farm in your area. You left us with a wealth of inspiring tips for community involvement and regeneration Leslie, and we thank you! You'll find responses to your input in The Library ~ Blessings,

    September 4, 2011
    12:10 AM
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    Hi Leslie ~ I'm so glad you made it into The Library! You have a response in the Group awaiting you to your input that you've posted. What a wealth of knowledge and experience you have! WE look forward to more input from you. Blessings & HUGS,

    August 30, 2011
    3:50 AM
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    Dear Leslie, What JOY to have you posting at Being OurSelf! Looking forward to spending more time with a kindred spirit. *Smiles* Namaste' dear one

    May 24, 2009
    4:38 AM
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