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    Ralph Benmergui: My Israel

    Ralph Benmergui: My Israel - Airing on Vision TV

    Thursday, April 24, 2008, 11:29 PM [General]
    Posted By: ralphbenmergui

    Ralph Benmergui: My Israel is a TV show I put together with Seekers Television Inc. and will air on the Vision TV network. The show is done from the point of view of a liberal, religious and Sephardic Jew. I came at this as someone who wants to know, “Can you be a good Jew” and cast a critical eye on how Israel is evolving?

    We’re just putting the finishing touches on the last episode of my new series, ‘My Israel’ and I think that we’ve managed to stay true to the original idea. Looking at all the interview footage and layering in original music from renowned jewish music composer David Buchbinder I can almost smell , taste and touch this bewildering country.

    We shot this 5 parter fast. 12 days straight in Israel and a couple of shoots here in Toronto. Still it’s about the content so we didn’t have to fill the show with lots of expensive sizzle ie special effects and animations.Someone who was reviewing the series phoned me and said that usually he sees Israel as if he was looking over a wall but this series brought him right in to the living room.
    Good, that’s good.

    Please check out my videos and blogs here and on my social profiles such as Facebook and YouTube , which are also listed to the right under “My Network”. I will keep you updated as more content is posted.

    Lets talk!
    be well

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