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    Hi friends, I am here to check out my friends new group for Photographers and to be present on RE's profile page as a new friendship is developing between us. MY grandkids are a bit older than these mentioned and shown here, and yes I know that makes me "old" folks in your eyes, but it also allows for a "safe friendship". I am hoping to learn a bit too by exploring some of today generations thinking on the world we live in, so you see I am here to learn as well as teach and share a lifetime of experience. I will be seeing you all around the groups when I can be present, between writing and photo work and such. Also we'll be traveling here and there this year as long as the health and money holds out. Be well All,, and know you are all loved, dusty and msPJ
    March 6, 2009
    1:06 PM
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    Hi, i'm the mother of 3 lovely kids . I've been practicing Buddhism for several years. I keep this a bit in the closet. My parents are devout practicing christians . and I also live in a very christian community . I consider myself to be about 70% Buddhist, 15% christian , and 15% other. My parents don't live close by ,so it's easier to hide my beliefs . I admit it's rather a cowards way, but it would only hurt them and make them worry about my soul. I have a desire to be part of the community , where it is assumed you are christian(in this rural area -what else would you be ?) and christianity is a part of me .I raise my children in an eclectic religious enviroment, but your circumstances seem tougher as extended family perhaps is involved. I do understand what you're feeling . i too don't want to rock the boat of relationships for my personal beliefs. Having said that , buddhist concepts and the wonderful practice of meditation has so dramatically improved my life , I can't help but reccomend it . I think that as long as you always let love rule and do no harm , your right path will open up for you. I send positive energy your way for the best of outcomes ~ Namaste ~ Michelle

    March 3, 2009
    2:32 PM
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