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    May God send you an oxoogalplex of Rainbows, more than you already have!!! Peace, Rainbowhope

    December 15, 2008
    2:44 AM
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    Spiritual Being--Physical Experience. Physical Bodies on Earth. We are on this earth, in our physical bodies, because our souls have things to learn that we could not learn in any other way. It is through our physical body and the physical world that we can experience life. Purely spiritual beings are just that - they are in a state of being rather than doing – in a place that is beyond the limitations of time and space. But when we incarnate on the physical plane, we are automatically subject to the laws of physics and the world of dualities. In this place, we know what happiness is because we have experienced sadness, and we understand the value and power of light because we have known darkness. Knowing this, we have the opportunity to let ourselves be spiritual beings having a physical experience. There is no pain in the spiritual realm, because we know we are one with the limitless source of the universe. But here, in the material realm, our sense of limitation and separation allows us to feel our emotions and to learn about love, forgiveness, and compassion. We go from a spiritual state of oneness to learning how to be in relationship with people who are different and distinct individuals. We learn to understand ourselves through our relationships with the world around us—its seasons and landscapes, challenges and opportunities. And through our journey to find our place among so many others, we begin to recognize our own glimmer of light in a constellation of stars. Once we remember that we are spiritual beings, we can revel in the experience of being human while knowing we are all connected. We can live from the place of oneness while truly appreciating the beauty of diversity, the bittersweet feel of love and loss, and the elation of triumph over challenges and adversity. It is through these opposites that we experience life itself, and we can ride through the dark times with the understanding that it will help us to appreciate the light of life and love and spirit more fully. We are here now because we made the choice to experience an earth life, so now we can choose to enjoy the journey as completely as possible.

    December 2, 2008
    2:52 AM
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    Messengers Of Light. Rainbows. The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Iris used rainbows to travel from the heavens to earth, gliding down the colorful slide to deliver messages from the gods to humans. Looking at a rainbow, it is easy to see how it came to be seen as a mode for divine communication. When one appears, we stop what we're doing and stare in amazement. Something magical has penetrated our everyday world and blessed us with it's beauty. Every culture has witnessed the rainbow and attempted to make sense of it in its own way. In recent years, it has been interpreted as a message of racial unity-a symbol representing the potential for the harmonious coming together of all the various tribes of the earth. In Tibetan Buddhism, when a great yogi or yogini passes on, rainbows appear at the time of passing. This is referred to as the attainment of the rainbow body. What it means is that the soul in question purified itself so completely as to be free of darkness at the time of death. These philosophies challenge the perception that the universe is necessarily dualistic, that war and peace, darkness and light, are two sides of one coin. According to these interpretations, harmony and pure light are ultimately capable of absorbing and healing conflict and negativity, the rainbow acting as a symbol of a higher realm of consciousness in which these aspects cease to exist. This transformation is achieved, not through repressing negativity, but through bathing it in the light and allowing the power of the light to absorb it. In this way, the rainbow is indeed a cosmic messenger reminding us of the power of our individual and collective higher consciousness, through which we have the power to heal our world and ourselves.

    December 2, 2008
    2:42 AM
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