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    Radical Faeries

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    In 1979, a "call," in the form of flyers and word of mouth, was put out, seeking gay brothers everywhere:
    "To share new insights about ourselves,
    To dance in the moonlight,
    To renew oaths against patriarchy, corporations and racism,
    To hold, protect, nurture and caress one another,
    To talk about the politics of gay spirit and the spirit of gay politics,
    To find healing space inside our hearts,
    To become the inspirer and the listener as we share new breakthroughs in how we perceive gay consciousness,
    To soar like an eagle,
    To rediscover and reinvent our myths,
    To talk about gay living and loving alternatives,
    To experience the groundedness of the calamus root,
    To share our gay visions,
    To sing, sing, sing,
    To evoke a great fairy circle."
    Today, in another millenium, the Radical Faeries continue to gather -- with our gay, lesbian, bi, straight, and transgender brothers and sisters, mostly in North America but around the world, too -- to talk, sing, go camping, cook, eat, cry, be absurd, play drums, dance around and make love.

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