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    Open the Heart Chakra

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 11:27 PM [General]

    Terrible relationships can often close down the heart chakra. This leads to a cold attitude. One of disdain and anger. Not a good place to be in.

    The way to open the heart again is slowly bit by bit. You can do it. I have. So I know you can too. Many do not bother about it. And try to carry on and replace it with drink and other substances to mask their inner pain.

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    Jean Dixon: Astrologer to Millions

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 5:52 PM [General]

    It is with great respect and reverence that these words are put down to describe one of the most gifted astrologers in recent history the great Jeane Dixon. She was a psychic and astrologer to the rich and famous, to Hollywood and the White House, and her horoscopes and predictions in newspaper columns were read by millions. Jean Dixon is indeed one of the most famous astrologers to appear in recent history.

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    Mind Body Spirit No Enter Zones

    Saturday, August 7, 2010, 11:01 PM [General]

    There are many things that can empower us and bring light upon our spiritual journey. I have also discovered on my quest there are practices that can block one and even take the soul backwards in evolution. I call these spiritual no go zones.

    Here are some spiritual no go zones:

    1. Ouija Boards. The board opens a portal to the lower astral realms. Lower types of spirits here enter the earth plane and cause trouble or worse, demon possession, for its unaware user. The ouija board is not a game but a dangerous obstacle to spiritual and psychic growth.

    2. Spells and hexes. These are more common than you think. Putting curses and using spells by is a sure path to bad luck and pain. Avoid love spells, any kind of dark magic, as it all comes back to you eventually.

    3. Astral Helpers. Certain kinds of astral helper take your life force without telling you about it. You have to be very careful when summoning in other entities to go to work for you. Dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

    Spiritual empowerment is fun, creative, and rewarding. By leaving alone all of the spiritual no go zones we automatically avoid much of the confusion and heartache that slows some folks.

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    Best Natural Melbourne Psychic Medium

    Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:14 AM [General]

    The best psychic in Melbourne understands that when our life purpose is used daily is when we experience complete happiness. We begin to allow our inner wisdom to be expressed in our actions. We might not be at a psychic expo in Melbourne to see a psychic and this is why we use the internet these days.

    Any top clairvoyant in Melbourne will tell you that to be happy we follow our heart. We can do this once we understand our life purpose. It bring more meaning to living once we know this. Great happiness is the right of everyone. We only have to go and get it.

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    Melbourne Psychic Mediums

    Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:07 AM [General]

    Local Melbourne Psychic Medium
    There are many good local psychic Melbourne mediums in the city of Melbourne Australia. Often these mediums are so good they find psychic work from all over the world while they remain living in their home from Melbourne city.

    Authentic spiritual guidance comes from the heart. If you believe in yourself you often find a reading a useful tool for its empowerment qualities.

    You can have the best psychic Melbourne medium in Melbourne but without some kind of inner direction it lacks practical sense. Take some time to get clear on what you want. You can achieve more and use the art of dreaming big to do it.

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    Psychic Medium Melbourne

    Sunday, August 1, 2010, 8:23 AM [General]

    Best Psychic Melbourne

    Some of the top psychic medium Melbourne clairvoyants are now blogging and sharing their psychic insight online. Hi. My name is Jim Cassa and I live in Melborne Australia and I am a natural born psychic medium now giving readings.


    Intution, past life readings, and inner wisdom are all a part of the modern movement of psychic medium readings in the Melbourne cbd these days. Genuine psychics are hard to find but when you find a good one you should always stick with him.

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    Ouija Board Dangers

    Thursday, July 29, 2010, 12:03 AM [General]

    Ouija Board Stories
    The danger of the ouija board is that it contacts the lower astral realm of the spirit world. There would be no problem if the spirits in the astral realm were all helpful and kind but the fact is they are not. The truth is many spirits, those of the lower kind, seek to hurt and bring misfortune to people.

    In my psychic medium work I tell everyone I meet the dangers of the ouija board. My tales of the ouija make great stories for an audience at parties but there is nothing entertaining about the matter for those who suffer from negative spirit infestation and the trouble and headaches these bad spirits bring to us. The danger is great and I caution against its use.

    My ouija definition for the board is a gateway to the lower astral realm. The lower astral realm is where demons, astral misfits, spirits who cannot pass into the light, and other astral junkies remain trapped. To allow them into your home is very unwise. Once you have given negative spirits permission to enter your abode via the ouija board they are very hard to get rid off. The board is one that does not assist personal development and can even lead to the souls disintegration and lack of soul progression.

    This is a most serious business since the reason for us being here is to fulfill our life mission and to live our soul purpose. Anything that blocks, or slows down, our spiritual growth is to be approached with much caution. The ouija board experiences vary from full on demon possession to having troublesome spirits around with unwanted poltergeist activity.

    Talking to the Dead
    I can understand the desire, and need, for loved ones to know that those who have passed are OK. This is normal, a deep human need to know those we love have made it across the other side in good shape, and this is a noble thought on behalf of the ones who care. Wanting to speak with the dead has been with mankind for thousands of years. The ouija board is not a safe way to do this.
    A psychic medium is a much safer way to get information from the spirit world and will spare one many of the Ouija board bad psychic experiences.

    Once again the ouija board opens a portal, a bridge to the other world, and allows negative spirits into this one. Once a lower astral spirit has a human in sight it thinks of one thing > LUNCH. The lower spirit uses the energy from the person's aura to feed itself and to gain more power. It uses fear, injecting thoughts into the mind, and psychic assault to achieve this aim. If you think these spirits  are unfriendly towards people you are correct.

    We want to be empowered in all areas of mind, body, and spirit and whatever blocks our spiritual growth can be avoided like you would a rattlesnake. Spiritual evolution is the new revolution.

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    How to Treat Yourself Well

    Monday, July 26, 2010, 6:43 AM [General]

    I respect those who treat themsleves well. Care and nurture your mind, body and spirit and achieve balance in life. No one area is more important than the other.


    Slow down and create the lifestyle you want by paying equal attention to each life area. This is the best path to personal development and harmony of spirit.

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    Psychic Predictions and Prophecy

    Monday, July 26, 2010, 6:35 AM [General]

    There are many psychic mediums these days online making predicitons. You have the Nostradamus future sightings, the Mayan 2012 predictions, and all kinds of future prophecy made by worldwide psychics.


    Do psychic predictions come true? For many yes, if the prediction is made by a reputable psychic medium who knows his stuff. World psychic medium prohphecy is common nowadays, especially with the 2012 psychic predictions of the Mayas being so popular.

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    Famous Psychic and Astrologer

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 6:28 AM [General]

    Jean Dixon was a famous psychic and astrologer who predicted the John F Kennedy assassination in 1963. Her powers of clairvoyance and fortune telling were legendary and much in demand by the Washington social set in which she found herself.  She even did readings for presidents of the United States.

    Many of the people who met Jean were amazed at her fortune telling and psychic abilities. In fact often people found her clairvoyant powers hard to understand, and to believe in, at first. Her accurate predictions were often unsettling in how spot on and clear they were. They shocked some when the truth come out, after all how could she know the result ahead of time?

    The Jean Dixon psychic phenomena took on  life of its own after Ruth Montgomery penned the bestseller A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jean Dixon. This book soon became a classic in the field. It showed the public much of the private side of Jeane and how she lived and worked. Plus many psychic predictions are included in the book.

    Jeane Dixon was well known for prophecy and her predictive powers were famous. It makes you think how the amazing powers of the human mind when you can see, quite accurately , into the future and tell what is coming in future events.

    Often mention of a crystal ball is made in the book. A crystal ball is a tool used by psychics. It presents images and pictures and this is the information the clairvoyant can use to foretell the energy patterns in someone's life and career. Answers are given and fresh information which shows often an entirely new approach to an unsolved problem.

    Another psychic tool are cards. Cards have always been popular with psychic readings and are a part of the genre of clairvoyants and fortune telling. Almost a mainstay you could say. Often cards are used to tune into the vibrations of the one seeking answers to life's questions.

    The internet these days has made psychic readings more popular then ever. Anyone can get information on psychics online these days. I would have loved to have chat with Jeane and get her opinion on the internet and its place in modern culture. The online world is populated with psychic mediums and how to tell a good psychic, that is which one is best , is often challenging.

    In the final analysis the balance of the mind, body, and spirit connection is what it is all about and the goal of all personal development programs. You may not know where to start. It is confusing in the beginning. There are dozens of systems and programs around.

    The one clear fact is that Jeane Dixon was great at reading spirit.

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