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    Actually the principal denotation of φρόνησις is purpose, or the thought attendant to such purpose, esp that purpose which propels us into the thought(s) by which we may thoughtfully judge according to such purpose. Thus occasionally, at least in some texts, φρόνησις connoted the spectre of judgmental arrogance. Its secondary denotation, at least historically, was that body of thought which enables us to make practical judgments in a rather practical world, otherwise referred to as ‘practical wisdom’. Coincidentally, in the light of your purposive vocation, there’s a vein of synchronicity here, for φρόνησις was the Pythagorean name for the number three, or Trinity. Unfortunately, in the masculine thicket of religious patriarchy, its feminine significance is lost.

    February 20, 2009
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    just to say hi --- HI!!!!!!!! :)

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