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    yes because My / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiaen DID INDEED DO all that He DID DO we....

    Thursday, March 28, 2013, 11:51 AM [General]

    we for all ages and generations  have been set free from what was " sins deadly bill".

    we have been given a  New Covenant with Heaven that is so simple to understand children can grasp its meaning and straight foreword requirements.

    we that hold to Yesh'wa Messiahs' New Covenants single stated requirement / mandate


    have the double Blessing of dwelling in spiritual edan no matter where ever  our physical body is with  Our Father YAHWEH Living Word publish directly upon our living hearts exactly when we need to KNOW His Will-

    as well as the certitude of knowing by our faith  that we have Life after Life within His House FOREVER!

    we are further geartly blessed with being in the company of and guidance of Our Sister Amazing Grace Herself who gently leads / guides us all into greater love and The True Righteousness that comes only from authentic and original Savior Style Love each hour we are not 100% with Our Fathers House.

    sadly most of our earthly human community will not know these things because there free will and others very very bad teachings have brought them to keep there hearts and minds dwelling in  fear-land instead of loving faith land....

    watching " the Passion of the Christ" without its subtitles is a good practice for the end of each  holy week as it gives we His Disciples and would be disciples a look at how great and wide and strong His Love is-

    so we can aim our love as high.

    yours truly

    peter the romin american


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    remembering the passover of YAHWEH'S New Covenant His Son Handed down to us 2013 years or so ago....

    Monday, March 25, 2013, 12:51 PM [General]

    according to jewish tradition the feast of the passover when some 3000 or so years ago Our Father YAHWEH guided moses to lead the long held hebrew slaves from bondage in egypt begins again at sunset today  25 mar 2013.

    also on this night some 2013 or so years ago My / human kinds Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah called His Followers and much loved Friends together to celibate this wonderful feast when we recall Our Mighty  Father YAHWEH once again kept His Prophets Word -

    as He was about to do once again beginning only a few hours later this time in the Highest Possible Measure.

    within a few hours of the meals ending Yesh'wa Messiah and a few of His closes Friends and followers went into the garden of olive trees to pray and from there He went into a privet area alone and agonized over the visions He was going to be living out soon -

    seeing and feeling it all in His Mind  of all He was about to under go in order for all of human kind to become free / to claim spiritual freedom and perfect innocence of all sins bondage in every age to come-

    but above all to  become able to commune once again directly with Our Father YAHWEH just as adam and eve had done when this earth was new.

    our duty requirement in this New Level of our human life was handed down to us before He ended the sadder meal when HE establish The New Covenant that the prophet Jeremiah said would one day be given to us that will REPLACE moses too often violated covenant that can be found in any and every bible on earth at jer 31- 31to 34.



    all else that has been put upon christian believers by there church and community leaders was then and  continues now to be willful OBSTRUCTIONS to The New Covenant and originating in hell foundry of clever and easy to believe lies and falsehoods.

    let this passover find Our Savior Brothers LAW and Directive alive and growing within ever human heart that knows or want to know Our Father YAHWEH as The Wonderful PaPa that He Has been to us all from the first day He set this earth aspinin round.

    let this passover mark the end of the corrupted church/ synagogs  as well as all corrupted governments of this earth bring authentic and complete freedom to us all.

    let this passover see the day of Loves Primacy over all the world begin and all that stand and act  opposed to love become struck down as the pharaohs army was drowned dead.

    these things i pray for to My PaPa YAHWEH  in My Redeemers, My Kings, My Savior Brothers Mighty Name Yesh'wa from Nazareth.

    as i pray thee all a peaceful passover and holy week celebrations and know that i will be shareing with all that do likewise in braking of The Bread Body and the drinking The Cup of Wine  Blood  that Our Mighty Brother Yesh'wa has left for us all to grow in Him by-

    and  with our faith that IT IS SO this  conversion will always happen.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    rethinking the whole "conscience/unconscious" thing of psychiatry/psychology thought.

    Sunday, March 24, 2013, 5:36 AM [General]

    giving all due and well earn respect and admiration to the pioneers of human psychiatry and psychology thought-

    i say tipping my hat  and giving deep a bow of heart felt thanks to all those brave and compassionate folks that did discover and piece together very important findings and  forming those findings into what is now our human families newest empirical science in order to formulate better understandings of our self's and bring healing to these areas when healing here becomes needed;

    that the time has now come to rethink the "conscience/unconscious" paradigm that doctors s. friude and c.jung nicly articulated a hundred or so years ago with a more accurate / descriptive referance and idea that is rooted in the long accepted physics model that describe light/ indeed all energy on a straight line continuum extending from the center outwards in both directions "infra and ultra awareness".

    i believe that a model like this can be a better sharper tool for us to better understand  our self and  why we do as we do as well as just how doable it is for each and every human heart to achieve and maintain our " ultra awareness"-

    something the great sociologist dr a. maslow once described as " self actualization" in his seminal work " the hierarchy of human needs".

    reshaping the paradigm in  this way seems to me would make it a more hopeful tool for us to look at our "awareness" as how we see our self in relationship with GOD, to our family and work place, communities, in short the worlds we bind our self's to;

    seeing our " infer awareness" as our root instincts / learned acquired behaviors and reflex responses born from them  to " those things that make up our own world" we daily/ hourly interact with;

    and knowing that our "ultra awareness" is in our hearts and our own hands to create when we create human love and mindful compassion.

    i would end this idea  now with two bits for further thought i feel its importent for us to know

    for each and every one of us our "ultra awareness" is very attainable and is as close  to us as our loving faithful hearts and compassionate minds are,


    that our " infra conscience" need not be our life long burden unless of course that one wants it to be so because of there own self embracing and at times self defining fears greater gravities pull is there hearts preference and want.

    i pray thee all a peaceful day and your own ultra conscious each and every day.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    our "The INNER Light " is powered by our freely created love.

    Sunday, March 17, 2013, 11:32 PM [General]

    johns gospel, thomas gnostic gospel as well as george fox the founder of the quakers all spoke of a "INNER LIGHT":

    john gospel said that the Inner Light was The Resurrected Yesh'wa Messiah alone;

    thomas gnostic gospel said that the Inner Light is an out cropping of Our Savior Brother within us likely the result of our eating in faith of  His Body and  Blood that He left for us all for all time beginning 2013 years or so ago at His Last Sadder;

    as george fox described it as our living human link to  Our Father  YAHWEH who Is In Heaven - indeed whom IS Heaven itself.

    i see no conflict with any of the above differentiations believing my own self that an amalgam of each with an idea or two more for color and texture is likely to be what we will one day learn is  the complete Truth of the matter of ALL our inner light IS.

    however whatever the exact nature and substance of " our inner Light is" it requires our active faith born works / free will duties of love in order for it to burn brightly.

    the more we stoke it with our living commitment to love as we have been obligated to "loving others  as Our Savior Brother Love us" the brighter-

    the more hotter our inner Light will Burn.

    conversely the less we love the less our inner light glows forth as those whose faith has become dead by there idolatry ( weather or not the see there / comprehend that what they do is nothing less then idolatry and as such a violation of the first redefined Law of moses and the prophets that Our Savior Brother HIMSELF gave to us -"LOVE NOTHING MORE THEN OUR FATHER YAHWEH PERIOD!")

    or if there religious practice has become ritualistic fear based superstition laced form as dead as the deserts sands,

    or if hate has become the central part of a persons inner life,

     as well as in other like cases then those folks inner light has left the building.

    the good news here is that in every case we can reignite  our darken inner light with our faith in The New Covenant and Our Savior Brother Eternal Perfect Love still here with us even now!

    from there with our commitment to do our duty to love each other as Our King loves us will turn each and every one of our inner Light into a become brighter then the summers sun over panama.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    unless our anchoring to GOD is made by / from our Loving Hearts as Our Savior Messiah had done-

    Sunday, March 10, 2013, 10:55 PM [General]

    - then we are spiritually adrift and unsecured tossed about from fear to worry like a garment in a dryer.

    unless our loves first and foremost place is for Our Father YAHWEH and then for our neighbors as our-self-

     we are not keeping to what Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah told us was "ALL THE LAW AND ALL OF THE PROPHETS".

    unless we create in our self a loving heart for each other  equitably to how Our Savior Brother loves us -

    then we are in breach of The New Covenant that He Himself Established 2013 years or so ago.

    and ifen we are in breach of The New Covenant then we have no inner Light Guiding us from this natural created world where all that was born was born to die-

    into The Holy  Paradise where only Love is the only perceptible/ acceptable  currency and only thing of purest value any human being can create via our free will faithful and fear free living heart.

    2013 years or so ago Our Savior Brother gave the leadership of the that eras church to peter for the  making of  DISCIPLES OF The Messiah and not members / believers of itself.

    thus far dame near each and every one of its branches beginning with the roman catholic disgrace has done exactly  the opposite making its members that came from military conquests become disciples if its credo above all else.

    well now the allotted time to fix those many ancient errors and mend the damage those near countless  errors and mistakes have cause is now at hand.

    thankfully how this church age will end is not known to me-

    but with each day that passes with hearing nothing of the news that will represent the correction of the oldest church error of them all and the cause of so much human suffering-

    elevation of women folk into the leadership -

    indeed the highest leadership of the roman catholic disgrace makes me feel "babalon ii "

    makes me believe that  that new fiery wreaking ball from heaven is only hours away...

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    " oh once mighty babylon in one hour your cities fall into dust" and records are made to be broken

    Thursday, March 7, 2013, 11:46 PM [General]

    space rocks, block eating sink holes, impossible storm systems with seeming minds/ wills agendas  of there own, and now according to the h /p L.A. medical centers are reporting a " new deadly" disease out break is now also the once mighty modern day babylon falls dying.

    modern day babylon came into being at pagan central rome in year 328  of the common era and during these past 1700 year it has spread around the world blocking Our Father YAHWEH's Truth exactly as the pharisees and saducees had done to moses covenant as Our Savior Brother Resurrection laid waste to that self serving system those self servants established then.

    its now time for chrisidon-bablyon to correct its errors or all its members should ready them self  foe a  fall harder then any other previous error filled self serving system ever has fallen before...

    but its more likly that the vatican  college of arrogance and community deception/ delusion and anti-truth  would rather see this world die then admit to there near countless errors and wrongdoing and countless betrayals of our duty to Our Ever Living King.

    news flash- its only they and there foul world that will be justly executed and cast out from this world created ONLY for our human love to grow big and strong within.

    yes there is still a tiny chance that sr simonne campbell will claim her birth right and true name of "Peter the Roman" and there is an even smaller chance that the vatican college of the faithless and blind and foolish will call her to wear peters shoes and rebuild/ reunite Our Savior Brothers House on earth....

    but like i said before i believe that they would much rather die risking our living earths death too instead of making there long over due truthful confession and act as if there faith were as that of the original disciples  and apostles they claim to be spiritually decedent from-

    just more lies for the hounds of hell to rip from there souls flesh.

    i am looking foreword with great hope and joy to see the new - mayhaps our kinds last age- as it unfolds as the old one dies and faids into oblivion and heavenly justice-

    i do long to see that day begin!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    i understand now why i carry on inspire of all my mostly self created physical, emotional, and even spiritual shortcomings...

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 10:39 PM [General]

    i do so because to the best of my knowledge i am the only living 100% dedicated disciple Our Savior Brother has in this age and time and place.

    not that the morrow can not bring forth  an army of those with even greater faith in and deeper love for Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah my my puny faith and love is-

    indeed it can and i hope one day i learn that all of christendom has dropped every other religious identifier attaching one heart to a parochial clan / tribe of christianity all being inferior of what we have all been originally called to be :


    but until that day comes i shall be as mr president jefferson was before me a " denomination of one" and i will limp on and endure the physical , the emotional and the spiritual slings and arrows i have brought upon my self as best as Our Father YAHWEH enables me to so i that least one living human being free willingly breaths air ONLY for the sake of His Sons Love-

    to acknowledge His Love, to bathe in His Love, to pass it on as best as i am able to longing for the day when one with a greater love and faith then mine comes forth -

    like my dear sister simonne campbell will stand and boldly declarer herself to be a Disciple of Yesh'wa Messiah too and call herself "Peter The Roman" ...

    ... but until then i will limp on and on.... for My Savior Brothers Loves Sake/ for The Creator of Loves Sake Our Father YAHWEH.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    this was the 4th consecutive first day worship i attended with the quakertown nj quakers....

    Sunday, March 3, 2013, 5:27 PM [General]

    peace and goodwill to all-

    as is often the case the meeting was a quite one with no one speaking until near the end then a an older man said he was a friend for near 60 years and his talk went into a word about the inner light.

    a lady spoke about some hardship caused her to feel for a  a friend and family member hardships...
    wounding " the point of it all"....

    and then i said i was reading a comparative analysis of john and thomas gospels and how thomas spoke of the inner light long before mr george fox founder of our faith community articulated the spiritual truth of the matter. 

    i also learned of "5th day" worship that i am eager to learn more about....

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    this modern day " christian church(s)" did not divide, corrupt, mislead itself...

    Thursday, February 21, 2013, 11:38 AM [General]

    ... indeed not!

    these modern day self serving christian church institutions were dived and then concurred by giving there living faith to the traditions and practices that deserve no faith or practice as they came NOT from  My / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah Himself.

    these self serving  corrupted houses of falsehood have become so  by the same corrupter that sought to corrupt Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah 2013 years ago as He prepared Himself for the most difficult- the most important Work any man has ever attempted before or since namely Human Kinds Salvation by Purest Innocent Blood Ransom and an enduring font of mercy and forgiveness to all that are merciful and forgiving of others and by cutting a Perfect Path from here into Our Father Yahweh's House upon a via called


    and each and every one of these modern day " christian church community"  have ALL become mislead to some degree or other  by the still living still evil roots of the anti Truth / anti faith based teachings and false dogmas set down 1700 years ago by the murderous practicing pagan roman emperor constanteen and the then low faithed leadership that he bribed or intimidated into supporting him and his edits.

    today the living root of those errors, division and corruption is the roman catholic church and each church community that holds to any of the false doctrines listed in the " apostle creed" like biblical or paple infallibility, or that any equal human being and demand of other human beings to accept this and reject that man made teaching share in and are a living part of that false root that is now ready to be cut into death-

    or of  its current leadership finally sees The Light they will begin a new day with a great and very faithful lady leader sr simonne campbell -

    that will start the REBUILDING OF OUR SAVIOR BROTHERS HOUSE  that needed doing back in 1228 when He Tasked our elder brother in Loves Serves francis of assisi to do it.

    ether way the dark days of the roman catholic disgrace is at end and My Savior Brothers House on earth created by His Father and mine as the only place in the observible universe where human love can be cultivated abd grown will come into being-

    or my name is not peter the romin american!

    i pray thee all a holy and peaceful Saviors Day Sabbath.


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    ... i'v never had an "awake dream" befor now....and now i cant seem to stop my weeping...

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 11:30 AM [General]

    here  in " vets heaven" there is a large center foyer space with a modern water fountain standing under  a pyramid shaped huge skylight with each point of the compass marked with a large stained glass window embezzling each of the years four seasons.

    i find it a very peaceful space and i come to it and set for long bits of time, although each time i do within a few minutes after i set down near the flowing water of the fountain  i feel the urgent need to pee and i dont understand why that is.

    this morning as i watched the puff clouds race each other across the windowed roof i found myself setting near a camp fire with others i could not see very well;

    they were not speaking in english or any of the very few other languages i can at times recognize and say "hello" in-

    but i did seem to understand what was being discussed....

    and then i heard some say "keyfa" as those near to me there turned and looked at me..

    i understood that it waqs i  myself that was being addressed as "The Speaker" said "KEYFA" once more and in my heart i KNEW He was My/Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah and HE called me peter... and i haven't  been able to stop weeping...

    as a solder in the u s army i have done many things that would be very very hard to become forgiven for...things i still today hold myself as GUILTY for.

    worse still is that i now today over 35 years later i stand ready willing and able to do once againg each and every  one of them if the need be.

    i am not a holy man in anyway and i believe that the very best spiritual / heavenly reword i can ever be given will be to become posted in a tent quaters OUTSIDE Our Father YAHWEH'S House on constant watch ensuring that none of the vile thieving murderous villains that have infiltrated My Savior Brother House here on earth in this or any other age past or any age yet to come are NEVER ALLOWED to enter into Heaven ITSELF!

    i fervently hope that the dear and good and very kindhearted and holy sister simonne campbell of "network" is given collective authority as to lead the rcc and that she dose so with faithfully free a very peacefully lovingly and merciful way.

    because if i have to do it every child repast and there protectors in the clergy will be issued " the Mill Stone Cure" 100% and without exception...

    and that will not look good to many folks watching these events unfold as they are...and im not sure My/ Our Savior Brother would approve of me doing so-

    but doing so i shall do none the less.

    its hard to see my keyboard now... so  peaceful day.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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