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    seems to me every human heart- secular or sacred can look back over the road we as a culture/ a church...

    Friday, April 29, 2011, 3:49 PM [General]




    ...  has thus far past and say to our self / each other -


    " well that's the way it had to be then and so we now might as well just carry on in that same way" and then come to the same end  as those that came before us did.




    " well we can do anything about the past - but we sure can do something about the now as we move foreword"  and then get to work identifying and casting OUT  all that is  not  True to we that are here and now  in this age-


    so that he morrow may be brighter as it is meant to be -


    and that it need not be as painful as so many yesterdays have been all bound by yesterdays errors uncorrected.



    a prayer for a peaceful sabbath to all.


    yours truly

    peter the roman





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    why do so many continue to bother with "the scriptural middle man" when the same Holy Spirit ...

    Thursday, April 28, 2011, 11:16 PM [General]



    ... that put Our Creator Fathers Word onto the living hearts of those writers so long ago-



    peace and goodwill to all-



    stands able and willing to do like wise and more for every faithful practitioner of Our Savior Brothers called Way of Love through Compassion, Mercy, and Hope?

    faith in the Holy Spirits Message being CONFINED in the scriptures / approved church sacraments and teachings is a spiritual body block that prevents The Living Holy Spirit of Yahweh for taking up residence in that believers heart -

    leaving that believer with only those lesser things to glean bits of all that was once long ago passed on to human kind via that holy Spirit then.

    The Holy Spirit of Our Creator Father Yahweh still flows into every living believers heart that has NOT given itself  over by faith to lesser portals like the long past and lifeless scriptures, church teaching built upon those scriptures , and or the church created seven substitutes they call sacraments to the affirmative daily works of love Our Savior Brother left for all His Follower to be about!

    of all the bible that continues to have great and important spiritual ongoing  value are the extended gosple records where all can learn of Our Savior Brothers Teaching as best as we are now able to learn then-

    until the time The Holy Spirit ITSELF will Teach us all what ever we are in need of knowing as we study only those extended gospels.

    of all the church sacraments ONLY the community and personal recalling of Our Savior Brother Perfect Work of Abject Faith and Love as well as the perpetual gift of all our sins forgiveness matters as we take His Blood and Body in faith no matter the educational level of the minister making the decoration of Faith on Our Saviors Brothers behalf-

     "This IS My  Body-  This  IS My  Blood -

    or the nature of the  elements that are use represent His FOREVER LIVING Body and His FOREVER FLOWING  Blood be they wine and purest wheat flower wafers or saltines and juicy juice... it is OUR FAITH put into those elements by those  TRUTHFUL WORDS  that make them not what they once were - but what they forever become.

    still as always the free will chose is for each believer to make.

    this is what my heart is telling me is true- i would like to know what yours is telling you.


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    vatican/canterbury: two sides of the same coin?

    Thursday, April 28, 2011, 11:35 AM [General]


    peace and goodwill to all-



    i say yes they are.

    one side defends and continues a self centered  authoritarian rule that not even the The Son of GOD HIMSELF ever displayed or called for in His Time-

    as the other is less so but still fully supporting the others general structure and ordinances to a large degree.

    as both up lift the views of now lifeless stones that once were living church stones -

    as The Living Church Stones souls of today are made follow by there continuing bad and mostly false teachings of TRUTH.

    in the same way all  that walk with there eyes closed will at some point with 100% certainty fall or bump into what would otherwise be a clear pending hazard  if there eyes were open-

    so to all that steadfastly look backwards can not ever progress foreword with the same 100% certainty.

    this is my heart felt view-

    i would very much like to know what is your heart telling you ?



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    RE-DEFINING being " christian " in 2011 and going foreword.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 11:39 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all and a prayer  for super blessings to  be given to each and every meek, humble heart'd practitioner of faith love that Our Savior , Our Brother, Our Spiritual Master Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh established for we His Followers to follow 2011 years or so ago.



    the second vatican counsel ( vatican ii )  left more vital work undone then it managed to get done  before  its ending call.


    seeing that the long over due and called third vatican counsel has not  even been announce yet -


    indeed there may not be enough time left upon the neo- pharisee's church of rome and canterberry  calenders to complete half of what is still undone from  that 1963  forgotten agenda-


    even if were called into session now.


    so i offer to all  now this first entry of what looks to be a series of heart felt suggestions offer to and for the  Saviors Followers to consider, build upon , and pass it along to other believers as a i-hope- some -of -this-  helps -you  become -a- better " Christian"  but- you- can- feel- free -to -take -it or- leave -it as you will .


    this topic was my hearts call because it seems very clear  to me that most of the common term assumed as self evident are no such thing at all.


    imho all of our common terms that get tossed   about in most every christan church community needs now are in need of  being re- defined  so that we may all have these  as common knowledge between us -


    and thus   according to our current understandings so that  confusions may be avoided.


    for example some self declared christain church communities do not consider other self declared christian church communities as being " true christian" and visa versa.


    so clearly self decoration is insufficient to establish ones personal/ community christian bona fedes.


    then lest us now find agreement on a generally accepted definition of what it means to be "christian" in 2011 and going foreword.


    according to what my heart tells me a " True Christian " is  a individual or community that  is dedicated 100% to following The Saviors Teachings and example 100%."


    no one elses teachings should be followed by a True Christian because The Christs Teachings that we have been given and that are found in  every bible this day holds  The extended Gospel Records -


    and those extended gosple records are now  sufficient, have always been sufficient and will remain 100% sufficient for every follower and would be followers to establish a firm and TRUE personal and community Living  Relationship via The Holy Spirit with Our Savior Brother / Our Mighty Creator Father. 


    each "  follower of The Christ" in this focused dedicated way  is in fact and in Truth "The Only True Christians" and living stone in His Church.


    each community that would call it self "Christian " must do like wise or it will be know to all it is not.


    as each individual believer and living stone of His House / His Christan Church  tunes our living hearts ears to Hear Our Brother/ Our Fathers Living Voice call to us to guide us in our exclusive work in these living  earths fields of faithfully loves best as we alone and in community are able to get done.


    endeavoring to do  as Our Savior Brother who came before us did in this same work  too!


    True Christian Communities will make all community  doctrine, rules and by-laws  taking into account every living members voice  to those communities with open verifiable elections with proxy given to parent and cage givers for those not able to vote them self.


    for too to long corruptible folks got corrupted by the power there were given and there followers suffered over it.


    the most power any believer/ True Christian may have over any living heart is that one that beats in our own chest and none  others hearts unless they be our young children / or our infirm.


    all else requires a True Majority to hold as True with in the community.


    thanks for your review of this near feeble effort of mine and i look foreword to and thank you in advance for all your comment and reply.



    yours truly

    peter d roman


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    the bible belt has been getting spanked very hard by winds and wild fire for more then a few days now...

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 1:43 AM [General]



    its a shame that all those pages in those paper back lords of theirs seem to be having  them over look what is / what will be when employed very helpful gosple information for them all and others too.



    peace and goodwill to all-


    once very long ago whenever  Our Savior Brother was traveling from one area town to another with His Friends / disciples to tell The Folks of The Living Word of GOD they often did so upon peters fishing boat-


    or if the need be on a lager one belonging to a friend.


    one day while going to there next town by boat  Our Savior Brother took that between time occasion to get some good sleep and as He did  a huge gail storm over took the in comparison nearly feeble boat!


    that storm was so great in it intensity that peter woke Our Sleeping Savior Brother up to tell Him all on the boat were about to become dead fish food by it.


    with that Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh sprang up and ran to the bow and with His Fist clenched He TOLD The Storm TO BE GONE -


    and with THAT the winds stopped , the sky cleared, and a brought sun came out .


    as HE returned to His Napping area HE honestly but harshly told  His Friends they STILL HAD NO FAITH and asked aloud " how much longer He would have to endure there faithlessness ...


    on more then a few occasions i have told storms to be gone and they went away-


    sometimes the storms dose linger on but when that happens i go into prayer and inform Our Creator Father that a storm had not immediately complied with a command given to it in His Sons Name and THAT has always seen the stones immediate ending.




    if any storm dose not STOP when a believer in Our Savior Brother  tells it to do so in Our Savior Brothers Name or after notifying Our Father of its non-compliance-


    then there is a big problem with that believers faith like the long ago disciples suffered from.


    i would say it would likely be " bible over dose " that caused a flat salt like faith in that believer -


    and the only remedy that i know of for that old conditions is for the believer to become a committed practitioner of faithful Love as established and prescribed by Our Savior Brother Himself-


    as well as  to focus there attention 100% on the gosple records-


     thus  beginning  to rebuild there faith anew from the foundation up.


    ... at least this is what my heart tells me is True,






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    what we SHOULD already know about peter /paul and the church that was built upon there bones

    Monday, April 25, 2011, 11:29 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill-


    all else aside it should be clear to any objective observer that the " christian world " is foamed with two opposing philosophizes having become morphed into one.


    the one with a 1700 or so year old history/ pedigree that is said to have been  built upon the bones of peter and paul in rome with  teaches gleaned from the full bible-


    the other built upon the Living Words formed more then 2011 yeas ago being with Humanity's Saviors  Direct call to " FOLLOW ME" and The Direct Teaching that HE left to us to be able to do just that found completely  within the extend gosple records found complete in that same bible.


    today there are many good heart'd folks that try very hard to walk both paths that each of these church have set and find  failure in the doing become forgotten is the teaching left to us of "NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS".


    in the same way no one can serve and be faithful to two churches.


    The True Church is The Church that teaches ONLY The TRUTH and the best measure/ the best starting point of that Truth is held withing the extended gosple records.


    any christian church community that keeps there scripture focused to the teaching found in those extended gosple records as they encourage The Living Holy Sprite of Our Father Yahweh gifted by His Son Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa aka Jesus to flow into each of there members living hearts will be going the best they can for there flock and those flock will be safe during all storms and calamitous events  that are bring the false foundations christan churches down more each day.


    the churches  founded upon lifeless bones and mostly lifeless books are mostly lifeless now and if they stay that way with unchanged hearts they  will soon be fully as lifeless as there foundations bones are now.


    the neo- pharisee church establish in 322 ad or so as well as all there full bible bases branches need to convert to The Truths TRUTH without delay-


    the time left to do so has never been shorter.



    peace and good and tons o'love

    peter the roman


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    after 2011 years The Path of Faithful Love rooted in compassion , hope and mercy ...

    Sunday, April 24, 2011, 10:53 AM [General]



    ... is still bringing each once born human heart into New Life. His  Resurrection has resurrected our spiritual evolution and what adams fear  and anti- faith closed to human kind is not open-


    fully open once more.


    Once Our Mighty  Father Yahweh place two fearsome angles with fiery swords at eadns  entrance to keep faithless and unloving human kind out;


    from the second of Our Savior Brothers Resurrection 2011 years ago or so THIS MORNING-


    those  angles now  keep only those fearful faithless human hearts  and those  willing sold over to evil service out from paradise on earth.


    sadly  THEY  and there lies have convinced all the rest of us that " this  earth is a place to only suffer and there is no more paradise here".


    once personal lies are  accepted they become personal truth


    yet and still they too indeed ALL  are  invited to enter into The Truth that laid down His Innocent Life so that ALL may live.


    repent and begin anew all that are not presently walking upon  The  Saviors Path of Faithful Love making compassion, mercy and forbearance  to one another  our daily business/ servcie rendered to one another-


    and PARADISE will envelope around us without us seeing it until we are in its wonderful center.


    because as someone- i dont recall home- someone from long ago once nearly correctly said


    " love cleans off  all sins stains - forever".


    happy  easter to all and know that i am praying that ever meek and humble  hearted practitioner of faithful love and theirs - no matter what faith  they hold to- is  supper blessed now and forever more in the mighty Name  of Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh.


    yours truly

    peter the roman
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    being meek is not the same as being weak or inferior.

    Saturday, April 23, 2011, 3:03 AM [General]




    being meek is being able to honestly say-

    ' i am not greater then any one else and no one else is greater then i am."

    being humble heart'd is not being conceited and self centered in what ever talents and abilities that Our Father gifted to us all-

    being humble heart'd is always  giving  a thankful nod to Our Father God Yahweh  in all our gifts and abilities as well as being quick to forgive our self when our short comings show themselves more clearly then our flash dose.

    these things i do  know because my hearts writting  told them to me.

     i also know that every  believer in and of The Christ has a solemn duty to " love one another as greatly as Our Christ Loves us".

    but what i do not yet know is how exactly do i love some one that i can not stand- like a child rapist, or a slave trader, or a willing neo-nazi/ kkk member.

    its easy for me to love strangers as i give all the benefit of thinking the best of them and what they do with there lives on earth.

    but once i come to know that the once stranger is a wife beater, or sport bow hunter , or a dog fighter or anyone that has given themselves freely willingly into evils service to bring hurt  and harm to as many as they are able to...

    then i withdraw my love and i can not wait to get far from them and to wash up with very hot soapy water...and sometimes worse.

    i am sorry  to confess that my love is weak and that  i need to find a way or  ways  to make it grow like my Friend and Savior Brother Loves- perfectly.

    most of those once regular folks that i listed above were lead into those communities by false friend and false teachings

     any number of them  may themselves not be liking it all that much now that they have been made a part of it.... and could use a hand to change there life into something else...

    i need to grow my love better then it is -

    can some here tell me how i might be able to?


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    2011 years ago this day- the sin bill that adam and eve begun and all others added to has become PAID IN FULL.

    Friday, April 22, 2011, 1:08 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to every  faithful heart now in morning over this days hard painful memory partially identified in pictures  by m. gibsons Passion movie-


    before this day " this was nothing new under the sun".


    on this day then Newness in all things came into being under the sun beginning with Yahweh God Our Father Sacrificing for each human being.


    what begun with adam and eve ended with Our Savior Brother Abject Faith and Love as He laid down His Life for us His Friends.


    He left to us all perpetual forgiveness via remembering Him and all that He has done for us that is as strong as is our willingness to forgive one another.


    but make no mistake about it every believe of His has been giving a task to love as He Loves and NO ONE -


    no pope , no reformer, no version of any bible can end that tasked work we are to do.


    ONLY Our Savior Brother Himself can withdraw that COMMAND!




    peace and good and tons of grieving love




    yours truly

    peter the roman


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    i felt this exchange is thought worthy.

    Thursday, April 21, 2011, 10:12 AM [General]


    poster option / commentary...


    I don't disagree that there is a place for trying to manifest God's truth in the world.




    The problem is, that we ourselves are not St. Peter or St. Paul and our light of wisdom is not as powerful as theirs.


    Because we are not saints, we are likely to make some errors.  And then, instead of manifesting God's truth, we serve to oppose it.


    I would, for example, recall to mind, the example of famous preachers who overtly preached racist views in support of the KKK or further back, in support of slavery.


    Even the Nazis invoked the Church as backing their views.


    But, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, reading for the blind...all these direct acts of charity are far beyond the realm of abstraction, where errors are more easily made.


    There are Christians who believe war is justified, there are Christians who do not.  There are Christians who believe in the death penalty, there are those who do not. 


    Abraham Lincoln discussed this point, as people in both the North and South invoked God as backing their political agenda.  Lincoln said that God was only backing one side...and, by certainly wasn't the South.


    We must weigh political beliefs with our hearts.   Enter into a place of deep compassion for other people and feel what is right.  That is the expression of Christianity.  We can not merely mentally take some political point of view and have an idea that it is correct.  We have to have some personal spiritual verification of the truth.  And if we don't, then we best stay with direct acts of charity that are quite clearly beyond error.


     my reply




    orgive me please if this stings you -




    but you feel as you do because you too as so many others before you including me  have been mis-taught by your church-




    indeed we today are not like or as spiritually as powerful as peter and paul in there day-




    we are greater more spiritually powerful then they were. 




    they were born and lived under a world over filled with the fruits of adams sinful stain because Our Savior Brother Resurrection and Redemption of Human Kind did not happen in there life until they were very old men for that time and place.




    we on the other hand we all bone free of adams stain as Our Savior Brothers Perfect and COSTLY Work of Abject Faith and Love completed upon the cross ended that stains forward motion forever-




    just as adams free willed sin stared that flow long long before.




    it is not just the rcc that still teaches this opposing  anti- truth that original sin continues on-




    look and you will see that every one of the community evil doers that you sited in your posting as will and individual evil doer have a common error in there faith system-




    that somehow what was done on that cross 2011 is still not in itself sufficient-




    that still other things remain to be done and even then its only partially spiritual cleaning to human kind that lasts...




    look and you will find some variation of this roman catholic church based / craft false teaching being held and wholeheartedly believed like some folk believe in star-trak is true;




    even thought both of those teachings and views are false.




    the only balancing our hearts MUST do is to determine how we can best move foreword Our Saviors / Our Masters Way of faithful love foreword because only The Truth makes us free and only Our Savior Brother IS TRUTH ITSELF.




    a work has been left to ever believer by Our Master and Our Friend-




    no one by HE can free us from that commanded  work that we love one another as HE Loves us and THAT is what His Church was tasked with teaching to the world by our becoming  living examples of The Living Examples of what FAITH and LOVE are suppose to look like that HE Left to us.





    thanks for your thoughtful reply





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