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    the smallest bits form the biggest chain reactions that then crate the greatest kabooms.

    Friday, May 6, 2011, 10:41 AM [General]




    peace and goodwill to all-



    have you ever noticed that " things/ events " seldom just self occur-


    where as " intervention/ efforts" to stop unfolding events from worsening happen many time most every day?


    for example a drunk or drug addicted person was not born that way but could have been born into  a family were drunkenness and drug addictions are ongoing ways of life.


    that aside - most living drunks and addicts begun that road with there first exposure to drink and drugs and soon with repeated usage an attachment between there living heart and the lifeless drink or drug was formed.


    the more the usage , the more the " good feeling of happiness" that those things gave to the now chronic user and the farther away they " transported" that user away from the harshness of there sober world-


    the greater the with and breath of the attached between they and it becomes until IT  becomes THE most important thing in that now addicted persons world-100%.


    this is a very common  albeit  very simple yet very true rendition and over view of what i call " the chain reaction of attachment/ dependency and then  addictions".


    i was suprized to learn that non- chemical addiction unfold in very like ways as is noted above but  no drugs, no drink is needed for this chain reaction to start-


    the starting point is most always the same beginning with  a gaped/ wounded  human heart/ a confused  living psych that is suffering / in need of relief from some discomforting stimulus / event-


    suddenly as if by magic a wonderful relief comes  to us then  in the form of a lottery hope, or a new possible / intimate romantic relationship, chocolate ( my personal attachment) , or the comfort that comes from reading the bible/ following the t v bible teachers words speaking of the impostor paul and how if it were for him...


    the great the fruit of that stimulus to elevating our " not so good " feelings into " things are look so much better now-


    the greater the likely hood that that same attachment will be called upon .... again and again ... and the greater that attachment becomes between our living hearts and those non-living attachments IDOLS the less human we become and the more power that lifeless attachment will hold over us as our lord-


    we will respond to its call- albeit unwillingly at first and we will feel bad about how debased our responses are - steal kids college  funds, lunch  or rent money to make that next bet, buy that fifth o'jack , send in to that t v movie star looking pastors holy call to give it to them for " gods ongoing tv works"....


    the good news dear heart is that there IS A CURE for every addiction and disease that dose or may one day afflict effect  every part that makes up a human beings being-


    His Name IS Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh / aka jesus christ.


    He IS 2011 years old or so now and has He has  the great ability to be everywhere / anywhere  at one just like His Father-


    and YOU can learn more of Him YOURSELF from reading and praying over ONLY  the parts of the bible called " the gospels' ..


    there are four accepted gospels  there in and johns is my personal favorite.


    from THAT starting point The Holy Chan Reaction that WILL follow will have you come to know and understand that His Father IS Our Father too when we follow HIM and His Stated / Commanded Way of faithful love as He Loves- 


    that we are  all   kith and kin to each other  and-


    that our LIFE is NOT MEANT TO END the way human lives ended Before His Mighty Resurrection.


    talk about an ETERNAL PERFECT PURE CHAIN REACTION OF FAITHFUL LOVE  and all the Purest Fruit that it brings


    well that's it boyo !



    please know that i am prayer for every meek and humble hearted living human heart and hope that each find for themselves and help one another to find there Purest Love Attachment that is greater then all else in this world or the next.



    yours truly

    peter the roman






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    two teachers - two claiments to being " GODS Word" one of them is a lier.

    Thursday, May 5, 2011, 10:22 AM [General]



    most versions of today's bible are chiefly based upon a  biblical modal that constanteen had paid to have  constructed in 322 or so a.d.


    although most church  scholars report that many early christain communities have looked to various scriptures as they built there communities.


    it was not  until constanteen did what he did to give uniformity and clarity to the official church scriptures so those other patched work ones could be put away in favor of this new lifeless teacher whose  underlying theme with  guiding fear based principles  could be used to shape and reform simple love centered  believers hearts and minds into his wills want .


    he would have them changed from meek humble ones seeking depending  upon GOD each hour of each day into ones made fully dependent upon him and his court/ church  for all of GODS truth they were ever going to know for the next thousand years.... or so.


    like all good pagan roman administrators do he needed a written volume to administer by if he was going to properly administer OVER his new church as he ADMINISTERED over his newly won nation state of rome.


    i can easily understand why most common christain folks today  dont really know this part of there beloved bible own history.


    these things are  just not talked about in sunday school or at church worship services or during t v evangilizations...


    however  MOST of those folks ministers, priests, and  presbyters  DO  know of this books history-


    they learned of it in there ministers schools -


    they know of its blood pedigree starting with its still-birth  from the will and want of a murderous cowardly lying pagan roman named constanteen that was  later broadcast world wide by its faithful servants like luther, tinsdale and countless others that walked  into its service by there free will.  they took that book to there hearts calling it GODS WORD  and then  past it on as such to all there followers.


    today those many bible fans in the world   still call it "GODS WORD" as they  fail to here the mockery of those words due to there others inflicted spiritual deafness.


    MOCKERY because even that roman made crafted book  holds with in its pages True Testimony on the true "THE WORD OF GOD " Himself.


    that True Testimony is found  in a section of it called the gosple of john.


    for any that may not know " today bible comes in many official " versions " and it is broken down into three sections  or parts/ testaments-


    the old testament beings with stuff attributed to moses but moses is know to have been dead during some of those writing because those writing speak of his death and the angelic fight to claim his human remains...and it ends with what has long been considered the hebrew bible at least according to the 72 rabbi that constanteen hired to but those writing together for him in greek/ latin.


    the 2d/ 3d parts are " the new testament " and they further  break down into the four accepted gosple records  and then the " letters/ epistles from the apostles paul one impostor to that calling named paul, and  t closing with longest running terroistic threat the human world has ever known call revelations.


    of all those writings it is not Our Savior Brother Himself or Our Savior Brothers hand pick community leader peter-


    oddly enough it is the impostor pauls writings  that hold the lions portions of the entire new testament.


    the impostor paul puts forth his view of " christianity" without ever spending a single day at The Masters feet learning directly from Him as all the others did.


    it is no wounder then that when ever a full fledged bible fan speaks from or of there beloved bible


    - they speak MOSTLY of the impostor pauls writing found  there in.


    when the bible wheat is separated from its chaff - the pure what are the Our Savior Brothers  TEACHING found there in with some added commentary,


    they share things and  differ to one another in places as all honest and non- scripted witness reports do as well.


    but The Witness that is given in one of these four gosple records- found in the very start of john gosple tell all The Truest TRUTH of all the bible regrinding The TRUE Word Of GOD-









    there are this day two claimants to the title Word of GOD.


    one is a lifeless book with a unholy history and lineage and The Other is Our Savior Brother now living 2011 or so years.


    He in His Perfect Work of Perfect Love that freed human kind of our spiritual past and well as gifting us all with a path way to perpetual forgiveness by way of our faithful love has given perfect witness to His Truly Being The Living word of GOD -


    and because the paper back contender itself gives witness and testimony to Him too -


    i believe this question is now settled spiritual law-


    Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh is The ONLY LIVING TRUE Word of GOD and it is HE alone and  NOT the entire   bible that  we His Followers need to be faithful to.



    thanks for your consideration and commentary  to these views.



    yours truly

    peter the roman




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    " the bible" is many things- some good/ some not so good.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 11:37 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-


    the bible is many things both good and not so good.


    on the good side it is a partial recode of some of Our Fathers iterations with us in our human history;


    on the other side too many folks use the bible as their heart and there soul, their ONLY link to Yahweh's Holy Spirit in the here and the now.


    when THAT error is made they have no living Holy Spirit of Yahweh to guide them because they already filled there heart with a paper back substitute and now " there is no more room left in there inns".


    the worst thing about all the misplaced and misdirected faith that the bible has been given in this day in the u s a is that it has laid a massive foundation and portal for all manor of other falsehood and depictions to find a nest in those long deceived and decepted warn hearts-


    things like accepting the event of 9/11 were mostly the work of obl and his alquida loyalists from saudi arabia -


    like " we must kill them there so we dont have to kill them here "...


    like The Christ wants us to shape our lives around only what the bibles says....


    what we have been called  to do by Humanities Savior Brother requires no bible of greater length then the extended gosple records-


    even then we have been called to be "doers - NOT READERS"


    thanks for your time.





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    they say "sex workers" are human kinds oldest profession- i say the beasts in human skin that " make folks become sex works" are

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 9:38 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    i have a deep and enduring " problem" with most every known and functioning system of human commerce and finance practice today-


    but my biggest disagreement is with british based  amercian capitalism and the evil notion of "corporate person-hood".


    any human beings that are  living in a social system that is required to earn financial income in order  to "live" with in that system can never be more then a "half free being".


    tell me this  please-


    when there is nothing left for a person to earn a financial income from except by the selling/ renting out of there own bodies/ there childrens bodies-


    just whose sin is greater the now sex workers or


    or the society that placed them in that bitter soul harming position in the first place,


    or the communities " moral center/ religious center"  there faith community?


    i say the sex worker sin is least of all in those cases.


    when the blinded by greed powers of commerce turn all basic human requirements and necessities  into " commodities" that then require " all to pay and to pay as they demand"-


    then human being become even less then 50% free free and closer to becoming 100% enslaved.


    " they " say " market forces of supply and demand set every items cost in fair market ways-


    but " they " are lying there because for all my life i have seen " supplies" withheld so that " prices" would grow causing profit to incress for  person-less- soulless corporation person-hoods and there stock holders dividends grow.


    there are better ways to do market place  things then this model based upon person-less/soulless put forth by the american super greedy system of finance and economics-


    it is an old system establish long before the "west Indian trading corp." was -


    it is a system model called " the co-operative" co-op for short and it is build on the power of "many folks "  joining together as one purchasing  concern.


    for example if i as a single home owner needed to by heating oil i would have a perching power of one and that is no real purchasing power at all-


    but if i united with say 1000 other home owners in my town  then we as a block would have a greater collective gravity to negotiate for better heating oil prices from suppliers  as well as better prices in all things we got together in that way as a comm-Unity- coop.


    of course i believe that there are things that should never have been allowed to become " market place item" and need to be removed from there-


    for example  the things named in this nations founding documents and in the u n charter for human rights as well as  all those things required to maintain and achieve those stated rights of LIFE , LIBERTY  and PERSONAL HAPPINESS PURSUIT.


    the early church did like this as it spread around the mid-east and then outward to all the commerce centers of the then world-


    it was this community of unity via mutual love and respect and caring for one another done so because  THAT was what Our King told us to do -


    and that more then our worship of a single god Yahweh via His Son Yesh'wa Way of faithful love is what  set us against " the ways of the world"-


    and thus we became a thereat to the ways of that world and were persecuted by it for our love for one another- as Our Savior Brother Loves us even now.


    sadly  somewhere along the line the leadership of The Saviors Church became corrupted by the shine of gold and its focused changed from " communities looking out for communities"


    into " all must serve and give all to rome once more! "


    i say it started with the impostor pauls deceitful and dishonest intrusion into the early church  leadership and this church today is the fruit of his false doctrines and teachings-


    but that is my personal beliefs and i am not asking anyone to share it.


    after all there is very much " bad christain church leaders and teachings" we must now dig out from under if we are ever to regain what Our Savior Brother tasked us all with getting done BEFORE HIS RETURN!


    only fair warning do not ever quote any of the impostor pauls stuff to me least i swiftly kick you in your pants for polluting my ears in that way.


    dearly loved followers of Our Savior Brother and believers of THE CHRIST right now  the hour is very late -


    but i believe we can still at least start to turn this " church ship of love made lost by greed and self service"  around to become once more what Our Savior Brother left it to human kind to become-


    the anti-world"-


    the fair and honest and fully open system of system NOT meant for individual profit and gain as other individuals lose-


    but steed fastly  working to see all have what is needed as no one loses anything-


    least of all our living souls.


    because in the end it is only our faithful love that brings life into our souls enabling them to -


    " live the new life as the angel live life- forever"


    as the servants of unsatisfiable greed and blinding hate  are still hard at work working for the shining  golds of this world at best buys only a lifeless spot and a blank unreadable  stone in the church yard of lifelessness.


    thanks for reading this-


    i pray you and yours peace and good and tons o'love



    yours truly

    peter the roman






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    something very interesting was identified and the perfected before and during wwii germany- governmental propaganda.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 1:38 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    the governmental leaders of that time and place  did not invent or created the idea of telling lies to to there people-


    but in 1932 or so they did turn it into a scientific art form.


    there view was a simple one-


    "all people want to believe in something/ anything really  and are so why not give them something  to fill that apparent human need as they at the same time move there depressed nation foreword via the economic prosperity mechanism that warfare has been from the days of rome"


    gerbles there lead public  mind bend came to understand " that when a lie is told by one it is accepted and truth by another"


    "the greater the told lie the more that will come to hold it as truth."


    seem like we human beings have a big flaw here in our individual and community "believers"!


    however we in this age also have the blessed benefit of a massive sort-of-independent / reasonable reliable information gathering and real time world wide communications-systems  that no one in wwii days, before  ,or even not all that long ago had.  


    they say that thomas Jefferson age was the last point in human history were a person " could know" all that there was to know- until now.


    now we can do even better then knowing everything-


    we can find out everything.


    if we ride the internets to go back into church history  to 1500 a d germany  as the age of reformation was busting lose all over roman bound europe - a catholic monk and priest has taken all the official church lies he could stand and said to vatican  rome and to his price "NO MORE"!


    at the futile time the lords of a nation were appointed / bless by the lords of the roman catholic church-


    pope leo - a wealth member member of the wealth  medichi family was the then  lord of the church and to fund his military efforts to bring more prosperity to his family's and his church  he decided to raise money ny " selling  sins pardons " called indulgences-


    as well as " pay - to - see- church - holy relics" and such.


    martin luther was a very learned man but he was a greatly troubled man too - in body, in mind and most impotently in his spirit.


    still his faith was also great placed firmly in what Our Father / Our Savior Brother did for him as well as all human kind.


    when he could no longer continue to blindly accept all the church crafted evil and wrong that was going on around him -


    as it had gone around so many others for so so long before he stopped trying to accept and began working to correct it.


    martin luther used his high powered thinker of his and using the accepted scriptures as his only holy stone he flung it at the foul vatican goliath and he took out its eye with it.


    sadly much violence and human suffering followed this action and martin himself did come to sell out not to romes power over folks as people read and interpreted " the scriptures that pagan constantine bound together some1100 years or so earlier raised up in arms against there oppressors and were brutally put down  by his own local patrons - royalty every one- just as the lord of rome would have done to them.


    what martin luther built upon was begun  by others before him starting with a frail little fellow from northern italy named frances who was responding to Our Savior Brother Direct Call to him to




    francis did as good as he could but the church mostly stayed mostly as it was when he found it.


    martin luther did as good as he could and much better results followed his often harsh and very direct style-


    better then many others that tried  before him-


    but Our Savior Brothers House is Still in Ruin and is  in its greatest  need of rebuilding even now.


    in 1962 or so a very unexpected uncommon leader came into  chief office of the roman catholic church- john the 23- aka the good pope called thus  for a very very good reason -


    he was indeed he still is  a very very good man and humble heart'd  meek follower of Our Savior Brother Called Way of Faithful Love as near to 100% as any practicing catholic clergy man can every be because he was also a life long secular franciscan too.


    very soon after his coronation into office he called for " the second vatican council".


    when he suddenly left his biological life to take up his Heavenly Residence with Our Father/ Our Savior Brother much of what he wanted to get done with 2vc was paired down to only a few things.


    may mane is peter the roman and i intend to finish what was started by my brother francis from assisi in 1228 ad or so, continued with martin luther in 1565 or so  and nearly completed with the good pope john 23d.


    i intend to do it as Our Savior Brother Saves all Human Kind- one heart and mind at a time.


    the things i said earlier about lies that are told having a luring power over human kind is sadly true.


    but The Good News is  "TRUTH feels better - most naturally in our loving faithful living hearts  and The Greatest Human TRUTH there is is Named Yesh'wa BAR YAHWEH aka jesus christ.


    my faith , my love. my hope my all are bound up in HIM and i have 100% confidence that " the old way of the divided, distracted and dysfunctional christain church-


    both sacramental  and biblical is going to become what Our Savior Brother left it here on earth to become-


    the anti- world a pure power of good, of mercy of justice and faithful love...


    ... but if it be Our Father will that i fail because of my weak and nearly feeble human nature / thinker then like john henry's wife did for him- dont mean nothing weird or sexual by that - only love in its purest sense.


    i pray YOU pick up this call foe all the faithful to focus upon the extended gosple records alone until The Holy Spirit of Yahweh moves into to every believers living heart too.


    as a matter of fact you do not even need to wait-


    if you feel called to pass this TRUTH ON then do so now.


    thanks for taking the time to read this love note-


    i will be praying for you and every other meek and humble heart'd practitioner of Our Savior Way weather i be in this world or the next.




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    a tail of two christian church communities- these are the best of times, these are the worse of times...

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 10:13 AM [General]





    - was Humanity's Saviors steadfast scriptural reply to human kinds long lived deadly enemy when it used scripture as a tempting lour agenst Him during His desert/ wilderness pre-teaching perorations. 


    as they too  where to become the the words that turned The Saviors once  faithful  into becoming the dolting servants of the paper word -


    the bibles own  most faithful, loyal, and i am heart broken to say very  mindless servants.


    from that gosple exchange came forth the flood of false equivalences that has made the bible the most popular selling book in human history-


     it / they  has lead 1/6th of  human kind  to where we spiritually stand now upon  those  paper rocks that  countless folks  have been wrongly told to  built there house of personal and community faith upon-


    sadly for all them standing there on  THAT / those " paper rocks -


    they are also standing  very very far apart and away  form Our Fathers/ Our Savior Brother Loving Hearts be now!


    all because the phase that has been removed from it True Context as they shamefully  altered its tense from the present to the past.




    for far too long this phase has been wrongly misidentified from  early in church history as it  is still mis-stated today to  have the faithful believe that -


    " all that is scripture is the word that comes forth from gods mouth".


    yet nether Yahweh or His Son Yesh'wa NEVER said anything of the kind.


    seems the   countless semi-faithful are still needing to touch something firm to put there faith to-


    as thomas the " i will believe it when i see it " apostle told his breather so long ago.


    however what all believer do know of "THE WORDS THAT PROCEED FORTH FROM THE MOUTH OF YAHWEH" is found  somewhere in THE GOSPEL SECTION of there scripture bound beings is what follows now :








    up to that point it was fair to refer to the scriptures as Gods Word-


    but following this  Yahweh Own Endorsement of His Own Son and saying NOTHING MORE to continue scriptures primacy or place of continued honor in human kinds daily spiritual life.


    we the  faithful spiritual references is NOT now nor was it ever given by Our Savior Brother to be the entirety of the  bible(s) and there many versions that  we have flooding to spiritual death churches today;


    it is and has been ONLY the portions of that bible i call " the extended gosple records" that are truly suitable for a believer in THE CHRISTS foundational teachings;


    and then only until Yahweh's  Holy Spirit takes up residence in we believers living hearts and than at last WE will Hear


    " each word that proceeds from Our Fathers Mouth as they pour forth " so our own self can hear it directly as believer are meant and given to hear them.


    The Followers of THE CHRIST are called to " teach and preach and live the gosple to all the world"-




    please feel free to comment / reply as you will to... better yet say nothing put down your bible and get out side and love!


    its a nice day for it.



    yours truly

    peter the roman



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    the gleeful cheer surrounding the death of obl is vexing and deeply disturbing for me to witness.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 12:22 AM [General]



    Humanity's Savior told all that have ears-





    from what i have been hearing these past 24 hours there sure seems to be a bumper crop of rotten trees and rotten fruit abounding in all directions!


    how can things have gotten so foul ?


    what can be done to fix this tide of human hate with so much american  faith given over to   false military solutions  and  there partners of corrupt industries and there theft of what was given to the people to share equily in  as those robber barons daily work to  see our  earth positioned into its death ?!?


    i tell you true i do hope and pray with all the faith i have built up and have been gifted with that  may 21 IS


    " the end of this non-loving , faithless, hate/ fear based world " !


    and that may 22 brings the end of every lie and half truth , the end of corrupted leadership and unfairness and injustice of every kind and manor.


    so that every day that follows may add unobstructed  undistracted and undiminished into True Faith in all the things that Human Kinds Savior told us matters most to Our Father and thus our spiritual/ physical evolution that the practice of faithful love allows to unfold in us all.


    this sounds harsh and i can not help that but i do not wish to here anyone ever again tell me of "the impostor paul said this"  or "that long dead solomon said that!"








    to all that continue to walk in Our Savior Brother established way of faithful love springing  forth from a meek and humble heart-


    i apologies to you for the tone of the cap's info above and to you i say that i am praying for you and yours ... unstoppingly.




    peace and good and tons o'love








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    a second time around....

    Monday, May 2, 2011, 8:51 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all and my heartfelt prayer for super blessing to be bestowed upon each and ever meek and humble hearted follower and practitioner of Humanity's Saviors Path of faithful love-



    the following is a reprint of a reply i made that night - hence the ending reference to the lateness of the hour.


    i find it to be maybe my best attempt yet to make simple things that i find  hard to express that way regarding our churches history and the reasons for its re-reformations now more then ever.


    i do not have permitting to use the original point that this post is responding too- but it was about my not seeing and appreciating better the " mullti -story church " we have now... that i should see the apostles writ tings as a rich fountain of info....






    i think you hit the most key point of all-


    Our Saviors House was not meant to be a multi story building!


    i believe it has been wrongly turned into one but it was originally and is still meant to be ONE STORY-


    Our  Saviors Story self told and retold by His Followers to all the world so  that all may at least be giving Living Truth by Living fellow Human  beings-


    so that all may have give and have been   given to one another the " invitation to eternity via Love " in-person  and with honest love.


    we were told by Our Savior  Brother Himself that " there will be those that come in My Name and may  will be lead astray..." well who were they ?


    my heart says it was the i/p and his crew- at least for a time.


    weather they found True Redemption and Salvation or not i can not say but i hope that they did.


    what  i can and do say is that i believe the gosple records ALONE to be  sufficient to learn of Our Savior Brother and The Work that all  believers and Followers of His are bound to daily do.


    i  need no other teachers teaching save The Savior Himself and that  teaching starts in the extended gosple records and is taken over at a  given point by The Holy Spirit ITSELF.


    because i know myself to be of small brain i will to avoid all others teaching weather bible born or elsewhere formed.


    two  last points i dont think i made well enough yet that is i feel very impotent regarding the apostles and there teachings -


    1)  all of them as well as all that they spoke and ministered too  were  born with adam stain and were in need of rebirth with weather and spirit  to become spiritually cleaned from that stain.


    that IS NOT how we have been born.


    from  the instant of Our Saviors Resurrection ever human baby that was once  born with adams stain was from then on  born without it forever more sin free and Spirituality  Perfect.


    sadly we all do find it easy to sin  during our life and that is why Our Savior Brother left to us all the  path of perpetual forgiveness...


    but when any  reads of the early church speaking of the born sin they were all once  bound by they are NOT tell TRUTH to we in this age.


    its  like reading the decoration of independence and as you do believe king  george was in fact alive and well because of the words used there in.


    we  must and we will be made free of that 1700 year old document and its  bindings that Our Savior Brother did free us all from long long ago.


    2) peter the rock was indeed hand picked by Our Savior Brother to shepard that band original of apostolic ministers-


    likewise imho ONLY Our Savior Brother can replace  Him -


    when he laid down His Life for being Our Savior Brothers Witness No One  WAS given to us  as HIS REPLACEMENT-


    i spoke to much for this late hour- good night friend.


    thanks for your kindhearted reply-


    i hope that mine was not too to confusing and hard to follow.


    yours truly

    peter the roman


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    maybe some of my biblical centered friends can tell me this about Yahweh's Wrath...

    Sunday, May 1, 2011, 1:40 AM [General]




    ...because its has been many decade from my reading of those accounts my own self -

    dose Our Father tend to back off a bit during His Justices Dispensing in hope that some may take those between occasions to repent there errant ways in hopes of there starting anew-

    or dose He tend to keep it going once its begun?

    i seem to recall examples of both in the old text...


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    keeping the bibles countless ordinances gives a false and unholy cover to NOT following The Saviors Own.

    Saturday, April 30, 2011, 2:11 PM [General]




    peace and goodwill to all and  a prayer for super blessings to be bestowed upon each and every humble heart'd follower of The Saviors Way.



    Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh came to human kind to establish a NEW Way for us  live upon this earth-


    HE did NOT Come to keep the old way continuing on.


    much of the foundational instructions of Our Savior Brother "New Way" is found today in every bibles sections called " the gospels"-


    as most of the  of the "old / obsolete  way " is found in the scriptural writings called the " old testament"-


    as the the scriptural documents responsible  for the faithful " turnaround " from the new way back to the old obsolete  way is found in the rest of the " new testament"-


    it was the usurped christian church ALONE  that was formed in rome near 322 a d that is responsible for putting the bible as a whole upon the faithful community of believers in Our Father and Our Savior brother .


    the difference between the "old way"  that leads only to the grave because of sins then  sovereignty in the human heart and-


    the "New Way of faithful love" that leads to New Life via paradise restored because of the new level of faith and love that Our Savior Brother  has  gifted to human kind  with is as different as night is to day.


    just as when fifteen folks standing in the same room sharing  a yearly income below the poverty line all become on average " super rich " when bill gates enters that same room-


    so too when Our Savior Brother joined us here starting 2011 years or so ago -


    all our faiths and loves potential was lifted up to His Own Standard by His Own Standard.


    OUR  Savior's  Ordinances and Commands ARE NOT what this world held as true before He Came to us.


    He establish His Ordinances that His Followers were to pass on by our faithful living example-


    as HIS HOUSE was gifted to the world so that all that would will to keep to His Called Way of faithful love would be able to do so without having to sell or rape there own souls in order to keep to the worlds business and tradering ways.


    ONLY the biblical ordinances and commanded established by Our Savior Brothers ALONE were to be kept by Our Savior Brothers followers.


    as keeping to  any others way found in the bibles lifeless pages  no matter there author is to show ones self as that ones  servant and NOT Our Saviors Own!


    those  other ordinances have allowed Our Savior Brother TRUTH to be turned into myth.


    keeping faith to what IS NOT OUR SAVIOR BROTHERS OWN GIVEN WAY has today reduced the faithful's collective faith to now being near flat salted!


    of all the false / once true but now obsolete ordinances that needs urgent  correction is the evil false christian church doctrine call " the just war doctrine".


    the fruit of that LIE has wrought death, theft , destruction and massive suffering to all the earths life and it is 100% against the True Ordnance on the subject that we human kind that will to follow Our Savior Brother were left to follow .


    i wounder if the recent massive natural distractions our nation underwent and in some areas is still under going is a natural effort to pay back all the massive damage and harm the american aggressive war systems   has caused in recent years?


    while you are stil able to reduce your bibles to the gospel records and the old testament writings to only what  Our Savior Brother Himself made reference to in those gospels-


    that is IF you still feel you need a scripture to support your faith.


    build your personal spiritual moral code and compass your own self from those scriptures alone and very soon The Living Holy Spirit of Yahweh HIMSELF will share in your living heart to guide each step you may need guidance to take-


    and require your faith community to do like wise or leave them untilthd and un-prayed for.


    or keep to your full bible as your guide and i pray you find peace in graves that  it  leads you and your soul into-


    because Our Fathers House requires us to love as Our Savior Brother Loves for entry and longevity there.


    when you learn better Our Savior Brothers ordinances you will learn the following:


    - all human kind matter to Him but the innocent children matter to Him Most. they are to be protected and safe guarded and lead into His Love and Faithful Light -


    they are NOT to be allowed to raped by clergy or wrongly taught by ministers of hate.


    - all human beings- men women rich poor great and small matter the same to Our Father/ Our Savior Brother/


    but anyone  that wills to allow others to have less because they feel their plenty is seen by them theirs alone  will know what it is like to have nothing because all must have enough of Yahweh's Bounty before extra is gifted the next go round-




    not exon the imf, haloburton et el.




    yours truly

    peter the roman




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