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    spiritual growth and development is an individuals own work and not any communities, but communities sure do facilitate each...

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 11:00 AM [General]



    ...  of its individual members spiritual growth often  in less then optimal ways.


    ( sort of a poem )


    peace and goodwill for all-


    over crowed schools filled with too many apathetic students that have been made emotionally stunted by there tv -


    that come form  apathetic homes in  apathetic communities are being educated by too many apathetic teachers lost in the " i want more and i want it now " teachers union classrooms.


    sadly soon for too many those tagged schools walls wall  will be traded in for prison walls were apathetic prisoners will mistreat one another and become mistreated by another in the way of the once human now made savage money lined jail house jungle-


    as too many  apathetic guards focus too much of  there caring and concern  on the good things there next union contract may hold ...


    ... all  as an apathetic american industrial and political base  bought out by wall street banks that finance long term misery at very high interest rates say...


    " you want work- go to china".


    mostly  because most of the rest of us have grown  up  never seeing  a stranger CARE FOR  OTHERS AS IF ALL OTHERS WERE THEM SELF'S or heard nor seen 100% truth come from any so called " mediator of god".


    no one can pass on what they do not know- unless its a lie that is being passed on like a counterfeit $100 bill.


    no real  degree of selfless concern   was never  made real in many of the fruit of the huddled masses  ears or eyes or near frost bit skin .


    still there is some small cause for hope for us all-


    every once and again  someone wills and then takes the mantel of " Loves Troubadour " so that anyone with eyes to see with may yet  see The Way -


    - The Way  to find the treasure that can not be stolen and the place where all is forever free and far  beyond human life on earths  pain and  deaths stink.


    yet for now we  in america must wait a bit longer  as the american president that we  all can count upon for still greater disappointment   dose his work well once again exceeding every expectation-


    as new americans are tattooed with  " born owning" across there foreheads in more permiant colors for all to better see there " born into economic slavery " class mark.


    " at last theirs a social class lower then the low- wow reverse progress at last!!!"


    make so by creating  an impossible debit that is now worse in sum then it ever was before but still not as bad as its going to get ... if "war/ human and all living things suffering infinity" gets its sadistic  way still more...


    ... as the truth informer assage is ordered held in a u k jail without bail.





    peace and good and tons o'love




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    imagine a social reality set at the exact polar opposite to the way that this nation is presently set at ...

    Saturday, December 4, 2010, 2:49 PM [General]



    ... would that be something to see and something wonderful to be a apart of its making !?!


    it would take a lot of individuals faith but such a collective work done by us to make this polor shift happen  would wash away the new sin that we have allowed  to fall upon our souls by our allowing this  current bloody evil system to continuing on via our inaction and silent cooperation .


    peace and goodwill to all-



    i mean what if this nation of ours had its true political authority resting in the hands of its citizens that lay in the lower 98th economic percentile and not the upper 2%?


    what if then the popular will of the people was that ether the bottom 98% become elevated into the top 2 percentile -




    the top 2% had there wealth reduce to become equal to those of the bottom 98%?


    ether one seems fair enough to me and the heighten domestic tranquility that this move would also create by at least silencing all the recent washington tax speak over cutting this and extending that would be an added gift.


    what if the recharged and retooled american industrial base turned away from its long lived weapons building and war supporting footing and refocus its self to becoming the  energy effect and higher resources saving modular home builder of the world?


    the local c b s news showed modern humble yet elegant 500 sq feet modular homes that were once shipping containers that sell for less then 33k.


    what if the national financial theory was changed from " build up your debit as you live your life and then try to pay it off while hoping to one day win the lottery or having  a good  night in vagus"-


    into one were  every american is given an equip stake of say the equivalent modern day  value of 40 archers and a mule to build there life from as a birth right ?


    why are " the  way things are now" seen as " the way things must be and continue on as"?


    i say everything that is not supporting others ability to grow in faithful love is anti-love and therefor NOT supported by Heaven.


    i say when american Human Beings  are allowed to be tossed from there homes because the financial  means to continue on in those homes have been lost or the " terms " of those home loans have changed creating the same effect- something evil is under foot.


    i say when  HUMAN BEINGS are then required to exist as animals  animals have no capacity or obligation to love anything then Heavens Way has become corrupted- something from hell has taken root there.


    i say when medical help in ending any human suffering is allowed to be withheld because " profits and bottom lines are negatively effected- evil injustice is flowing.


    then i also say that all the established systems that have allowed those things to unfold is anti-human in there nature and must be beaten into dust so that HUMANITY may continue on and free to love.


    you may say that "i am  a communist" but i am not.


    i am a Saviorest and The Saviors Way of faithful love as His Love is ever faithful to we His Followers is what i support and endorse and call upon all believers in compassion and mercy to support and endorse and act to establish for all as well.


    this nation - this world has been made as into what it  has become  by human hands and wants;


    it can by those same element be made to become anything else as well-


    ... so why not let us of like minds  become about these  love centered works meant  to insure that  everyone everywhere  has met all that human being may need-


    so that there is no further encumbrance to everyone's  own loves growth and maturation?


    you may say that the oligarchies political power structured will never allow such changes to the status quo-


    let me remind you that goliath and his pals felt the same way until little david changed there game forever.


    and greater then david is Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh and Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh is with every one of His Followers ALWAYS " even until the last hour of the last day!"


    if  the massive numbers of long  distressed  and over fed-up american citizenry were to begin attending political events NOT with fire arms but with pitchforks, shoves , other scary visuals like nooses of rope-


    i believe that there would be an immediate changes in the american political discourse at every level of american/ state  government-


    i bet congress as well as all states legislatures would stay in around the clock sessions taking NO MORE TIME OFF At ALL until the problems that they themselves had created are fixed.


    imagine that john lennons song came into being!


    ... faith makes anything  so and fear keeps anything  from unfolding.



    peace and good and tons o'love



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    the american oligarchy wants ...MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, December 3, 2010, 11:38 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    " oligarchies" are governments - political powers that are made up of  the wealthiest members of a communal society or nation.


    the oligarchies  are the oldest and most prevalent form of the worlds  governments operating today next to military dictatorial juntas and religious tyrannies as so called "democracies"  fade away by the day- sometimes by the hour .


    to make matters worse yet- military juntas and religious tyrants are often the paid tools and players set forth by oligarchs to do there bidding and bringing in the crop with the least amount of resistance possible.


    the oligarchs are for all intents and purposes " the powers that be" that j. calvin and his newly freed bible book spiritually endorsed and encourage calling personal wreath " proof of gods favor".


    they come mostly from " old money" with many coming from " new money" but the bottom line is they ALL  come from " money".


    like it or not we here in the good ol' u s a now live under  a oligarch hybrid form of government that is made up of a bit of each of the above list with the oligarchs leading the way and calling ALL the shots - of course.


    there is not ONE MEMBER  of the u s congress that won there seat as a true member to the middle  class earning only  the median prevail wage of the community that they came from.


    after all elections and political campaigns  have been intentionally made to very expensive events " needing lots o' money " to effectively compete in them.


    once in political office " debits must be repaid" and should it ever come to pass that the politicians patrons are not antiquity served or god forbid become active in ways harmful to that patrons " interests" -


    ... well lets just say that there are always more potential politicians were the elected officials  came from.


    there is nothing new about " wealth calling the shots" in america politics, indeed this is always been the american way.


    g. washington was on the day of his inauguration the riches man in america, t. jefferson owned 202 slaves at his , j. adams had a semi-humble start but he  and b. franklin soon came to  never need or  want for anything from this world-


    as countless " fellow  americans" of there day , neighbors all had to sell themselves into "indentured slavery"   in order to repay the very high costs of "living free" in the america to what had quickly became OWED to there debtors -


    the corporations and the  banks of there day.


    an america  created and build up from slaves and oppressed women and childrens' forced endless labors that quickly brought an end to there too short lived life.


    from a bloody revolutionary war that gave bloody birth to this slave holding nation with the mark of cain pressed clearly  upon it that was financed and profited by old world money lenders and money changers.


    years of military violence to native folks made revolutionary war easy to swallow as did each previous war make the next one easy to swallow too...


    and with each new conflict " the oligarchies" power and influence grew in proportion to there new war won wealth.


    today the millionaires in the u s congress and millionaires  that sit in judicial seats and the millionaires that set in the executive offices all do the bidding of the ones that hold and pull there strings.


    evidence of this TRUTH is found in the lack of investigation brought by this congress and administration  into the true  events that launched the u s into bloody war in iraq and 9/11 wtc bldg 7 wounderous free fall collapsing or the recent wall street super plunder and theft that is still being done and unfolding ;


    add that with the recent  a " get em at all costs" footing this nations government leadership has taken with apprehending the wiki leaks page founder BEFORE he shows the cables of the inside wall street  super theft/ stolen iraqi oil and the new and old oligarchs that gave birth to those plans and carried out all the actions that followed. -


    and a massive criminal case that only the oligarchs can do becomes clear.


    looks like boss tweed was correct when he boasted " you can always pay off half of the poor to kill off the other half"-


    so long as we can keep a " poor class" going is my own add on.


    at this time and for  nearly the past ten years u s a is fighting in two wars and acquiring in the doing  the largest debit of  all the earths nations -


    as all the earths nations have themselves inturn became " indebted" to oligarchies in the form of world banks and trade organizations born from world war one and two.


    a new american "super size  poor class" made from these huddeld masses  are now being fitted to carry all  this debit to be passed  on to our kids is now being crafted.


    well if the rich folks don't feel that the inheritance or death tax is fair to be paid on monies over $ 7 million-


    then i do not believe unborn children should be placed into ANY  debit before they birth and there own want to take personal debit on!


    resolution of all debit by mutual forgiveness of each of the earth nations is what must happen now to under cut the oligarchs -


    or else soon  every non-oligarch that will be born into this world will be made not sin bound but debit bound born slave.


    we must all  commit to building each other up via peaceful faithful love and reject the old war aggressive fear based hate making war.


    or else the debits of the fathers will pass onto the yet to be born children and that i will not abide aid  or am  willing to watch happen!


    will you allow your kids and grand kids the short lived loveless  life of a born slave?


    no amount of violence or warfare can alter the course that we have been made to follow and are following NOW.


    only our pure and  rock solid faith , burning love, and steadfast  to what Humiliates Savior Brother has to say at any given moment can get us past this new old time relived were mud is pavement and evil is seen as virtue.


    its too bad that today there is no unified church community  dedicated to Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh's  Way of Faithful Love to serve as world wide counter-force for freedom opposing the oligarchs way of slavery and servitude and violence-


    because many of today's  religious leaders are themselves faithful willing servants of the oligarch now as there counter parts were in days and centuries past.


    but the good news is that mayhaps TOMORROW such a church community shall be here.


    did i hear someone ask "constitutional convention anyone"?



    peace & good & tons o'love







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    ANTI- LIGHT: is what the bible centered church has created and propagated for the past 1700 or so years.

    Thursday, December 2, 2010, 9:08 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-


    many say " if it were not for constanteens sword there would most likely be no christian church today".


    to that i nod my head in agreement adding:


    " yes and all the ANTI-Light that that false- that counterfeit church had created then and in every age that has followed its false lead  would not have misled so many souls into oblivion and hell itself ."


    sadly for those of us living now in this age The Saviors  True Light is still burred beneath countless doctrines and dogmas and  rituals and false / obsolete teachings that have come to form a sort of "spiritual black hole".


    in science a black hole is a area of possible anti-matter whose gravity is believed to be so great that even "light' itself can not escape from its inward pull.


    in ecclesiastical terms i believe a "spiritual black hole" is created by teaching teachings that are  "OTHER then The Saviors Own Teachings"-


    when someone freely places there mountain moving faith into  untruthful teaching such as  fully human crated things like the bible book are "somehow of and from god"


    teachings and things that Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh NEVER passed on to us -


    then soon NOT even His Perfect Light can reach into that mislead believers heart and that soul now lacking Loves Holy spiritual  maturation soon becomes forever  fallow laying in oblivion's' fields;


    or its  unnurtured  heart finds its easy to   follow evils path and dose ANTI-LOVES WORK and thus inherits hell as a just pay for faithful services  rendered. 


    recently i have seen bits of evidence that suggests that old errors in church teachings  are being corrected -


    and that has given me great hope that " The Saviors light" is reaching into our human hearts once more.


    yet the lingering question remains open-


    is it enough to reunite believers into one church community focused upon Yash'wa BAR Yahweh and His Teachings- His COMMANDED  Way of faithful love  as Yesh'wa and Yahweh are themselves forever  ONE?




    will the foul and blood course that  started with constanteens cowardly sword continue on still in believers hearts?



    peace & good & tons o'love



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    ANTI-TRUTH : placing faith in falsehoods leaves the practitioner standing upon ever shifting quick-sand like ground doomed...

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 10:17 AM [General]




    ... to one day be swallowed whole by it.



    peace and goodwill to all-



    i believe Humanities Savior Brother IS a real person still living His Life that begun over 2000 years ago albeit in a newly evolved form and being.


    i DO NOT believe much of what " christian church communities " teach of Him.


    it looks to me  as thought long ago the call was made by church leadership to approve the mixing  His Truth with what ever falsehood that may become available if that mixing leads to a more pliable congregations and less troublesome communities.  


    the bibles crafting was a giant step in that direction because it allowed " false gospels and long obsolete " teachings to become the very foundation of there new hybrid church / state governing model while paying lip servcie to Yahweh and His Saving Lamb Yesh'wa The Messiah from Nazareth.


    keeping " the impostor pauls teachings " as the very heart of the public church community was in many ways keeping collective humanity  frozen, stiffed, spiritually bound  and  living in a perri- Resurrection time still trapped under adams stain like a veal calf.


    placing " the scriptures " into a volume and then allowing ONLY CLERGY to have direct access to " some " of those scriptures turned " christianity "into a " scripted religious theater " .


    after 1500 years or so " the script" made its way into the audiences hands and many of the religious theater " producers" became enraged by the scrips being leaked out-


    and then they felt fearful of  losing there livelihoods if not very  there lives  when the falsehoods and lies that they put forth were found out not to be TRUE.


    as the month of december starts anew it is important for we believers and believers in training to  keep in mind that Our Savior Brother was NOT likely  born on 25 dec.-


    and that pushing this falsehood dose no one good -


    indeed much spiritual and intellectual harm comes from every falsehood that is passed off as truth.


    Our Savior Brother could have been born on any day of the year and so keeping EACH DAY as His potential birth day is more honest then passing on a myth and falsehood begun in the forth or fifth century roman catholic church as it sought to incorporate pagan cultures into  " christian church community" by making this long held pagan time of year a key part of there church calender..


    Our Savior Brother declared Himself to be The Light , The Truth , and The Way"; any that would seek to follow Him MUST LIVE IN TRUTH as best as our facilities  and abilities allow...




    we can not change the past-


    all that was was.


    but we can and we must make the now MORE TRUTHFUL so The Truth shall will out-


    or  you confirmed lairs - CHILDREN OF THE ORIGINAL LIAR -you  should make ready to drown in body and in spirit for daring to continue to  trade upon Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh TRUTH, LIGHT and WAY into New Life -


    The New Life that you will never know because you lie to your own self saying you prefer to keep what you have now not acknowledging that  it is all now or soon to be  forever lost.


    i vow upon Heavens Highest Alter permiant and everlasting hostility and steadfast opposition to all that seek to and indeed practice  " truths shaping into anti-truth"!



    because if The Truth makes us free as i believe it dose-


    then anti-truth binds us into slaves and servants locked into serving this worlds falsehoods and illusions-


    increasing as its processes  fruit  fear and hate -


    as honest and pure mountain moving faith and love becomes diminished and then lost.




    peace and good and tons o'love



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    ANTI-LOVE: the case agenst the impostor paul and other false gospels and there teachers.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 12:09 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-


    my heart has log cried out-


    " saul from tarsus is NOT The Saviors Apostle because his teaching- that is to say the biblical  writings attributed to his pen  do not echo The Saviors save but for a very  few examples."


    i believe that the greatest testimony against the impostor paul is found in the fact that NOT ONE of the churches that he claims to have founded in corinth, galatia, etc... has NOT withstood the test of time-


    each and every one of them are now overwhelmingly  islamic communities with only token " christians missionaries and evangelist" groups remaining .


    as those once " pualest" church communities  traded off what should have been a true " faith in The Savior"  for  there faith from one so called holy book and then for faith in another so called holy book.


    most folks that " believe" in pauls writings do so because they believe the story of his " meeting jesus on the ride to demaskus".


    but if saul and his followers were  authentically  met by the Risen Yesh'wa " on the road to demaskus " as they were attending to  there cowardly murderous mission of beating and stoning to death peace loving believers that the  temple authority commissioned them to do -


    then EACH ONE of them present would have heard and seen what only saul claims to have heard and seen.


    NEVER BEFORE OR AFTER this reported event has Humanities Savior Brother ever said or did anything that was NOT WITNESSED by EACH AND EVERY  human being in that given area.


    the only way that the impostor pauls teachings and spiritual poison pills can continue to be spread is by there continual placement within the pages of the bible book and to having the bible book spoken of and referred too as  " gods word".


    as long as they ( those false teachings and false gospels) are held with in the pages of  that so called holy book -


    the more and more would be believers will fall into the spiritual ditch those false  teachings has dug.


    just as all those from corinth , galica, etc-


    just as pastor phelips, rev swaggart, most every  catholic clergy , protestant clergy , and bible serving evangelical minister et el has fallen into;


    ... and that spiritual ditch is deep and it is terrible because it is were every soul made lost by the false gosple of the impostor paul  has been forced to dig with there wondering steps-


    ... and today there number is mega legion.


    like it or not, asked for or not, bidden or unbidden all Humanity was redeemed and made spiritually clean by Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh Perfect Work of Perfect Work of Absolute Faithful Love completed upon a roman cross outside jerusalems wall as the jewish leadership watched as the temple vial split and its buildings foundation broke open some 2010 yeas or so ago.


    just as no human being has a chose in carrying the spiritual fruit of adam work of anti -love and anti-faith.


    now that every human heart is spiritual free and innocent each one  can become  "One With Yahweh/ Yesh'wa" ONLY IF The Saviors Way of faithful Love is freely chosen and followed-


    just as Our Savior COMMANDED we must do.


    any modern day believers that are looking to carry The Saviors Light while in this too darken world must do so carrying only the bible that Our Savior Brother handed to peter the rock -


    the  version that  The Prophet said  would one day be written upon each and every believers living heart.


    THAT LIVING VERSION is Ture and  the ones born from constanteens codex or the bible that followed it are FALSE!






    peace & good & tons o' love









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    following The King of Faithful Loves Way of Faithful Love into NEW LIFE has no TRUE ritualistic or scriptural equivalency .

    Sunday, November 28, 2010, 12:31 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    to love... to bring forth compassion and mercy into this world over run with selfishness and violence is the only way a human being born of woman becomes a Full Child of Yahweh God- a New Being Living New Life.


    there is no ritual or scriptural substitute that can do what compassion and mercy dose for the practitioners souls life.


    faithful steadfastness to mercy and compassion ARE  The ONLY TRUE Keys that  opens The Door of Holy  Eternity that The King of Love Mercy and Compassion Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh FIRST opened for all of humanity some 2010 years ago.


    from that time until this-


    The Saviors Way has become compromised and altered time after time rendering  it into a  unrecognizable mess of rituals , customs , traditions as spiritually dead as those preformed by the temple priests as Humanities Savior was being nailed onto a pagan roman cross outside the once holy city of jerusalum.


    the good news is that what has been wracked by human cowardice, fear , and greed can be made right by courage , faith and love.


    one day soon we that have been shaped  by our faith by our love into  Yahweh God living  family shall sow the  seeds  of HIS  TRUTH  that Yahweh's Son OUR BROTHER has given to us to be  planted in every faith heart we can reach   will take firm root in our soul and we shall all awaken anew.


    one day soon we that are walking with our hands firmly gripping the cross hoe we have been tasked with looking ever foreword never backward  INTO The New Life Yesh'wa Perfect Love brought into BEING will no longer call ourselves " christians" or shall we keep a paper filter between our hearts and The Heart of The universe.


    one day soon we will call ourselves and each other as our love , our compassion,, our faith, and mercy have formed  us into  what we truly are -


    sisters and brothers of Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh-


    ... and that makes each of us  BAR Yahweh too!



    peace & good & and tons o'love





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    a heartfelt " THANKS VERY MUCH" to mr pope benedict for showing more REAL LOVE then any that held his office before him....

    Thursday, November 25, 2010, 1:49 PM [General]




    ... except of course peter the rock.



    peace and goodwill to all-



    it has been long known that "aids"  and other sexually transmitted diseases are often passed from one to another during " unprotected sex".


    protected sex has long been known as " sex without wearing a protective sheath over the penis".


    although these condom sheaths have broken and leaked during the sex act because nothing on this side of heavens gates is meant to be perfect;


    they do a very good job in preventing "std's" so much so that  every world health office is on record endorsing the use of the condom on those grounds.


    the roman catholic church has long opposed the use of condoms during any sex act that might keep a pregnancy from occurring and they have condemned the condom for any sexual intercourse.


    recently mr pope benedict has changed that wrong thinking disease passing on church teaching and faith centered obligation placed upon its  church members-


    and now MUCH SUFFERING that would have otherwise unfolded  may yet  be prevented.


    love at its highest form is an ACTION WORD and with this brave and correct stance the leader of the modern rcc has created  the greatest amount of love for fellow human beings and members of his church and the world at large -


    since  peter the rock did with  his march of love from judea  into pagan rome for  his execution and martyrdom that he bravly made in 83 a.d. ;


    when he went  to them there  to tell them of Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh's  Way of Faithful Love DIRECTLY and The New Life that His Love makes open for all that practice it in faith keeping fear cruched under our foot!


    " thank you mr. pope benedict from taking this BRAVE LOVING STAND-


    please keep your great love flowing on and know that  i am praying to Our Creator Father / Our Savior Brother for you and all those of your flock each and every day !" .



    peace and good and tons o'love



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    i am thankful - not for what is, but for what could still yet be.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 11:25 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    another thanksgiving is at hand but for the millions of american families that were economically crushed into financial dust during the great wall street robbery of 2007/2010 there is not much to be thankful for.


    countless jobs have been shipped into over seas factories for increases in  global corporations " bottom lines" rendering 10% of who were once american works into now long term unemployed unable to pay for there living expences-


    as swift fraudulent home loans sold  by liar bankers to less then honest leaders made so by the very high cost of american living have created in there  wake of greed and want a tidal wave of  home foreclosures numbering in the millions with countless family's in now ruin.


    as the systems and offices of the american government american gleefully offer full service  the top 2% of the richest of the earth folks and only  lip service to the remaining masses of american human beings-


    as the american news media focuses our attention on sarra pains possible presidential run 2 years off , with endless report of the new british wedding set fir next year, and oh yeah that recent dust up in korea that will soon require american sons and daughters to have to pay once more in there blood to quill it-


    as those few international corporations that precipitated nay CREATED countless crimes and horrors upon crimes and horrors over the last ten years stand perched and ready to do more;


    has  left    little room in all those victims hearts for thankfulness and loves holy duty this holiday season.


    if i seem morose in these words it is because i know all the evil done in monies service will be done again and still again unless and until the follow changes are created and then  unfold in american life:


    money MUST be taken out of every level of american politics- american freedom MUST begin and end with FREE HONEST AND FAIR GOVERNMENT SERVANTS elected with government founds alone;


    honesty and truthfulness MUST become required in ever news reporting media as well as the standard operations posture of every elected official and office;


    courts and political offices must be operated as hospitals and emergency services do- in 24/7/365 cycles;


    all the things that a human being needs to live in this modern day era is taken OUT from the market place and held in common trust and collective expense.


    i know that these are only my feeble notion of a good starting point to fix the massive problems we as american  communities face in this modern day;


    but if the ACCEPTED EVIL   represented by the anti of my recommendations  that has a chock hold on the american IDEA is allowed to continue to tighten its grip ;


    soon all will be as it was in the dark ages once more-


    only worse this time around because things could have been made otherwise but fear killed our faith and greed spent our mercy , and our want savaged our given innocents to death.


    happy thanksgiving to you and yours



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    Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh once told this to us all " simon /peter :...

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 10:33 AM [General]



    " ... YOU are the rock that upon I SHALL build my church  and that  the very gates of hell shall not prevail agenst it !" .


    peace and goodwill to all-


    i am sure that you already know that " church " means a  community of faith / religious  people that have at there center certain beliefs and practices that are  unique and common to that group;


    some churches may hold some elements of there faith and worship practices in common with others but for the most part each church community has more that separates  them one form any other then has ties that binds each  one to another.


    today's christian church and  communities are NOT centered upon The Christ - His Teachings , His DEEDS and Words ALONE or even mostly;


    they are instead  fully based upon the teachings of the one i call the impostor paul and the so called early church fathers interpretations of those teaching  that they then used to build up this divided , distracted,  mostly dysfunctional and nearly uncountable in number bible centered not Savior Centered churches called "christian" for there own worldly honor and glory and not Yahweh's or His Son Yesh'wa's..


    The TRUE  CHURCH that was  left to peter by Humanities Savior , Brother and TRUEST King was meant to  become and to stay the LIVING community of  living Light TO The World -  FOR  The World and all that Our Father Created to dwell upon it.


    but that True Church was over thrown in 322 a d by the murderous roman pagan emperor constanteen and he and his foul evil cohort converted The True Love and Faith Centered CHURCH into the false ones we see today based upon  words on paper .


    this modern day counterfeit church that has long ago  usurped  The TRUE ONE  stands upon its paper foundations is based mostly upon the impostor pauls teaches held ONLY within the  bible book -


    NOT upon The Saviors Command that any that will to FOLLOW HIM  must do so in loving  one another as He Loves us!


    as that bible book continues to  draw its readers eyes from the here and now  into  the past and SOME of the wounderous things that Our Father Yahweh once did -


    blinds the reader from seeing  the  NOW UNFOLDING  Wounderous DEEDS of Heaven is doing -


    as they slip away  unnoticed.


    The True Church is still living upon this earth albeit by many that do not call ourselves " christians" -


    The True Church is living in the hearts and minds of folks that see compassion and servcie to our neighbors and strangers as our living duty to Love for Our Saviors Sake.


    no one born of woman can change the past and all that has already been done.


    still every one can change there personal course and spiritual direction when The Truth of histories falseness  becomes clear and undeniable.


    leaders and elders of the " christian church (s) " says there faith communities  is chiefly based upon the writings contained in the part of the bible book called " acts of the apostles".


    examination of every word of that text  shows  that not one time is the word LOVE written their in any form.


    The Saviors CALL is for every human being to become a New Being by dedication to love as ones core and center. HE spoke of Love and Loves Truest Hierarchy-




    HE did so during each one of His Human Days in judea to everyone he meet and told peter the rock and all his other followers to do likewise.


    He Lived Love and for Love of us all - all that were living , all that had passed on, and all that would still to come into this world HE laid Down His Innocent Life and then took it up once more three days later FOR LOVES SAKE.


    yet the false church and it paper foundation " acts" says NOTHING  of love at all!


    what is your church based upon - the book were love is hidden from view ?




    is it based upon The Man and His TRUE Teaching  were Love is Everything?



    if you are not sure ask yourself how you feel about today's "  massive national home foreclosure epidemic" -


    is it a natural function of the housing  market place forces?


    or is it a massive human disaster slowly unfolding   that is forcing human beings of every age and ability to dwell upon street and parks like forest animals?


    how you feel about that question will show you your hearts current spiritual status.


    what you do about that spiritual status will see your love potential grow into New Life or die to be planted in the grave.



    peace & good & tons o'love




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