preparing for " the day of atonement" 2010 ( 5771).

    Monday, September 13, 2010, 7:48 PM [General]


    peace and goodwill to all of peaceful goodwill-



    i know that " atonement " is not a "christian" concept and that this upcoming day of jewish worship is not a part of the christan calender;


    but i think it and all the rest of the high holy days really  should be.


    after all Humanities Savior Brother and Israels ONLY MESSIAH kept this day  as He kept all the High Holy Days of the jewish calender;


     so  should His Disciples keep them too in this and every age to come . just as  OUR MASTER did in His Original Age and Time.


    i do agree that Yesh'wa's  Perfect Work of Perfect Faithful Love was fully completed atop a trash heep outside jerusalems' city gates as the sold out temple leadership watched and  laughed as Yahweh's Son ransomed all humanity from our " sin bill" forever by willingly allowing the shedding of every drop of His Innocent Blood-


    it is by our faith in that His Perfect Work and His Innocent Blood to forever make us spiritually clean that we are made so.


    just as by there faith on that following yon kippar found those false and despotic jewish leaders that were still breathing in sac clothe and ash seeking and receiving " atonement" and covering of the murderous sins that they were accomplices to on that previous passover and the months that followed it.


    we living believers and disciples of Our Savior and Brother and His Life giving Way of Faithful Love are no longer bound by any sin bond-


    but as long as we are contained fully in our human form and are still dwelling on this side of heavens gates we can and often do " pick up" spiritual short comings that  easily build into " spiritual problems" that have near identical traits found in pre-Resurrection "sins".


    when these " spiritual problems " build in us we need not wait until " the day of atonement comes around"-


    we can find full forgiveness of all our " spiritual errors" at any time via our faithful prayer to Our Forever Living Savior Yesh'wa ; ONE with Yahweh Our Forever Living Father ...


    it just seems to be a nice and unifying thing to continue to honor this great day of heavens mercy just as Yesh'wa, moses and all the prophets had done in there time while still on this side of Heavens Gates.


    peace and good and tons o'love to all peace loving folks of goodwill and faith,




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    well it sure looks to me like pastor jones from spirit church in fla. may have found a greater evil then islams "holy book"

    Sunday, September 12, 2010, 9:41 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all of peaceful goodwill-



    in case you missed it most of last weeks media coverage was about how a pastor from a very small fla church was going to hold a qumran burning on 9-11-10.


    he called islam "an evil and violent religion" and then sighted many instances and acts  that  he said was proof of its evil.


    he said this burning of there " holy book" was long over due and only God Almighty would be able to stop him from leading the event.


    well i guess the bible loving pastor jones felt he may have meet an angel of  The Lord in the personages of the f.b.i agents sent to read him the riot act-


    and or the secretary of defense that had that same  riot act delivered to him on dvd.


    i wounder how long it took for the king of saudi aribea / o p e c and thus the modern world to call his bitch bush to set those wheels into motion?


    im sorry to bring disgrace to the noble term bitch meaning the stronger gender of dog- by linking it to the war criminal as i did in the sentence above...


    that was wrong of me to do and i shan't do it again.


    but i shall be using each and every  cool day  as kindling for my  outdoor fire pit  every so called "holy book" from every so called religion i can lay my hands upon.


    bibles . toras , and qumrans together , all others apart.


    i find that there gold edged pages make for the most lovely sparkles in the flames!




    imo  it IS long past time to set them ALL to the match-


    so then we can better see where  The Living Word of God is found-


    upon each believers Living Heart!



    peace and good and tons o'love to all of peace loving goodwill; and Yahweh's Justice to all others- with paper idolizes to the head of the line please.




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    " ... and then wtc bldg # 7 came down collapsing into itself at near free fall speed."

    Saturday, September 11, 2010, 12:08 PM [General]


    peace and good will to all of peaceful goodwill-



    nine years ago three concrete and steal new york city sky scrapers did what none before them ever had-


    all three had fallen fully to the ground after fire damage and two from jet crash damage.


    the two with the jet crash damage were first built to withstand direct hits from the largest jets of that day- the 747.


    if any part of those two buildings were to fall from the obvious explosive damage seen on every t v on at that hour physics demand that they topple and fall from the main structure following the path of least resistance-


    but that is not what happened.


    in very short time each build that received very different explosive events fell in the exact same way-


    following the path of greatest resistance.




    as the other builds in that wtc complex did not and still stand today.


    it took seven years for the government agency tasked with explaining this very odd event to release its  10,000 page report on bldg 7 near free-fall collapse  to be released to the public-


    and when it was released in 2007 no explanation of "how it fell was mentioned" in it.


    the report ruled out " controlled demolition of the bldg and stated " no evidence explosives were found in the site"-


    but it also says " no testing for explosives were ever done".


    yet on this 9th anniversary of the greatest national security failure in american history what is the media focusing its sheep's minds to?


    reports of possible qumran burnings by a bible worshiping minister in southern florida and video of all the " offended muslims " that those reports have generated..


    as another yearly reminder of what brought america and the rest of the warrior world once more into collective battle in afghanistan , iraq and soon to be iran-


    as " the truth " of that day remains as burred as it ever was.



    peace and good and tons o'love to all the good peace loving folks and my prayer for Yahweh's Perfect Justice to FREE-FALL upon all others without delay.





    post script/ side bar issue-


    its is being reported that mr oboma and his democratic party seems to be in bad political shape for the upcoming mid term elections.


    i heard him saying " it is the still  un-recovered national  economy " that is the blame for his loss of popularity and political support.


    i can speak for myself and others of like mine to  say IMO  " its NOT the economy stupid"-


    its your willingness to keep   true  investigation from LOOKING INTO what has been don't to this nation and its peoples and our souls that is the core of the problem.


    the  public rebuke of this administration in this way  has me glad to see that his term as humanities and americas  judas in chief  end at two years and then staying a lame duck onward .


    should it come to pass that courageous nations like spain or england were to come foreword and present war crimes charges based upon the TONS of existing empirical evidence  to the world court indicting the war criminals bush and chainey-


    then know also that it is my   hope and prayer that mr oboma is also charged  post facto as a very active co-conspirator to .








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    on " a still greater conversion " or " there is always room for personal betterment while we are on this side of Heavens Gates".

    Friday, September 10, 2010, 11:21 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all of peaceful goodwill-



    let me state at the outset that i see a distinct difference between  the authenticity of the spiritual conversion of " the one from tarsus " -


    and the authenticity of his appointed leadership role in the early church that was predicated upon  the poorly witnessed but loudly  reported conversion event he under went ;


    as well as ANY lingering  true spiritual  value that his teachings may have held  for any  age that followed  his age and the temple's justified  ruination of 77 a.d...


    what ever he was given to say was to help those living up till that time and not one day more.


    yet somehow those writings of his then became the  biggest part if constanteens new testament  biblical canon -


    and those teachings that have become  ascribed to his pen then became the corner stones of every church doctor, father, and reformer that followed ( save two francis from the 13th century and me today) .


    can you tell me was every converted jew or pagan roman or greek likewise given a leadership role based upon there conversion as the one from tarsus was given ?


    were all the great many that came into UNION with Yahweh and Yesh'wa by Following Yesh'wa  Yahweh's  Sons Called Way of Faith and Love center life given quills and vellum to scribe upon?


    no indeed not-


    because " to have learned" is not the same as " to be able to teach others" .


    personal wittiness is one thing and indeed every converted heart should put our faith story into writing-


    indeed who knows how many others may come to the start of the conversion process after reading them.


    but  if ANYONE did indeed  convert  and then were they to  receive  such an appointment of leadership as the one from tarsus was given-


    might  that ones  conversion be honestly questioned and deeply suspect in authenticity ?


    if saul from tarsus changed his heart and indeed came to see Humanities Savior Brother Yesh'wa from Nazareth as israels long awaited Messiah then MAY Yahweh/ Yesh'wa  Bless saul of tarsus.


    but peter the rock and the others at that time error-ed badly when they came to give him leadership authority following that " reported conversion account".


    what peter and the others did then  was akin to allowing a child that passed 8th grade studies to the go ahead and TEACH OTHERS up to the 8th grade!


    worse still   that  "once" blood soaked disciples slaying  "wolf " was then given a flock of innocent sheep to teach them as he would like !


    ifen a critical eye were applied to the  scriptures that are said to have been penned by the one from tarsus -


    one would clearly see a great disconnect between Yash'was Teachings of mercy and faith and love and his own hybrid linking of most of the pharisees teachings of that day.


    after all anyone can only teach what one knows ...


    sadly as a fruit of that noted above most of we the living of today have had our spiritual growth and development badly compromised and in some cases flat out destroyed by attempting to reconcile "The Saviors Teachings" and " the teaching of all others that are NOT The Savior"-


    as the writings of the one from tarsus becoming the very corner stones for the rest of the  NON-SAVIORESTIC teachers and there personal and bad  teachings  from ones  like augustine, aquinas , and ever other church doctor , church  father or church reformer.


    unless today's church STOPS this intentional " poisoning of our spiritual well "  and takes steps quick , fast and in a hurry to FILLER OUT all the mess it has allowed -


    all the many others that needs Our Savior Brother LIVING WATER for Life giving and sustaining  refreshment -


    new and long drinking drinks of that paper and ink poisoned  well  will be made  to become or to stay ill -


    as all that have been  made ill  by it shall  then become  twice dead from the drinking-


    and then just whose fault would that be?




    let us be glad for each and every soul that has united with PaPa Yahweh via Yash'wa COMMANDED Way of a life centered in faith filled love and for whatever we did to make that Love Connection Happen;


    but let us stay focused upon The Teachers TEACHING alone so that each of our own conversions can continue on and become more perfect each day we are blessed with doing so on this side of Heavens Gates.



    peace and good and tons o'love





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    in perpetration for the new year...

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010, 10:05 AM [General]

    peace and goodwill to all of peace and goodwill-


    in preparation of the now at hand new year:


    i have self deleted all of my prior postings on each of my blogs so as to start this year 5771 ( i think) now in 2010 some what clean slated.


    i have resolved to no longer hiding behind my non de plumb as well as my  official church name and state my original name given to me by my mon and dad... stanislaw p. forfa.


    i have re-resolved to to follow  Yesh'wa 's called  Way of Faithful love each and every day that i an given and to do so as fully as i am able to knowing that Yahweh's House is the end fruit of walking that path as well as sharing in His and His Son  Company each living moment along the Way.


    i will actively serve the cause of peace and justice and mercy  each day as i know that human love can not flow or stand without these three legs.


    we can not do much about ancient history...


    but we are living now in a time were recent historical events still shape each americans daily life-


    it is critically impotent for all living humanity  that these recent histories  no longer be ignored-


    but rather  that they each be confronted and examined to see ifen it was "truth " that was given to us or just another complex lie to justified AGGRESSIVE murderous military action that harmed and killed many countless innocents and fattened the bank books of the conspirators.


    thus i have decided to join with "the TRUTHERS movement " and will march with them this upcoming 9-11-10 in n y c and afterwords until The Truth is made Known.

  is there web site.


    i pray you and your a wonderful and joyful new year-


    have you noticed that the rams horn shoffar looks a bit like sounds alot like the plastic vovo zella from the south african world cup games?


    im glad i picked one up when i could its gunna come in handy in a few hours!



    peace and good and tons o'love to all good peace loving humanity and Yahweh's justice to all others,




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    america is NOT a CHRIST centered nation; yet it is a religious nation and that religion is ...

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010, 12:03 PM [General]



    ... idolatry  with the bible itself holding he most sway as it receives what be longs to The Living WORD of Yahweh alone!



    peace and goodwill to all of peaceful goodwill-



    i can hear it from were i lay :


    " oh brother not another anti-bible, anti- american rant in written from someone that admits his writing skills are near feeble level!!!"


    and so it is.


    have you ever thought it as "odd" that ALL elected and appointed  american officials place there hands upon a bible book as they SWEAR there oaths of office?


    the american  traditions origin  is found with g. washington in a oil  of his first presidential inauguration  as he wears his masons aperin;


    im sure this custom was brought from " the old country - as every one of those old countries leaders bowed in some way to the vatican or canterbury at the start of there rain.


    well the good news is that there was a time in early christian  human history when there was The Saviors Teachings but NO BIBLE to bury them in ;


    and there shall be another such time in my lifetime.



    peace and good and tons o'love to all of peaceful love centered goodness and Yahweh's  Justice to all others.




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    this labor day holds important WORK to be done by everyone that calls themselves CHRISTIANS as well as PATRIOTIC AMERICANS!

    Monday, September 6, 2010, 4:38 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all peace loving folks of goodwill-



    the labor that i refer to can be accomplished in an easy kick back restful way or it can be done in a more  active and engaging way-


    ether watch the flowing two documentary films free from netflix instapix , or for a small rental fee from blockbuster, or amazon direct or your local video rental center-


    or you can go to your local free  library and pick up and read there hard covered equivalents:






    2) Constantin's  Sword- by james carroll


    please forgive me the harshness of the following statement but until you do so you should NOT consider yourself a fully informed contemporary christian american  no matter what your degrees and certificates may say.


    in less then three months what looks to be the very last " honest american elections" will occur returning  political power back to the modern representatives of many of the hidden forces that these two critically impotent works identify and discuses.


    ifen you are unknowing of them now what they have done and still do;


    then you are as most of the human population of the earth  is with no shame on you for not knowing or being able to know what has been kept very hidden in shadow and distraction.


    these works will pull back some of  there shroud  for you and shine a bright light upon them and SOME of there foul deeds  that these once human beings have done, still do today , and hope to do even more of in the time ahead if they are given even another half a shot to do so.


    but ifen you will to stay unknowing and refuse to watch and or read these critically important materials -


    then your shame shall be as the  shame  that forever fills  the non-military and willing military  folks of hitlers germany as they silently watched the evil of wwii  unfold before there open eyes...


    ...ifen it is not many fold worse.




    peace and good and tons o'love for all the peaceful and good and loving folks of this day and age...

    ...and Yahweh's Fullest Justice to all others.





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    it is NOT "sin" that keeps humanity Un-united with Our Creators Heart- it's christianities DISLOYALTY to Humanities Savior Way .

    Saturday, September 4, 2010, 2:07 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all that are peaceful and dedicated to goodwill-





    yes i say disloyalty because for the churches to have been LOYAL to Yash'wa Humanities Savior Brother and The Teachings that He directly gave to us hearing them directly from His Father and  Our Father-


    they would have strictly forbidden " others teaching " from being incorporated into and then mix with His Perfect Way for faithful love.


    but from at least 322 a. d. onward  mixing teachings  became  the thing to do and the bases for the  TWISTING OF The Truest Teaching that humanity ever received from on High with what ever the current leader felt was " true".



    binding the old and the new  makes His Holy Way of Love hidden and unsure when it is linked with israels bloody biblical history AS IF  that foul bloody history was  a  "Blessed norm" that needs to be reconciled with and then incorporated with The Masters Teaching .


    no one in human history  has ever arrived at one specific location by following the paths that lead  to "other then that ones  locations".


    when Yash'wa Messiah told those that were walking at His Side " those that hear MY WORDS and FOLLOW them ARE My Family and My friends!".



    when Our Redeemer that paid in full every human beings SIN BILL said-









    He was NOT talking of any apostle or saint or church doctor or church doctor or church elder!




    HE was referring then as HE still dose today  to Himself and HIS OWN TEACHINGS of Word and Deed!


    would you want  " new spiritual life" ?


    then follow The Savior and His Teaching ALONE!


    all else leads only  to the  grave -


    as they do so  TWICE!



    peace and good and tons o'love to all that are peaceful and faithfully love centered.












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    is " the pentagon" americas " vatican"?

    Saturday, September 4, 2010, 2:13 AM [General]




    peace and goodwill to all centered in peace and goodwill- to all others " Yahweh's Justice" is my prayer for you.



    i ask the topic question that i do for two reasons or rather events-


    the first was the reading  this morning on n b c web news service of a report  that thousands of child pron views by on duty pentagon staff has gone mostly UN-INVESTIGATED:


    " over 5000 reports of viewing CHILD PORN of d.o.d and military works while on duty and using government computers  was made in recent years- only very few of them were investigated".


    the child porn was described as " very young children engaging in differing kinds of sex acts with others".



    i don't know how to make the link work but its a more detailed story on suite and its worth the read.


    the other thing that had me looking at the pentagon / vatican kinship was a recent reviewing of the very important documentary movie " lose change - an american coup"-


    the vatican would not have ever been considered the seat of Yahweh's  Son Yash'wa authority and the distorted  fount of His teachings   ifen it had not been for constanteen own military coup of His church in 322 a. d.


    like it or not believe it and accipt it or not The Truth IS that america was given a willful psychological beating on 9/11 by very experienced and very cold murderous men and women that number many MANY  more then has yet to be identifed or brought to justice-




    so that a perminant state of war ANTI-PEACE shall come to pass then   pullin  into its auto-tron assembly as much of humanity as possible -


    so that state ANTI-PEACE may unfold replicate and be continued ....


    these folks have always profited from murderous war and all the attend suffering to all life effected by it-


    just as the bible centered christian church ( most of it anyway) has always let them get away with it-


    putting Humanities Saviors Teaching behind OTHERS found in there lifeless so called holy book.


    just as they had done some many times in the past -


    and as they plan to do so  again and again   with iran and then to the next resource rich land or troublesome world  leader like hugo chaves.


    there are some very  evil deeds  that seem to be a common tread with the sociopathic murders that are leading americas and romes vatican -


    killing and stealing and lusting for more profits-


    then defiling innocents creating fear and dread in there victims young hearts seem to be the thread that ties americas neo-conservative  vatican the pentagon-


    and the neo-pagan roman vatican...


     but the good news is -


    ... not for very much longer anyway.



    peace and good and tons o'love for all the peaceful and good and love centered ones of humanity.






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    Humanities Creator Yahweh is More then Just "Love"-He IS Perfect Love available in each current moment in every beating heart...

    Sunday, August 29, 2010, 10:53 AM [General]



    ... as His Son Yash'wa is The Forever Living example of  Perfect Faithful Love personified;


    He IS ONE With Our Father  and His Way of Faithful Love IS The only True Living Map left to humanity for our Forever Living Unity  with Yahweh / Yash'wa.


    all else is falsehood and deception.


    all else is error or misunderstanding.


    all else leads believers into two graves- one for the body the other for its embryonic and miscarried soul.


    the body was made so that the soul can gain Truest Life;


    just as the crawling caterpillars body was made for the time when a winged butterfly can "become " from its casing.




    is every  believers first , last and daily obligation;


    is the spiritual element that in time encases our bodies so that we can become " Like The Angels" ;


    is what guides our hearts to The Work we are expected to get done while we move from where we are now to where we shall be forever.


    on the day that you self edit your hearts bible to:


    " i Love Yahweh above all else and i  love my neighbor as if they are my own self and i love all as my Savior Brother Loves me "


    you will have begun your Discipleship of Yash'wa from Nazareth.


    on the day that you purify and refocus your theology to:


    " if i love My Savior then i will feed HIS SHEEP , i will care for HIS SHEEP and i will watch over HIS SHEEP";


    you will have become a living branch of His Vine and a living part of His Living Church.


    sadly until then you will not be ether-


    you shall stay just " seeds " that landed upon the road or the thine soil or the thicket were brambles and weeds hold sway.


    peace & good & tons o'love



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