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    restoring FULLER TRUTH to Truth House may be an easier thing to do then i first imaged .

    Sunday, August 21, 2011, 9:10 AM [General]


    i get it- 

    i understand  and agree with the notion that the hardest things about accepting these my echoed calls  for church church reformation that begun in 1228 with francis of assisi silent preachings aside from admitting some very deep and numerous errors is the following question:

    "well what then are we to do about way things are NOW- all the churches traditions and calenders and long heart held customs- are these 'babies' to be tossed out with the dirty  spiritual bath water?"

    during this past nights dream shattered sleep that  i just rose from came with  me a this rather hopeful reply to that disheartening and faith shaking question-

    " not necessarily"!

    as long as certain abjectly evil roots and false teachings are remove for TRUTHS RE-ROOTING - many other church things could continue with only slight modifications and adjustments- like the day that has been set aside to celebrate Our Savior Brother Birth into our human family so that one day we all could be reborn into Our Father Yahweh super human family...

    long ago someone thought it would be a good idea to keep dec 25 as that day and most of the earths christian communities that holds to the juilain calender as well as many other secularists do cerebrate dec 25  as that day, as those that keep to the gregorian calender hold those celebration two weeks later. the heart of the TRUTH  ISSUE here is im  view settled if we were to  hold a " christs celebration each and every month of the year ether on the 25th or two weeks later or whenever a individual would like to celibate Our Savior Brothers Birth.

    not one human being KNOWS when Our Savior TRUE Brothers month and or birth day honestly IS.

    yet every christian believer and even a few  seculor / other religious  practitioner folks KNOW HE Was long ago  Born into Our Human Condition  we all share expressly to make better that condition for all and for all time.

    so it seems to me is that when the old church leaders put  one fixed day  to His Birth for His Honoring in that doing they unwittingly  attached a anti-truth to HIS TRUTH.

    it also seems  to me that if we were to individually and collectively  come to celebration His Birth monthly will move that original error  closer toward The Truth of the matter as well as increasing that Joyful Day s yearly Joy 12 fold in the doing.
    i now believe that there is at least one TRUTHFUL SOLUTION to every human problem and as long as believers hold to TRUTH ITSELF as our rock solid footings of our individual and community spiritual foundations -

    we can and will build strong storm proof shelters were our duty to LOVE can be forth coming in its Fullest Truth and Purest Faith.

    .... but holding to anti-truth UNCHANGED  or unmodified for " traditions sake " is to make a false idol of tradition and false idols servcie leads to personal and community corrupted foundations that are washed away with each cleansing storm-

    just as Our Savior Brother told  us of in His Gospel Records then  and most clearly NOW  upon our living loving  New Covenant Practicing hearts .


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    " the religious wheels turning": if it were not so deeply tragically sad- it would be comically funny

    Saturday, August 20, 2011, 9:42 AM [General]


    at the dawn of the common era Yahwehs Son Yesh'wa came to earth by way of nazareth palistine and found that His Fathers Truth was  reduced to empty religious practices overseen by pagan authority approved religious and seculor leaders.


    HE learned by His Own Eyes Witness  that both the secular Jewish leadership and more impotently the religious jewish leadership had become willing lap dogs to pagan rome.


    both these elite jewish groups lived rich elegant lives far above and apart from the toil life the rank and file jewish folk lived as there necks were always firmly pined down by pagan roman boots that were in-turn  licked clean each day by harrod and the religious leadership. 


    today-now- it is just like it was back then.


    once more a " false house" was built in front of The True House and the false house has gained most available residents as the True House stays mostly empty.


    the false house teaches  " god is three in one" -


    as The True House Teaches ONLY what comes from Our Savior Founders Own Lips that  "YAHWEH is The Only True GOD and Father to all His Kids and YAHWEH IS ALWAYS ONE".


    there are numerous other foundational errors that the false house holds that are counter to TRUTHS HOUSE and near countless human souls have faded into oblivion after horrifically  tragedy filled lives that there house leaders told them were all there fault for being so born into sin and all...


    as all residents of TRUTH HOUSE are FORGIVEN and thus sinless as long as The ONE COMMANDMENT of The New Covenant is kept- " LOVE EACH OTHER AS OUR SAVIOR, OUR REDEEMER , OUR BROTHER , OUR KING LOVES US".


    i was brought into the false house as an infant and i was conditions into it falseness year after year.


    i have no love for the leadership of the false houses' many mansions and i long for the day that MY FATHER reduce them all to rubble without two stones standing atop another - just as what was justly delivered to the corrupted temple in Jerusalem 77 c e...


    ... if only to make a clearer less obstructed pathway to TRUTHS HOUSE for anyone that my perfect Truth over falsehood, light over darkness, and hope over hopelessness.






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    once the path to human spiritual perfection was filled with " thous shalt do's and don't s...

    Friday, August 19, 2011, 12:20 PM [General]

    ... now and beginning 2011 years ago or so it has been reduced to its simplest most elegant form possible - " our  faithful practice of love".

    we followers of and believers in Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh known as jesus christ by many are called and commanded to to endeavor to become perfect in our love as Our Savior Brother , Spiritual Master and Ever Living Friend IS PERFECT  in His Love .

    this is every believer/ disciple and followers  PRIMARY  Obligation under His New Covenant Written some 2011 years ago in His Own Innocent Blood as well as shaping our word and thought according to what He Say into our living hearts.

    indeed any self labeled so called christain that is not doing so IS NOT HIS FOLLOWER!

    yet ALL human kind - one at a time- is offered this path of love as Humanities Redeemer Loves as there very own road into there own Spiritual Perfection weather or not pay heed to any other of His Teachings.

    not every one can FOLLOW HIM as a called disciple.

    indeed most " christan  believers" are more loyal to " others teachings" then they are to The Messiahs Teachings ALONE "-

    yes they do at times look to The Messiah's Teachings but then right away they pollute them with rubbish from the imposter paul or augusteen or this one or that one.... AS IF  My Savior Brothers Teachings  were some how insufficient in themselves and needing these fully human and fully corrupted by this world "these others teachings" are needed to added on to make sense of The Saviors WORDS!

    no not every one is ALLOWED to FOLLOW Our SAVIOR BROTHER  because only Our Father Yahweh establishes His Sons disciples  and true followers  in every age-

     although " counterfeits" have set up there counterfeit church (es) preaching counterfeit gospels -
    in the same way as lairs practice counterfeit truth within seculor as will as sacred communities.

    there are also many  that may want to FOLLOW HIM but are unable/ unwilling  to FOLLOW HIM with the required 100% commitment to Him Will  as His Living Will is published upon  our Hearts tells us to - strong spirit weak fearful flesh and all.

    still  every human beings human spiritual evolution requires  no more commitment then to BEGIN  to " Love as Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh Loves"  and every human being can love.

    from that start of love for faiths sake  comes growth of love .

    from practicing faithful love comes perfect faithful  love and with perfect Love comes our spiritual evolution and entry into New Life that is as far above our born human life as a grain of sand is to the noon.

    anyone/ evryone  can love and anyone/  everyone is invited into The New Life that only faithful love enables us- prepares us to live.



     it will be  helpful for  some readers  to be mindful that there is a spiritual force in this world that seeks to prevent any/ every human being it can  from coming into The New Life that our practice of faithful love prepares  us to live.

    this force has been operating for a long while and its human minions/ slaves are often holders of high religious , political, industrial offices given to them for there loyal services to anti-love and there  creation of human sufferings and hardships.

    dont worry at about then or this force itself- there hour is closing now and they feel it.

    know that the worst that they can do is NOTHING when compared to what OUR FATHER can and will do to aid every practitioner of and keeper of His New Everlasting Covenant.

    i say this only for you to  be mindful that there efforts may effect you in some small way- and if that were to happen only BRING OUR SAVIOR BROTHER'S APPLICABLE TEACHING / EXPERIENCE  FOUND BEST IN JOHNS GOSPLE RECORD INTO YOUR THINKING MIND AND A WAY FOREWORD OUT FROM THAT TRAP WILL SOON  BECOME CLEAR TO YOU.

    keep faith  in your hears guidance and you will stay well always.

    if you are ever made to stop your practice of Love for any reason or event or happening -

     begin anew when you feel strong enough to -

    know with certinty that Our Savior Brother will wait to show you the Way He cut just for you as long as is need to lead you on HOME.

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    an interesting reply and thread development here...if i do say so my self.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011, 5:35 PM [General]



    im sorry for you too pal- you need a new calender-




    the books you cite were ALL PRE RESURRECTION age!




    how dare you try to reinstate " the former law" of the old covenant - a covenant that jerm 31/34 said was going to one day be replaced with THE NEW COVENANT that would in turn ABOLISH SIN FROM OUR FATHERS MEMORY after HUMANITY"S SAVIORS REDEMPTION spilled out all His Innocent Blood for our ransom FROM SIN BURDEN?




    what was WAS- what is IS and the both are not the same.




    you look to a long dead writers writing and forgive me this description IRRATIONALLY  hold them up as TRUTH  only because they are held in a book you hold to be more then it is.




    and then you wounder why you feel yourself " sinfilled" - here is  why- because you have  rejected THE RESURRECTION by holding  to the notion of continued PRE RESURRECTION AGE SIN!




    you and all others that tightly hold onto  all  your human biblicalgrpghy  and  sacramental theology- humaniolgy is more apt a phase considering... are in a common  paper mushsay boat sailing into oblivion at best and the other spiritual place of justice at worst.




    get a new calender while you are still able too pal- your worth it and you will see and feel better once you do.








    Aug 18, 2011 -- 2:46PM, Roodog wrote:


    Moses wrote in the Book of Deuternomy laws concerning prophets;(Dt 13 and Dt18:20-22) telling us how to determine if one is of the LORD or not.

    Sorry pal, you don't pass muster.

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    are we preparing our self / helping one another get set for The New Life as The Angels Live Life....

    Thursday, August 18, 2011, 9:41 AM [General]



    or are we giving witness  to all of Father  Yahweh's Creation our individual and collective unworthiness for  that Faithful Love Centered Life to be LIVED IN HIS HOUSE?

    many of my postings as well as many of my replies have been harsh, unkind , shamefully even down right hurtful to many who read / commented/ replied to them- i too felt there sting.

    i being a rather stupid man of very small brain - my word choices were both naturally  limited as well as intuitively suggested- but i accept complete responsibility for every misspelled poorly chose word i put to cyber type.

    the spiritual matter that drives my passions my zeal  so is that with each passing day " the end" comes to many fellow human beings all around this earth and one day - maybe one day  soon-  FATHER YAHWEH'S VOICE that brought ALL INTO  BEING Will Sound once more and at least upon this earth  all The Good- The Wounderous and Wonderful  that HE Put into it will be no more.

    when  ether of those times come to each human heart that has not prepared itself for The New Life by accepting and at least beginning the practice of The New Covenants SINGLE COMMAND Written in Humanity's Saviors and BROTHERS'  Own Blood-

     then for they there is NO ENTRY INTO OUR FATHERS HOUSE and no new life to be lived!

    today's christian church is the result of centuries of giving good  faith to bad  teachings and then blindly following practices that NEVER WERE GIVEN TO US BY OUR SAVIOR AND BROTHER AND THAT DESERVES ZERO OF OUR LIVING FAITH-

     because those teaching and religus practices and objects  that were not given to us directly by Our Savior Brother were passed on by ONLY human being- inspired or not- human beings 100%.!

    no human being is perfect or infallible.

    no " thing" or religious practice made with human hands is ether.

    nether is any theology or crafted faith system conceived in any human mind - inspired or not.

    so when i see such evil as is running rampant in this world as it has been for all the years that i can give witness to it and a world wide christian church that talks so much about " forgiven and forgotten sin" as evil flows like water from a broken 10 in main i want to grab these christain pharisee by there silk shirt collars and gold embossed robes and toss them into oblivion my own self!

    those false religious that have convinced the born innocent that there were born corrupt  and then made  as a  official substitutes out of pagan rituals and dogmatic creeds  for NOT DOING AS HE TOLD US TO DO and INNOCENT went on fallow -asleep!

    they have made the "followers ways and teachings"  the christian way as OUR MASTERS WAY- THE CHRIST OWN GIVEN WAY - HAS BEEN PUT ASIDE AND BURRED UNDER  THOSE FALSE WAYS LIKE THE BONES OF A MASS GRAVE IN SALVADOR IN 1981!

    if this spiritual DISGRACE CONTINUES ON  any long then it has already - i for one WILL NOT WEEP for those lost to oblivion and or the never ending fire for those false leaders have wrought for them self.

    i will do as lot did - i will walk on with every other sister and brother that has heard and heeded Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh's SINGLE  COMMAND  of His Everlasting Covenant with my hearts eyes fixed foreword  walking into THAT NEW LIFE -

    and i shall NOT look back nor shall i weep one tear for anyone but the innocents lost by false teachings of TRUTHS WAY.


    i double dog dare you to.


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    oh yes - i like this reply tons too!

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 9:18 AM [General]


    the idea that True Followers of Humanity's Savior and Brother would speak directly for Our Savior Brother Forever ONE with Yahweh is an idea as old and as established as  The True Church itself is-


    but that you or whomever you are citing  would call it a new apostleship is troubling to me because i believe that the age of the apostles ended where it started in jersualum around 77 c e when the full fallen temple was fully distorted after the pagan statues were allowed in and worshiped there-


    just as Our Savior Brother said would one day happen.


    the christian churches main remaining common error is that its leaders insist that there followers " look to there apostolic brothers for there teachings and doctrines" when we needed to Look to Our Saviors New Covenant and that covenants Singular Commandment as our spiritual binding tie.


    just so i am clear- Our Savior Brother Church began LONG BEFORE HE  gave its leadership to peter the rock- it began when His Ministry began when He First invited Human Kind to come together as family with Yahweh as Our Father -


    when He invited us all one at a time to "FOLLOW ME".


    there were more then the apostles that were present in the upper room when His Sister The Holly Sprite came upon them and baptized them all with HIS FIRE.


    from then until now to be His Disciple requires ONLY that we keep His Memory alive and His Commandment of The New Covenant " LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU"  in our hearts and minds above all else.


    to be a TRUE LEADER of His one must be ready to and indeed do  " care for his sheep, look after his sheep and provide all that his sheep may need but now lack"- keeping yourself out of the places of honor -


    indeed being every ones servant- just as the gosple records tell us HE Told us.


    all else is religious lifeless- truth-less  bull sh*t.





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    i think this reply and thread is worth the viewing...

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 10:30 PM [General]



    thanks for your important contribution to this dialog.


    yes these men's  bravery is exactly in line with Humanity's Saviors teaching and directive for all that FOLLOW HIM.


    there are countless other  women and men of all faiths  and secular communities that did like wise-


    because when it comes to putting evil on the run -well it is every decent hearted persons  job to lend a hand; as capitulation with evil states there indecent hearts


    of that time  i my self like to think of max kolbey ofm and how he free willed laid down his life so that another man may stay with his wife and children a bit longer as they all toiled in auschwitz death camp.


    but these are not this threads central issue and i think you know that.


    the point of this dialog is that in 1933 the rcc made a written official  covenant with the nazi party as  every other establish christian church community and denomination did like wise in there  practice.


    and that that this is proof of all there  errant cores that need urgent rapid rebuilding before Our Father cruses there lifeless husks like a snails empty shells under foot for allowing the reducing of HIS SONS HOUSE to cowardly capitulations and willing servants of evils works on this WORLD THAT HE CREATED ALL  GOOD!


    its not about looking back and casting stones- its about seeing that what was terrible wrong with every branch of the christian church then IS STILL WRONG NOW!


    i assure you Our Father has intentions of burning it all to ash unless WE WAKE UP and focus upon our faith and our hearts Work upon The New Convents SINGULAR COMMANDMENT " TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS OUR SAVIOR BROTHER LOVES US".


    in this alone are we a common church community- with out this we are near lifeless and blind and without   Heavens Binding Unity.


    thanks for your kind reply.




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    a prophetic prediction/a prayerful request made in Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh Mighty Name

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 2:32 PM [General]



    for far too long now ancient  forces have felt free to lie and  have there minions of every age to bury under  massive mounds of lies TRUTHS Truth WITHOUT  penalty or visible consequence-


    but this is no longer how it will be.


    the day is coming- indeed it is now at hand when all spiritual falsehood will bring forth its harsh fruit nearly at once.


    spoken falsehoods weather intentioned or accidental will bring forth boils and blisters upon those false toughs that will not heal until Humanity's Savior Himself Heals them.


    written falsehood, deceptions and lies- weather original or passed along will bring forth massive swellings to there fingers to those lairs/ supports of anti-truth that will make typing or script or dictation impossible to do again-


    until Human Kinds Savior TRUTH HIMSELF or His APPROVED Followers / Keeps of The New Covenant as HE WRITTEN it brings to  them cure.


    the day in near- indeed it is at hand when all the lairs fruit will be know as such by all.



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    i liked this reply alot too...

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 8:59 AM [General]


    from the instant that Humanity's Savior and Brother FREELY WILLS laid down His Life the once formidable burden of sin that was like leprosy or cancer  was made to be little more then a spring time sneeze- 


    what matters as our ongoing spiritual treat needing our awareness and interventions  is evil-


    and evil is also the fruit of our free will- up to a  point.


    when the evil doers become estranged fro Our Fathers Shielding because of there evil words that reflects what is in there hearts and then those word become deeds and those evil deeds brings enough suffering to innocents - then evil itself completely takes over that poor fool - and that as they say is that.


    the root of all evil IS MONEY. and the service for that root corrupts all human hearts proportionally to there efforts and ruminations of that evil root.


    like you dear poster - there are many religious leaders and there followers are unwitting servants of evil as they SHOUT about the distraction of sin yet ignoring the gift of sins perpetual forgiveness left to all human kind for all the time we have left on this dying world.




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    how are we " Practitioners of The New Covenants Sacred Law of Love" to love servants of evil hate?

    Sunday, August 14, 2011, 1:35 PM [General]



    in the same way Our Savior Brother loved them is HIs Pre-Resurrection day; with direct confrontation calling there spades SPADES as we seek to protect from those servants of evils spiritual pollution as many innocents as we are able to.

    in His Pre-Resurrection Day as HE WAS SOWING HIS FATHERS WORD HE called the pharisees and temple authority  worse then thieves, lairs and prostitutes  telling them true to there faces "prostitutes, thieves and liars  will walk the Halls of Our Fathers House before any of you do".

    Our Savior Brother's  Cousin John the Baptizer did likewise and much more harshly to the false secular jewish king of that day- harrad had become much more foul then his foul father had been before him and john never missed a opportunity to TELL HIM TO HIS FACE  as well as kick many of the butts of his lackeys and toadies too- some folks are more physical then others each there own.

    today the christian church is overfilled with many tons of good folks that are the victims of others willful deception- there is great hope for most of these folks redemption with  gentle kind but fully honest dialog and correction;

    casting and recasting Our Savior Brothers seeds of  TRUTH is all that is needed in those cases because their hearts do now hold OUr Fathers Living Word- at lease a bit of The Word to build with.

    but for those dedicated religious / secular servants of evil- those that know full well what it is that they say , do , and leave unsaid/ undone- for those hard cases a harder remedy is needed with the goal of freeing from spiritual bondage  all those that have become bound by these religious evil doers doings.

    for these they must be confront with THE TRUTHS TRUTH unrelentingly-

    we faithful to LOVE much use the  power of each of our faith wells-

    OUR LIVING FAITH must be brought to bare  to  bring hardships to them even  greater then what visited  pharaoh  until at last he finally "LET OUR FATHERS PEOPLE GO".

    make no mistake about it today the many faces of evil holds   a great many of Our Fathers People enslaved and dying under its bondage call the rcc or evangelical bile centered church, the neo con reps ,...  and so that the point is  NOT overlooked or  forgotten -

    " MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL "- so says Our Savior Brother Himself.

    this is what my heart tells me- id like to know what yours is telling you.


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