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    me thinks the time is at hand for " the religious society of friends" to give birth to a " quaker political party"

    Sunday, June 30, 2013, 5:07 PM [General]

    .... to give birth to a state / national  " quaker political party"-

    a political place where our church is our state and our faith brings forth in fullest measure all  the manifest love heaven will allow.

    however it must be in that doing a body independent of the religious body and require no religious test whatsoever  for membership among the " political society of friends".

    the only requirement for membership among the quaker political party  is a strong desire to make our state / our nation a more perfect to live for our self/ each other as well as our posterity's posterity.

    this notion of a quaker political party came to me as i returned from today's first day worship in the  new brunswick meeting and it has been growing like a wild fire in my heart all day long.

    it could  very possibly be the long delayed / long  over due permutation of AWAKENED quakerism itself and fyi quakerism here in n j is older by far of BOTH our  states own charter as well as OUR nation's constitution itself.

    i also believe  my hearts heart that a quaker political party will be supported by many secular folks that care about our dying world and its comatose soul now long on artificial supports.

    here in n j this quaker political party can and will be the " unexpected" mechenizim that could drive out from there long deeply feather nests of both corrupted political parties and that in turn will   show the way to doing likewise in every other politically  non responsive state legislator as well as the national politic too-

    all the while taking care that it itself not become corrupted in the doing....

    this here posting is of course  only the pre steps of " the first steps" that may well take a 1000 miles to get done...

    tragically modern day quakerism itself has allowed itself to become divided into three differing religious houses-

    so in that light this  a forth division may just be what is needed to remedy the wounds of those divisions via this a common unifying cause for each other and not for our self.

    i will put all my faith and personal resources to this effort and i ask for all the prayers and good thought of all that care to send them my way- peace and good and tons o'love....

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    seeking help in bring into being my " bucket list"

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 11:33 PM [General]


    i have long suffered from untreated  mild to moderate "ptsd" that  seems to have spawned in my long damaged psyche mild to sever bi polar mood disorder that when coupled with the physical pain and immobility of " degenerative disk disease" has me fighting off my focused  actions of self harm that would lead to my suicide at least a few times each week.

    it is possible that the only bits of my " 7 things to get done/ get started before i go " list i will get done may only  be forming the list itself.

    i have given this list much thought and in its elements i do see tracks that mayhaps will help folks in more then a few ways.

    i am asking for any and all the help i can get in moving the items foreword thue the  dialog discussion and debate phase of civil change in the same way the current "gay agenda" has been moved forward from its closeted and very difficult days they suffered of the 60's until its recent s/c victories-

    and just as those victories were won by many folks of all demos-

    if any of my list is going to come to pass many of the same compassionate and heart filled folks will have to lead there helping hands; 

    to any and all that do i thank you very kindly win lose or draw.

    # 7  debating and discussing the elements of " christian spirituality vs Messianic Spirituality" until the one is fully entombed with its designers (constanteen and the sold out nicean church of 322ad)  as The Other becomes as Living and simplistic and completely True a Love Based / Centered Faith system as Its Ever Living Founder is.

    #6 adding to Our Nations Constitution stated duties and obligations as clear as is the stipulated rights listed in The Bill of Rights: if we have The Right to Life then we have a duty to protect life and facility all that a person needs to live; if we have The Right to own property then we have a duty to each other to safe guard and protect each others property if ever it becomes jeopardized or threatened,...

    #5 ABOLISHING THE AMERICAN PRISON STATE by requiring the deporting each and every " violator" of any/ every  americans civil / human rights. some lessor offense may allow for second and third offenses as we are all imperfect beings- however some offices are so evil in them self that no second chance should be given. i'm speaking here of the recent home invasion and savage assault of a young mom in front if her your child in melborn nj.

    #4 if the super corrupted u s senate can not be abolished by peaceful means then a new legislative house needs to be brought into being- one where no member can have personal wealth of the average american wage at the time of the election and the total number of its members must equal the sum of both the other houses members. all judicial appointment that are not directly elected and support in there offices should become appointed to those offices via this new legislative body whose name should be the peoples congress.

    #3 at least one major political party must be allowed to come into being seeing how the total number of both republican and democratic votes cast in the past few elections was much less  then  votes cast for "other". as it is MOST american voters  have been made the subject of very minority rule.

    #2 our nations military must become the DEFENSIVE FORCE it was created in 1775 to be. every american must play and active and ongoing role in our nation, our community, our homes DEFENSE. it is time to re-heed the " monroe doctrine" and bring ALL american service personal and equipment home to fully secure of boarders and KEEP OUT other nations poisons like heroin and human slaves.

    #1 americans need to have the right of biological self determination / the FREEDOM to seek out and receive all that is needed to "KEEP LIFE ALIVE" or to at each ones own will and call have that life be brought to a merciful ending.

    well thats it, thanks for readin em.....

    i will speak to and advocating  these issues as best as i can with what ever time i have life here in this physical world.

    now that i think about it ... doing so will help me rise in the morning and sleep will at the days end ... besides  i do believe in this doing i may  be serving The Cause of Love in the doing.

    yours truly

    peter the romin american


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    near the end of this mornings quaker worship meeting in n b n j i was moved to say these words....

    Monday, June 24, 2013, 2:31 AM [General]


    i went on to try to say that the essential difference between the two is that the " christian spirituality" is on based upon following the imperfect teachings, agendas  and directions of "imperfect followers and followers of followers " of the one they call christ-

    and that "MESSIANIC SPIRITUAL PRACTICE" is to follow / HEED ONLY Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa from Nazereth  The Messiah  and  His Teachings as we come to understand them with the help of our indwelling Sister Grace as we walk His New Covenant Way straight into Our Father YAHWEH'S House.

    ... but im not sure if the latter part came out just right....then.

    peace and good and tons o'love-

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    we human beings have been carelessly breaking Our Father YAHWEH'S Heart for almost 6000 years- lets stop now!

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 1:27 AM [General]

    it started with our eldest relations adam and eve and the ONE seemingly simple and fair "DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT OF THIS TREE" rule that was just too to much for there then  faithless loveless hearts to keep to-

    and when the dark day came and  they did indeed eat from that tree they then went on to show Our Father YAHWEH how exactly  NOTHING of His loves roots had taken in there selfish souls by there throwing each other under the so called bus faster then you can say " sorry PaPa".

    faiths father abrahams faith was great for sure but his love was very lacking and that lack of  essential love carried  on into so many many generations of our elders of faith- the jews- so much so that when they at last came under the just bondage in pagan egyptian they where lead into that slavery by there very jewish kin folk at a foul profet too.

    when good old moses did come to lead them from that harsh bondage and brokered Our Father YAHWEH'S Covenant we know as the 10 commandments some the very same children of the slave trader jews tried once more to lour the  fear filled faith lacking kin back into there egyptian slave collars until moses  his brother arron and few others ended there biological lives for them.

    thue-out the age of the prophets and even as " the law" grew to impossible burdens to Our Fathers Most Love Human Folks of the earth often jew oppressed jew like crabs pulling one another back into the killing basket.

    even when Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah came to us in response to Our Father YAHWEH Call for our fullest Salvation inviting all -first The Jew and then all others- into His House as HE rewrote and reduce to its barest of elements ALL THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS and then establishing The Never Ending New Covenant with its ONE STATED COMMANDMENT :


    was handed down to us all 2013 years ago just before He would free willingly pay the highest ransom ever paid for any other human being -

    jew or gentile-

    by allowing every drop of His Innocent Loving Blood to be spilled in the most horrific way of that day yet still even then there were then jews that betrayed and sold out other jews so there business interests would grow greater-

    pharisee like saul of tarsus was at the head of this foul communities pack.

    so much so that today in this late day most of this worlds so call " christian faithful" identify more with and stupidly pass on the teachings of the imposter paul as they give less then lip service to Our Savior Brother, Redeemer and FOREVER Living Friend Yesh'wa Messiah and His TRUE New Covenant!

    indeed calling Our Savior Brother a lair by falsify HIS TRUE TEACHING by  saying "no one can earn by work a place in heaven" as they do-

    when our  working love  into this worlds hate and greed filled fields  is what we have being given the duty of doing with HIS STANDARD being OUR STANDARD of Truest  Love ITSELF!

    yet i know as sure as the sun rise in the east TRUTH MAKES US FREE and thus falsehood and anti truth is what makes us slaves that die in bondage link by lie and the only thing more true then what Our Savior Brother did for all human kind is that His Name is NOT jesus chrsit but Yesh'wa Messiah.

    so now i ask once more and i do so in LOVES TRUTHS  OWN NAME Yesh'wa Messiah let us become about Our Kings Work as He was about not His Own Work but The Work His Father/ Our Father asked Him to get done so we can live truly free and without end-

     The Work that HE HIMSELF handed down to we that have become spirit fill with Our Sister Grace and newly alive beings  so that we can and will become a guiding light to so many other of HIS KIN still chocking under the cruel yoke of hells collars and abject darkness.

    at the very least let us STOP giving Our Father REASON to end what HE Begin so so long ago looking for for folks to Love for Loves Sake-

    or brace yourself for Truest Justice.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    as i move along in my spiritual evolution i am coming to better understand more and more...

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 12:43 AM [General]

    for instance the great greek philosopher of old aristotle is said to have said :

    "we are what we do- that what we do most often in each day".


    Our Savior Brother left to us His example of Perfect ABJECT Love as well as a New Covenant calling us all TO LOVE EACH OTHER AS HE LOVES US"-

    those of us that do so BECOME LOVE and there by then are "fit and able" to walk into Our Fathers House as His Own Children made so by Our Savior Brothers Way and Gifts just as the Aristotelian dictum  says -

    "we are what we DO!"

    as i having been a long time committed practitioner of Yesh'wa Messiahs' New Covenants one and only Commandment  as well a steadfast albeit an imperfect  keeper of His restating of ALL THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS COMING DOWN TO THESE TWO "Love nothing above The Lord Our GOD YAHWEH  and Love each other as we love our own self"-

    i feel myself at this hour  Our Saviors Brother and Loved Friend as well as a living breathing child of Our Father YAHWEH albeit a still somewhat prodigal son being on this side of Heavens Gates...

    new topic

    this past "first-day" ( sunday to non quakers) was the first in the past few months that i decided to stay in bed and not gather with ether the quaker town or n/b meetings for worship. instead when i woke i took a drive to seaside hts to see for myself the post super storm recovery to a boardwalk area that i " came of age" upon c1973-

    its to sad to report on except to say it is gone forever like cheep gas and penny candy.

    later that day i was happy to read in a book of "daily reading on quaker spirituality " that geoarge fox quaker community came to be when a already formed english community called "TRUTH SEEKERS"  -

    i was made happy to read this feeling that as good as most modern day quaker communities are very holy and disciple filled groups as they are-

    they too can all   become more so and in the doing become a still brighter light house for other christian and non christian persons and communities to attach to for even greater more authentic personal and community holiness wit a more focused commitment to Our Saviors Teachings/ New Covenant ALONE!

    last note-

    its been nearly 15 weeks i lived in this wonderful new apt my PaPa YAHWEH blessed me with and the start of " late session summer school " is a week away...peace and good and tons o'love

    yours truly

    peter the romin american


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    identifying and then correcting ALL Christianity's root errors and falsehoods so that TRUTH will then prevail.

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 10:58 AM [General]

    is this above cited work i seek to accomplish with my time remaining here on created earth an impossible task?!?

    yes it sure seems so-

    but the good news for me here is found  my faith in My Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah True Teaching:


    indeed after close examinations of the core errors of christian church juxtaposed to Our Saviors Direct Teachings  one soon sees that many of the  worst offenders for example " just war doctrine", " papal or community leadership infallibility", "biblical/ scriptural infallibility", et el  all have a  fully human non-Savior support teaching error / falsehood at each of there base-

     and when those corer stone errors are removed and refitted wit Our Savior Brother TRUE TEACHING then those foul  false structure built atop them soon comes crashing down crushing itself into dust and less.


    error #1 is found when one puts there faith into " biblical supremacy" and error #2 is found when blind faith is given to ANYONE other then Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah HIMSELF and His New Covenant forever written  in His Own INDELIBLE /INNOCENT BLOOD!

    according to the biblical  book " acts of the apostles " the first century church leadership failed to do as Our Savior Brother MANDATED of them do on what we quakers call His and all bible owner know was the directive given them on that  " fifth night  directive


    given to all human kind on that terrible night when  the old law of moses that was 720 years before foretold by jer in 31/ 31/34 to one day become closed came to pass -

    as The New Covenant would then unfold allowing  ALL Super Loves commuted practitioners  sins to be remembers by Our Father YAHWEH no more as HE l puts in real time  His Living Word upon every faithful, love centered Living Heart just as the dear prophet Jeremiah  said He was going to.

    believers walking The Path of Love / Super Love leads us into two wonderful destinations-

    Paradise Reopened here on earth and then into Our Father YAHWEH'S House where we dwell as His much loved albeit prodigal kids when our love is ready for us to dwell there in.

    sadly and as clear proof of its falseness as false as its lifelessness the so called " book of acts" has the word LOVE recorded there in exactly ZERO TIMES!

    instead the readers of that fiction are mislead to believing  that once again " ritual actions" like "baptism " and saying "magical words" like " i believe that jesus is gods son and that he died for me" is what is needed instead of ones complete commencement to LOVING EACH OTHER AS OUR SAVIOR BROTHER LOVES US as Our Savior Brother HIMSELF told us to do is the way into " earthly holiness"!

    following those fictions is the way one enters into two graves -one for there body and the other for there loveless therefor lifeless soul.

    these errors are rooted in the errors that peter and paul themselves somehow became the living conduits of that eras " indwelling holy spirit" and if that is the case then the account of the Pentecost is itself a lie!

    PENTECOST is an ongoing event when we meet Our Sister Grace and she takes living residence within our living hearts.

     that event first   began a few weeks AFTER Our Savior Brother Resurrected His Murdered Body back into biological Life and took that Body back into His Fathers House as the First born Human Being to enter into Heavens Gates-

    and it continues on now as it did in ever following generation from His Resurrection  and will continue until this now living earth itself dies.

    at that FIRST/STARTING  Pentecost when and  where ALL Our Savior Brother Disciples were in attendance except saul of tarsus  ( paul was not there then as he was at that time a paid killers of folks commuted to peace and love following Our Savior Brothers example)  were over come with Our Savior Brother promised  Gift of Our Sister Graces indwelling guidance would on day soon come to every faithful disciples heart.

    in closing i replete that  it is NOT any  christian believers duty to be a " good member of there preferred denomination/ church community" by blindly/ foolishly/ STUPIDLY  following the very blind / very errant leadership of those that earn there daily bread and great comfort of this age church of error!

    it is the duty of every living human  heart that wants MORE Life/ less death indeed a  more perfect and unending life to fully commit to Our Savior Brother New Covenant and then to STAND UP FOR TRUTH whenever and where ever we are called to do so because TRUTH himself is what Our Savior Brother IS!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    martin luther likes so many others did the best they could to fix/re-right Our Savior Brother House....

    Friday, May 10, 2013, 3:49 PM [General]

    but in his end  he did as  all those others have done ... each having fallen very very short.

    500 some odd years ago marten luther indeed lived in willing spiritual error for many a year as a roman catholic priest-

    but when his internal conflict  of wanting/ needing/ seeking TRUTH mixed with his faithful service to empty / false rituals; towing false doctrines and teaching rendered him mad as a hatter as such conflicts render most all that do likewise.

    spiritually downing and near death  he reached out as any / every lawyer would clinging all his remaining hope onto "the written instructions"  of that day found in constantines edited bible born from the foul church counsel of nicea in 328 ce.

    he grabbed onto that foul essential fruit of constantines unlawful usurpation of 4th century church affairs- constanteens bible-

     like a drowsing man grasps onto what ever his panic hands find and then along with his faith given onto that lifeless book " a new false tradition" -

    and along with it came the newest  errant branch of christianity was pushed onto this long ago redeemed and healed world called the protestant reformation.

    for " traditions sake" countless foul errors are still today  propped up and bowed to as if TRUTH  was flexible / negotiable and IS what ever the earthly powerful is what ever they say it is.

    (((((NEWS FLASH)))))


    only when a human being free willingly  seeks  to become a love centered being  making  there love/ our love as Our Savior Brothers PERFECT Love is do we begin to grow holy-

    only then are we seen / recognized by Our Father YAHWEH as HIS VERY OWN children and rightful dwellers of new eden now while in the flesh and heave perfect when we become pure spirit.

    its not my place to " make " you believe me-

    it is my duty to challenge each and every now lost and hopeless human being to test/ asses  for ones self  the degree of veracity my words hold-

    while there is still time to do something about it.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    sacramental orthodox / bible centered protestant christianity are the two sides of the same coin....

    Monday, April 29, 2013, 2:31 PM [General]

    .... that the murderous roman pagan emperor constanteen struck 1700 years or so ago-

    and they both now continue to need to become melted down to provide  a new metallic foundation for Yesh'wa Messiahs House where in The New Covenant and its ONE HOLY ORDNANCE:


    stands without any obsolete attachments to it from  the long ago obsolete law that moses founded and that Jeremiah 31- 31/34  told all human kind would indeed end and become replace  with The Messiah and His Universal Redemption conferred to all by our faith beginning some 2013 years ago.

    some may say " but i like my part of the (divided. dysfunction and TRUTH LACKING so called christian church) and i do not want it to change"!

    indeed those that pull there daily bread from its deep coffers do not want any of it to change ether-

    but change indeed complete molecular restoration is what needs to happen to all its bits and one day soon ifen we do not do that work that has fallen onto we in this age to get done-

    then Our Father YAHWEH will do it with Heaven holy fire and then  at that point just and fullest payment for disloyalty to HIS SONS DIRECTION should be expected just as it was on that first passover!

    TRUTH and lies , partial truth, half truths can not coexist in the same House build by TRUTHS OWN INNOCENT AND PERPETUALLY REDEEMING BLOOD!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    my commentary on "WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME YOU ARE SEEING THE FATHER" & a few personal notes...

    Thursday, April 25, 2013, 9:41 AM [General]

    during His Pre- Resurrection Ministry and Teaching all willing to see exactly what LOVE IS days 2013 yeas or so ago-

    Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah is reported to have said many clear and straight foreword things and well as a few not so clear / even controversial things too-

    topping that latter list imho is the subject line of this commentary "WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME YOU ARE SEEING THE FATHER"

    how can two be ONE?

    this statement has been used to support nearly countless errors in our churches history and those still lingering errors have become the wedge that has divined The ONE House that was meant to stands upon The New Covenant itself "LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE" and NOT other folks teachings and add ons.

    massive errors in creed  like the notion that The Son of of Our Father YAHWEH is also the Father YAHWEH!

    as if it was HIMSELF He was asking in prayer when awaiting His Arrest by the corrupt jewish temple authority to be freed form the cup of  tasks that were needed to be done in order that we His Spiritual Posterity would know our own spiritual innocents and Father-Child link as often as we may need to as we walk from here into Our Father YAHWEH's House. 

    today in this modern era we have a better understanding of exactly TWO DIFFERENT ELEMENTS  can be come ONE IN BEING-

    when we look at water we are looking at TWO ELEMENTS that exist independent of each other in all other circumstances outside there perfect union:


    when Our Father YAHWEH set this worlds foundations and brought into being all that is good He made water by perfectly joining those two  ubiquitous eleiments of His Own Design.

    in waters perfect union of H2O we find the root to biological life and a compound of those 2 eleiments that are so stable and strong that they  stay bound onto each other no matter the temperature as they do  in all three know phases of physical being;

    liquid, viper and solid states of being.

    Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah often described Himself as "The Living Water" that when drank leaves all women and men without know thrust ever again as our faith in Him and His ONENESS with Our Father YAHWEH makes that statement TRUTH.

    i just thought i should pass this on as i hope you may do likewise.

    ... on a personal note /  fyi i have been in my new quarters in piscataway nj for a few weeks now and i still can not get over the massive super blessings this place is!

    it has in apt washer/dryer, almost 700sq of living space, fios services and i got the biggest flat led screen i ever had 47iner!!! i may stay in for the rest of my day watching soaps and cooking shows and 30 rocks reruns on netflix!

    im also planing on visiting two near by quaker meetings to see if i can find a place in one of them although i am still  feel the profound  need to found a "orthodox " meeting that focuses on The Way into Our Fathers How via The New Covenant that Our Savior Brother did indeed write some 2013 years ago and not just settle  for a " semi religious social club" as so many of the meeting i have attended this far have proved out to be.

    gotta run now- peace and good and tons o'love to all that find this message/ this note in a cyber bottle.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    just like the old billy joel song says for me " its time for good-by again"

    Saturday, April 6, 2013, 12:00 AM [General]

    this  vets haven facility is at its max capacity and i have been offered a one bed room apt in a new complex 30 miles east of here.... so come next sunday i'm going to take it so as to open seance for an other needy vet.

    ever since the new pope was elected i no longer feel the push to post on anything religious or even political figuring no one  is hearing anyway ... so why brother being a bother with those topics anymore.

    summer school is starting soon and i will keep my efforts confined to my studies and my personal efforts to make my love as My Savor Brothers Love is and let all others do as they will/ as there lost / corrupted leaders tell then to do....

    i pray any one that finds this note peace and good and tons o' love-

    and good by until our next hello where ever that may be.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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