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    thus far on my discipleship... an update and years end recap of this "The Saviors Road" i am walkin

    Friday, November 29, 2013, 2:40 PM [General]

    may peace goodwill and joyful tidings of all good things be onto all practitioners of good will and loving peace,

    there are  a few updates i would like to add into my on-line journal here with a temp posting on these my favored b-net boards- progressive christians and quakers.

    firstly i have withdrawn from " the new seminary" their interfaith ministers program because of the required amount of traveling this course calls for is beyond my currently limited travailing abilities thus my interfaith ordination is indefinitely deferred.

    my application for membership with the new brunswick society of friends is proceeding but my request for it will likely not be considered before the spring time.

    however a friend and member of my membership committee did recently lend to me a very informative book on quaker history called " friends for 350 years " by h. brinton.  it  has been a great aid to me in my articulation of things i " felt " about the friends community and our religious practice that i once could not find the correct words for.

    for instance " quakerism " is at its theological root and above all others a "disciple john theology".

    this book opened up for me in me a better  understanding the long coexistence of both "The Divine Light" and the "prevailing darkness" and that each of these spiritual gravities  seeks to exile the other form every human heart forever-

    that there is no darkness at all in Our Father YAHWEH's House and how no "light" at all is welcome in the forever dark house of falsehood, greed and hate.

    it has also gave me a clearer view of "post nicaean" church history and its evolution from a "friends vantage".

    without commentary or taking issue with the unlawfulness and spiritual immorality  of that illicit church council of nicea  called into session by the murderous practicing pagan constanteen in 329 a.d. nor of any of that councils bad fruits the author states a  church evolution following the reformation and beginning with the puritans  (those seeking to purify all falsehood from the inherited religion)  thusly:

    " puritans  sought to remove all that had been added onto over the course of history but there was wide difference's of opinion as to how far such purification should and could be carried. the first puritans subtracted the pope, the mass, images and five of the seven sacraments thus creating the church of england. presbyterianism  which was the second wave of puritans originating in calvin subtracted the rule of bishops and substituted the authority of the presbyters or elders with president gained from the new testament. then came the more radical independents or congregationalists who subtracted the centralized form of church government because such did not exist in new testament times and substituted a decentralized and more democratic procedure. the baptist were still more radical. they they subtracted infant baptize and made church membership dependent upon conversion and the gift of the holy spirit as described in the new testament. finally came the quaker that subtracted all ritual, all programmed arrangement in worship and the professional ministry, allowing for no outward expression except the prophetic voice  which had been heard in the new testament church at the beginning"(pg 13).

    i found this " clear lay out" of church history more easy to understand as well as a focus as to where i need to seek repairing working in its still now ruined core edifice.

    sadly i see quakerism itself is now three times self wounded and thus is now a house in free fall that is in need of stabilizing and then rebuilding if this community is going to become The Holy  Light House it was called into being to be.

    i see  this  as the first needed step in the healing of the entire Christian church and TRUTH Seeking human kind.

    once re-unity comes back into  the quaker community by the adding of the dutiful direction and focus of The New Covenants SEVEN Word Bible-


    as the now missing but very  needed  focus and prime driver / motivator / governor to all our action's in and out of community settings-

    then reuniting and full fellowship  amongst all Our Savior Brothers House branches will i pray soon to  follow.

     and then this world filled with the sacred and the secular that Our Father YAHWEH Created for Loves Sake will i pray become the restored new and improved edan it once pleased Him to make for our for folks adam and eve.

    ... it looks like 2014  is going to be a work filled one for me and  i do ask for and welcome all your prays and good thoughts as the Heavens Medicine that the good and dear pope francis recently correctly called them as.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    if... if only... then mayhaps....

    Saturday, November 23, 2013, 11:46 PM [General]

    if the new blessed, bold, and in my heart felt opinion very spiritually  correct new leader of the roman catholic community pope francis called the THIRD VATICAN COUNCIL into session...

    then wounderful hopefilled things for all human kind will follow.

    if the once most perfect aspect of the then much needed protestant reformation- the quaker/ the seeker communities  that now lays mostly fallow having sustained three self inflected  near mortal dividing  wounds over its few hundred year history where to now become binded up from its house ending division to  reforme anew  as GEORGE FOX and the original seekers meant it to be....

    then we of this modern day quaker community of friends and family of Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah and each to each other / as much as to the strangers we pass on the road would be able to better aid in this unfolding  age of "world wide Christian reconciliation and reunification"...

    and in that doing all the worlds living beings would rejoice in a New Jubilee Year  greater then any / all  other jubilee years before.

    ... it would be an added help if franciscans of all three orders within  every faith community were to lend our faith and love to this work that our spiritual brother fransico de assisi was first given over 800 years ago by Our Savior Brother HIMSELF when HE spoke to him from the iconic cross in the tattered chapel of san damiano ...


    IF these things did come to pass then what seven story or greater mountains could we not move into the deepest seas?

    me thinks none will stand!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    and yet another heart felt statement i thought i would never be moved to make:

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 10:11 PM [General]

    thank you mr bush for your vocal support of Messianic Jewry.

    it is not a perfect faith system but it is one more close to perfect then are most christan and jewish faiths practiced today.

    while i am at it i would like to publicly retract all the many harsh words i so often cast at you and your administration-

    my current view is that you all are NOT GUILTY as that is how i hope Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah sees us all and for all time.

    i was not walking in your shoes when i spoke and i was wrong to speak as if i were.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    Our Savior Brothers Greatest TRUTH: The New Covenant.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 7:35 PM [General]

    2013 years or so ago Yesh’wa Messiah (commonly called Jesus Christ) from Nazareth brought on to all human kind (Jews first the all else)“ The New Covenant” that the Prophet Jeremiah for told the coming of some 550 years or so earlier- a published, accepted, undisputed prophecy that can be found now in any bible books old testament section under the heading “Jer. 31:31-34”. 


             It is very important to understand that at the time that that prophecy was being handed down to us “the old covenant “ that was indeed made between Our Father YAHWEH and Moses was violated so badly by so many and for so long that it could not be repaired- only replaced. I invite you to read for your own self that hope filled prophecy in its fullness, as I will now only be hitting its gist; believing as I do that The New Covenant deserves the greater focus in this essay.


             Speaking for Our Father YAHWEH The Prophet tells us “ the day is coming when I will make a New Covenant with MY PEOPLE,” that HIS Love for us is like a husbands love for His Wife abject and complete; and that when that New Covenant comes to us and to those of us that KEEP ITS STIPULATION  “ I WILL WRITE MY WORD DIRECTLY UPON THERE LIVNG HEARTS”; thus keeping us in a Living Unity with Him that not even Adam, David nor any one before Our Savior Brother Himself had known.


             Our Savior Brother Yesh’wa Messiah gave the New Covenant and its ONE STATED COMMAND to His Friends and Followers (both women and men) that gathered with Him to celebrate The Passover Sadder 2013 years ago. It was also a few hours away from the time that He would redeem all human kind from any and all claim the then owner of this world would ever make on anyone by His free willingly allowing His Holy Innocent Blood to be spilled as a ransom for any and all that claims it and for all time that this world may yet spin on.


                      “LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU”


             It has been the enduring chief but very neglected/ distracted duty of every disciple of His in every following age to pass on these words along with our witness / our example of His Love just as His Love and these words have been past onto us.


             Unfortunately every human heart is created free to heed Our Fathers Will or take a pass on that Will. This directive too stands ever waiting far above any and every other for any and every human heart to accept it and then to act upon it. If it is not taken to our hearts then like a seed that falls upon road gravel nothing good come forth from its now hollowed husk.


             However once it is accepted and acted upon then Our Father Himself sends forth to us the one I love to call Our Sister The Teacher to help us as we move upon this earth, bringing as best as we are able to Our Savior Brothers Perfect Love onto all we meet/ and everywhere we go; and in the doing we acquire the spiritual fitness needed for a born human beings to dwell where Holy Angels make there homes and quarters.


             Thanks kindly for stopping by these humble pages of mine and please know that I’m praying many blessing of peace and goodness and tons o’love flow to you and yours for taking the time to look into and consider them with your hearts eye.


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    i am happy to now eat every one of the harsh words i once said of mr. president Obama...

    Friday, October 18, 2013, 3:18 AM [General]

    i having no idea how near impossibly  difficult it clearly is to lead a nation of folks with so many differing views -

    i was wrong to have been  as harsh as i have have been in my past speech.

    without exception mr. Obama is proven himself to being the best modern day president  ever  and of greater  greatness to misters  Jefferson and Lincoln having learned from them and building upon those greatness's...

    i stand with my head bowed in loving deference and great gratitude to Our Father YAHWEH for blessing we of this time and place with such a loving  faithful a leader as is mr Obama is for our american nation -

    as well as the new very great loving and faithful to Our Savior Brother  leader of the rrc pope Francis i.

    i am thankful and grateful  to Our Father / Our Savior Brother  and very blessed  to have seen with my own now failing eyes such good and correct faith as theirs  is in action and i stand ever ready to aid in there work in any and every way i - my love / my faith can serve.

    i pray them and theirs as well as thee and thine peace and good and tons o'love...

    yours truly

    peter the roman american


    ps fyi and updates.... last month a begun my studies in the New Seminary NYC for interfaith minister ordination and a few days ago a wrote my requite letter for entry into the quaker community-

    if and when  i am admitted into the quaker community i will stop posting here / writing anywhere under this now no longer useful name. i will sign all future efforts as " quaker stanislaw forfa" - my true de plume.

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    this new leader of the r c community is a blessing to behold and a real hope for the reunificatio of Our Savior Brothers House h

    Monday, October 7, 2013, 1:10 AM [General]

    .... of Our Savior Brothers House in our lifetime!

    just as no human being can take back our past actions  or act anew once the time for that action has past-

    so nether can todays roman catholic church take back the actions of its past leadership done long ago nor  can it do now what was left undon then in hopes of a better Here and Now.

    but what  we all and that church community leadership can do  is REPENT the past and begin anew knowing that our individual and collective forgivenss is the very heart of Our Savior Brothers Living Gosple availble and awaiting only our request for it.

    we human folk are powerless to move the hands of time retrograde;

    however Our Fathers YAHWEHS Mercy dose for us all the very next best thing-

    it blesses us with a HERE and NOW UNSTAINED by those unwise/ unkind, unloving, untruthful , UNDONE actions of yesterday/ yester year/ yester milenia.

    if in his bold pontificate this good  pope frances can STRONLY RECOMMEND / ADVOCATE for women ordenation, clergy marrage, and make a call for ALL CHRISTAN UNIFACATION UNDER THE NEW COVENAT ONE COMMANDMENT-

    - a 3d vatacan coucile...

    then he , his faith, his love would have removed much of what is wroung with todays rcc;

    thus allowing Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messhia's Love fuller presents here and now among  all His would be Friends and Family of 2013.

    i am praying with all the faith in my heart for this dear and good pope francis... for all the peace and good and tons o' love Our Father YAHWHY  / Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messhia  can send his way.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    a prayerful call for Quaker RE-Unity standing under the example and framework that george fox left to.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 2:47 AM [General]

    foreword- i am only a " quaker attendee" with various meetings. i have sat in fellowship with nyc 15 st meeting and stood with them in washington square during silent protest of the then Iraq war and currently i attend the new brunswick nj meeting after moving from where the quakertown meeting was closest to my then quarters. i am not yet a full quaker, but i look foreword to the day  i can call myself one knowing that that day may never come. still i am a dedicated disciple of Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah that has seen up close and in detail the religious practices of sacramental and evangelical christian church communities and now being Spirit Moved i ask:


    he and that early community did much lasting good. still i think mayhaps without knowing what it did best of all  was to give the full christian church a third supporting leg.

    ever try to sit upon a 2 leg stool?

    its as stable as a see-saw!

    the sacramental church and the evangelical churches were then as they continue to be now  both overfilled with  unintentional yet  never the less spiritually deadly spiritual misdirection so much so that Our Savior Brothers GREAT LIGHT nearly went out... today once more His Guiding Light is turning dim and distant.

    if we can RE-UNIT as ONE COMMUNITY committed to Peace, Truth, Honesty, Nonviolence, Personal Integrity ... we can also in that doing bring these long absent qualities to our local , state and federal governments that is desperately in need of a 3d Leg political party-

    like a green tea party -

    that can bring balance and stability and deeper goodness to our american politics of 2013.

    may Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah bless us all with the gifts that Our Sister GRACE gives to all in Her Care like peace and good and tons o'love

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    LOVE is the Greatest Good a human being can create- Yesh'wa Messiahs Love is The Greatest Love our human world ever witnessed.

    Saturday, September 28, 2013, 9:03 PM [General]

    there are many things that can and do motivate our actions.... but when we motivated by LOVE/ acting in response to LOVES CALL-

    then what we do has the most enduring fruits.

    right now in washingtion d.c. the u.s. congress is readying for a shutdown of u.s. government services because the political masters of the hate filled rabid right said " this is how its to be"-

     and like a fear filled dog that had been kick to too much already they trot off to do there well paying masters bidding and will hey will do there foul masters will no matter the tons fear or trepidation and worse it brings to so many american human beings... mayhaps they do so to created those feelings of anti-love?

    2013 years ago in the once holy city of jerusalum the temple leadership were akin to today's  congressional leadership in that there authority to keep moses seat from authority that  was given to them by there secular master like the then false king foul murderous coward herred-

    as he intern served as king of the hebrews only because there murderous pagan roman masters said he could-

    but all that ended when Our Savior Brothers brought His Faith and Love into this dark  world bringing to us A Light that has been burning brightly ever since.

    with HIS SEVEN WORDS all of the old law was forever replace with the most perfect Law human kind has ever lived / WILL EVER  under:


    still Our Father YAHWEH wills us FREE WILL and just as with the old law we human kind are free to comply with or reject His Law or choosing as so many do now and give living honor to the now dead law and pretend lip service to The ONLY  Living Law Heaven has/ continues to endorse.

    however any and all and ONLY we that willfully/ faithfully enters into The New Covenant ONE COMMANDMENT  find our self in Living Union with first Our Sister Grace- The Paraclete and Teacher promised to all 2013 years ago-

    but very soon as we walk Loves Path  we come to understand that Our Father YAHWEH/ Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah FOREVER ONE is more then an active bystander/ participant in all that we freely will to do each day we are blessed to be upon THIS HOUSE created to show to all our own Love and mercy...

    ... and of all that we can and do do- only OUR LOVE makes the best / longest lasting / the very best Healing Fruits.

    may peace and good and tons o'love be with us all....

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    HEAVEN is no human beings "birth right"- but it is EVERY human Beings possibility.

    Monday, September 23, 2013, 11:27 PM [General]

    to those that believe " our salvation" was won for us all by Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiahs Perfect Work of ABJECT FAITH  and LOVE completed now 2013 years i must say NOT SO!


    but our being " saved from hell"  IS NOT  being made  " SPIRITUALLY FIT " to enter into Heavens Gates!

    only our faithful practice of THE DUTY that we human kind have been given by Our Savior Brother HIMSELF as stated in His New Covenant Commandment and Law of Love that FOREVER REPLACED  all the the old now obsolete law found in the old testament exactly as Jer #!: 31-34 told us would one day be replaced makes us that spiritually fit.

    " LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU" - so COMMANDS Yesh'wa Messiah 

    like it or not / believe it or not but THAT ALONE is The Path to our Spiritual Perfection, Pathway to the  Purest Grace on this side of Heavens Gate;

    and the only way past those mighty barriers.

    i am praying for all the peace loving folks to be blessed with peace and good and all the tons o'love Heaven can give to us all.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    this new leader of the roman community has selected the exactly correct church name" francis"...

    Friday, September 20, 2013, 9:48 AM [General]

    because he is clearly doing " the work of REBUILDING Our Savior Brothers House" that Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messhia HIMSELF tasked to the origenal francis back in 1215   A.D.

    i am very happy to say that i was wroung (again) to have  believed that  only sr simon campbell could have gotten this rebuilding work done BEFORE Our Savior Brother returnes to sheperd us all as The King of Peace Loving / Faithful Human Kind....

    and just mayhaps what our dear brother shepard francis has begun in vatican city .... our dear sister campbell may one day soon wrpe up herself !?!

    to all of peaceful loving human kind i pray thee peace and good and tons o'love,

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps my puters spell checker is asleep.... sorry about the many errors....

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