one week down three more to go....

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 6:23 PM [General] im here in the veterans domicile program of west nj for my fifth day and i must say its seven blessing plus!

    the staff are great the fellow vets are greater still.

    2 hours ago i sent in my application for the " New Seminary " of nyc and then broke bread with a dyed in the wool bible preacher-man and no blood was spilled!

    truns out they do have inter web accesses here in the jersey wilderness but it needs a crank handle to get it started.... good thing i  brought my own verizon hot spotski!

    we have a dedicated chapel here but no chaplain-  in the morrow im going to ask the facility superintendent   to allow me to hold a regular Thursday nite Our Savior Brothers Last Sadder Remembrance /New Covenant reminder service in it.

    well the wolfs are starting to howl so that is our que here  to hit the rack.

    peace and good and tons o'love to all-

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    with the new year comes a number of new things in my life

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 4:14 AM [General]

    first off i'm about to bid a very found adieu to my very kind hearted ex wife for her great hospitality that she gave to me over these past few years-

    i have been approved for residency in a nj sponsored  homeless domicile  for military veterans near the pa boarder and prayerfully  i will be there this time Wednesday.

    furthermore i also have a new vocational goal of rendering the very best spiritual service my being can render to anyone in need but chiefly to fellow military service veterans-

    a community that i have been a member of for a long while.

    just like computer systems often  need restoration following very harsh usage-

    so too dose our human soul need restoration following times when we are made to act as less then the fully en-souled human beings that we are.

    to that end i have conducted research into " mufti-faith seminary's" that offer cpc prep for chaplaincy candidacy and i found 2 worth looking deeper into:

    "the new seminary" and "one spirit seminary" both of nyc.

    as nether is very affordable to me i will have to being economizing at once and so my web cite "Yeshwa's House . net  - where church and state cross"is going to have to end now, oh well.... there may not be any inter-web access that far west of nyc  in the nj/ pa wilderness anyway.

    forgive me please this bit of nostalgia but i can recall when i was a younger man i looked forward at like changes that i am  with great hope seeing in them new start / hope-filled beginnings... but that's not what im feeling now.

    i recon now with hard miles and age uneasy near trepidation is the mood of the new day-

    at least it seems so for me now.

    however i still rest well knowing that all things on this side of heavens gates are temporary at best and that as the committed dedicated practitioner albeit the worse ever disciple of My Savior Brother and His New Covenant Law of Love one day i shall BE on The Other Side of Heavens Gates...

    and i hope its warm like panama and soft like lemon scented air.

    until then i got much  love to make more perfect and a hand or two to lend to a sister or bother in need.

    yours truly

    peter the romin american


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    dedicated faithful Disciples of Christ The Savior /practitioners of His New Covenant may yet...

    Friday, December 28, 2012, 1:38 AM [General]

    ... may yet heal this world as surly as " the same old error filed nicean born Christianity" will be listed on this worlds autopsy  as " the cause of its death".

    i look forward to what ever replies that my follow this post.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    "The Christ" did not come to isreal to make a bridge for the jewish faith into the future...

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 1:37 AM [General]

    ... He came to END that long failed imperfect  jewish faith based upon imperfect human artifacts/ errant writings / errant witness  and replace it with a new Love based faith system centered upon His Own Lived  Example that keeps every one of its practitioners in perpetual grace and innocents easily restored when the needs be. 

    i understand that most every practicing christain attach by faith to there sacramental or bible centered church dose not agree with The Truth cited above and that most of them will not waste a tic to call me a " false prophet or even "antichrist" as i say to them " sticks and stones";

    but TRUTH IS TRUTH and The TRUTH of jer 31/ 31-34 tells us all that like it or not " the jewish faith based upon moses covenant" was going to one day  end and it was going to be replaced with The New Covenant;

    The New Covenant and its ONE STATED COMMANDMENT  that Our Savior Messiah did write and Seal with His Innocent Blood 2012 years or so ago.

    THIS TRUTH also points out another embarrassing hurt-filled Truth that has been and still is shared by all practicing christians of every faith build on a " jewish continuum of faith systems"-

    namely that all such church communities are in great error that is a threat to there very souls life by staying in those error filled churches now.

    just like no traveler can reach lets say new york city without getting on board a conveyance that is heading for new york city;

    no human soul can enter into The New Life Our Savior Brother opened up for us to share in unless and until our faith is the committed practice of His New Covenants ONE STATED COMMANDMENT-


    i beg with all my being please consider these words and while we still have the time to change direction from our 1500+ year old error filled pagan nicean born church let us set Our True Path according to Our Saviors Direction ALONE.

    Our Father YAHWEH  nor His  House needs not one of us to become a living part of it as it each are perfect as is-

    however we are beloved invited and called into that New Life so let us do as we have been directed to and ready our self as we help each other to arrive into  that Wonderful Destination only our faithful love can bring us into. 

    i stand ready  to respond to all the replies that this post may bring.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps this is jer 31/ 31-34

    31 "The day is coming," says the LORD,  "when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah.

    32 This    covenant will not be like the one I made with their ancestors when I    took them by the hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt.
    They    broke that covenant, though I loved them as a husband loves his wife,"    says the LORD.

    33 "But this is the new covenant I will make with the people of Israel on that day," says the LORD.   
 "I will put my instructions deep within them, and I will write them  on   their hearts. 
I will be their God, and they will be my people.

    34 And they will not need to teach their neighbors, nor will they need to teach their relatives, saying, 'You should know the LORD.' For everyone, from the least to the greatest,
    will know me already," says the LORD. "And I will forgive their wickedness,  and I will never again remember their sins."

    (Jeremiah 31, NLT, rse).

    everyone / anyone in any church or temple today that dose NOT have The Live Word of YAHWEH written upon there living heart is missing that word due in largest part to the misplaced/ misdirected faith that they gave to the things that should never have been given any faith in the first place.

    the church age of bibles and sacraments and only certain "men" having authority to lead others as its center alters ended officially on earth in 77 ce with the smashing of the 2d temple -

    its time for all the faithful to see this TRUTH  and to act accordingly in Loves Way or expect your once living soul to be burred next to your once living body at its times end.

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    im about 10 miles west of midtown manhattan and it just started to snow!

    Monday, December 24, 2012, 7:56 PM [General]

    it looks like someone got a " sure thing" as a reply to a prayerful request of a " white christmas"!

    a very very happy , joy-filled and wonderful never ending Happy Christmas to all human kind and my best wishes for a very very happy new year for us all too!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    i am a dedicated committed Disciple of The Christ that is also commuted to making the usa more seculor.

    Saturday, December 22, 2012, 11:54 PM [General]

    the central point of post " seeking to  make our american nation more perfect by seeking to making it more seculor" came to me in response to the too to many paid clergy's out spoken views and beliefs  that the evil that visited ct. last week was because of the " offical forbidding of prayer and god" in the class rooms/ public schools.

    not only must all" offical prayer and all  gods" be kept far from every pubic class room-

    but we  modern day americans  must all endeavor to make all american governmental offices and processes " religion free zones 100%" for Loves Sake / for Truths Sake.

    a short history of offical religion in america:

    in 1492 when columbus sailed into "the new world " he did so with a small fleet of ships that sailed under the protection and the flag of catholic spain.

    in those days most all royalty held there royal crowns under the blessing to the king of the vatican italy called pope.

    there was a " orthodox church" that split from the roman seat of church power a few hundred years before but that orthodox church  never threatened or really opposed roman church rule like a batter wife never opposes or refutes her batterer as the " protestant revolution" was gaining  speed and a large body count of there own vs rome.

    by the time of the first main land spanish / european statement was established on what was to become the mainland usa  at st. augusteen fla. the invading ships found many thriving peoples already here enjoying My Father YAHWEH'S Wounders Bounty.

    then with musket and sword and centuries of savage european warfare skills and experience that begun with the pagan romans that nailed The King of PEACE and LOVE to a cross under there belts and as franciscan monks watched and prayed for the conquistadors as they "claimed the new world for god , the church and the crown of spain" with religion as there banor took all it wanted form the innocent natives in  most evil ways.

    as soon after each of the other murderous thieves from the other  european nations that could do like wise did indeed do likewise and even worse under the religious eyes of protestant and jesuit religious clergy.

    by the time the rowenoke virgina settlement was found abandoned in the early 1500s many other new world communities were thriving as many of  those native  human beings that were there first fall under  the foul religious folks bloody  hands of those dark days never rose again.

    even when the city of philadelphia pa  was founded upon peaceful quaker principals it was still a jailible offense NOT to attend church services on sundays and there were many  ministers jailed for seeking to pass on a different version of " christianity" in areas that were in another denominations " turf".

    it was in such a court room fight that the one day to be mr president thomas jefferson first put forth the american idea of SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE".

    every war our nation fought in these times over the past hundred years were done so with paid religious folks in military uniforms shouting " its gods will that we fight ...."

    every one of the near countless unjust federal / local american court room disgraces from the wwi ear ethel and julius roesenbuams disgraceful murders  done under color of law  to the not all that long ago " central park wilding" shame were all done with many sworn officers of the court and near countless witnesses that voluntarily  placed them self under oath to "tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them god" and then they lied there swore butts off.

    its again time for  we in 2012 america to  now restate as clearly as it needs to be said that OUR U S A  is a SECULAR NATION that was founded as a SECULAR NATION and the offical religious trappings  that sadlt still  linger MUST BE NOW AND FOREVER BANISHED FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC SQUARE!

    because it is in this our united secularized bedrock where all americans / all human beings in american  are free to be religious or nonreligious as we please to be.

    we must do this reaffirmation of our american secularism  now before the american religious taliban like those rotten hate filled folks a hate-filled baptist church call the american shots once again;

    and there in this doing so too stands our best hope in keeping  the very blood and false hearted american religious past from repeating itself!

    i look foreword to all replies that this post may being forth.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps historical info and support for the views put forth above can be found at pbs " god in america" series and " the history of the christain church". sheldon

    as well as the documentary film maker ken burns in his recent work of the central park wilding case as mr koch was the then mayor of nyc.

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    what i really really want for christmas 2012 is to become/ be made an Angel of YAHWEH!

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 3:18 AM [General]

    yes i understand that as a christian i am suppose to be aiming for " sainthood" as my highest spiritual potential-

    but then again i am not your classic / average christain feeling more comfortable as i do self identifying my faith system as a "Disciple of The Savior Messiah" and a committed faithful practitioner of The New Covenants ONE STATED LAW of Love.

    i dont have any other lingering  ambition save to bringing / rendering the nost good/ the most faithful love that i can everywhere i am able to,

    i no longer hold anymore  desire for any of the near countless things  i was once attracted to and wanting to the point of aching  for as i did as a younger more able man.

    im not interested in seeing any more of this world then i already have seen.

    i have nothing more i feel i need to prove or to accomplish or to get done except what i might be able to do by becoming  "trans-substantiated"  from my original human nature into one of angelic substance and being.

    however after that prayer  comes into being i would seek my first angelic assignment  to be here upon this earth that has become so badly wounded in so many ways over these past hundred years or so with the hope of healing / mending its many  wounds so that still many more human beings can come here to become / enter  into still greater  life via Loves Perfect Path and Wonderful Way-

    after all there is no other place like this in all the observable universe we are a living part of.

    i confess here and now that there is one more thing / yet another thing i would do with my new angelic nature and being-

    i would not wait for the worlds leaders to " turn there swords into plow shears" as the old prophet said would one day be the case;

    i would on my own dime and say so go ahead and do it all my own self.

    i would bend back every guns barrel and plug every muzzle and blunt every blades edge even change rocks into memory form so that there would be  no more killing things anywhere on this world created to support human and animal and plant life-

    not to bring death to those created things.

    so there it is-

    this is my last want and wish and heartfelt prayer to become an angelic servant in My Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiahs Kingdom of Angels.

    after all He did assure us all  very long ago  that:


    so in a few minuets i will close my eyes for sleep but before i do i will be  asking in prayer for this my very last want as a human being and i will continue to ask in prayer day and night and all in between until i get my wings.

    i will not ask for your supporting prayers as im sure you have many needs and stuff of your own that needs praying for in this most wounder time of the year-

    but nether will i ask you not to... as i will also now add one thing more to my prayer list-

    that all your wishes and prayers and hopes and dreams are approved and that they become even better then you hoped for from them.

    i pray thee and thous peace and good and all the love that Heaven can spare.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    "... I HAVE NOT COME TO BRING PEACE BUT DIVISION" -Yesh'wa Messiah, 1ce

    Monday, December 17, 2012, 11:13 PM [General]

    at the time of My / Our Savior Brothers arrival onto our earth / into our human world there was only "one spiritual option" available for all human kind that we sheared with all living things of the earth-


    and in the case of human kind it was a mortality  deeply believed to be directly link to the sin nature  that we are said to have inherited form adam and eve.

    it was a mortality created by there lovlessness there faithlessness and the fruit of there own free will;

    it was NOT the way there were created to be.

    2012 years or so ago before Yesh'wa Messiah came to us all that  the corrupted / roman collaborating jewish religious leadership could offer as a spiritual treatment for the human sin state was " covering them over" like placing a tarp over a leaking roof and as exactly as worthless as a tarp is during a hurricane.

    2012 years or so ago when YAHWEH'S Only Biological Son voluntarily became born of king davids own decedent My /Our Mother Mary of Nazareth then like the old song says-

    "Our Soul Found Its Worth".

    as His  Pure Love poured  out as His Innocent Blood flowed upon a pagan roman cross so to causing the end of " human sin" as a ongoing spiritual block/ issue for all and  for all time.

    it that doing He also  opened Heavens Gates to all standing on His Side of The Divide that He HIMSELF Established.

    that divide is also the very  root of The New Covenant in that we ether commit to DOING  our tasked part and make our love as His IS and so by stand WITH Him-

    or we do OTHER then that Given Duty and thus stand apart from Him.

    we are ether standing with Him  on Our Savior Brothers Side of The Divide that He Established so we can become immortal as we were meant to be-

    or we stand apart from Him in human mortality keeping sin alive when it killed so long ago.

    if you think life on earth as a human being is great -

    your right it is but heaven IS PERFECT and all it takes for any of us  to be a Living Part of Heaven is for us  made our love as perfect as we can get it.

    i look foreword to dialoging / replying to  any and all commentary / replies  that this post may bring.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps i light of the deep ct. sadness of last week-

    all children are born and stay innocent and completely sin free retuning to the heavenly nest that there soul came forth from should there biological life end in childhood.

    no baptism, no church , no prayer for them are ever needed-

    but there prayers for us still here  sure dose help us restored our often self damaged innocents get fixed and make us like new again  as we often struggle to  keep onto Our Savior Messiah Brothers side of The Divide that HE Himself Built.

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    at long last a " what if " scenario that can become more then a " flight of fancy".

    Saturday, December 15, 2012, 4:42 AM [General]

    what if the decisions made at " the elicit church council of nicea " in 328 ce had been went in different directions?

    for instance what if there was no biblical canon agreed to because it was agreed that Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah  left to us His Loyal Disciples no paper back book to follow ether directly or via the original apostles /  disciples gathered in the upper room when Our Sister Grace first descended upon them all giving them all The Living Word Directly upon there Living Hearts.

    one likely result is that our church would very like have stayed unified mayhapes even until now;

    even better  there would not ever have been ANY SELF SERVING TELEVANGELISTS and  or religious hucksters pushing there version of the bible and blaspheming Our Father YAHWEH by there told lies about how "the bible is gods word".

    after all how many pages need a bible be that say


    signed YAHWEH'S Son Yesh'wa Messiah.

    another bad call made way back then-


    i believe that one thing that would have followed that decision would have been a better run church leadership and a much more peace filled world with no " dark age/ mid evil" era at all.

    the good news here is that not any of the " offical christian church decrees"  made from pentecost onward to today need to stand as if they are "GODS WILL AND WANT"-

    because they were never , are not now, nor will they ever be more then what they are-

    the want and the will of a very few non holy very corrupted and collaborating fear-filled men that accepted constanteens bribes of civic power and wealth rather then stand up to that pagan over lord as every disciples is duty bound to for TRUTH and LOVES Sake.

    i have said it before and i will say it as long as my lungs hold breath-

    the 1700+ year history of the christian church is over run with errors and mistakes that will continue to stand negativity impacting many innocents until they are corrected.

    human beings made those errors and its up to we human beings of this age to fix them as best as we are able to for Loves Sake.

    i look foreword to whatever this post may bring by way of commentary , debate and or discussion.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    the hope-filled dream i had today about dec 22 2012 was dashed by events in ct.

    Friday, December 14, 2012, 2:35 PM [General]

    first i saw the u s pentagon bldg and every other like build in every nation on earth swallowed whole by the earth itself with nothing to ever grown upon those unholy grounds ever  again.

    then i saw every pimp , child molester, rapist, paid leg beaker and killer, hate monger and money grubber, religious fraud and huckster of every profession and occupation just  never waken up from the slumber they settled into the night before-

    where there souls had gone to only My PaPa / Our Father YAHWEH can say.

    then i saw the human kinds meek come forth into full and complete ownership of all of this world-

    as the roman catholic church itself was then lead by the good and faithful sister simone campbell and that under her leadership all christian communities united wrapping a heart around every crucifix and cross promoting / living / demanding only ONE CHURCH DOCTRINE and that is The New Covenant Law ALONE as every bible book and other so called holy book were place upon the book cases where the belong and stayed unserviced for ever more.

    my heart jumped as i saw  all  u s troops and former war ships returned to our homeland to serve our local communities and provide all the needed infer-structures for our new american day as we rebuilt all else.

    i saw every human being economically free as there was no more debit anywhere but lots o' credit everywhere  as all financial slates all around the world  were wiped fully clean and i wept as i saw everyone still amongst  the living  looking out for neighbors more then we look out for our own self or kin...

    and then i saw The King of Angels Yesh'wa Messiah along with many of Heavens Host that were once themselves human beings like us helping us to become as they are as forgiveness , reconciliation and mercy was extended to and accepted by all of hells renegades restoring Heavens unity to Perfection...

    ... and then i woke to find another mad man with an automatic weapon shot up another school with kids present and injured by this demon inspired coward/ likely a church going bible loving "christian" and now im wishing it were dec 21 right now and that dream DO COME TRUE!!!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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