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    a new " moses" is needed- now more then ever before.

    Sunday, January 19, 2014, 1:46 AM [General]

    at the time Our Father YAHWEH called moses  to lead the hebrew slaves out from egyptian bondage, they were suffering mightily  from more then physical bondage.

     they were then  very much enslaved to the many strange gods that there  egyptian overlords s worshiped and made sacrifice to.

    this " strange god worship" was and continues to be such a big soul damaging spiritual deal that the very first commandment of the now defunct " mosaic law" was "... NOT TO HAVE ANY STRANGE gods BEFORE ME!"

    nether the mosaic law nor the words of the prophets that came generation after generation before Our Savior Brother The Messiah Himself came or even the often pagan centered teachings of many of the   so called  disciples of jesus christ that came to make up the foundation of most all christan church communities OVER The Christs Own Teachings- proved unable to keep most human hearts from seeking out and loyally / faithfully  serving the too to strange gods that this world still makes welcome  home to-

    glamor, mega wealth, lust, political / economical power and influence over as many as can be gained, greed and want , dopey and drunkenness... just to name a few...

    it seems clear enough to me that if Our Father YAHWEH dose not call up another " moses like figure" to refocus all the human family  upon Our Savior Brothers TRUTH and The  New Covenant with its One Commandment:


    then most created human beings - hebrew or non hebrew- will never come to see Our Father YAHWEH'S Loving Face;

    as most now - even the religious ones- are looking at all manor of " strangeness" wrongly believing the faith they misplaced in the teachings of the impostor paul has brought them into salvation...

    when  what those words have done IN TRUTH  is to have distracted so so many of  them from The Holy Work / The Tasked DUTY of Loving Each Other as Our Savior and True Friend loves us.

     we need to get to work at if we ever will to walk into Heavens Gates... the time to do so have never been shorter.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps i hope The New Moses is a lady but the bible lovers will likely call her " the whore of babylon..." or worse.

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    looks to be " new plan time" for me .... once again.

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 9:59 AM [General]

    ... so my return to the episcopal  church was more spiritually and physically painful then i thought it would be... and as a result i will not be retuning to there so called worship service ever again. of the three masses i attended (2 mid week - one sunday ) the nician creed was recited by most all in attendance ( except me) once and it authors was fondly remembered by the vicar  in another;  but worst part of all is that i was made to hear the words of the impostor paul after so long being blessed with there absence from my ear balls... my soul wept at each of those occasions not only because what was said there but what was left unsaid: " LOVE EACH OTHER AS OUR SAVIOR/ OUR REDEEMER/ OUR VERY BEST AND TRUST FRIEND SAID WE MUST- AS HE LOVES US!"

    meanwhile back at the new brunswick quaker meeting my request for membership was denied because of my efforts of reconciliation with the episcopal church in order to qualify for a place as a franciscan brother within the order of st. francis violates one of there rules on attending more then one christian community completely.... i guess if i was practicing buddest there  would have been no problem....

    so there is another community i will not be spending any more time with while i am still on this side of Heavens Gates.

    another kick to my souls tender bits was recently  hearing the vatican boss walk back some of his bold statements by his refusing to allow the extradition of the child raping prelet and former nunzio to poland and puru and his bow to the anti abortion mania so long entranced in the spiritually comatose rcc.

    so now i will re-set my course for a plain simple joyful remainder of my physical life on this side of Heavens Gates by living my Discipleship and keeping The New Covenant One Commandment  Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah wrote upon my heart with His Loving and Innocent Blood...

    and as i do i will also be fervently praying for the quick death of all that oppose or seek to hide / pollute / obfuscate   that ONLY HOLY LAW left to us all-

    The Only Law that when complied with enable us born human beings  to "Live Life as The Angles Live".

    so ...IF there is any other of Our Savior Brothers disciples that my come upon these electronically born words please know that i am praying for you and yours all the peace and good and Heavens Love Our Father YAHWEH can send our way.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    keeping faith with the one brakes faith with the other.

    Thursday, January 9, 2014, 12:06 AM [General]

    more then a few years ago i first took this cites " religious assignment tool " the belief-o-matic" and that fun but  non-scientific gage said i was 90% orthodox quaker.

    over the years i retook it but the same high percentage bottom line showing what i held to be religiously true was/ is very  kindred to the original george fox  quaker way.

    however i do hold key beliefs that are not in agreement with mr fox-

    one being he would likely be offended that i call him "mr" when i mean nothing but human respectfulness- one man to another when i use the term as i do to all i meet (the feminine one when its appropriate / indicated).

    furthermore we differ in our faiths practice in at least three others important ways:

    i hold to only " personal passivity" seeing the duty to "turn my cheek" to an aggressors blow as per Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiahs directive only when its my cheek being struck-

    if witnessing it i hold to defending others suffering from aggressors actions with all the might Heaven sends my way not caring a tinkers dame if the aggressor falls never to rise again afterward. shepherds never watch our flocks fall to wolfs! that is what out staff/ our faith filled courage  is for.

    in the last ways his  faith walk differs from mine is that he held the writings attributed to the pharisee saul of tarsus in high esteem as he insisted that all the vestiges of ritual religious practice common in Christan church communities of his day be not included in the quaker " meetings for worship" he established.

    where as i hold old saul in a minimum of esteem and if truth be told often in abject contempt believing as i do that Our Savior Brothers Church would have done much better if his writings were lost in time past and not codified under niceas mandates'

    lastly i also believe that mr fox was wrong not to have kept the "Lords Supper" in some way / form in his quaker communities worship . mayhaps a yearly evening servcie during the ancient passover feast that Our Savior Brother Himself celebrated each and every year while He live as we do in full human form;

    and that He Himself asked us His Kin and Friends and Faithful Followers to do and that when we do that we are to "REMEMBERER HIM " and all that He was about to do then and all that He has done for each one of us since.

    i hope that if i am ever welcomed as a "quaker in deed" or just as an attendee that i can speak of the spiritual need to consider some of these views.... to make quaker worship more perfect indeed.

    yours truly

    peter the romin american


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    Yesh'wa Messiah said " all that hear my words and act upon them are MY Kin"

    Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 11:53 AM [General]

    being a member of Our Savior Brothers Family is what most practicing christians lack. they lack Kinship with Him because they have been made to believe the lie that " all that there church teaches is as if The Savior Himself is teaching it".

    when we look side by side at what the very holy gosple records tell us about what He had to us then  especially john gosple  and or  Mel Gibson video "passion"  documents and we juxtapose them  with " church doctrines" -

    The Truth of the long deep intentional deceitful deception inflicted upon the world by pagan constanteens and his many minions  starting in 328 at the council of nicea becomes becomes clear:

    "Just War Doctrine" vs Our Savior Brothers teaching to "avoid even hurtful words" let alone actual physical  violence. although the just war doctrine is older then the council of nica by a hundred years it was at that foul UNLAWFUL / ILLEGAL council that it and other foul false doctrines were made church law.

    as our for parents adam and eve were given a choice to heed or not to heed ONE LAW in order to stay in the bounds of paradise and avoid death  "DO NOT EAT OF THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL";

    so to do we now also have a ONE LAW governance  that sets the ties between our living hearts and The Heart of The Universe HIMSELF-


    we that do so learn FIST HAND of not only all that Our Savior Brother said during the time before human kind was redeemed and restored to the perfect spiritual innocents we owned at our birth-

    but also all we may need to know regarding the issues that confront us during  these times of life on earth... via Our Sister The Teachers'  real time direct upon our living hearts  teachings.

    i pray all that are Our Savior Brothers Yesh'wa Messiahs Kin Folk peace and good and tons o'love as i pray all those "others" CLEAR OUT OF TRUTHS WAY!

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    i feel very hope-filled about 2014 and the spiritual wonders it will mark.

    Thursday, January 2, 2014, 11:47 PM [General]

    we human folk have been inching along the road of deeper understandings of the things that make up this physical world we own live and squat in as well as the spiritual life we have been born with.

    yes i know that are many folks that have for many reasons rejected absolutely the existence of a human spiritual life and in there rejection they have rendered  to near death there spiritual liefs potential... free will is free will.

    but most folks do own living souls and it is for them/ we that  i am hope filled that as this year unfolds we will expand our self spiritual understandings/ clear up the many lingering mysteries that have wrought many a bald spot due to excessive head scratchings.

    i am confident that once someone(s)  with a greater set of communication skills then those that i own explains things like "  Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah called all of  us to be His Disciples (mirrors reflecting His Perfect Light intimating His Purest Love and Abject Faith)  and NOT the disciples of true or not so true yet very popular apostles or fully human creations and artifacts...

     then we will be be able  do the former ( becoming Our Savior Brothers Mirror) better as we put the latter distractions into the ethereal dust bin where all our errors belong.

    once we begin to walk more closely to Our Savior Brother, we will better feel Our Creator Father YAHWEH Heart beating withing our living hearts as we come to better understand the words of the old church song:

    " what so ever you do to least of my kin folk- thats what you done did to me"  and The TIMELESS  Truth that those words hold hold for all things done to each other as well as those things left not done.

    once we begin to base our actions on the SEVEN WORDS of The New Covenant left to all human kind 2014 years or so ago as the very best path way from our physical life to make our self ready for Our Spiritual Life in Our Father YAHWEH'S House where the thief can not enter and where death has no quarter-

    then Our Sister The Teacher/ The Gifted Paraclete that first came into our world during the Pentecost will make her home in our living hearts  NO TO DO FOR US  but to help us to do for our self as we do for those powerless to do other then suffer the slings and wounds caused by all the anti truth / shads of truth religions the world over peddled for " commerce sake".

     as Our Masters Way was paved by them in money pleasure and pride.

    yes i am very hope filled that this year 2014 is going to be a very very good year for very many indeed.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

    ps  id like to share a sort of recurring dream i pray will come to pass before the years end or at least as soon as it can come into being-

    i was a professed Franciscan brother in an episcopalian order - the OSF ( order of st Francis)  i think i was wearing a weather beaten brown robe with a white tunic in-bossed with the avatar my son created and is posted here on this page - when pope francis called the 3d vatican council into session...

     i was one of the Anglican delegates but instead of attending the council pope francis bid me " go to china now peter  and bring to our sisters and brothers bound  there Our Savior Brother Good News"

    i went and that was all that this would world ever hear from / of me again.

    i wish i was en-route under those holy orders  right this second.

    peace and good and tons o'love

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    beginning now i resolve to boldly even belligerently confront all human institutions both sacred...

    Sunday, December 29, 2013, 11:59 PM [General]

    or secular  that fosters human sufferings in the hope that by faithfully  opposing them there end will come before 2015 dose.

    recently the world grieved the death of south African peace maker Nelson Mandela.

    would you be surprised to know that for at least the past few month he had been more dead then alive and  kept (biologically) alive via medical  intervention and life support machinery?

    i do not know what his spiritual experience was then in that half way state-

    but i tell you i would not want that to be lot for me or mine.

    dear ones don't you see that our lives are one of a kind experiences that began with our birth when Our Father YAHWEH gave to us our one of a kind never used before Heaven Sent souls seed.

    yes we have been saved from hell by our faith in  The Mighty  RANSOM paid by Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah so so long ago now-

    but our entry into Our Father YAHWEH's House requires our faithful and freely willed love as per The New Covenant handed down to us 2013 years ago!

    when at last the  hour of  our life's  end comes our spirit caring all the love we created formed the living fruit of that our  souls seed minus all the love we left undone or kept our sisters and brother from growing during there one of a kine life time  will enter into Our Father YAHWEH'S House...

    ...unless the measure of our love then at that time of our death is nothing or less....

    in that case that spirit like a seed left unrwatered without its own love to act as its spiritual life support  will become likewise ...  nothing at much  less then what it was before the hour of our birth when at least "hope" gave if form and gravity.

    lastly ( those with genteel constitutions and loving hearts  may wish to end reading this here_) to all that take glee in others suffering  and all that feel nothing when they see someone suffering and all them that follow there masters orders no matter the suffering other are made to feel by those foul orders and all those that could have ended someones suffering but decided to " blame  god for that suffer " instead-

    please know that i am praying for all of them above to know My / Our Father YAHWEH's Justice soon indeed without delay...

    don't worry about hell you severs of human suffering as it oblivion that awaits you.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    the mighty gifts that My Savior Brother has given to me this Holy Season of Hope...

    Saturday, December 21, 2013, 11:47 PM [General]

    ... and what i hope to give to Him before another years end.

    at this time last year i was preparing for a residency in a homeless domicile for u.s military veterans-  a gift that i asked heaven for so i could  stop being a burden to my ex-wife who did let me stay in her home for more then a few  seasons before.

    i entered into that veterans domicile a few weeks into the new year 2013 and with in four months i was preparing to move into my brand  new " affordable " ( 30% of my monthly income) 1 bed room apt that the year or so  before was still a working golf course and one that i had won in a lottery drawing for vets only that i had entered in feb after seeing a full page ad for it in the local paper.

    today thanks to Mr Obama and the national democrats efforts to keep alive social security as ssd is my only income:

     my rent is paid in full and with a month in advance too, all my finances are current, most all my past owings to my ex-for her long support have been mostly settled and last week i was even able to start a savings account with my bank with a $100.00 balance....

     all in all my 2013 has been over filled with answered prayers and very kind and gentle heaven sent mercies and gift.

    now considering the blessed brave kindhearted Franciscan at the vaticans helm and all the outflow of faithful love among folks of good will the world over it sure looks to me 2014 is  becoming the best year of my life  yet!

    so in the morrow at my scheduled quaker meeting membership meeting i will ask if a quaker can also become a member of a religious order-

    manly the osf the order of St Francis- an Episcopal order based in washington state but one that has active members the world over- one where "each brothers home is our friary"where we  give faithful service to local episcopal communities / anyone in need and living "the gosple life 24/7/365".

    if they say " yes its ok for my to do that and still be a active quaker in there meeting" then i will begin the Franciscan formation process with out delay asking the vicar of local Episcopal church nearest to me (its name fyi is St. Francis Church) to serve as my spiritual director.

    if they say no  i can not then i will withdraw my request for membership in the quaker meeting and seek to stay with the meeting as a faithful attendee and again begin the formation process with the osf.

    this is what i am hoping to give to My / Our Savior Brother beginning now and lasting until my last breath - all  my heart, all  my soul, all my mind, ... my all and prayerfully doing so as a quaker and a member of the community dedicated to continuing the work given to our brother dear francis by Our Savior Brother HIMSELF so long ago whle worshiping with the pureness of the quaker way.


    and as i do this i hope to  never fail to point out to all i can reach that that The New Covenant and its SEVEN WORD / ONE COMMANDMENT imperative left to us by Our Savior Brother HIMSELF is The Living Heart of The Living Good News as well as The True Heart of Christan Theology...

    that we must commit to if we hope for Living Union with Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah that begins in this world and this this life that then seemlinessly extends into The Fullest Life of All. 


    peace and good and tons o'love...

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    "IF" it is your hearts hope to one day " DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD-FOREVER" then be sure:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 7:50 PM [General]

    not to follow the leadership / moral and spiritual direction of all those that have decided to " build up for themselves / there ministries the treasures of this world".

    doing so will keep your soul as earth bound as there must remain if there heart is not shifted to faithful love  by there free will when the hour of there death dose come.

    nearly 2014 years and Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah still lives and still leads all that are His as evidenced by our  heeding  His gentle direction spoken directly into our living hearts.

    sadly alas we still now live in a world that has allowed edan's liar to continue to tell its soul killing lies;

    and it is still up to each of  our now living heart to decide the Truth from the lie and then to act accordingly.

    i do believe my heart is telling me that the " dividing live between Truth and falsehood " is earthly wealth.
    i pray every actual and potential child of Our Father YAHWEH all the  peace and good and love that Heaven can send to us.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    a "Renewed Tree" grows in the living heart of vatican city and The Heart of that tree is Our Savior Brother s Good News!

    Thursday, December 12, 2013, 1:10 AM [General]

    The Living Heart of His Good News is that every human heart having long ago been fully forgiven of all that once kept us apart form Our Fathers Heart-

    shall indeed  find Living Unity with His Mighty Heart if we but set our hearts and minds to The New Covenants one stated commandment


    i am now more then i have ever been before joyfully looking foreword to the soon to begin 3d vatican council, the REUNIFICATION of the Christian Church with its seven word bible, the end of human poverty the world over , the end of war as a problem solving tool, the end of the rain of cowardly violent sociopaths that foster greed as a virtue  that keeps human bondage alive in all its guises, and most of all of The QUICK Return of Yesh'wa Messiah to this renewed world created for Love.

    i pray peace and good and tons o'love to all human hearts dedicated and rededicated to Love as Vocation and the holiest work a human being secular or consecrated can engage in.

    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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    at this mornings meeting for worship....

    Sunday, December 1, 2013, 9:39 PM [General]

    ... a message was place upon my heart and throughout my mind that i could not turn away from.

    no matter how hard i tried to it think of anything else it kept burning on pushing me to sound it out to them gathered with me then.

    i often resist stating out loud things that come to my awareness during meetings for worship figuring that if the message is from Our Father YAHWEH then it will not retreat from my resistance to sound it as them that seem to come form the kingdom of cowards and liars so often do.

    so i said nothing until the formal meeting was ended and the time for " after thoughts " begun-

    my raised hand was acknowledge by the meetings leader and i prefaced my statement with a remark of the pressingness of the message i was given to say and then i said it:


    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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