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    The GOOD , the not-so-good and the evil.

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 2:02 PM [General]

    if its "Good" like life in all its spender and grandeur and form then it was created by Our Father YAHWEH.

    if its " not-so-good" like chronic pain or diabetes controlled by insulin  or any vote robbing  prison sentences-

     then its likely those things that "was Good " at its root and then it was "modified" by some well intentioned human being or community.

    if its "evil" like a slow terminal cancer that the person is made to live every second of because "some others" believes that is " gods will" to do just that or hundred years prison sentences or those evil acts that make 100 years prison sentences seem like a good punishment-

    then i believe that those things are  born from hells well spring of purest evil with a " golden" but false glossy finish.

    however if its something that WAS " not so good  and even evil" and it somehow was reformed / redeemed from what it was into some more approximating Heavens Created Good then those things are The Fruit of Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah's Love living within a living breathing human being-

    and that is high faithful love INDEED.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    today my son is 21-

    Sunday, February 9, 2014, 3:23 PM [General]

    its been nearly 22 years since i found my best reason  to seek to be a better man then i was.

    i guess these things iv been feeling of late may be what those salomon might be feeling after they spent all they had to make it up stream to spawn the next generation...

    cold achy ( very very achy) exhausted but somewhat self satisfied that the task is done and a new page awaits its Turing.

    yours truly

    quaker stanislaw forfa


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    could both bill nye and ken hamm both be right? YES

    Friday, February 7, 2014, 3:58 PM [General]

    a few days ago bil nye the science guy debated the " young earth " biblical view of created earth espoused by mr hamm and other bible believe folks.

    even the leader of the 700 club said mr hamms view was making bible believers a laughing stock in this issue-

    the 700 club guy went on to say  "any oil man would tell that you we have to drill miles down to get that oil passing unmistakable evidence that this is a very very old earth".

    but these two true facts A OLD EARTH and a YOUNG HUMAN KIND can still be reconciled and here is how:

    according to all of my instructors teachings as well as my own self study  the oldest human writings are Indian holy books called the Upanishads- they are written in sanskrit and they are verified to be about 7500- 8,000 years old. as a matter of truthful fact there is no evidence of any human cultures anywhere on this earth that is older then 9000 to 10,000 years.

    during the debate  bill nye showed much evidence of pre human skulls spanning many tens of thousands/ millions  of years but could not answer the question " where and when did ' human consciousness come into being"?

    i say that high human conscience was first given to pre human kind around the world being 9000 to 10,000 years ago as evidenced by the known human artifacts in china and india...

     ... and then Our Father YAHWEH placed it highest form- being able to know and act from self interest/ or compassion and caring of others as much as our self interest  into both of  our spiritual for-parents adam and eve in the garden of edan about 6,000 thousand years or so ago.

    at least this is what my heart tells me is so.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    what darwins " natural biological selection" can teach us of our own "spiritual natural selection".

    Thursday, February 6, 2014, 10:19 AM [General]

    as bill nye said during his debate wilt mr hamm now 2 days past-

    " natural selection in natural biological biological systems IS NOT so much " the survival of the fittest ( toughest beats weaker systems)  among the eleiments of those systems- it is rather all about the systems that best "fit best " within in the environment on hand that survive into the next generation".

    Our Father YAHWEH has been very clear as to what His hopes wants and goals for we his created children are- and evidence of His Will can be found in every so called " holy book" of any faith community anyone might care  to look at.

    it is that we use our free will to  become as His Son Our Savior Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah IS- concerned over others suffering to the point that we lay our life for them, moved so deeply by others hardship that we feel those hardships in our hearts as if they are being felt by our own dear kith and kin-moved to joy by others joy.... as we are all cur from ONE HOLY HEART.

    in short it is that we come to "LOVE EACH OTHER AS HE LOVES US".

    it is in our free willed SELECTION to follow The Path of Faithful Love above all others with The King of Human Love as our guide that we find our self moving past this world of biological systems where in all its living elements are born to die -

    into The New Life that needs nor wants nor has any death or disease or suffering at all.

    now i do not think that bill nye nor any other classic scientist would accept my notion as i presented it here having included no measurable / replicable evidence to support it;

    in the same way im sure the bible worshipers would reject it too because there lord- the writings attributed to saul of tarsus as well as the other " books" included in that human artifact / old document originally gathered and arranged and then sealed closed  by the roman pagan constanteen dose not say it as i have here.

    but i stand by this hypotheses all the same sighting to the scientific communities " the earths life in all its abundance and uniqueness" as my proof of our "creativeness" sighting".

     no where else in the observable universe is there any other "know life" and that if life was "spontaneous automatic and unthoughtful life" as many cold hearted scientist often say then  then we would have seen it and would have  been regularly  interacting with extraterrestrials life forms" beginning  long long ago.

    and as i say  to by spiritual kinfolk mournfully lost in there bible books/ lifeless religious rituals-

    if Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa from Nazareth felt that a bible book was / might be a "good spiritual idea and tool to help us find our feets walking on Heavens Roads" as many bible lovers call it-

     then Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa would have given us HIS VERSION untouched by human hands owned by pagan hearts and minds...

    oh snap HE DID!

    look at jer 31- 31 and read all about it your self. hint its "WRITTEN UPON EACH OF OUR LIVING HEARTS"- those of us committed to The New Covenant that that prophecy speaks of.

    no one but us can defile our own hearts but placing there in things that do not belong- like the spent faith in human artifacts and empty religious rituals the dead always foolishly gave to them as ONLY our created Love leads us  into New Life.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

    ps a reminder ... to-nite thursday is the weekly time that all of us that see our self  as Our Savior Brothers Friend and Kin should recall all that He did do for us 2014 years ago so that we would not have to do likewise...  it dose not matter how we keep this day holy- in community worship or in solitary pray or a bit of both...but it matters a lot that keep it we do.

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    oh thank you PaPa YAHWEH for bill nye the science guy!!!

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 2:02 AM [General]

    i just watched a 2hour live debate with a creationist/ young earth bible believing christian from kentucky - mr hamm vs bill nye the science guy-and bill did better then the sea-hawks did against denver this past week end.

    its was not so much the massive observable/ measurable facts were so tilted toward scientific method and bill nye's view of the question at the center of the debate that gave me such heart lifting during the interactions;

    it was the shear sadness  i found in  watching the bible lover mr hamm try with all his might by to hold his beloved bible book as something more then it is at its root-

    a human artifact that has been sinfully idiotically  mislabeled " the word of god".

    was it the bible book that spread across the depths of the void and call light into being? NO

    was it any of the many contemporary versions of the bible book that became flesh  and laid down His Life as a ransom for all human kinds " sin debit? NO

    did Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah hand off to any of  His Followers copes of any version of the bible book and tell them to "use it as there spiritual compass and to pass it on to all generations to do likewise"-NO

    there are many more reasons FOLLOWERS of Our Savior Brother will do them-self will to put there bible books down and get to work in The Field of Love while we still can create Life Giving Love for The New Life it yields-

    but the last one i will state her is found in jer 31-31 LOOK IT UP  and then close your bibles while there is still time to grow past that human artifact and its bitter fruit because ONLY our living human hearts and hold Our Fathers Living WORD!

    after watching this debate i am now convinced  more then ever before that the bible centric " christian logic/ paradigm"  is  more likely to lead its followers into spiritual oblivion faster then satanic atheists playing russian roulette with a fully loaded gun-

     because at every turn mr hamm restated the core errant paulestic teaching " sin- original from the garden sin-  is still a part of of every human being and this this world we share".

    and if one holds to that then in that doing Our Savior Brothers Holy long ago COMPLETED Work of all our redemption is so to rejected.

    the near countless FALSE EQUIVALENCES  these paulests/ bible lovers  push needs to brought to an end for TRUTHS Sake and simple scientific method / rational logic dose exactly that.

    saying aloud or in ones thought  a so called version of The Saviors Name- jesus christ- IS NOT doing The Duty of Love followers of His are bound to do!

    i believe we  all sharer some spiritual instincts that informs us " yes there is / there may well be  LIFE beyond this world life" and many folks in all parts of the world do things/ take steps toward owning that New Life in very many ways-

    until those instincts are over ruled by misplaced faith in " other folks holiness, rituals and human artifacts.

    i also believe that all of those that practice loving/ compassionate ways  practices will find that life of that  i am sure.

    as will all those others lost in  rituals and placing limited faith  in human artifacts and the like will lead those practitioners to the same spiritual destination that all such practitioners found their spirits  in-

     the nothing of oblivion.

    its very ironic and more then a little just that bill nye secular love and compassion and true caring  for his fellow human being evident thue out the debate will gain him New Life in Our Father House as the bible loving idolater mr rev hamm watching from outside Heavens Gates.

    here is the link to it- see for yourself

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    seasons change as dose our human hearts.

    Sunday, February 2, 2014, 11:23 AM [General]

    my Creator Fathers Name is YAHWEH- The Abject I AM  who did create every Good Thing and indeed called moses to lead the ancient hebrews out from there just bondage and into once The Promised Land binding all them there under the old covenant.

    my Savior Brothers Names is Yesh'wa from Nazareth who did redeem all the sin bound people of isreal with His Holy Blood Ransom and indeed established  a long foretold New Covenant of Highest Love that leads all its faithful practitioners  into The Promised New Life.

    but my weather beaten heart is like the season's wheel- the tides flow... strong and steadfast the one day only to be found greatly lacking in effort and zeal the next.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    i am longing for the last passover.

    Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 1:32 PM [General]

    it has been nearly 1700 years since the time that pagan leaders of the dying pagan rome pagan   captured and infused its own pagan spirit into what has become the modern day roman catholic church-

    the same root church that all most all modern day  christian churches ( except the orthodox quakers) took and still take there foundational seeds and stems from.

    over these nearly 1700 years " church truth" has trumped Heavens TRUTH at almost every turn:

    folks are encouraged to believe that our basic duties are to marry and make children "because the bible some how says so"; as a matter of there truth the marriage part is not all that important just make kids!

    that the kids mother may die anywhere along the pregnancy  or delivery or near  postpartum matter nothing to these religious folks-

    " if she dies well that gods will" is what you would often hear if you ease drop on there hearts thinking then.

    these same religious folks standing upon there paper word the emperor constanteen passed down to them shout " abortion is murder" at frighten women as they block ob-gym clinics know or suspected of rendering these medical services to those  women that may be in need of them...

    but ask there hearts  there view on war or the death penalty and suddenly the urgency of life in and of itself falters more then a bit.

    my heart tell me a child not wanted- joyfully anticipated- by at least its mother then it  is a child doomed to know zero foundational cradle Love;

    and any child denied cradle love/ real authentic love at every step of its maturation is a child doomed to becoming a savage being or a  a minister in a satanic church of hate holding up and singing praises to its paper overlord called bible-

    a book that hold " scriptural authorization" for any evil a human heart wants / would ever care to do.

    to be clear on a point of TRUTH form Yesh'wa Messiah- Humanities Saviors point of Reference "sex is not love and love is not sex" it never has been / never will be.

    He was not born of sex, there is No Record He married or ever engaged in any sexual congress as HE Himself never suggested that any one do anything other the FOLLOW HIM!

    so because my heart is too to weak to continue to witness such massive human sufferings like "mandatory human birthing" pegged to a steed fast refusal to allow suffering human beings to end there suffering filled life upon there own terms-

    suffering  ether from some terrible incurable disease or life long sentencing into savage prisons systems,

    and in according to there own hearts allowance to pass on from this world by  handing back to its giver there gifted life -

    must instead remain being a victim of others unkindness done in religion and others moralities name as the Work of COMMANDED LOVE is left undone and unacknowledged...

    know that i am praying for " the last passover" to unfold without continued delay.

    Our Father YAHWEH is The Truest Judge and His Judgments are correct 100%.

    it was He that brought LIFE -human and other- into being and it is ONLY He ( aside from each that it has been gifted to) that has the authentic right to take it away.


    when moses told the pharaoh of egypt that He want the hebrews set free AT ONCE pharaohs refusal lead to the start of the first passover-

    a time of remembrance and reverence kept by all jews even Our Eternal King Yesh'wa Messiah before He paid The High Price that He did for all human kinds redemption and salvation-

    but a time forgotten/ not observed  by most of we the saved even thought we were told "TO DO THIS IN MY MEMORY" when we were given The New Covenant and its one Commandment 2014 years ago.


    let this last passover come and let all with Our Savior Brother Law embossed/ tattoo upon our hearts be like those without the lamb blood upon there doors way  as the spirit of death passed over the ancient homes of egypt.

    keep safe all that serve The Way of Love via any way that they may have learned of Truest Love and let the day following see no one but the meek and the loving and merciful walk this world created for Love above all....

    PaPa YAHWEH im asking these things be made to pass  in My Savior Brothers Name - Yesh'wa Messiah- and i am believing that they have already come to pass... thanks.

    quaker stanislaw forfa


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    quaker barclay long ago wrote ( paraphrased)" the seeds of GOD are in ever human beings soul"...

    Saturday, January 25, 2014, 11:39 AM [General]

    Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah's tells us in more then one of the gosple records the parable of "The Sower and The Seed".

    in both of those holy lessons the gosple writers tell us that Our Savior Brother was The Seed Sower and The Seed He Sowed was The TRUE Word of  / The Living Spirit of GOD that once move over the surface of the undefined earth and said "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" and Light began.

    Our Savior Brother goes on to describe how in one telling " three out of four" and in the other "four out of five" sown seed fail to grow into full bloom-


    today the number of seeds that do grow into full bloom vs. all those that are choked off by drug and alcohol distractions, super greed wanting, career hopes , new car and home and the things that go into those things-

    the member "of seeds that make it"  must be close to One in a Million.

    i began this preaching  with a semi quote by the well respected quaker theologian and writer barclay " all human being are born with The Seeds of GOD" and now i add to his original notion two new  elements that my Heart tells me is TRUTH that needs to be attached here:

    1) yes we human folks are are born with Our Father YAHWEH'S Seeds in our congenital soul- indeed these seeds ARE our congenital ( present at birth) birth right and loving gift given to all our human family from the hour of Our Savior Brother completed His Perfect Work of Purest Abject faithful love that this world ever witnessed completed now 2014 years or so ago thus forever ending the sin wall that once  separated us from Our Father YAHWEH'S Livings Heart FOREVER.

    2) it is the CHIEF indeed the ONLY duty of HIS AUTHENTIC CHURCH and all its living members to do all in our power and ability to help and aid every member of the human family that we can reach to bring those Seeds Of GOD  into fullest maturation by watering them with LOVES PUREST LIVING WATER that is found in The New Covent's one stated Commandment given to us by Our Savior Brother HIMSELF "LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU" we are concurrently continue to remove all the non-gospel biblical teachings and the many other "deadly spiritual thistles and weeds "  that have come and over grown HIS HOUSE low these past 1700 years or so and were the TRUE BASES for the protestant reformation in the first place and the reason Our Savior Brother called our brother francis in 1228 or so.

    i pray thee and thine all the peace and good and love Our Father can send our way as we do this on going work Our Savior Brother tasked us with for Loves Sake as He set His Churches Foundation 2014 years or so ago.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa a.k.a. peter the romin american

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    the top 7 FAQ about The New Life that faithful love leads us all into...

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 6:05 PM [General]

    Top 7 F.A.Q’s about The New Life awaiting each and every faith practitioner of The New Covenants Law of Love.


    by peter the romin American





    1)   “ I have been a faithful practitioner of my church obeying its rules and observances all my life. I have given tithes and worshiped in community as my family did for generations before me. I have held the ancient sacred scriptures in reverence… and when I sinned I sought there penance. With these as my spiritual foundations can I be assured that my soul will come into The New Life upon my body’s death? “


     No.  Spanning the past 2014 years or so there has been and still stands only one way to enter into The New Life- The Life Our Savior Brother Yesh’wa Messiah once described as “Life as the Angles Live it” and that way is to somehow acknowledge The New Covenant one stated Commandment  “ LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU “ and then to live by it.


    Yes It is true that Our Savior Brother may look down upon us today or any day soon and decide to modify or alter His Law as HE may Choose too- after all Our Father YAHWEH has long ago and indeed given “ALL THING OVER TO HIM”;


    but until that day comes when any changes  are made to it BY HIM ALONE  then The New Covenant that Our Savior Brother wrote and sealed  for all time in His The Most Holy and Innocent Blood that this world has ever seen.- replacing all the prophets and all the former Mosaic Law as Jer 31-31 said would one day be the case- The New Covenant Stands UNCHANGED and UNCHANIBLE by any one on earth.



    2)  I am an old man / old woman with decades of my religious faiths practice under my belt or I have no religious faith at all… is it to late for me to inherit The New Life?



    No its not to late at all. 


    Our Savior Brother told us once of a landowner that needed hands to bring the crop in or some other time sensitive matter.


    So the landowner went to where the worker where and a deal for a certain days pay for there labor was agreed to. At the noon hour he did like wise for more workers and nearing evening he did likewise again- such was the lingering need for helping hands. At the days end all the folks working in the fields were given the very same pay.  The works that were there the longest felt cheated and said so-


    BUT THE LAND OWNER said I have not cheated you in the least mr. liar! we made an agreement and I paid you every penny for you work! What I do with MY MONEY is my business alone and not any of yours!


    So do not let any late start fears keep you from starting faithful loves work now-


    but I would not continue to put starting a Love Centered Faith because any and all of our ends here on earth could come any time.




    3) My church teaches that “ Our Savior Brothers apostles were given full authority in all things religious” and that the current church leaders are extensions of the apostles and as such they now hold there authority and thus are able to make what ever rules and such as they may agree to made and that those ruse and things would then have “ gods full backing”. Is that true?


    No-that is a 1700 or so year old lie.


    What you are referring to is a catholic, orthodox and anglican to some extent church teaching tradition called “ church magisterium”.


    Sadly this false teaching is only one of the very many rotten / false fruits of the unlawful church council of nicaea (Vatican 1) called into session in 335 a. d or so by  the murderous pagan roman emperor constanteen illicitly took control of the roman church even thought he was a practicing member of the syrian pagan cult call sol invivictus- an offshoot of popular “sun god worship “ practiced by many all round the then murderous pagan world then before and long after.


    Our Savior Brother started His Church with His call to folks to become His  disciples and to then   BRING HIS TEACHING - The Way to The New Life that HE Himself came here to establish,  and as I said above no one but He can change  His Teachings.  


    The difference between the work of the apostles and the disciples have been long misunderstood- mayhaps intentionally so and for a very long time. This bit dose get tricky so I will go slow… discipleship is what all human beings have been called to be-


    As disciples we look to Our Savior Brother as our spiritual Master and ever-present Friend/ life long Resource.


    We are bound by our discipleship to LIVE OUR COMMITMENT to the New Covenants Law of Love and to preach by our example and by word THE TRUTH of  The New Covenants one stated Law of Love set to us by His Example to all we meet or could some how reach.


    Our Community of Disciples first began when Our Savior Brother Yesh’wa Messiah first  called folks to “FOLLOW ME”-


    And that was  years before He lovingly/ Faithfully and obediently to Our Father Will laid down His ONE Life upon that foul roman terror tool and in the most hurtful and gruesome way possible atop a rubbish heep outside the once holy city of jerusalem as the robbers of mosses char and there pagan overlords watched and laughed now almost 2014 years ago.


    On the other hand the apostles work began follow Our Savior Brother resurrection and return to Our Father YAHWEHS House.


    As they- MEN AND WOMEN were gathered fearfully in the upper room in the formally holy city of Jerusalem that they gathered to share in The First Supper of The New Covenant just a few weeks before… when The Promised Teacher/ Paracleets – Our Sister Grace- came upon all there gathered and filled then all with wondrous powers and abilities so they could go forth and convert the hateful  / fear filled human world into one of hope and faithfulness-


    Exactly as she still dose today as well as every age that may yet come to all that seek Her to Live The New Covenant.


    However the “ age of the company of the apostolic period ” was not meant to endure past the time when jerusalem was brought under its final just judgment rendered by Our Father as  “NO TWO STONES WERE LEFT ATOP EACH OTHER” was foretold to us by Our Savior Brother with tear filled eyes.


    That time span- from His Resurrection in 33 a.d. and the city’s fall in 77 a. d. - was about the same amount of time that the Hebrews wandered the deserts after mosses freed then from egyptian bondage.


    As that was all the time the apostles had to convince their Jewish kinfolk that there bondage to sin- indeed sin itself-  was at an end thanks to Our Savior Brother Perfect Work of Abject Faith and Love.


    That 40 years or so was all the time they were given because every generation following that transitional age saw jewish and gentiles folks born sin free as if the shameful tragedy of edan NEVR HAPPENED.


    But there is a Yes attached to your question regarding “ church leadership authority too– especially one in this democratic age we have all become accustomed to living under in. church leaders along with there community memberships do hold authentic authority to TEACH WHAT OUR SAVIOR BROTHER TEACHES US- but no one has authentic authority to reteach Our Masters Way- I’m referring to the imposter paul by name here.

    4) is homosexuality/ any sexual practice  a “ deadly sin” that will keep us from The New Life?


    No and yes.  As stated many time above there is only ONE PATH into the “New life” and that is to Love each other as Our Savior Brother loved and continues to love us.


    So if folks get lost in the lust monster no mater the preference they risk too the lose of The New Life because some thing more important to them was preferred and followed as high love was left undone.


    We have possible authentic gospel records of Our Savior Brother Himself living unmarried and yet blessing the wedding feast at cana with His Very First mighty miracle-  when Our Mom Mary of Nazareth asked Him to change the water into very finest wine.


    In this matter of “ our own sex life” and anti- loving choices made there in- well sadly it has cost more then a few The New Life”.


    The sex act is something most every living human being was born from- and we do well to be mindful of our actions and whom and how we act with so as not to hinder or mislead them from the LOVE PATH THEY MAY BE WALKING UPON;


    But bottom line and imho nothing in our human sexuality is unforgiverible except those the stealing the innocents of children no matter there calendar age.


    Child rapist / innocents stealers are so dammed that Our Savior Brother HIMSELF said:





    5) If I do not chose to love or devote my self to a life of Love as Yesh’wa Messiah stipulated in His New Covenant and my life’s end comes… will I be dammed to hell?





    Those whose souls do burn in the fire that never stops often called hell find themselves there because there chosen master- the one they free will faithful served and sold there human life for receiving in exchange all the power and wealth and pleasure that this would has to give .


    They are there only for there free willed want and preference and faithful service to anti-love.


    As stated above they could have at any point  in of their life  could have stopped and went Loves Way –


    but the freely willed not to and so there they be.


    Conversely if one dose nether the tasked duty of High Love nor the work of anti-love, then simple oblivion is awaiting those.


    Oblivion or abject nothingness a state of non-being exactly as we where before our birth moment came and we as one of kind persons – spiritually natural- came into being.


    Its not a good thing-Its not a bad thing- oblivion … its just a nothing….




    6) I have heard it said that “ life on earth is hell” is that so?


    Sort of… Heaven and hell and oblivion all being here on earth during our own life times. As a former solder in the u.s. army I can tell you I have lived a bit of my life in each of those potential spiritual existences….and I tell you with out fear of contradiction Heaven is The Best by far.






    7) are there practitioner’s of other “ faiths” living The New Life in Our Fathers YAHWEHS House?



    Yes indeed.


    You might be surprised to know that at this instant there are more former buddhist and taoist and even fully secular non religious folks there living The New Life now then former members of “ christen communities”.


    Because The New Covenant mandated that we LOVE above all –


    And not to hold to this church membership or that one that sure seem to love to judge there human neighbor-


    then to love their neighbor as they were loving kin folk.






    Yours truly

    peter the romin american



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    the wages of Love- loving each other as Our Savior Brother Loves us- is New Life.

    Monday, January 20, 2014, 12:26 AM [General]

    as a matter of TRUTH no one - except innocent children- enters into Our Father YAHWEH'S House until our hand have been more then a little blistered by the ox handers of authentic compassionate others centered love.

    what becomes of all the very many others that love only those that love them or those that love the things of this world above all else?  those shinny but lifeless baubles that  rust indeed  destroys and that thieves steal?

    well like Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah tells us ....


    yours truly
    peter the romin american

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