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    The GOOD , the not-so-good and the evil.

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 2:02 PM [General]

    if its "Good" like life in all its spender and grandeur and form then it was created by Our Father YAHWEH.

    if its " not-so-good" like chronic pain or diabetes controlled by insulin  or any vote robbing  prison sentences-

     then its likely those things that "was Good " at its root and then it was "modified" by some well intentioned human being or community.

    if its "evil" like a slow terminal cancer that the person is made to live every second of because "some others" believes that is " gods will" to do just that or hundred years prison sentences or those evil acts that make 100 years prison sentences seem like a good punishment-

    then i believe that those things are  born from hells well spring of purest evil with a " golden" but false glossy finish.

    however if its something that WAS " not so good  and even evil" and it somehow was reformed / redeemed from what it was into some more approximating Heavens Created Good then those things are The Fruit of Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah's Love living within a living breathing human being-

    and that is high faithful love INDEED.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    today my son is 21-

    Sunday, February 9, 2014, 3:23 PM [General]

    its been nearly 22 years since i found my best reason  to seek to be a better man then i was.

    i guess these things iv been feeling of late may be what those salomon might be feeling after they spent all they had to make it up stream to spawn the next generation...

    cold achy ( very very achy) exhausted but somewhat self satisfied that the task is done and a new page awaits its Turing.

    yours truly

    quaker stanislaw forfa


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    could both bill nye and ken hamm both be right? YES

    Friday, February 7, 2014, 3:58 PM [General]

    a few days ago bil nye the science guy debated the " young earth " biblical view of created earth espoused by mr hamm and other bible believe folks.

    even the leader of the 700 club said mr hamms view was making bible believers a laughing stock in this issue-

    the 700 club guy went on to say  "any oil man would tell that you we have to drill miles down to get that oil passing unmistakable evidence that this is a very very old earth".

    but these two true facts A OLD EARTH and a YOUNG HUMAN KIND can still be reconciled and here is how:

    according to all of my instructors teachings as well as my own self study  the oldest human writings are Indian holy books called the Upanishads- they are written in sanskrit and they are verified to be about 7500- 8,000 years old. as a matter of truthful fact there is no evidence of any human cultures anywhere on this earth that is older then 9000 to 10,000 years.

    during the debate  bill nye showed much evidence of pre human skulls spanning many tens of thousands/ millions  of years but could not answer the question " where and when did ' human consciousness come into being"?

    i say that high human conscience was first given to pre human kind around the world being 9000 to 10,000 years ago as evidenced by the known human artifacts in china and india...

     ... and then Our Father YAHWEH placed it highest form- being able to know and act from self interest/ or compassion and caring of others as much as our self interest  into both of  our spiritual for-parents adam and eve in the garden of edan about 6,000 thousand years or so ago.

    at least this is what my heart tells me is so.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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    what darwins " natural biological selection" can teach us of our own "spiritual natural selection".

    Thursday, February 6, 2014, 10:19 AM [General]

    as bill nye said during his debate wilt mr hamm now 2 days past-

    " natural selection in natural biological biological systems IS NOT so much " the survival of the fittest ( toughest beats weaker systems)  among the eleiments of those systems- it is rather all about the systems that best "fit best " within in the environment on hand that survive into the next generation".

    Our Father YAHWEH has been very clear as to what His hopes wants and goals for we his created children are- and evidence of His Will can be found in every so called " holy book" of any faith community anyone might care  to look at.

    it is that we use our free will to  become as His Son Our Savior Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah IS- concerned over others suffering to the point that we lay our life for them, moved so deeply by others hardship that we feel those hardships in our hearts as if they are being felt by our own dear kith and kin-moved to joy by others joy.... as we are all cur from ONE HOLY HEART.

    in short it is that we come to "LOVE EACH OTHER AS HE LOVES US".

    it is in our free willed SELECTION to follow The Path of Faithful Love above all others with The King of Human Love as our guide that we find our self moving past this world of biological systems where in all its living elements are born to die -

    into The New Life that needs nor wants nor has any death or disease or suffering at all.

    now i do not think that bill nye nor any other classic scientist would accept my notion as i presented it here having included no measurable / replicable evidence to support it;

    in the same way im sure the bible worshipers would reject it too because there lord- the writings attributed to saul of tarsus as well as the other " books" included in that human artifact / old document originally gathered and arranged and then sealed closed  by the roman pagan constanteen dose not say it as i have here.

    but i stand by this hypotheses all the same sighting to the scientific communities " the earths life in all its abundance and uniqueness" as my proof of our "creativeness" sighting".

     no where else in the observable universe is there any other "know life" and that if life was "spontaneous automatic and unthoughtful life" as many cold hearted scientist often say then  then we would have seen it and would have  been regularly  interacting with extraterrestrials life forms" beginning  long long ago.

    and as i say  to by spiritual kinfolk mournfully lost in there bible books/ lifeless religious rituals-

    if Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa from Nazareth felt that a bible book was / might be a "good spiritual idea and tool to help us find our feets walking on Heavens Roads" as many bible lovers call it-

     then Our Father YAHWEH / Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa would have given us HIS VERSION untouched by human hands owned by pagan hearts and minds...

    oh snap HE DID!

    look at jer 31- 31 and read all about it your self. hint its "WRITTEN UPON EACH OF OUR LIVING HEARTS"- those of us committed to The New Covenant that that prophecy speaks of.

    no one but us can defile our own hearts but placing there in things that do not belong- like the spent faith in human artifacts and empty religious rituals the dead always foolishly gave to them as ONLY our created Love leads us  into New Life.

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

    ps a reminder ... to-nite thursday is the weekly time that all of us that see our self  as Our Savior Brothers Friend and Kin should recall all that He did do for us 2014 years ago so that we would not have to do likewise...  it dose not matter how we keep this day holy- in community worship or in solitary pray or a bit of both...but it matters a lot that keep it we do.

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    oh thank you PaPa YAHWEH for bill nye the science guy!!!

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 2:02 AM [General]

    i just watched a 2hour live debate with a creationist/ young earth bible believing christian from kentucky - mr hamm vs bill nye the science guy-and bill did better then the sea-hawks did against denver this past week end.

    its was not so much the massive observable/ measurable facts were so tilted toward scientific method and bill nye's view of the question at the center of the debate that gave me such heart lifting during the interactions;

    it was the shear sadness  i found in  watching the bible lover mr hamm try with all his might by to hold his beloved bible book as something more then it is at its root-

    a human artifact that has been sinfully idiotically  mislabeled " the word of god".

    was it the bible book that spread across the depths of the void and call light into being? NO

    was it any of the many contemporary versions of the bible book that became flesh  and laid down His Life as a ransom for all human kinds " sin debit? NO

    did Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah hand off to any of  His Followers copes of any version of the bible book and tell them to "use it as there spiritual compass and to pass it on to all generations to do likewise"-NO

    there are many more reasons FOLLOWERS of Our Savior Brother will do them-self will to put there bible books down and get to work in The Field of Love while we still can create Life Giving Love for The New Life it yields-

    but the last one i will state her is found in jer 31-31 LOOK IT UP  and then close your bibles while there is still time to grow past that human artifact and its bitter fruit because ONLY our living human hearts and hold Our Fathers Living WORD!

    after watching this debate i am now convinced  more then ever before that the bible centric " christian logic/ paradigm"  is  more likely to lead its followers into spiritual oblivion faster then satanic atheists playing russian roulette with a fully loaded gun-

     because at every turn mr hamm restated the core errant paulestic teaching " sin- original from the garden sin-  is still a part of of every human being and this this world we share".

    and if one holds to that then in that doing Our Savior Brothers Holy long ago COMPLETED Work of all our redemption is so to rejected.

    the near countless FALSE EQUIVALENCES  these paulests/ bible lovers  push needs to brought to an end for TRUTHS Sake and simple scientific method / rational logic dose exactly that.

    saying aloud or in ones thought  a so called version of The Saviors Name- jesus christ- IS NOT doing The Duty of Love followers of His are bound to do!

    i believe we  all sharer some spiritual instincts that informs us " yes there is / there may well be  LIFE beyond this world life" and many folks in all parts of the world do things/ take steps toward owning that New Life in very many ways-

    until those instincts are over ruled by misplaced faith in " other folks holiness, rituals and human artifacts.

    i also believe that all of those that practice loving/ compassionate ways  practices will find that life of that  i am sure.

    as will all those others lost in  rituals and placing limited faith  in human artifacts and the like will lead those practitioners to the same spiritual destination that all such practitioners found their spirits  in-

     the nothing of oblivion.

    its very ironic and more then a little just that bill nye secular love and compassion and true caring  for his fellow human being evident thue out the debate will gain him New Life in Our Father House as the bible loving idolater mr rev hamm watching from outside Heavens Gates.

    here is the link to it- see for yourself

    yours truly
    quaker stanislaw forfa

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