on " the sword and the shield"

    Friday, October 22, 2010, 4:10 PM [General]


    peace and goodwill to all-



    from before the time that humanity  was washed clean of the spiritual stain that adam left to his posterity by The Saviors Perfect Work of Absolutely  Faithful Love; warriors and affluent civilians held tight to two basic weapons -


    there swords and there shields.


    swords were then pointed sharpened  edged metal blades of various lengths that were meant for aggression and or permanent  conflict / interpersonal dispute resolution;


    where as shields were mostly defensive in nature with the goal of keeping another s sword from penetrating into oneself during a battle or interpersonal conflict.


    today the sword has evolved into fire arms and shields  morphed for the most part  into kevlar body armor.


    yet the sever  warning of spiritual danger attached to the sword is as dyer now as it was when it was first  issued by Yesh'wa BAR Yahweh HIMSELF to simon/peter :


    "-all that live by the sword MUST perish by the sword"-


    as countless american christian  church leaders seemed to have " forgotten " the teachings of the one in the same way  they seem to  not to ever fully  understood the importance of the teachings  on  how to use the other in each age.


    for example we The Followers of The Saviors Way know that we are OBLIGED to "turn the other cheek" to anyone  that would will to smite us on the one.


    but our raising up a shield of a blocking arm as we turn our cheek would make it a learning experience to the smother as we fully comply with Our Savior Brothers Directive in the same instant.


    not to mention how effective  a direct body block can be in changing an aggressors attitude   given by an alert  shepard intervening on behalf of His Masters Sheep in a time of immediate need and urgency.


    "peacefulness" is a MANDATE and PRIME DIRECTIVE of every  Disciple of The Savors but that dose NOT MEAN we are free to watch harm come to any innocents or needy-


    ifen our vocal calls to " stop" do not work to end  events of violence we may have occasion to witness;


    then we would all do well to recall the very high premium that Our Savior Brother has placed upon  our selfless love and stand ready to be a LIVING SHIELD if the need become one for our friends our sisters our brothers comes  before our eyes.



    peace and good and tons o' love










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    on "Mercy's' " redeeming power still being crushed beneath paper back book mills of impostors and usurpers false teachings.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 1:31 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-


    MERCY is like a bottomless bucket...the more that we place in it-  the greater its  capacity becomes to  hold even  more.


    MERCY is like a fruit tree that brings forth greater yields of its fruit in response to its original fruit being taken in that very same growing season.


    MERCY is what MUST be given by ALL The Saviors Followers to ALL they that bring offense to us- ifen MERCY is what we would have from those that we have inadvertently , mistakenly, or just plan wrongly brought offense to any other.


    MERCY is what Humanities Savior and Brother told us was HIS FOLLOWERS CORP DUTY and The essential Element of His Loves Standard.


    " if someone smites you upon your left cheek turn and offer to him the right one as well; if someone steals from you your cloak  offer to him your tunic as well".


    yet many false church leaders from the impostor paul from tarsus up to those mega church lords of the " prosperity gosple" are UNWILLING to accept these teachings of Yesh'wa bar Yahweh-


    then they put forth there own counterfeit teachings sighting false " magisterial and or  biblical "authority  to make another way-


    a way where pastor/ ceo  of the 700 club supports the savagery of the african mines that he and his " church "is invested in; a way where international oil co.s can bring war upon a defeated nation with a population over 50% women and children under 16 at the time bagdad fell; a way where oil products are REQUIRED to used for most cars fuels and many homes heating even thought there are greener ways by far available right now...


    " JUST WAR DOCTRINE" , "OBLIGATIONS OF RESTITUTION BEFORE 'ABSOLUTION' ", " DOCTRINES OF POPE, BIBLICAL and  CHURCH INFALLIBILITY" are only a few examples of the false teachings that have covered and then attempted to CRUSH OUT The Masters Own Teachings low these  past 1700 years.


    they are also proofs of human beings constant want to " be as god is" by placing there institutions, there doctrines and  fully human documents - there very  persons and offices ATOP and before all else!


    when church leaders hold true to what they will to believe OVER what was given to us all directly upon our hearts  to follow and to adhere to -


    then the time is now to REFORM the Reformation to make The Saviors Church a House where ONLY HIs Light is shown and Lived.


    as all others fall into the well earned ditches set  to catch and hold all blind and false shepherds  that misled  there  flocks- 


    and all they that hold not a dram of Love or Mercy of Our Saviors Standard in all there beings.



    peace & good & tons o'love



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    this morning i asked Yahweh in Yesh'was' Name for every so called " holy book " to become fused into one block and mass...

    Monday, October 18, 2010, 1:37 AM [General]



    ... so that the  writing of there pages  could no longer be able to mis-direct anyone's spiritual maturation and journey... thus far He has not said "yes" to me- but i shall continue asking for it anyway. 




    peace and goodwill to all-



    i recall the gosple Teaching  Our Savior Brother told of " the need for everyone  to be persistent in our prayer request"-


    the parable where He told of the neighbor that had an unexpected visitors come  to his home in the night but then  had nothing to give to them to eat or to drink...


    so the man knock loudly upon his neighbors door asking him for what he needed  there and then ... to please give to him whatever he could so he could in turn show some  hospitality  to his guests...


    but the neighbor said " no - go away its late i'v locked up the house and i am in the bed readying  for sleep and i  would NOT be get up for Any-reason"


    still Our Redeemer and Truest Friend assures us in this teaching " indeed the man WILL get up to help his neighbors if only to stop his ongoing pestering!


    ... so i too shall be as a pest to Our Father in this unceasing prayer that  i do ask of Him -


    to please give to me and all the souls that can still become a part of The New Life-


    freedom from the misdirection of " the holy books" misdirection , depiction and countless distractions .... now or as soon as it is possible to make it  happen and for ever more.


    humanity opened  " the scriptures" and im asking Our Creator Father to SEAL them ALL away for what ever time humanity still has left to grow in Faithful Love here on earth.




    peace & good & tons o'love












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    on "REFORMING the Reformation."

    Thursday, October 14, 2010, 9:53 AM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all-



    The House of transforming Faithful Love that Humanities Savior and Brother and Truest King founded with every drop of His Innocent Blood is now very far from it original roots-


    roots that begun to take hold in the human soul from the day Yahweh's Son Yesh'wa called forth His First Follower to " FOLLOW ME".


    some say " The Christs Church begun in jerusalum following the Christs Own Resurrection from His Blood Execution- because the bibles "book of acts " says so". 


    those that believe the church's " pentecostal origin"  to also be The Origin of The Saviors House on earth  are wrong because the biblical book of acts they use  as a documentary  source dose not print the word LOVE even one time in all its pages rendering it to my eyes as a counterfeit and untrustworthy document unable by that omission to honestly  convey The King of Loves Way.


    how can any believer in The King of Love NOT know  that He  Lived and Preach Loves transforming Power every day of His Pre-Ransom Paying Ministry- then WILLINGLY come to put there faith THAT BELONGS TO GOD ALONE  into a book that willfully omits the word and the works born of Love, holds many names for Our Father- YAHWEH  and then repeatedly  misidentifies  Our Savior Brothers True Name YESH'WA  and Title MESSIAH ? 


    that book- NO BOOK  is 100%  TRUST WORTHY!


    only Our Father/ Our Savior Brother is.


    unfortunately many have done just that and they have given 100% of there faith and trust into its lifeless pages.


    sadly  for the heaven and the rest of the worlds human population  "constanteens crafted paper idol " - the bible- was brought into being containing as much falsehood as it holds Truth.


    if Our Savior Himself had handed a bible to peter and to each of HIs Disciples and apostles before He Returned into Yahweh's House in Heaven-


    today's church would be correct to look to the writing of its pages for ongoing spiritual  Truth and clarity of often confusing and conflicting issues as they present themselves.


    But Humanities Savior, Brother and Truest Earthly King NOT LEAVE to any of His Followers ANY INK ON PAPER BOOK and it is error without equal that says " the bible is Gods Word" when the bible ITSELF testifies to Gods Word  being Gods ONLY SON!


    over the centuries from its forth century  beginnings-the church community responsible for telling the bibles lies- the roman catholic church has grown like a spiritual cancer from the murderous roman pagan emperors constanteens leadership  " claiming  itself to be holy  " but acting  in as anti-holy ways as is possible to be.


    a thousand years into the rcc's  foul rain a small ill and weak man filled with grateful love for being healed and given New Life by Our Savior Brother Himself came forth at the dawn of the Renascence in norther italy to " live The Gospel Life " that His Master Lived and recommended to all His Followers to like likewise.


    it did not take hells forces long to snuff out most of the  Great Light of Truth and Faithful Love that Yesh'wa has given to Francis to shine for His misdirected Family and Friends of that day.


    it would be another five hundred years or so before another faithful brother of The Savior  would find the personal fortitude to stand opposing the roman catholic churches ANTI-CHRISTS ways-


    still when martin luther did so- not much  in Yahweh's Handmade  polluted by the rcc World would ever be the same.


    once more it did not take lucifers friends and family to mislead marten luther and his followers into believing " the bible " was more then a human work created by the decree of the still murderous roman  pagan emperor constanteen 1200 hundred years earlier.


    luther was right to use the bible as a " spiritual mirror"  to shine Our Savior Light into and  reflect back on  to the foul and corrupted catholic leadership all its foul practices and corrupted spirit and corp that there own printed scriptures called as evil long before.


    yet being 100% human  he was fully wrong to call the people to " look to the bible as Gods Word" when the bible itself Truthful Identifies Our Savior Brother ALONE as Gods Word!


    NOW is the time to put ALL so called " holy books upon the book case shelves and away from our human hearts !



    NOW is the time to come to see the missteps we as " a body" "a church " have been following-


    NOW is the time to STOP following that long lost and errant biblical / sacramental way that leads only into the worlds ditches and far from Heavens Gates-


    NOW  is the time to pick up our Heart Shaped Crosses that Our Savior Brother and Truest Friend is counting upon us to carry and live out our lives in  peaceful faithful simplicity and love based community-


    even  ifen it is for some of us  only  a cyber based community;


    as we live our lives  wheresoever our feets are centered in faith and love as Our Savior called us to-


    preparing us  and  aiding us in our becoming  more FIT by the day to one day  enter into Our Fathers House and Full Unity with Our Creator Father and Our Savior Brother living our New Life as he Angels Live.



    peace and good and tons o'love











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    pbs dose it again! there critically important (spiritual) production " GOD in america" is a must see for all.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 11:03 PM [General]



    peace and goodwill to all dedicated to Love, Truth . Justice and Mercy as Gods' Sons' Way into New Life-



    this vital  pbs work is available online and no mater what side of the question of religion your hearts stand on this should be seen without delay.


    it speaks to the 400 year history of religion in america and it is some eye opener!


    for example i had no idea that in the mid 1800's many protestant ministers of various denominations were brought upon on charges of herasey and of violation there ordenational  voes speaking AGAINST the bible as it was  available to them then...



    and here i am thinking i was walking down this new road...



    peace and good and tons o'love

















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    if you show me a ... then i will show you a ...

    Monday, October 11, 2010, 4:11 AM [General]




    peace and goodwill to all practitioners of Love as Our Savior Brother Loves-



    dear sisters and brothers Redeemed by Yahweh's Son Yesh'was' Perfect Work of Absolute Love completed some 2010 years ago now;


    if you show me someone with a personal fortune - i will show you the fruit of a deal made with lucifers forces made somewhere along in that persons family tree.


    The Savior NEVER carried any MONEY on His Person and ALL the disciples held a common purse whenever such was needed to be kept.  adam and eve never used money ether. 


    if you show me someone that has built there faith upon the writings of the bible as a whole- i will show you some one that did not heed The Masters Teachings and that  will one day soon see there  poorly made spiritual house flattened  by fire and flood and abject pestilence.


    The Saviors Own Teachings are clear enough- just as the old covenant instructed believers "... to hold no strange gods before Yahweh" - Disciples of The Savior should take no strange instruction from so called apostles or from writings  that were insufficient to bring anyone into Salvation. To Love as The Savior Loves is The Alpha and The Omega of Saved Disciples Daily  Spiritual Duty and Work.


    if you show me someone calling themselves biblically   centered and supported "christians" that  preach " the wages of sin are death" - i will show you someone that is NOT One with The Father and The Savior but that is  a servant of the father of lies albeit possibly unknowingly.


    the Saved Disciple  is to teach of sins death and the need to grown in love ifen The New Life is to take root in our hearts.


    if you show me someone fearful and afraid of ANYTHING- i will show you someone that was NOT instructed correctly in Yahweh's Power and Yesh'was' enduring presents.


    if you show me someone claiming " christian priesthood" - i will show you a liar.


    if you show me someone claiming " christian ordination"  based upon the teachings and writings of the impostor paul of tarsus - i will show you someone that has been deceived and that is deceiving others too; both being in need of redemption and spiritual reorientation toward The Saviors Teachings ALONE.


    if you show me someone that starts and ends each day they are bless to live on this gift of the earth with a call of Thanks to Our Father Yahweh asking  for aid in becoming nearer A True Lover as  The Lover that Yesh'wa FOREVER IS- then i will show you a Saved Disciple of The Messiah and someone that will soon be living a Life Like The Angels Live.




    peace and good and tons o' love to every current and up and coming Disciple of The Messiah;  and a prayer for the salvation of as many of the others that can still be brought into being; as well as a prayer for Yahweh's  intervention to eliminate all that would keep His Son Disciples from coming into being.




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    how can a broken corrupted and self serving political system become repaired redeemed and made into a just one? ...

    Saturday, October 9, 2010, 2:33 AM [General]




    ...  i say in the same way every corrupted sold out and self serving human heart becomes repaired, redeemed and remade to live forever is- by faithful love as The Savior Lived it Died it and Resurrected in it.



    peace and goodwill to all of peaceful goodwill-



    the american political system has been the modern democratic standard for the entire  world.


    yet careful examination  of its 330 or so year true political history shows that that world view is a romantic notion and not in any way   " a honest and true one";


    except perhaps in the idyllic notions of human freedom expressed in its founding decoration of independence;


    oddly enough  and as im sure you know that it was  written by  thomas jefferson -


    a man that held 202 slaves at one point in his life and that never allowed even one of them to ever know one day of life as free folks on Gods" Earth ether before or after his death.


    it is easy too see that this nations political fruit  has not fallen too far from its political tree as its first president was the richest man in the nation at that time;


    and what a foul and wicked wealth it was having been built upon killings and sufferings from wars put onto american indians and human slaves labors.


    evil actions that were furthered and continued with the crafting and his signing of the  laws that were designed  to protect and grow american slavery as a lawful institution;


    yet all being fully consistent with and fully supported by biblical scriptures.


    unjust and evil laws requiring the return of all slaves to there so called  " owners " as they also  made into  CRIMINALS anyone that would aid in any way a save bound human being to finding there free birth right apart from american bondage.


     mr Lincoln the great emancipator himself in his day felt powerless to end the practice of american slavery even though great brittan stopped that evil practice in its own nation many years before him;


    the best he felt that could be LAWFULLY  done in his day was the ending of the slave trade and market place from growing and expanding into the new states and territories.


    so how can our nation today rise above its often dark to the point of being a truly  evil history (iraq invasion of 2003 a defeated but oil rich nation that had  no wmd and nothing at all to do with the wounderous event of 9/11)  to become what all  decent humanity knows it can become-


    a fair and honest and just society LIVING and helping all others will to  live its stated creed of " life, Liberty. and Justice for all so that each heart may peruse and capture Happiness in our life time "?


    i for one believe that Humanities Savior instruction on " don't put new wine into old skins applies here and now.


    i believe the u s congress or at least the senate of the u.s. should be relieved at once and a single body legislative made up of state legislators   response to the popular vote should be established.


    if current u.s. law dose not allow for this action then a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION should be called and convened without delay-


    there  are many critical  problems facing us and our nation today- some we know of others we do not know of just yet-


    but every one them is the work of  the long ago sold out u.s. senate and the near- imperial supreme court.


    these problems  needs solving now if every american is going to be guaranteed the tools needed  to live a free life in this day and into the age to come.


    among which are:


    secure housing and communities ,


    honest employment with a living wage and time enough  to recreate and raise our families, 


    swift honest justice were  disputes may be peacefully settled among  americans in every community in the nation;


    as well as whatever else Today's Americans WILL and vote for Our Nation to Stand Up For like perhaps a 100% inheritance tax and trade tariffs on imports  to fund it!


    barring peaceful actions such as this i believe " the american political experiment circa 1780 or so  " is and should be allowed to die under the tonnage of all the human suffering it has caused and allowed to unfold


    " for commerce sake".


    after all only "the good" that Yahweh has created and  enabled lives on forever-


    THANKFULLY all else has a " expiration date" and a time to account for all that has not been forgiven.


    peace and good and tons o'love for every peace loving and genteel soul of human origin; and my unceasing prayer for Yahweh's Justice to free-fall upon all others with delay.









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    IF the teachings of Salvation as they are put forth in the writings attributed by saul of tarsus are authentic - true then ...

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 3:08 AM [General]




    ... then The Savior would have had said so  - after all The Savior  ALONE is The Author of Humanities Salvation and the reason we have " New Life" waiting for us to live.



    peace and goodwill to all of peace and goodwill-



    what i mean by this postings topic is that The Savior Himself set out His Teachings of the New Covenant  first-hand giving them to ALL HIS FOLLOWERS directly -


    just as His Father Yahweh gave them to Him Directly-


    as Yahweh gave the old covenant to moses directly and as  intern moses gave them to the people directly.


    what The  Saviors New Covenant calls for from all is a New Heart from  a re-born heart.


    for those of that Peri- Resurrection epoch called by some as the apostolic age baptism was a needed step to take in faith;


    but baptized is not enough to assure a steadfast heart in the days that followed it.


    ifen it were peter the rock never would have needed The Saviors Personal Prayers and repeated encouragement to carry on for loves sake ,


    and no  baptized person  would have ever done even a bit of anti-love to another .


    yet baptism was endorsed in deed by The Savior and that makes it an impotent thing for  His Willing Followers would do  for the hopes of coming into greater solidarity with His Forever Living  Person and  Spirit.


    but we in this Post- Resurrection time are not washing away adams stain as we wash in baptism as the apostles did in there time;


    if done correctly when we accept baptism now we become cleansed from our own original sins .


    when The CHIEF  STATED COMMAND is to " Love one another as Our Savior Loves us " then our original sins are born from  each time we failed to love each other as Our Savior  Brother continues to Loves us all still.


    maybe putting strange teachers and teachings above His is another.


    but that's not for me to say-


    that is for YOUR HEART to tell you in the quite hours you spend in personal prayer...


    when you call Our Father by the Name that He Called Himself  Yahweh  and maybe by adding a personal reference of kinship if not our right paternity;


    and as you call Our Savior " Brother " and "Friend" and above all " Yesh'wa Messiah from Nazareth.


    after that you will know all that The Prophets knew before they put the first mark of the first litter of there message to paper or velum.


    if saul from tarsus ever had any true and authentic thing to say and teach to anyone pertaining  there salvation-


    it was long long ago and very very far away from us in the now.


    please be advised that any and all that out of habit or false belief continue to pass on the lifeless teachings of everyone that IS NOT Our Saviors Own Teachings  -


     they are WASTING  time and words that would be better spent passing on The Saviors Own Teachings.


    the difference between The Saviors Teachings and all others spiritual teachings is the same difference found between darkest night and The Light of High Noon.



    peace and good and tons o'love to all the good peace loving folks of the modern era and my heart felt prayer for Yahweh's Justice to free-fall upon all else without delay.






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    it is very sorrowful for me to behold the depth and degree that "scriptural addiction " has taken root in today's modern church.

    Monday, October 4, 2010, 4:29 PM [General]




    ... not because i disagree with every human hearts birth right  to serve the master of there own choosing;

    but because i having given my service to similar hate-filled and lifeless masters myself i can see how badly those idolize relations end.




    peace and goodwill to all peaceful folks grounded in goodwill for humanity-


    for me  beholding anyone's addiction  is a time of great sadness having lived with more then a few of them for much of the middle 3rd of my earth bound years.


    but when i see Heavens House that was created for humanities spiritual evolution locked into scriptural addition and worse i become enraged as well.


    amazingly all human addictions share a number of common characteristics that forms into its "personal evolution" and scriptural addiction/ dogmatic/ doctrinal faith systems  are no different in those  manifestations-


    1) initial exposure to the stimulus with palpable effect, 2) repeated exposure to the stimulus along with reinforcing and greater palpable or a marked reduction in effect causing the subject to re stimulate seeking what was found there the first time , 3) without warning or notice the subject has the stimulus hook set deep in there heart and will as NOTHING matters but the stimulus and what it renders.


    initial exposure with the item, drug , action, occurrence  with a palpable physical effect IS the first step in the addiction process and for the scripturally  addicted that first exposure was in there home or sunday school.


    folks that they trust and depend upon tell them " the bible is gods word" and " god gave it to us so we can know god wants from us "...


    thankfully that hook dose NOT set well for many in these age groups but its hard to say why and im sorry to say that  sadly it dose set deep for some of them.


    most find the bible hook has been set deep in seminary or religious college- did you know that at EVERY seminarians "christian formation" each of the importers paul letters are STUDIED for entire semesters?


    they are and they are instructed by professors that have done the very same things when they were in " formation" as those that had instructed them did as well....


    repeated exposure with increasing continued physical / psychological / spiritual effects is the next and the forming of social groups  that reinforce the palpable effects of the thing that will soon become the victims master and all is the last step needed for "the hook" to be set.


    this happens for mostly in there parish assignments and new church communities or at academic opportunity as new friends share common scriptural knowledge and the bonds that they form around our hearts and will.


    no one notices just how far from The Christs Teaching we have gotten as we reteach the book of romans and galshins and the like ... oh by the way did you know they every one of the churches that the imposer paul is said to have started and that he writes to in the bible book has log ago turned to islam as their spiritual truth giving up The Savior altogether?

  if the impostor paul were The Savior and not an agent of the temple authority sent to murder The Saviors Way of Faithful Love and Mercy or to do all he could to cover and muddy so as to become obscure and hidden to most eyes !


    when the problem is looked at in this  way it looks too much to over come but the very good news dear one is that there is NOTHING that Yahweh can not fix and make right.


    i remember smoking over three packs a day as a confirmed drunk and then asking Jesus and His Father to help me get free of those death chain's that i had wrapped myself in because i now badly wanted to see the birth and maturation of the child i recently received word of-


    and from that second on i had no longer a desire or want to drink and or smoke.


    i was given the gift of freedom from my addictions and that tells me every one can gain freedom from there too-


    i guess the first step is to see " the need to validate one faith and action via the scriptural records" and to that end let me re-state  what Yahweh's Son told His Followers one fine day in jerusalum during His pre-Resurrection teachings about the then scriptures -


    " LOOK AT THEM THERE " point to a group of elders combing and conversing with the scriptures" they search the scriptures AS IF there in they will find Salvation".


    when every True Child of God can tell you that Salvation is found along the way of faithful love and nowhere else.


    if the scripture are impotent to you then ask for The UNEDITED Version to be placed directly upon your heart in the similar way that date is place with out any wires at all from one computer to another.


    ... or is your faith too weak to think you are worth that level Holy Knowledge?


    because we are- Our Saviors Blood made us so.


    peace and good and tons o'love




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    a weekend overfilled with Peace and Good and very much Sweet Sweet Love...

    Sunday, October 3, 2010, 4:11 PM [General]



    ... even though i did not make it down to dc.



    i did watch the proceedings from the national mall on " free speech tv" web-cast and i must say there sure are a great many very long winded ones all over our side of these issues;


    for example harry bellafonte must have broached ten non- related topics in 45 seconds of speechifying-


    man it was very hard to follow it al!


    but what a peace-filled faithful and fearless heart lifting gathering it was to see and what a super blessed day was given to us all to have it in.


    as today here in the garden state was not too shabby ether!


    i just returned from the hoboken nj music and arts festival were i helped out the nj PEACE ACTION table.


    i must have said " war in expensive- peace is free- so give peace a chance " a thousand times today as i handed out our groups literature and contact information-


    but i loved saying every second of it as i eagerly look foreword to the next opportunity i am given to say and do so again.


    the city placed our table next  to the "hoboken motorcycle" that was handing out mean looks to all for free and across from a " gosple church" that was giving away balloons and bibles from there table that stood next two or so away from the hudson county  "g.o.p. table"-


    i guess the festival planing committee is in practice as funny as the name of there city is.


    but to tell you the truth i liked being next to the motorcycles clubs more honest approach to the tasks at hand;


    and i guess what my radio played as i make my way to the festival put me off anew to all bible servants...


    while i was en rout to the festivities  i tuned into   a " bible minister talking up his faith on a local progressive am station and what i heard then made my belief that the bible is more harmful to THE TRUTH then it is helpful to THE TRUTH lite anew.


    the minister was speaking of the impostor pauls anti-Savioristic teaching found in his " book of romans".


    he went on to say that he could divided his own life into two distinct time frames-


    "every thing that was BEFORE he read romans and his life AFTER he had read romans"


    he spoke for awhile about how every believer should daily read and reread romans and sited one of that books biggest lies and falsehoods-


    " no one has found righteousness in the lords eyes- nay not one"


    well im overjoyed to say that that is A LIE and that  The Lords Own Son IS the first to have done that!


    whats   more is that  EVERY FOLLOWER of Yesh'wa Messiahs that is  dedicated to His Law of Faithful Love has also found eternal favor in Yahweh's Eyes and Heart -


    as all  that will to  do so ARE even now BECOMING  New Beings in this old world.


    i know that until " the christian church" puts down its reading materials and we its living members picks up our heart shaped crossed in accordance with Our Saviors Own Teachings -


    it will remain a lost and dying nation.


    but the " very good news is " that there are more and more each day that are doing just that and bring faithful love and mercy and hope deeper into this world and its peoples!


    i will take comfort in the old testament assurance  to " be still and KNOW that PaPa Yahweh IS" -


    but i will also stand and shout down every lie that comes near to my ear because i also KNOW that YESH'WA MESSIAH IS now too!





    peace and good and tons o'love to all faithful peaceful merciful and love center folks of the earth; and my fervent prayers for all others to find Yahweh's Fullest  Justice without delay.




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