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    peace and good and tons o'love >p
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  • if its "Good" like life in all its spender and grandeur and form then it was created by Our Father YAHWEH.if its " not-so-good" like ... more
  • its been nearly 22 years since i found my best reason  to seek to be a better man then i was. i guess these things iv been ... more
  • a few days ago bil nye the science guy debated the " young earth " biblical view of created earth espoused by mr hamm and other ... more

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    this is my reply to the poster roadrunner 2001 and her anti pro bible folk rant.... oh no no no .... if you are not happy here in OUR NATION then go to another as the puritans of old did. mr obama is OUR PRESIDENT we 3,000,000+ more americans then your side has... so please go already. yours truly peter the romin american >p

    October 18, 2013
    5:28 AM
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    my reply to a poster qestion " how could g.zimmerman be innocent" in the exact same way we have all been made innocent- by Our Savior Brothers WORK of Purest Love. its Our Father YAHWEH'S call now as He - not you or i - seen the whole thing unfold. yours truly peter the romin american >p

    July 15, 2013
    8:27 PM
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    my reply to the " save our churches post- i disagree... if these " church's" you seemed grieved to see closing were serving Our Father YAHWEH in the manor prescribed by Our Savior Brother Yesh'wa Messiah then they would not be close but thieving in prosperity of goodness/ founts of Holiness- instead they pass on the often obsolete teachings of followers and followers of followers - self servants all and in my view they can not close there doors soon enough. yours truly peter the romin american >p

    February 3, 2013
    2:15 AM
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